*UPDATED* Saturday News Roundup: The Eyes of Texas, the Lies of Seattle and Trump Moves His Rally

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Fun fact appropriate for this moment in our nation’s history. –  In addition to creating the Ku Klux Klan in the wake of the Civil War and Antifa in the wake of the 2016 election of Donald Trump, the Democrat Party is also responsible for conducting the longest filibuster in our nation’s history. It lasted 75 full days as the nation – especially African Americans – cried out for real, meaningful social change.

The subject of that 75 day long Democrat filibuster? The Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Here is one way the current fight for change in local policing is being trivialized. – Some football players at The University of Texas are circulating a petition to make several changes on the UT campus, including changing the names of some buildings that frankly should have been changed a long time ago and removing some statues from the campus that some find offensive.

Here’s the list of demands in the petition:


One building on campus, for example, is named for Theophilus Painter, a former UT president. In 1946, Painter denied admission to Heman Sweatt to the UT school of law, where he would have become the law school’s first black student. Mr. Sweatt was fully qualified but for the fact that he was African American. Sweatt, represented by Thurgood Marshall, filed suit in a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where UT lost. The case later became the basis for the 1954 Brown v. the Board of Education decision that led to the desegregation of America’s schools. Marshall, of course, later became the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, changing the name of Painter Hall seems like a really fine idea.

But it’s the last element of a pretty long petition that is getting most of the attention. That demand would ban the singing of the traditional school song “The Eyes of Texas,” a song that has no racial connotations whatsoever. The reason the football players and others want to ban the song? It was once sung by students in black face participating in an on-campus minstrel show in 1903.

“The Eyes of Texas” is a song that has been sung by every UT fan, player, student and teacher in attendance at every athletic event for more than a century now. If the leaders at UT accede to this particular wish, they might as well abolish the athletics program.

Some demands are appropriate; some are not. Placing this particular item in the petition – which of course was drafted for the players by radical activists – is done simply to inflame emotions and only ends up trivializing the entire thing and demonstrates clearly that this is not a sincere demand for justice but an effort by leftists to inflame and divide. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

Ok, fine. Time to bring out the water cannons, then. – I kid you not, a federal judge in Washington state ruled yesterday that Seattle police cannot use tear gas or other similar means of crowd control when they finally, at long last move to clear the armed insurrection taking place in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) occupied by Antifa. Judge Jones is an appointee not of Barack Obama, as one would expect, but of George W. Bush. So, the Bush family strikes again.

Blame the voters. – If you want to know why Seattle was the first city hit with this kind of action from Antifa, I give you City Council member Kshama Sawant, a Democrat who describes herself on her Twitter profile as “Seattle City Councilmember ~ Socialist ~ Member of Socialist Alternative and AFT 1789.”

Ok, then. City councils in big cities all over the country are chock-full of Soros-funded radicals just like Ms. Sawant.

Councilwoman Sawant is the person who actually gave Antifa the keys to Seattle’s City Hall, which is part of the CHAZ. This anti-American lunatic was elected by the majority of of voters in her council precinct.  So hey, the people of Seattle are getting what they asked for, whether they knew they were asking for it or not. If they’re too stupid to take this as an object lesson and elect someone else next time, then they deserve no support from the rest of the country.

This won’t mollify the media, but it’s a smart move. – Late last night, President Trump issued the following set of tweets:

It’s really kind of amazing to me that someone in the Trump Campaign thought scheduling this kickoff rally on Juneteenth was a smart idea in the first place, given the current national situation. It’s very likely that no one made the connection, which is an indication that the President has a big hole in his operation and needs to fill it with someone who understands the Black community.

I find it interesting that the President refers to Juneteenth as the “Juneteenth Holiday” in that first tweet. It would be a stroke of absolute political genius for the President to issue an executive order this weekend proclaiming Juneteenth, which celebrates the day that Union general Gordon Granger read orders in Galveston, Texas, that all previously enslaved people in Texas were free, to be a national holiday, and which challenges congress to memorialize the proclamation into federal law.

I can’t help wondering if that is what he has in mind. We’ll see.

*UPDATE* – Here is why Juneteenth, an event that took place in Texas, has always had national significance in the Black culture.

Because Texas was a far western outpost for the confederacy and little fighting took place here, there was virtually no union army presence in the state until the war was over to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln issued in 1863. So, although the practice of keeping slaves was much more rare in Texas than in the other Southern states, Texas was basically the final holdout of slave owners who refused to set their slaves free. The significance of Granger’s statement is that he read it as he landed in Galveston with a garrison of Union soldiers whose job it was to ensure all slaves in the state were in fact freed.

Thus, the national significance of Juneteenth.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Biden Crime Bill


I am very surprised at the number of people admitting here that they had never heard of Juneteenth day. Amazing. I am a 69 year old whitebread Polak that can’t remember a time when I was not aware of it.
I am curious as to how this can be. Are you people that didn’t know very young or from rural areas? Just asking.


The whole of civil war history I was taught in high school was the high lights. That was in the early 70s when they left was already dumbing down education.



History in general and that part of the civil war in particular hasn’t been taught accurately in any grade for fifty years. Most don’t even know when or why the civil war was fought – let alone reconstruction.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d heard the name years ago, but wasn’t interested; it sounded (unfortunately) like a made-up name. Like some kids got together and imagined the name.

But names are funny; I have a very, very distant relative whose name was Great Sachem Sequassom Sequin Sowheag Mokomece, Might have thought that was a Feinmore Cooper fake name, but no.

No disrespect to Juneteenth. Glad Dave explained it.


Watch groping senile Biden get tough on crime. So what happened?


Like all dims, which ever way the wind blows and the polls go.

Jeff Havlicek

Here’s a thought. Instead of tearing down old statues and history how about insisting they add new ones.


I think I get your point, but statues of what “civil rights” hero would you suggest?

LBJ, BJ Clinton, Alinsky, Aires, Rev Al, Rev Jessie, “The One”, Joe Figurehead, Algore, and Walking Eagle with their black church condescending dialect, and every other lying corrupt hack (Dem and Republican) who tried to kiss up to any and all minorities going back to FDR for the sole purpose to prey on the poor and the ignorant to get votes. And that doesn’t even count the plantation judges who render decisions designed to circumvent the constitution, foment anger, and act as a super legislature to further promote the leftist agenda and take away the self destiny of We The People..

All these frauds make me sick


Oh, and one other thought on additional statues. You assume the radical left wants to or would be willing to compromise on that or any issue. I haven’t seen any indication of that – ever.

The only time compromise happens is when fraudulent RINO assholes like McLame bend over and take it while bending us over and shoving to us.

We are done with “bipartisanship” unless and until the Dems come to us and compromise with us and our agenda. Case in point: Tell me when Nancy Klink or Schemer Schumer ever compromised with Trump on anything they weren’t politically forced to or of any consequence.


Nope. That is all the mob knows. Tear it down. If I found out that they built up something I would die from the shock.


This could be interesting


If they do and the “security forces” start shooting what will the mayor and governor do then?


And that photo is fake as far as the tweet goes, No way the Outlaws and Hells Angels would ride together and the photo is probably taken in Europe as they are riding opposite of what we do in the US.

phineas gage

Well good–I had actually heard something about this a few months ago–maybe during the Governor Blackface uproar–but if he ends up getting culture-cancelled that will at least be one positive thing from this disgraceful mess.

phineas gage

Any television network with brains and courage would pick up the LIve PD franchise, maybe retag it Real PD or something, and make a fortune. The weaselly Dan Abrams would probably go along with it. But no one in the midst of the new Great Terror will do so.

In the entire culture right now, Trump is the only leader and the only one who will fight.

phineas gage

A good summary of the cancel cultural revolution in action:



About all these Soros backed lefty council members in the big cities:

There has been an ongoing discussion on Nashville talk radio about the city council and mayor, John Cooper (D) of Nashville, and his brother, congressman Jim Cooper (D) Nashville area district.

The mayor is equally feckless as his (D) brethren in Seattle, Chicago, and NYC – keeping “Music City” closed, 32% property tax increase and 5% budget increase (proposed and likely to pass) letting the mob rule and burn part of the courthouse, and the proposal to defund the already 108 person short Metro PD.

The overwhelmingly lefty council has four year terms and few if any are up this year; neither is the mayor. I called in to the host, Michael Patrick Leahy of the Tennessee Star.com and of Breitbart, and to the guest, Professor Carol Swain (conservative American of African descent who recently ran for mayor of Nashville) and proposed to punish mayor Cooper by working hard to beat his brother, congressman Cooper this November.

I was basically told my idea wouldn’t work because there is no viable opposition to congressman Cooper and the filing deadline has passed, so Jim Cooper is essentially congressman for life.

Swain also went on to say the local GOP actively worked to sabotage her conservative campaign – she got about 22% of the vote in the general and failed to make the runoff against a really piss-poor incumbent Briley, and Cooper. Cooper won the runoff and at first (pre tornados, pre CV-19, and Pre Riots) seemed like a responsible Dem who was trying to put the city’s financial house in order. Now he is seen as probably the worst Nashville Mayor ever.

Leahy and Swain’s solution was to change the city charter to make the council terms two years instead of four so as to make them more accountable to the citizens and voters.

That has about as much chance of happening as Klink’s House passing term limits – basically a nonstarter. With about a 3-1 Dem voting advantage, a Dem congressman for life, a feckless GOP who apparently eats their own, four year terms for the council (you could have a council election every year and it wouldn’t change) and a propensity to elect successive mayors who are always worse than their predecessors.

The voters of Nashville – and every other Dem controlled city – deserve everything they get – Good and Hard as long as they keep voting Blue.

Welcome to American Big Blue City Politics for the last 100 plus years (in most cases).

As Ron White says: “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.


First things first. Repeal racist Affirmative Action quotas.


Absolutely Ray! It is reverse discrimination anyway you look at it and it can only foment anger and unrest, which I believe was the plan all along when one considers how little real benefit to all minorities the Democratic Party has been.

Saw a comment recently on the left’s “logic”: They want to punish people who were born after the crime of slavery by forcing them to pay reparations, yet free many of the actual current living criminals (via the CV-19 jail release) who actually have committed crimes.

phineas gage

The Supreme Court bears most of the blame for this. Rather than upholding the Constitution, they kept trying to find ways to justify racial discrimination. Hence it is an open sore in our culture that has never healed. The same thing happened with abortion.


Like many, I had never heard of Juneteenth until this week past. Thanks for the history lesson Dave. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy this forum, lot’s of history buffs around here. I agree, the President should declare it a holiday and ask the congress to formalize it. It would be truly interesting to watch the dims twist themselves in knots trying to deny it.


Thanks Dave!

phineas gage

I think a much better idea would be to advance legislation providing for targeted grants and low-interest loans to business owners (many minority) who have been ruined by the riots.

See if the Dems want to vote against that.


Why not give restoration to any business destroyed or forced closure due to the riots, with money that would normally be transferred to the State?? Let the Dems defend why they oppose giving ‘minority’ business owners money to rebuild.

phineas gage

The problem, which didn’t occur to me at first, is that Pelosi would never let it go to the floor for a vote.

Any actions taken will have to be direct executive actions.


YES! I have been thinking about those folks off and on for last few days. How could we help them? I read an article the the day (I did start a file for this, but it’s one that I now can’t find) that said out of 1 million black owned small businesses, wholly 500,000 were shuttered forever due to the lock down. 500,000! Now, the question is how many total small businesses were shuttered?

phineas gage

It appears that something like that is definitely on the agenda. Trump spoke about it the other day, and I hadn’t seen it until just now:



Good news! I am not counting on the presstitue media covering it, but if he can get it out there and get it done it will truly be a legacy action on his part.

phineas gage

Matt Taibbi’s a liberal, so just scroll past the two Trump-bashing paragraphs. The rest of his post is on point:


phineas gage

I confess I had no idea what Juneteenth was. Seems like an appropriate holiday–we now have a calendar chock full of many that are far more trivial than that.

If Trump does do that, the response from the Left will be to demand abolishment of Columbus Day, President’s Day, and others. Perhaps the replacement of Christmas with Kwanzaa. The sky is the limit.

phineas gage

Thanks, that is an interesting piece of history that I probably should have known.

I am also quite sure that the 99% pasty white media had never heard of it either, although they’re suddenly presenting themselves as experts on the subject over the last 24 hours.

phineas gage

I don’t know what will happen at UT, but I think that athletics is going to be transformed by current events due to both political and financial reasons. I am anticipating a significant contraction if not outright collapse of several professional sports leagues. Many sports media entities may disappear, and hopefully ESPN will be one of them. Big college sports, if they are now a liability for the universities rather than a cash cow, may finally be farmed out to become the independent minor leagues that in reality they always have been. College sports can go back to what they should be, which is actual students competing in athletics.


I was an avid pro baseball and football fan and listened to the major sports talk radio program out of NYC for many years. I used it as entertainment, an escape from the real world in moderation, just like I use electronic devices in moderation.

I noticed that, at first, the call in line was a regular toll number where fanatics would stay on hold for hours to get a one minute comment on the air, but virtually all the political call in shows were 800 (free) numbers.

I have always lamented that if the people who know so much about sports like the Al Bundies of the world would spend have of that time learning about real history, politicians and politics – that actually DO impact their lives, we would be in much better shape.

Well with live sports, and new entertainment being essentially shut down, we hopefully are no longer being mindlessly diverted to such nonsense and are beginning to get an up close and personal political experience as to how the left is running their enclaves and how they would run the whole country if given the chance.

The longer we go without sports and Hollywood, which has become so “woke” and so PC and so political, the longer we can go without them in the future, and the better off we will be. Let them all go broke. “Get woke, go broke” should be our mantra moving forward. Going to a weekend rally to defeat the left can become a participatory sport unto itself, cost little or nothing to attend (unlike hundreds of dollars to go to a game) and can save a lot in terms of tax reduction and in some cases, property preservation.

Another thing CV-19 has shown: We can actually do without schools and the bloated and largely corrupt education system/bureaucracy for longer than they can go without pay. I know many of the “essential” public school teachers and workers still got paid, but economics dictates that that can’t continue much longer unless Antifastan and their blue city allies can start printing money.

The education industrial complex, along sports and Hollywood ‘entertainment’ will be seeing a major realignment very soon. If the argument prevails that we can do without the police, or have a greatly reduced police force, then we can do the same with the teachers and the schools who are colossal examples of failure in virtually every Blue city.

phineas gage

Yes, but ‘everyone knows’ that all those nasty anti-Civil Rights Act Democrats all became Republicans to vote for Nixon, right? I know this because the media says so, so it must be true…


Between Reagan and Trump we have had 28 years of rotten presidents. Whatever good the Bush presidencies may have had it has been totally erased by recent revelations and examinations of their twelve years in office, and by their frequent anti Trump commentary since 2016 in violation of Reagan’s commandments (never speak ill of fellow Republicans). With the exception of Thomas and Alito on the SC, I’m having a hard time finding anything good about the Bush presidencies. And Thomas and Alito have been more than offset by Souter, and Roberts, so even that is a wash.

About this “judge” Jones being appointed by ‘Republican’ Bush Jr.: There was an arcane senate ‘tradition’ in the judicial selection process called “senatorial courtesy” where the judge has to get pre-approved by the senators from the state where the judge is appointed. This helps explain why the Ninth Circuit Court was so packed by radical leftist judges. They had to first be okayed by radical senators like Boxer, Feinstein, and now Harris of CA, Widen and Merkley of OR, and Cantwell and Murray of WA. Cantwell has been WA’s senator since 2001; Murray since 1993 (unfortunately neither is up this year, just like almost all of these radical Dem govs and mayors). Bush the Jr., obviously followed the “senatorial courtesy” ‘tradition’. This was just another behind the scenes way the left was able to “pack the courts” for their legislative purposes and give them the added benefit of bipartisan cover because the judge was a “Republican” appointee.

Thankfully President Trump is not a pussy and told Feinstein and Harris and other senators to go pound sand as they complained loudly when he exempted them from this ‘courtesy’ as he began to remake the ninth circus court into an actual constitutional following court. Trump exercised HIS constitutional authority to appoint HIS judges, and the senators were told in no uncertain terms they do not have any right to select judges.

Thank GOD for President Trump being a real president and not some puppet of the left masquerading as a “kinder-gentler” “compassionate-conservative”.

phineas gage

‘Between Reagan and Trump we have had 28 years of rotten presidents.’

True, but isn’t the usual pattern throughout American history? 30 years or so of dreck, followed by an extraordinary influential president, and then back to 30 years of dreck….


Yeah, I suppose that is the history, unfortunately, but we can’t afford such a bad ratio any longer – things are happening too fast and the bad is far more damaging and usually permanent, and the good being less beneficial and temporary.

BTY, I can actually think of three good things the Bushes did accomplish: they prevented Beetle Baily Dukakis, the Tree hugging wacko Algore (barely) and John Effing Kerry of Vietnam fame from being president, along with Ace McLame, but they ensured the BJ Clinton and BHO ‘transformative’ presidencies, so even that is a wash.

Ken MIller

Yup get Rind of the the MLK holiday and don’t make it a monday holiday


Not sure if this is true, but it is believable. The MLK holiday was created and Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays were combined into one president’s day holiday because the winter (ski resorts) vacation lobby saw an opportunity to get another ‘holiday’ spaced out to improve business – one in mid Jan in addition to the February holidays in which most people would only go to the Poconos, or Aspen once in February.

Anyway, I would love to see the Juneteenth holiday as it really did mark a significant event in civil rights history – it would also go a long way in getting real history into the national conversation. Prior to a couple of days ago, I’ve never heard of Juneteenth.

On a superficial note, a federal holiday in June would be nice. On another thought June Fourteenth is Flag Day, which also happens to be the president’s birthday – let’s make that a national holiday to make the liberal’s heads explode.

phineas gage

That is what I always thought as well. It is also why Memorial Day is no longer celebrated on the proper day. Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday should be separate holidays, not a three day weekend to sell cars.


Juneteenth, never heard of it. And no need to remove those Democrat names from buildings it is their history of racism that continues today. Removing names cannot erase their racist history.


Caught a little of Hannity’s radio program yesterday (you do occasionally get about five minutes of new news/commentary in his three hour show) and he ran through a long list of the racist Democratic Senators (Fulbright, A, Gore Sr etc.) from the 1960s, many of whom were the Clinton’s mentors, AND voted AGAINST the civil rights act of 1964-5 – I forget the actual year.

And no, Biden was not a senator in the 1960’s but judging by his voting record before he became “woke”, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have voted nay on LBJ’s signature legislation which only passed with GOP support in an overwhelmingly Democratically controlled senate.


It is difficult to get any news or information from the Hannity show. When he’s not bragging about how tough he is he’s running ads.


This is very educational…I had no idea that the Hannity guy was on an actual news show. I thought he was just there to brag on himself.


Or endlessly repeating himself.

phineas gage

It is a complete waste of time.

phineas gage

I’m sure he would have done so. He opposed busing in the ’70’s to get reelected.

I’m not supporting forced busing (which was a disaster), but it just shows how Biden’s history on racial matters. is not good.

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