De Blasio’s New York Looks Increasingly Like 1930s Berlin

The Evening Campaign Update

It’s 1937 in Berlin… – No, wait, it’s 2020 in New York City, and Mayor Warren Wilhelm – who changed his name to Bill de Blasio years ago for some odd reason – is doing this at the largest park in Brooklyn’s main Jewish neighborhood:

This move comes one day after Mayor Wilhelm, er, “de Blasio” remained studiously mute and did nothing to intervene while this happened at the Brooklyn Museum:


That was the 90% white crowd that gathered for the Trans Black Lives Matter rally, or something like that. No social distancing, few masks, no place to wash their hands every 10-15 minutes to try to control the spread of the Wuhan Virus or just general cooties, and de Blasio said and did nothing.

At this point, it really is time to ask a difficult question: Why does Bill de Blasio hate Jews? Since the very beginning of this insane response to the Wuhan Virus, the Mayor has been creepily focused on ensuring his police department cracks down particularly hard in the various Jewish neighborhoods in the Five Burroughs. He has repeatedly gone out of his way to threaten the city’s Jewish population and make sure his cops focus special attention on them, their children and their businesses.

This welding of the park gates is just the latest in a series of actions that de Blasio’s enforcers have taken to ensure Jewish children stay out of their neighborhood parks. Just last weekend, while thousands of New Yorkers frolicked unmolested in Central and Bryant Parks, de Blasio’s storm troopers made sure they cleared out another Jewish neighborhood park where half a dozen kids were using the playground equipment while their parents watched.

It’s a truly disturbing trend, and you have to wonder why the Jewish members of New York’s congressional delegation, including Chuck Schumer, remain so silent in the face of de Blasio’s obvious bias. We have seen this kind of growing discrimination against Jewish populations many times in the past, and they never end well.

Of course, Warren Wilhelm is far from the only raging leftist hypocrite in America today. – The country is literally brimming over with them. Over at NBC News, the leftist activists who run the place ran the two stories below within an hour of one another:

You can’t make this stuff up – the parables of abject hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness just write themselves.

In Philadelphia, the leftist Democrat Mayor and District Attorney took to twitter to attack a group of about 100 Italian Americans who surrounded a statue of Christopher Columbus in Marconi Park to protect it from being torn down by Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioters. Neither has had a word of criticism for the rioters, looters and building burners over the past three weeks.

Lesson: In Philly, as in all the other Democrat-run cities around the country, destruction of personal and public property is fine with the city leaders; defending it will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Man, no one could’ve seen this one coming. – Back in New York City, meanwhile, the local NBC affiliate reports that 250 of the Rikers Island felons released by Governor Andrew Cuomo since March have now been re-arrested a total of 450 times for the commission of new crimes. Boy, that outcome sure was hard to foresee, huh? Oh, and to make it all better, local radical Democrat judges just keep letting the re-arrested felons back out on the streets over and over again to commit new crimes.

From the piece at NBC4 New York:

Hundreds of prisoners released early from Rikers due to COVID concerns are being enabled to re-offend again and again without consequences, law enforcement leaders say.

“We’re continuing to see people get arrested over and over and let right back out. And it really defies common sense,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in an interview with NBC New York.

Of approximately 2,500 defendants sprung from Rikers early because of COVID safety planning, at least 250 have been arrested again since, according to Michael LiPetri, chief of Crime Control Strategies for the NYPD.

Chief LiPetri tells NBC New York the NYPD did not object to releasing older defendants, nor those with underlying medical conditions. But he says the consequences of the larger-scale release of prisoners are now showing up in the arrest data, with those 250 re-offenders being arrested 450 times so far during the pandemic.


And this isn’t just limited to Blue state cities like New York. We see the very same revolving door thanks to leftist judges and district attorneys bought and paid for by Soros-funded super PACS taking place in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin in Texas as well. This is where Democrats want to take the entire country, folks, so if you live in a big city run by Democrats and have the means to do so, the time to get the hell out of there is now, before their radical insanity drives your property value down to near-zero.

Oh, hey, it’s not the CHAZ anymore. – It’s now the “CHOP.” Presumably, someone informed the people who created the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that, when you have to literally beg outsiders to bring you free food because you aren’t capable of securing it for yourself, that means you aren’t exactly “autonomous.” So, now, the spoiled nitwits are calling their 6 square blocks of excrement and dumpster fires the Capitol Hill Occupied – or maybe it’s Organized, no one seems to know for sure – Protest, or “CHOP.”

See? I’m not just making this stuff up. Who could?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Wow, just wow.

The whole world, starting with every aspect of DC needs an enema. I’ll bet 90+ percent of the 6,000 ‘scientists’ are in bed one way or the other with Drs. Fraud and Douche Bag, the Scarf Queen, leading the pack. They are probably just clean enough not to be caught, especially with the way our DOJ goes after the known swamp criminals..

If, as I want to believe, GOD is in control, i wish he would cast aside all this evil and once and for all prevail against satin.

I’m at a loss as to how this is made right. Every time I begin to feel good about something, like Trump’s birthday/flag day boat rallies, and Trump’s West Point speech, I see a story like this that just shatters my hope for a bright, peaceful future.

It is getting tough to have hope because there are just too many forces working against “Truth, Justice and the American Way”.


Be of good cheer my friend for God certainly is in control. Having read to ending I found that those who follow Christ, true Christians not religious christains, have a great ending. Others are going to have a very long bad day.

There will be a one world government and for a very short time there will be ‘peace’. The world leader will declare war on all Jews and Christains to eliminate us from Earth. This will be a time of trial and sifting in the ‘church’.

God will step in and call the game at some point in this event. Judgement by fire. This world is stained by sin and will be destroyed, not so with the new one built. Look to Christ and let not your heart be faint. We don’t look to man or government to make things better, look up instead. We still have a duty to act and pray for people and nations.

its a war… look up to win, looking out brings doubt…


It’s on like Donkey Kong! Traitors everyone of them{

Jimmy MacAfee

Dang, that’s NEWS!


And this guy actually seriously ran for president this year?

Couldn’t he just have used a heavy duty chain and padlock to shut the park?

I really wish the whole PD of NYC and one or more other cities like Seattle would just take an unscheduled vacation with their families out of their jurisdiction for one week. Make the cities beg for their return. Most small businesses have gone for months without a paycheck, surely the cops can too if they had any scruples. Most states have laws that don’t allow for teachers to strike, but they do all over the country, and I have yet to hear of one teacher going to jail or losing their job for illegal walkouts – most even get their back pay like nonessential government ‘workers’ during a government shutdown.

Religious beliefs aside, the country of Israel would not exist if not for massive US support for the last seventy or so years; yet most Jewish people in the US vote Democrat at a rate similar to the black vote – why is that? Our “Allies” had better get their act together real fast, because sooner or later, we will get past this internal anti-America hate-fest and will recover.

We might have to fight a bloody civil war to do it, but once that is over, we are more self-sufficient than any other country in the world and we would be totally justified to tell the world to go to hell.

Listen to Gordon Sinclair’s record “The Americans” on YouTube to see where I’m coming from.

This is reaching critical mass and sooner or later it is going to blow up. And the left – NOT Trump – OWNS it.

At first I thought President Trump was going to call in the military, take control, bust some heads and fix this. But I believe he is much more strategic and is probably going to let a lot of this crap run its course for at least a couple of reasons:

1) With the way some current and every former Obama, Bush, Clinton Generals are acting and talking It is not at all certain the “military” will follow his constitutional orders.

2) He probably knows the media will go for a full court press and focus on every death as if it were Trump personally causing the deaths, so he is keeping his powder dry and teaching the ‘woke’ and ‘progressive’ liberals in America who think it is cute ‘woke’ or hip to vote for the first African American president, regardless of qualifications, achievements, or politics, and every other leftist Dem they have voted for for generations… Let them pay, let them learn, let them be exposed to the reality of the results their radical voting record. Let the CNNs and the NYTs of the world and their staff suffer real physical pain and suffering from the mobs that they have so helped to support and foment for the last sixty years.

For the most part these punks will go after soft blue targets – they don’t want to face anyone with guns defending their property – and there are no softer targets then the propaganda mills in the big cities. Let the governors, mayors, councils, Hollywood and the media outlets who support and cause this violence be forced to call on Trump begging him to restore order.

Meanwhile, the red America will support and Reelect Trump along with a couple of relatively sane purple states. Does anyone think MI and PA and probably WI are going to turn blue after what their governors and mayors have done especially since the way they ‘handled’ CV-19 and now the riots?

Red America, by itself will lead a sufficient economic recovery by November to paint a vivid contrast of Donald Trump’s vibrant Red America vs. Joe Figurehead’s dystopian Blue America.

PS: It is time for Red State Governors like Abbot (TX) and Lee (TN) to step in and step up and override the blue city tyrants in their states.


It was explained to me some time back why the US Jews hated those in Israel. Part of the explanation is the US Jews are basically more uppity than those in Israel. I think there is far more to it than that but could be true overall.

As for the Jews in Israel needing the US to survive and only because of the US have they survived I think is wrong. They’ve survived thousands of years and only have lasted this long because God has preserved them. Case in point the Six Day War. A very good study which cries out divine intervention. Those countries, like the US, have benefited most BY their support for Israel, as a nation. Even tho certain ‘leaders’ have worked against Israel the God under which the nation of the USA was founded, has found favor. But that favor isn’t guaranteed when the nation turns away from God.

its a war… turning back to God guarantees the win…

Jimmy MacAfee

Many years ago, I warned William Safire in an email (prior to his death, obviously) that America might one day be a “useless Rahab,” Isaiah’s name for Egypt – a useless leviathon, incapable of saving Israel from her enemies. It became more and more evident that this was happening with the elevation of our first fake President, Barack “Obeelzebub” Obama, (who also could go by the name of Haman.)

Interesting that Obeelzebub claimed to “have a Jewish soul.” Fake President, fake Jew, 100% evil.

It’s hard not to conclude that prophecies are now being fulfilled – End Times prophecies – but there are several steps that must be completed first. Let’s just say that we’re closer to the end, with the beginning of the end occurring at Pentecost.

Better hope the Pre-Tribs are right. “Harpazo” is the word for today – Greek for “to snatch away” or “caught up.” Same meaning as the Latin word “Rapturo.”

Since the US is not in the Bible specifically, it could mean that we’re destroyed – something Globalists all desire to happen – or it could be that we become the Great Whore Babylon (some would argue with that, but if Obeelzebub and the Globalists (and Chinese) get their way, it could happen sooner rather than later.


Comes to mind… 2 Tim 3:1 , 2 Peter 3:3 and 2 Thess 2:3 the falling away…

Anti-God globalists pushing hard for a one world government and the Catholic church pushing hard for a one world church… I’d say the stage is nearly set… Best start looking up…

its a war…

Jimmy MacAfee

China thinks it can purchase Israel’s blessings, not unlike the Nazis thought about the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” It’s like buying magic and expecting G0D to be inside the magic box. I’m afraid they’re in for similar results.

The Chinese and their allies are by far the world’s worst abusers of the largest numbers of Christ followers, though the severity of persecution by Islamists is worse in other places, such as the continent of Africa. China has somewhere in the between 104 million and 234 million Chinese Believers, and the continent of Africa has around 526 million, many under persecution by Islam.

As to the 6 Day War, and a few others, military schools are said to avoid teaching lessons of the war because it doesn’t make sense – militarily – that Israel prevailed. As you said: G0D preserved them.

In the US, there is a troubling tendency for some Baptists and others to endorse replacement theology, as if Israel isn’t actually Israel of the Bible, and has been replaced by the “new Jews,” Christians. Very bad theology.

If Israel chooses to replace America with China, it will be a direct affront to G0D, as the Chinese Communists hate the G0D of Israel, being given to leader-worship, such as of Mao.


I remember listening to a house leader of an underground house church in China when visiting. The underground church is flourishing in China because of the persecution.

He made a rather revealing statement. He said in America the ‘church’ knows how to plan and organize, in China they know how to pray.

its a war… we fight not against flesh and blood… but against powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, it really IS amazing how anti-Semitic Mayor Warren Wilhelm is – but I suspect he hates Christians every bit as much as he hates Jews. Without Jews, there is no Jesus, and without the Old Testament, the New is irrelevant.

One clue is George Soros, funder of anti-Semitic organizations everywhere. It is probably true that there is no anti-Semite greater than a Semite, and Soros is proof of that.

What is troubling is that Israel is allegedly selling technologies to China, just as China is telling Israel (and most of the world) to choose between it and the US. What is more troubling is the fact that Israel is not moving toward a decision very quickly, which is probably because the US has been slowly turning toward Shariah-acceptance, while China is persecuting Islamic people brutally – (persecuting Christians, too, which may make some Israelis happy.) We have been a terrific friend to Israel, and it hurts to see the relationship damaged, mostly by Obeelzebub, but even by Dubya and his father.

The Left has a lot of Jew-hating Jews, unfortunately;. we need to defeat the Left for all cause, and prevent Mayor Wilhelm from instituting a pogrom. Again. Scratch as Leftist, and you’ll find David Duke.


Heres MaligNancy pelosi’s district in San Fran…

Jimmy MacAfee

She and her fellow scum wore the garb of slave traders, as they took a knee. (You may have posted the link)

It bears repeating.


Whats funny… but not… Is that these bowel parasites decried Trump for the church photo op, wailed at how low it was and despicable.

Then just days later the whole Demoncraps led by Piglosy and Cry’n Chuck take a knee, (except that guy that wears his pants up under his armpits) while culturally appropriating a recognized African slave trader garb. Apparently thats all ok…

These parasites are not only blind but mind numbing stupid…


Funny how the media neglects the fact both Africans and Middle Easterners were selling slaves isn’t it? I can’t believe they actually taught this at my high school back in the early 70’s.

phineas gage

The leftists at Reuters are going to have to find an alternative to ‘unexpectedly’:

They will need a good one because they are going to be needing it frequently over the coming months.

phineas gage

Bring on the rallies–the bigger the better.

Trump is going to shove it down their throats.

phineas gage

The Left is just letting their freak flag fly now in their descent into utter madness.

Check the real estate markets for these lunatic asylum cities. Those that can get out are getting out now.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mt. Rainier, opened by the subduction zone called Cascadia – (a plausible scenario) – will make the current crisis look like tiddlywinks. Might not happen in our lifetimes, but could happen at any time, any moment.

Time to look for a new state?


Zillow – Seattle WOW!,-WA_rb/?searchQueryState=%7B“pagination”%3A%7B%7D%2C”usersSearchTerm”%3A”Seattle%2C%20WA”%2C”mapBounds”%3A%7B”west”%3A-122.38995962772296%2C”east”%3A-122.29108267459796%2C”south”%3A47.6591097469807%2C”north”%3A47.71596421096126%7D%2C”regionSelection”%3A%5B%7B”regionId”%3A16037%2C”regionType”%3A6%7D%5D%2C”isMapVisible”%3Atrue%2C”mapZoom”%3A13%2C”filterState”%3A%7B”sort”%3A%7B”value”%3A”globalrelevanceex”%7D%7D%2C”isListVisible”%3Atrue%7D


sorry, don’t know why it shows the whole NW. I will say this. When we were looking for a home last year, there no where near this many homes on the market as I recall.



Looking at the prices for 1or 2 BR < 1,000 sq. ft.'. in that area, you couldn't give me a home within twenty five miles of Seattle or any other 250,000 + population city and you couldn't pay me enough to 'live' there.

Bet the ones who try to sell don't get fifty cents on the asking dollar – there is just no good reason to live in or move to these Dem controlled hell-holes.

Demographers have stated that the year 1923 was the year when more people lived in cities than in the country for the first time in our nation's history. Well, exactly 100 years later in 2023 the trend will be irrevocably reversed.

One must assume that people who could afford to buy or lease such expensive abodes in the 'happening' cities have to be fairly smart in order to make enough money to be able to afford such a place…

But then again, look at how many fools are college graduates, and work for the government, are actors, sports stars, and media 'experts'.

Regardless of how this perfect storm of CV-19 and the riots work out, there will be a big reality check for so many people who have bought into the bogus Dem doctrine.

phineas gage

Since it is always about money, I can only assume that DeBlasio’s post-mayoral endeavors will involve lucrative consultancy and advocacy for pro-Islamic groups.

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