Another Tucker Carlson Opening Monologue Every American Should See

Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue last night was a brilliant exposition of the manner in which our nation’s leaders have used a public health emergency to subvert American democracy. If we don’t all wake up soon – including President Trump and his military leaders – the consequences could become too ingrained to be peacefully reversed.

This is a monologue every American needs to watch and read. Thus, I, your loyal servant, hereby provide the clip of the video, along with a painstakingly-compiled transcript for those of you who still prefer to read stuff.

Video Clip:


Millions of Americans remain subjected to unprecedented restrictions on their personal lives, their daily lives, their family lives. The coronavirus lockdowns continue in many places. You may not know that because it gets no publicity, but it’s true.

If you’re living under it, you definitely know. As a result of this, tens of millions of people are now unemployed. A huge number of them have no prospects of working again. Many thousands of small businesses are closed and will never reopen.

Many Americans have become dependent on drugs and alcohol, seen their marriages dissolved, become clinically depressed. Some of them have delayed their weddings. Others were banned by the government from burying their loved ones and funerals. Some Americans will die of cancer because they couldn’t get cancer screenings. Some unknown number have taken their own lives in despair. Others have flooded to the streets to riot because bottled up rage and frustration take many forms.

The cost of shutting down the United States and denying our citizens desperately needed contact with one another is hard to calculate, but the cost has been staggering. The people responsible for doing all this, they have no regrets about it.  “We faced a global calamity,” they say. “COVID-19 was the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu.”

That flu killed 50 million people.

“We had no choice. We did the right thing.” That’s what they’re telling us. Is it true? The answer to that question matters not just because the truth always matters, but because the credibility of our leaders is at stake here.

This is the biggest decision they made in our lifetimes. They were able to make it, they rule because we let them. Their power comes from us.

So the question now and always is, are they worthy of that power? That’s not a conversation they want to have. And right now, they don’t have to have that conversation because right now, all of us are distracted and mesmerized by the woke revolution underway outside. They created a separate country in Seattle. As we said, we will bring you the latest on that in just a minute.

But we think it’s worth taking a pause to assess whether or not they were, in fact, lying to us about the coronavirus and our response to it. The short answer is this: Yes, they were definitely lying.

As a matter of public health, conclusively, the lockdowns were not necessary. In fact, we can prove that and here’s the most powerful evidence — states that never locked down at all, states, where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower in indoors alone, in the end, turned out no worse than did states that had mandatory quarantine, the states you probably live in.

The states that did lock down and were quick to reopen have not seen explosions of coronavirus cases. All of this is the opposite of what they said would happen with great confidence.

The media predicted mass death in places of Lake of the Ozark and Ocean City, Maryland — the place where the middle class dares to vacation. But those deaths never happened.

In the end, the Wuhan coronavirus turned out to be a dangerous disease but a manageable disease like so many others. Far more dangerous were the lockdowns themselves.

For example, in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts — panicked and incompetent governors forced nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients. And as a result, many thousands died and they died needlessly. This is all a remarkable story but its going almost entirely uncovered.

The media would rather tell you why you need to hate your neighbor for the color of his skin. The media definitely don’t want to revisit what they were saying just a few weeks ago, whend they were acting as press agents for power-drunk Democratic politicians. Back then, news anchors were ordering you to stop asking questions and obey.

[Plays montage of CNN/MSNBC anchors lying about the Wuhan Virus]

Boy, that montage was the opposite of a Mensa meeting. Has that much dumbness been captured on tape, ever? The last clip you saw was from May 25. That was just over two weeks ago. “98,000 people are dead! How dare you leave your house?” If you don’t work in the media, you’re not essential.

But it didn’t take long for that message to change completely. In fact, it took precisely 5 days.

[Plays another montage of Don Lemon being an idiot, which he does quite well.]

Yeah, “don’t judge, this is how this country was started, by looting CVS and setting fire to Wendy’s. You took American history. You knew that!”

[Plays another montage of Chris Cuomo.]

One minute they were mass murderers for going outside. Now they are Sam Adams. They are patriots, they are American heroes.

If all of this seems like a pretty abrupt pivot, fret not. Rioting is not a health risk – as long as it helps the Democratic Party’s prospects in the November election, rioting will not spread the coronavirus.

Sounds implausible, but we can be certain of that because last week hundreds of self-described public health officials signed a letter saying something. They announced that the Black Lives Matter riots are a ‘vital contribution to public health.’ In effect, they’re an essential medical procedure.

But that doesn’t mean you get to go outside. You don’t. Thanks to coronavirus, you do not have the right to resume your life. And if you complain about that, it’s quote, “white nationalism.” That was a ‘professional’ conclusion.

Does a single American believe any of that? No, of course not. It is too stupid to even for CNN to repeat, so they mostly ignored it.

That’s an ominous side if you think about it. It means these people are done trying to convince you, even to fool you. They’re not making arguments, they are issuing decrees. They think they can. They no longer believe they need your consent to make big decisions to run the country. Once the authority stops trying to change your mind, even by deceit, it means they’ve decided to use force, and they have.

During the lockdowns, people whose loved ones died were not allowed to have funerals for them. Think about that; it’s hard to think of anything crueler, but it happened to a lot of people. They claimed it was necessary. It was not necessary, and we know that they because now that a man has died whose death is politically useful to Democratic Party, the authorities have given him three funerals and not a word about a health risk.

Or consider King County, Washington — that’s where Seattle is. Restaurants in King County are operating at just 25% capacity. That’s the law now. Nonessential businesses are allowed 15% capacity. The effect of that is an economic disaster. Most small businesses run on very small margins. They can’t survive for long, and many have failed.

What should they do? They should join Antifa, obviously, because in King County, Washington, Antifa can do whatever they want to do. They’ve taken an entire six-block section of downtown Seattle, and that’s fine with health authorities. There is no social distancing required. They are essential.

Are you getting the picture? Is this adding up to our message? Yeah, the message is:  you were played. We were all played, corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over the most basic questions in our own lives. At the same time, they gave more power to their obedient followers like Antifa while keeping the rest of us trapped at home and censored online.

In other words, they used a public health emergency to subvert democracy and instill themselves as monarchs. How are they able to do this? The sad truth is they did it because we let them do it. We believed them, they are therefore we obeyed them. If there’s anything good to come out of this disaster, it’s that none of us will ever make that mistake again.


Take that all to heart, friends, because it is the plain, unvarnished truth.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

Tucker has been on fire the last couple of months!
I hope he’s dramatically increased his security after the terrorist, fascist Antifa tried to break down his door while only his wife and kids were home!

phineas gage

A&E cancels their top-rated show Live P.D. in an efferevescent shower of virtue-signaling. Well, at least it screws over the inveterate leftist Dan Abrams.

And another general (Army CoS) turns on Trump. He really needs to fire the entire group–they are all Obama drones.

phineas gage

I’m assuming 48 Hours will be next. Can’t show the reality that the great majority of crimes are committed by young black males, and the great majority of police officers do an incredible job.

Jimmy MacAfee

Exactly. Especially in places like Chicago, where most of the perpetrators of murder are young black men…and most of the victims are young black men.

Historically, as blacks were segregated, they relied upon each other. They had to. Black out-of-wedlock births were lower than whites, and single parentage was rare. Commercial businesses owned by blacks was much higher, and graduation rates from all-black schools were higher.

I’m not calling for segregation, but the Great Society programs killed the family unit in black society. This is all on LBJ and the Democraps. Remember his statement about who would vote for Dems after that?

Time for the plantation itself to be burned to the ground: the Dem plantation.

Carlos Dangler

You are correct Jimmy.
The root of all this crap is the breakdown of the black family caused by welfare, abortion, housing, inner-city education (or lack thereof) and social encouragement of one-parent families.
This won’t change until they WILLINGLY leave the plantation and it’s burned to the ground.
Sadly, it will probably take generations to repair all the damage.

phineas gage

LBJ was a real classy guy. Back in his Texas days he intentionally spread false rumors that his opponent was having carnal relations with swine (putting it much more politely than LBJ) to make him deny it.

He was Harry Reid way before Harry Reid.


The sad fact is, we all deep down in our guts knew this. When this first started out I started learning how to get a percentage number and figuring out the actual numbers instead of the bloody projected numbers. That’s when I knew we were being had.(Math beyond simple functions was never one of my strong points. hated algebra and geometry)

Problem is, way too many folks are willing to just accept the media and state leaders word for it instead of finding out for themselves.

Jimmy MacAfee

So what Pig Pharma is doing to all of us, collectively, is what the NYPD did to Abner Louima and what the Minneapolis police did to George Floyd.

It’s not just the police, as Tucker Carlson indicates: a whole array of force is being used against the people: Bill Gates, WHO, Communist China, the Democratic Party and (I repeat myself) the Deep State.

Funny how the narratives get confused. The protestors are protesting the wrong people. They should be protesting for freedom, not further enslavement. Meet your new masters:

Jimmy MacAfee

Abner Louima. Look it up. The case is horrific.

Stop blaming the victims; some will do that reflextively.

Tucker would be very interested in seeing the link, if the overlords of this site (not Dave) would allow it. Alas, Mockingbird is alive and unwell.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Left didn’t use his case to try to undermine America, or give some kind of permission slip to ANTIFA and BLM. It was settled, and several police were sent to prison for it. That’s how this recent story should have ended – with some questions about Ju Jitsu as the methods routinely used by police (going to the ground) too often.

The current issue, as spread by the fake press and the Left, is only about the 2020 election. Period.

phineas gage

Tucker really needs to leave Fox before it is too late.


Thanks for the transcript Dave, because, at least on my computer, the Tucker video is mysteriously “unavailable”.


Jimmy MacAfee

“If there’s anything good to come out of this disaster, it’s that none of us will ever make that mistake again.”

Tucker, if that’s true, we’ll begin by resisting vaccines for this bug. That’s the first and most obvious way we’ll show that we won’t “ever make that mistake again.”

Off topic, but the Whitehouse isn’t taking emails anymore. If the President ever looked at them in the past, he’s blind now. I have one name for this foolishness: Jarred Kushner.

Jumper Bones

Thanks for the transcription!

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