Tuesday News Roundup: The Democrats’ Strained Relationship With Science, Racism and the Police

Nolte nails it again. – A frequent commenter at Today’s Campaign Update referred me to a new piece by one of my favorite writers, Breitbart’s John Nolte. It is a typical Nolte tour de force, succinctly and devastatingly cataloging the growing, systemic racism practiced by today’s Democrats, including the “woke” Hollywood crowd. It’s fairly long because there is just so damn much material for Nolte to work with, but well worth the read.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your reading appetite:


Below are the most controversial deaths of black Americans at the hands of police officers going back a full three years — plus those going back further that became national stories. I’m not here to question whether or not the police acted appropriately in each case. It is enough that they are controversial.

Below is the name of the victim, the city/state where the death occurred, and the political party in charge of the police at the time…

  • Rayshard Brooks – Atlanta, GA – Democrat
  • George Floyd – Minneapolis, MN – Democrat
  • Breonna Taylor – Louisville, KY – Democrat
  • Manuel Ellis – Tacoma, WA – Democrat
  • Atatiana Jefferson – Fort Worth, TX – Republican
  • Javier Ambler – Austin, TX – Democrat
  • Tony McDade – Tallahassee, FL – Democrat
  • Dion Johnson – Phoenix, AZ – Democrat
  • Jemel Roberson – Chicago, IL – Democrat
  • Botham Jean – Dallas, TX – Democrat
  • Stephon Clark – Sacramento, CA – Democrat
  • Jordan Edwards – Dallas, TX – Democrat
  • Eric Garner – NY, NY – Democrat
  • Laquan McDonald – Chicago, IL – Democrat
  • John Crawford, Beavercreek, OH – Republican
  • Freddie Gray – Baltimore, MD – Democrat

Out of those 16 names, 14 happened in cities or towns where a Democrat is in charge of the police department.

No one is stopping any of those cities from instituting police reforms … other than the Democrats who refuse to institute police reforms.

I’m a white guy who lives in the rural South. We moved here from Los Angeles in 2011, and over the last nine years, I have heard exactly one off-color racial remark. One. Some guy suggested I name my black dog “Obama.” That’s it. Over nine years as a white guy living in the South, that’s it. I didn’t lecture the guy. I didn’t get in his face. But my immediate reaction, which I didn’t even have time to think about,  made it clear I didn’t care for the remark. He responded with a quick “sorry,” and nothing of the kind was ever said again over the two or three times I had to deal with him after that.

So, let me ask you… What the hell is going on in left-wing Hollywood where a pile of white actors are so ravaged by guilt they feel compelled to apologize for all the times they remained silent, every time they tolerated a racist joke or act of discrimination?


I like writers who don’t pull punches. Nolte’s one of the best working today. Go read the full piece and then send a link to it to all of your mailing lists and social media friends.

Speaking of outstanding conservative writers… – David Harsanyi is another one of the very best working today. His style is a little more subtle and less direct than Nolte’s, but like the great Victor Davis Hanson, he still manages to get his points across quite clearly.

Writing in the National Review, Harsanyi has a terrific piece lambasting the Democrats for being “The Party of Science (When They Feel Like it)”.

Here’s an excerpt:

Apparently if you protest for a just cause, your body becomes impervious to the respiratory droplets that spread viral diseases. Or so many liberals seem to argue.

Indeed, no event during the coronavirus crisis has put more Americans in closer proximity to each other than the Black Lives Matter protests. During the first three months of the COVID-19 outbreak, every expert told us that mass gatherings were tantamount to murdering Grandma Dolores. Not long ago, opening a small hair-cuttery was “human sacrifice.” Not long ago, race-baiting leftists argued that Republicans had stopped treating coronavirus as a national emergency once they learned black Americans were dying.

Then came the marches. Science-based absolutism was quickly shelved. Today, liberals are mobilizing to preemptively dismiss the notion that Black Lives Matters protests could possibly trigger a spike in cases. New York mayor Bill De Blasio, who’s ineptly presided over the epicenter of the disease, is instructing city contact tracers not to ask infected New Yorkers if they attended marches or rallies.

How long have we been assured that testing and contact tracing were the keys to controlling the spread of the virus? New York City tracers will reportedly ask citizens about “close contacts” — which is defined as standing within six feet of another person for at least ten minutes — but not if a person attended a Black Lives Matters protest where, need it be said, tens of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens were marching shoulder to shoulder, chanting for more than ten minutes — and often without any mask.


Brilliant. And true.

If you frequent the local Shake Shack, you might want to find another favorite burger joint. – Shake Shack is one of dozens of corporations that have cravenly aligned themselves with the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter group in recent weeks. Last night, one of its locations in New York City attempted to poison three NYPD officers, apparently by adding bleach to their milkshakes:


June 15, 2020

Tonight, three of our brothers in blue were intentionally poisoned by one or more workers at the Shake Shack at 200 Broadway in Manhattan. After tasting the milk shakes they purchased they became ill, making it necessary for them to go to an area hospital. Fortunately, our fellow officers were not seriously harmed.

Police in New York City and across the country are under attack by vicious criminals who dislike us simply because of the uniform we wear. Emboldened by pandering elected officials, these cowards will go to great lengths to harm any member of law enforcement.

We MUST be more vigilant than ever. We urge you to not buy food from locations unknown to you. Keep your eyes open and be alert at all times. Make sure you always stay with your partner — and back one another up. Inspect your vehicle — personal and department — before you drive.

Now, more than ever, we have to be united. Together, is how we will stay safe. Protect yourself and your fellow cops at all costs — and the DEA will always protect you.

Never hesitate to contact your delegate, trustee, or the DEA office with any concerns.

In unity there is strength.


Paul DiGiacomo, President, and the DEA Board of Officers


Despicable. Of course, if arrested and prosecuted – which in New York City is a big question – the employees who did this will be able to argue that they were just aligning themselves with all the hate rhetoric that BLM rioters have spewed at the police over the last three weeks, and which their employer had tacitly endorsed. And a jury made up of their peers might well agree with them.

See how dangerous all of this is?

Update: In fact, the NYPD’s Chief of Detectives has already tweeted this morning that, after a “thorough investigation” which apparently lasted for an hour or so, he’s already determined that this was all an innocent accident:

The Chief claims that the employees just didn’t wipe the cleaning solvent they use on the shake machine well enough. Obviously just a mere, odd coincidence that the only customers who became ill were police officers.

You could never make this crap up, folks. If you believe there was any “thorough investigation” here, please contact me because I have some worthless property, er, I mean, after a “thorough investigation,” beautiful property I would like to talk you into buying.

Meanwhile, in Chicago… – The same BLM-toadying nitwits who want to defund the police are now demanding that they return to working 12-hour shifts with no days off.

I kid you not:

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police have returned to 12-hour shifts and canceled days off for all officers until further notice.

The action was taken effective at 1 p.m. Sunday “out of an abundance of caution,” police said. The modified schedule will be in effect until further notice.

The shift change does not affect officers on limited-duty status or on scheduled furloughs.

Similar protocols were put in place following the unrest in Chicago two weeks ago in the wake of protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.


So, are the police unnecessary or not? If you can just defund them, why do you need them to be working 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week?

Observing leftists in action is all so damn confusing. Imagine the utter chaos that goes on inside their cranial cavities 24 hours every day.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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And now we have peoples property being attacked because they have the stars and stripes on display:


They have arrested two teenagers and are looking for three others.

Trotsky's Icepick

CPUSA comrades have a strained relationship with reality due to their ideological blinders or distorted lens.
After they destroy America and rule over a steaming pile of Ozymandias then what?
The cargo cult plane won’t be coming back with any goodies from Mommygov.
Those who cannot create get busy destroying.

phineas gage

No, they’ll try and keep it on as long as they can. White robe, pointy hat and all.


I have to say, our side does humor the best.


phineas gage
phineas gage

I’d be interested in hearing the board’s opinion on this shooting:


Personally, I’m with streiff


This kind of thing will keep happening as long as the do nothing mayors and governors continue to allow “peaceful protesters” to continue destroying public and private property. The guy in blue did his best to get away. But when they started to threaten his life, well nature kicks in he and did his best to save his own life. Can’t find any fault with that.

phineas gage

In response, the Trump campaign should buy Domino’s pizzas for everyone at the upcoming rally, both inside and out:


And I hope Trump supporters across the nation will do the same.


If that property has unicorns… I’m buying it…


And lollipop trees

phineas gage

If Mike Gundy is fired I hope he sues OSU into bankruptcy.


As the rate these all these athletes are getting woke, they are going to kill the amateur and pro sports biz and their chances of getting the big bucks. Still can’t believe NASCAR caved.

phineas gage

I’ll be happy to watch the major professional leagues go down, apart from the NHL. And the sports media with them. Always among the most liberal, they have become the most woke component of the cancel culture. Let them learn to code.

Apart from NHL, I’ll probably be limited to college football, baseball and hockey.

It is a shame about NASCAR–never saw that coming. Then again I was always a much bigger fan of Indy car racing, so maybe that will make a comeback.

phineas gage

China’s economy is collapsing and they are now experiencing a new wave of the virus.

They are now extremely dangerous.

This is China in action (don’t kid yourself):



It could and possibly not. N Korea has a habit of saber rattling before any talks or to cause western nations to rush in and try to appease them. China may have something to do with it but I don’t think so. NK may just be looking for attention and it could also invole chubby kims sister, a very evil person.

China is seriously over reaching on to many fronts so its unlikely they will involve themselves in a skirmish. Personally think the covid was an accidental escape and China decided to bet the farm and take advantage of it. Their ‘ace’ in the hole was they controlled much of the manufacturing and countries would have to play nice with them if they wanted goods. Bad strategy. It woke up countries to the realization they handed China a large chunk of power and the need to remedy that problem.

China has over extended themselves economically, both internally and offshore. The belt and road initiative has put them deeply in debt. Trade sanctions and the US trade deal seriously hurt them on top of the Belt & Road debt. China threatened Australia which isn’t working out to well because China is now waking up to the fact that they are hugely dependent on Australia’s Iron ore… oopps. And… Australia isn’t playing the game as China expected they would. Now add in India and the border dispute… Then the WHO fiasco, the covid, the World Trade rule breaking, threatening Taiwan with invasion, Philippians encroachment etc etc… Its mostly bluster because they know if they start a fight… they will have the western nations go all in against them.

Are they dangerous… yes… but they can’t afford a skirmish anywhere at this point.

phineas gage

Fron sundance’s site–I laughed quite hard:


phineas gage

I always forget I can’t embed Youtube links. Here is a tiny url:


It is worth watching this.


I saw another clip of her telling the warlord about God, his only answer is to ask her how long she’s been waiting for Jesus. Satan has this dude wrapped up good.


Citizen Journalism at it’s best. Never see that on any alphabet news channel unfortunately.

phineas gage

She states the truth more clearly and succinctly than any leftist academic or media figure. The Dems had better start worrying about just how many black people like this are out there. I am thinking there are quite a few, and the number is rapidly growing….

phineas gage
phineas gage

The drone underlings of Chicago’s gnome-like boob of a mayor have now invented the term ‘social distance ambassadors’ to add to the totalitarian lexicon of that misbegotten city.

She also states for the record that ‘I for one welcome our new insect overlords, and we should all look forward to toiling in their underground sugar caves’


The DOW be rockin!

phineas gage

The events in Chicago are the result of panicked aldermen getting after the incompetent foul-mouthed lesbian mayor, per the recorded conference call several days ago.

I hope the cops all leave these cities for safer, more lucrative jobs in the suburbs.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree totally; the police working under these deplorable conditions should resign, en masse – in NYC and Chitcago and other places where they’re not appreciated and are treated like donkey dung and worse.

Accidental poisoning, my ass.

phineas gage

There was a time when lacing food or drug with deadly poison was a serious crime. I remember the Tylenol scare back in the 1980’s.

Now in this brave new world it is apparently a noble form of virtue signaling, and if a few pigs die in the process on the way to our glorious new utopia, then so be it.

phineas gage

There are a long of companies that will no longer be getting my business. Amazon was added to the list last week. We don’t have any Shake Shacks in this area, but I’ll be avoiding them when I travel to other places.


Yep… we’ve done the same… We decided to not by anything made in China, period. Amazon was on the very short list of companies to not buy thru anymore. If we need something we will buy from the company direct and let them know why. The only caveat is that their product is made by them and not China. Vote with your dollars…

its a war… cut enemy funding… they’ll die faster…


My wife used to be a big QVC shopper. Not any more. You try to find out where it’s made and it says imported. Heh! Yeah, that’s the ticket. They’ll never guess where it’s imported from!


This is the list that caused a blogger to lose his website. All my favorite fast food joints are there. *sigh*




Haven’t looked at any of the linked statements yet, but I am a little surprised by the companies NOT on the list:

NBA – but the NHL?
Apple itself is not listed, only Apple Music
Ace Hardware – where I will buy as much as I can instead of Home Depot
CBS – hidden by HBO
ABC – hidden by Disney and ESPN
No Beer, Booze, or Tobacco companies

These are just my surprises off the top of my head.

I will look at the statements of Home Depot, Hershey/Reece’s and the few other companies I patronize and see what they say; if not satisfied with their statement – adios as much as possible! Along with a letter explaining why I won’t do business with them any more.

I will also speak to the managers of the stores who I patronize who are not on the list and let them know I appreciate their corporation’s stance – even Comcast.

I urge all of DB’s readers and commenters to do the same.


What’s funny is that the original list had Walmart on it. I just went to their website and read the statement from their CEO. i am good with them for now. They aren’t doing the send money to BLM thing. Below is a copied portion of their statement:

“Because we want to address systematic racism in society head-on and accelerate change, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committing $100 million to create a new center on racial equity. Through this $100 million commitment, the center will support philanthropic initiatives that align with four key areas: the nation’s financial, healthcare, education, and criminal justice systems. The goal of the center is to help advance economic opportunity and healthier living, including issues surrounding the social determinants of health, strengthening workforce development and related educational systems, and support criminal justice reform with an emphasis on examining barriers to opportunity faced by those exiting the system.”


Yes… People need to stop funding these companies. Tell the companies you do shop at that you appreciate them and appreciate their stocking local products and not Chinesium junk

Its a war… cut supply lines to the enemy.


Well, Gorilla Glue seems like a natural.


Shame is, it’s a dang good product. But I am really gonna miss my Big Mac.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m gonna miss my senior coffee, too. Have to brew my own from now on (the horror!)

phineas gage

I agree with you about Harsanyi, which is why it puzzled me that he left the Federalist (a cutting-edge conservative publication) for the National Review (with few exceptions a collection of Never-Trump grifters).

phineas gage

Hollywood and entertainment is one of the most virulently racist areas on American society, and has been for a long time. The Academy Awards consists of pasty white rich liberals speaking to hundreds just like them and congratulating themselves on how progressive they are.

America writ large does not have a racism problem. Leftist America has a big problem.


Hollywood makes cesspools look clean and inviting…

There literally is nothing coming out of that cesspool worth watching… Don’t buy their crap, quit watching their SJW **cough** entertainment, its social engineering rot.

its a war… quit funding the enemy…

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