Larry Schweikart: How Trump has Re-Shaped the American Electorate

[Note: Larry Schweikart, America’s History Teacher and author/co-author of several best selling books, is a frequent contributor here at The Campaign Update. This morning he posted a terrific thread on Twitter containing an array of insights on current events and the 2020 election dynamics, which I am reproducing here with his permisssion.]

3) How do you know Trump has largely won on both issues? They ain’t in the news.

4) When was the last time you heard about the Wall? DemoKKKrats know they cannot stop it now. They’ve given up even trying. Trump pulled off a master move in funding it through the Pentagon.

5) On trade/outsourcing, Trump proved that, yes, he did have a magic wand and yes some of the jobs did come back & were coming back steadily before China retaliated with the China Virus.

6) But DemoKKKrats know in any kind of “normal” economy, MANY of those jobs will come back.

7) I am convinced this is partly the reason for the heightened Kushner attacks last week. DemoKKKrats are still (unsuccessfully) trying to drive a wedge between the jobs/trade side of MAGA and the immigration side.

8) BTW, where is Menopausal Ann [Coulter] on this? Where is DACA?

9) DemoKKKrats have totally dropped DACA cuz they lost.

10) What is the significance of the illegal slowdown? Of the DACA loss?

11) It has spurred the DemoKKKrats even more to try to find other voters to replace them.

12) DemoKKKrats’ black support is slowly eroding.

13) Just like whites, you will see a MAGA black side (most still will out of safety concerns not say this openly) and a (yes, much larger) BLM side.

14) On the MAGA side will be business owners, middle and aspiring middle class blacks, & blue collar workers.

15) Not surprisingly, while the percentages will be different, the black community will (finally) come to resemble the white community in that you’ll have snowflake BLM/college educated blacks robotized by “higher ed” & you’ll have “practical blacks” who’ve seen the Ds do nothing.

16) There is plenty of poll support for this second group of MAGA blacks to be anywhere from 15-25% of the black electorate, but there is good reason to think there is another skeptical layer that will always just stay home rather than keep voting for liars.

17) As @helloitsthao  [Thao Nguyen] points out, this is creating a “donut” where elements of inner cities & outer ring/rural whites vote MAGA and the inner suburb snowflake Karens vote Whackadoodle Lib.

18) However, in the bigger picture, Trump has totally destroyed the DemoKKKrats’ next 50 years of voter base with sharply curtailing illegals & by attracting “practical black” votes.

19) The DemoKKKrats had to go somewhere.

20) Enter the Snowflake Karens.

21) The dual edged sword of China Virus fear porn & the shaming-on-steroids BLM hate movement have thus far succeeded with that inner ring. Most urban-dwelling college educated now hate Trump (rural do not). This is largely out of fear-shaming by SJWs now joined by the corporates.

22) Oh, here are two Larry Schweikart prophecies: First, the NFL WILL sport some sort of BLM logo on helmets & uniforms this fall. (Your response: “Well, I’ll just watch college football.”) Not so fast. VERY SOON, maybe this year you’ll also see the colleges go full BLM in their sports.

22) contd. Second, the 15% movement, where bidnesses are shamed into saying they will purchase/use suppliers who are black owned by the rate of 15%? Soon BLM will demand 30%. Then 60%. Then 100%. NO. NUMBER. WILL. EVER. BE. ENOUGH.

23) Allow me to quote from “A Patriot’s History of the United States” by Schweikart and Michael Allen: [1960’s radical] Jerry Rubin explainedSatisfy our demands & we go twelve more… All we want from these meetings are demands that are never ‘reasonable’. When the demands reached the point that no rational university administrator [OR, I WOULD ADD TODAY, CITY OR BUSINESS LEADER] or public official could possibly comply with them,’ Rubin noted, “Then we scream, righteously angry . . . . Goals are irrelevant. The tactics, the actions are critical.”

24) Of course, Rubin wasn’t entirely honest. No leftists are. He meant that short-term goals were irrelevant, but the destabilization of society as a long-term objective was entirely relevant.

25) The last people to figure this out are liberals. That’s why in communist society they are the first ones shot and imprisoned. They are sheep, baffled by the fact that the “movement” has turned on them. Conservatives & advocates of freedom fought, ran, or hid for far longer.

26) In conclusion, the NFL, the NBA, the City of Seattle, the City of New York, the City of Chicago et al. are all on borrowed time. There will be “twelve more demands.”


That is all.

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Not sure I agree that Trump has successfully re-shaped the electorate. Too many people are too young and too stupid to realize we are repeating the exact mistakes of the 70s that will lead to an exodus of the major downtowns and big increases in crime. Remember, it took 22 years after the late 60s riots to elect Reagan. People don’t have a clue that all of the tough on crime initiatives in the 80s and 90s led to major drops in crime and investment in the cities. Plus, we’ve had 40 years of people being brainwashed in college and self selection of news thanks to the media. Now, it doesn’t matter what the facts or truth are. If you only listen to CNN, MSNBC, or NY Times you are never even aware of reality. Throw in wide scale vote stealing via mail in ballots and it doesn’t look in the fall.

I hope I am wrong.


Bear this i mind anytime you read about a poll or some pundit downplaying the Presidents re-election chances. The MSM and their masters want to dishearten you, make you feel it’s iffy at best.

Don’t buy into their doom and gloom. It’s their only hope. Their hysterical TDS infected base is all they have. I read a twitter page of a black person the other day. He had lots of followers, all of them pro Trump. If can find it again I will share it with everybody. it was a hoot watching him slam the anti Trump trolls.

Make sure everybody you know who thinks like us gets out and votes R up and down ballot. all the way down to the dog catcher. Make sure that we don’t let them trick us into defeat when victory is ours.

Be of good cheer and optimism, you are amongst fellow travelers and we’re all in this together!

Jimmy MacAfee

Silas, you made me look at TDS a whole different way – just saw STD instead of TDS. Either way, it’s a set of communicable diseases.

phineas gage

Lmao! They couldn’t let the Seattle branch show them up. Probably upset Seattle gang did it first. Poor little seditionists.

Sharon Campbell

Great article & on point!


I thought (naively I guess) that NASCAR would be the one sport that would stay out of the politics crap. *sigh* Another thing I enjoyed to kill a Sunday afternoon gone.

Guess I’ll get my fishing poles dusted off and start doing some fishing again. Stopped after my colectomy and ileostomy as I had some issues with the ostomey bag, but I got that figured out so I am going to work on putting some hooks into lips 🙂

phineas gage

Kurt Schlichter:

“Understand this.

Tens of millions of Americans love and respect the flag.

Tens of millions of Americans despise the rioters.

Tens of millions of Americans support our police.

Tens of millions of Americans support President Trump.

You are not alone, no matter how much they lie by omission and otherwise to convince you that you are.”

phineas gage

At least all of this has cured me of wasting time (and money) on sports.

That’s actually a good thing. I’ll enjoy watching their leagues collapse as they get woke and go broke.

phineas gage

Good stuff from Larry.

Ann is selling a book, a grifter like all the rest.


A hypocritical grifter at that. Last I heard her and Bill Maher were a thing. Sleeping with the enemy is a thing for some of these political pundits. I quit listening to her rants a long time ago when she lost it over Trump not doing what she said he should do.

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