The BLM Long Knives Come out for Val Demings

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Nobody’s immune from the BLM intolerance mob. – Val Demings, the former police chief of Orlando, Florida and current congresswoman from there, has been getting a ton of attention from the corrupt news media since she has been regularly mentioned as being on the short list to become the running mate of Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden. But in these days of the lunatic cancel culture, that kind of attention can be a dangerous thing.

Demings is finding that out the hard way this morning as she has now become the latest target of the leftist intolerance mob, led by Black Lives Matter. Specifically, she has become the target of one Hawk Newsome, who styles himself as the President of the New York Chapter of Black Lives Matter. Asked by a reporter about Demings, Newsome responded by saying “Joe Biden would be an idiot to put her on his ticket.’People are already on the fence about him. When black people become police officers, they are no longer black. They are blue. And I have been told this by numerous officers.”

Well, golly, there you go. See, to Black Lives Matter, Black lives don’t matter once they’ve turned “blue.” Just as the 30-40 Black lives that are snuffed out every weekend by Black gangsters in Chicago don’t matter. Just as the hundreds of thousands of Black lives that are ended by an abortionist’s knife in a Planned Parenthood facility every year don’t matter.

The only Black lives that matter to Black Lives Matter are Black lives that are politically advantageous to the Democrat Party.

That’s the truth about Black Lives Matter.

Ok, so, who’s next on that list? – Did someone say Senator Kamala Harris? Oh, yeah, girl, they’re coming for you next. Do not doubt it.

See, Kamala Harris spent years serving as the Attorney General of California, otherwise known as that state’s chief law enforcement officer. You think she isn’t “blue” in the racist, bigoted eyes of Black Lives Matter activists? Please.

Harris has already taken a lot of grief over the fact that, while serving in her previous post, she was an avid enforcer of maximum sentencing laws aimed at drug offenders, a disproportionate percentage of whom happen to be Black. Even better for the Black Lives Matter intolerance mob, there are all kinds of video and audio clips out there circulating around the interwebs capturing a smiling, mocking Harris in all her Willie Brown supported glory, bragging about sending all of those Black people off to prison for many years.

So, given that Biden’s handlers are under great pressure now to choose a Black woman to be their elderly, doddering candidate’s running mate, who does that leave on the list?

Well, there’s Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose official bio doesn’t really talk at all about what she might have achieved before becoming Mayor. But she spent several years in law practice and as a judge, so you kind of have to wonder what she might be trying to hide right now from the Intolerance Mob. She also was very critical of the recent riots that BLM helped to organize in her city, and, unlike her peers in Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, Chicago and Portland, made aggressive use of her police force in quelling them.

Bottoms is now faced with even more rioting in her city due to another police killing of a Black suspect, whose only “crime” appears to have been getting drunk and falling asleep in his car, which was parked in a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. Given that Bottoms had her police out in force again last night, she’s obviously got a problem unless she backs off and lets BLM and Antifa set up an autonomous zone around CNN headquarters.

Then there’s Susan Rice, the pathological liar who served as Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor. Aside from being a very poor liar – which most Democrat voters consider to be a real qualification in a vice presidential or presidential candidate – Rice doesn’t appear to have any obvious “blue” disqualifications in her background, which has almost exclusively been spent in appointed political jobs.

As a result, Rice may win the Democrat Veepstakes by default unless something as yet unrevealed about her should come to light.

Should that happen, the Biden elder abusers can always turn their eyes back to Georgia gubernatorial looooooser Stacey Abrams. Abrams was all over the media this week, sadly admitting that she hasn’t received any calls from Biden’s handlers about the job, reminding everyone how eager she is to become the least qualified vice president in American history.

Keep your chin up, Stacey, there’s still hope!

Holy crap.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

I’m all for a second look at Tank (go for it, Joe!), but I would guess Rice is more likely since Joe’s handlers (read: Obama) will be making the pick and they’ll go for a system drone

Maybe Joe will get confused and choose Condoleeza.

Jimmy MacAfee

Condoleeza? Don’t give them any good ideas! She’d be formidable, and just liberal enough to satisfy Big Tech (pro-abortion etc.)

phineas gage

The crime of the black suspect, as clearly seen on video, was to grab the officer’s taser and point it at him twice. I think the officer was entirely justified in his actions, pending more details, but of course he has now been fired by the gutless mayor who is angling for the VP slot. At least the chief of police had the courage to resign.

Blacks commit violent crimes at a disproportionate rate, across income class. That is the data. Police have to respond. If every time this happens there is now free license to burn down the city or movements to defund the police, we will shortly have a number of urban Mogadishus across the country.

phineas gage

Meanwhile, the rest of the population is arming up at an astounding rate.

It’s pretty clear where that leads.


“…she is to become the least qualified vice president in American history.”

And that is really saying something considering who we have had as VPs or VP nominees.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out the real motivation behind all these Dem mayors and governors first trashing and possibly permanently destroying their local and state economies with the extended CV-19 lockdown and now the largely unfettered riots.

Even though virtually none of them up for reelection this year, no sane ‘leader’ would proactively be doing this to his/her peeps without a good reason or strategy.

As most of us recognize here, the goal with CV-19 was to cripple President’s Trump’s roaring economy to defeat him in November – so sad they only way for them to win is to destroy the lives of so many – and to keep it from recovering for the whole year, if ever. Then, as the CV-19 ‘Plandemic” was fading, turn on the well organized outrage machine to further diminish Trump’s reelect chances.

Ok, that is the conventional wisdom, but what is their endgame? Sooner or later, they will face reelection in their states and cities, and if the GOP puts up anyone with any ability, there will be a Republican gubernatorial and mayoral and council landslide, assuming a remotely fair election.

My new theory is: 1) The Dem power brokers (Sorass, MSM (D), and the everyday run of the mill grifters etc.) really must believe Joe Figurehead has a real shot at winning and no cost is too great to get rid of Thump which has been their ONLY agenda since 2016, and 2) All these governors and mayors are vying for positions in a Joe Figurehead administration.

This serves at least two purposes for them: 1) they won’t have to face those pesky and unhappy voters in 2021, 2022, or 2023, and 2) They will have more power in Figurehead’s administration than ever since his only duties will be to maintain body temperature and sign whatever schiff as “president” his loyal staff of demented Democrats shoves in front of him. They may even make up a rubber signature stamp for him. This will also include judgeships.

And if you think the MSM (D) covered for and up ‘the One’s’ crimes and scandals, just wait until you see how Joe Figurehead’s Administration is ‘covered’.

Some positions in a hypothetical Figurehead administration:

Lightfoot: HHS
Durkan: HUD
Northam, Fauci or Brix: Surgeon General – the others, head of CDC and a restored funded WHO
de Blasio: Sec Def
Cuomo: SOS
Whitmer: AG

I could go on, but you can fill in the blanks for the rest of the hacks that will be inserted to replenish the DC cesspool. This time a Dem Administration, any Dem Administration, will ensure every department and agency will be filled with the Strokes, Pages, Comeys, and Holders, of the world and everyone involved in Obamagate will be “exonerated” and people like Barr, Durham, Grenell, Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Tom Fitton will be gone after with a vengeance.

And Joe Figurehead’s Administration will (unlike the lazy Obama) make sure every available judgeship will be filled and probably name Emmitt Sullivan as a SC justice as a reward for prosecuting Flynn in a (political) spoils system the likes of which no one will have ever seen.

And finally, if the nation has another collective brain freeze and elects Joe Figurehead, the GOP will lose at least five senate seats and the House will stay Democrat. Then watch the stock market crash on November 4.


Its weird for sure Gregg and what these lefties do leave one scratching their head thinking no sane person would do what they are doing…Then to prove everyone wrong they go four levels lower on the scale of stupid.

IMO, I think these communists are willingly trashing their cities for two reasons.

1. Allow the rioters free reign to destroy property so that Trump will send in NG or military to restore order. When an antifa communist gets shot and killed they will scream ‘DICTATOR’ and the media will carry it 24/7 for the next three months. All the while looking for another ‘story’ of dictatorship to carry thru until Nov. They’ll spin it so that the Dem mayor was on the cusp of solving the problem when dictator Trump violently intervened.

2. They’ll also spin the money angle too. They’ll say Trump refused to give them the money to rebuild. Evil Trump wants to oppress and punish Dems by with holding the money to restore those poor neighborhoods and businesses. Don’t forget they’ll point out that hundreds on black owned businesses won’t get money to rebuild because Trump is racist and hates blacks.

Its a war… propaganda is their biggest gun

Jimmy MacAfee

Some people – including Praying Medic – think Moochelle Obeelzebub will be the green booger picked from Joe’s feeble nose. Green she is, having no actual experience running anything but her hateful mouth, her school lunch program a disaster that caused a lot of kids to go hungry – especially kids whose caloric intake was greater than they’d allow (athletes in particular…) Well, even Moochelle is said to have snuck out of the Whitehouse at night for Burger King.

Of all the potential choices, none of them good, she’s shiny, glitters like something she’s not: she’s fool’s gold, pyrite.

But for a party with no direction, with holes in the ship and badly leaking, any wind will push their tattered sails, inch at a time. The ship will still sink, but they’ll pretend they’re moving along a proper course. I think Moochelle Obeelzebub will be their choice, too. Sad.


I still say Squaw Skreeches-A-Lot is in the running. Even though she’s white, she’s sufficiently woke and did promise to have a transgender child pick who’s in charge of the Department of Ed so that’s a libs wet dream.


You’re forgetting Michelle Obama. I still think she’s the one.


Don’t think so Jimmy; Rush addressed this sometime back: the Ozeroes have the good life now – $15 mil mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, et al. Moochelle’s not the type to get in the gutter & get dirty. Her & BHO are “movie producers” now for Netflix. Don’t see that happening.

Jimmy MacAfee

I hope she doesn’t try it. It would be ugly.



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