Wednesday News Roundup: Whitmer Loses, Slurring Pelosi, and 22 Rs Shame Themselves

The Generalissimo gets poured out of court again. – Much as Michigan’s aspiring banana republic dictator, Gretchen Whitmer, tries to ignore the constitution in her serial abuse of the citizenry, the courts just keep telling her no.

On Tuesday, Frau Gretchen suffered not one, but two setbacks:

  • Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray ruled that the felony provisions included in her draconian shutdown orders are unconstitutional and thus unenforceable; and
  • Shiawassee County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart ruled that, due to a Supreme Court decision issued last Friday, Whitmer and fellow fascist Attorney General Dana Nessel must cease and desist in their ongoing efforts to persecute 77 year-old barber Karl Manke because he has re-opened his business in the face of their clearly unconstitutional bullying.

It’s tough being a banana republic dictator in America. That pesky constitution just keeps holding her back.

Hey, who do you suppose the Minneapolis City Council is going to call on to replace their de-funded police department in minority neighborhoods? – You got a preview of coming attractions at George Floyd’s final funeral yesterday:

Think I’m crazy? Watch and learn.

This is how the corrupt news media literally brainwashes naive people. – It’s easy to make fun of the young lady in the video below because she’s…well, she’s a pathetic wretch. But what she says in this clip is the direct result of the corrupt media’s Orange Man Bad brainwashing campaign. Take a look:

This is the evil being done to our population in a nutshell by CNN and MSNBC. You can bet this woman hangs on every word muttered by Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon. It’s truly an existential threat to our society.

Speaking of existential threats to our nation… – Looks like San Fran Nan was hitting the sauce early yesterday:

Hey, remember how CNN and MSNBC kept telling you that the protests were purely “peaceful” even as buildings burned in the background of their video feeds? Yeah, that was just another lie:


Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden was able to compile a video tribute that was shown at George Floyd’s final funeral yesterday. – For some reason, the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee couldn’t find the time to do the same for Dave Dorn, the 77 year-old St. Louis police captain who was murdered by non-peaceful rioters last week:

Obviously, Capt. Dorn’s Black life just didn’t matter since his killing by Black rioters just doesn’t fit the Democrat/media narrative. How sad. RIP, Mr. Dorn.

We didn’t notify the Germans about D-Day, either. That worked out ok. – The military/industrial complex is all sad because President Trump apparently didn’t notify German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he would be pulling 9,500 US military personnel out of Germany simply because they have no reason to be there anymore. From a report at the Washington Examiner:

Germany has not received any “official confirmation” of President Trump’s reported plan to withdraw 9,500 American troops from the key NATO ally, according to Berlin’s top defense official.

“There is no official confirmation of these plans,” German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said Tuesday during a German Marshall Fund event. “And as long as we don’t have an official confirmation, no reaction is needed.”

Trump signed off on a plan to reduce the American troop presence in Germany and set a 25,000 cap on the number of U.S. service members who can be deployed there at any given time, according to the Wall Street Journal. The idea is the latest potential flashpoint in the president’s fraught relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and comes amid policy disputes between Washington and Berlin, including arguments over whether Germany pulls its weight in NATO.


You know, I suppose I should give a damn about this apparent breach of protocol, but to be honest, I just don’t. Not even a little, tiny bit.

Oh, look – guess who is upset about it? 

The names of those 22 Republicans are very predictable, trust me. They’re all members who have military bases in their districts, and many have military equipment manufacturing operations to boot.

There is no stronger lobby in Washington, DC than the lobby to maintain the military/industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about way back in 1961. Maintaining that complex means that the government must continue spending trillions every year to pay for U.S. military policing of the world, even when that policing makes no sense whatsoever, as it does with our nation’s 75 year-long presence in Germany.

I’m a very pro-military guy; I have family and friends who work for military contractors, and I want them to keep their jobs. But the thought that pulling 9,500 of over 30,000 U.S. military personnel from Germany, where their mission is ostensibly to protect Europe from a Russian invasion that is not ever going to come, constitutes some threat to U.S. national security is utterly and completely absurd on its face.

Republican voters have got to stop putting up with this kind of abject crap from their elected representatives.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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wow! Seattle PD only operating at 60% of capacity. Now the mob is looking to start taking more land. And SURPRISE! They are extorting businesses $500 each protection money. Thugs and thieves is all they are.


LMAOROTF My but WE have demands

Oh! And they also demand that the homeless people who stole their donated food return it asap.
See, it really is about the poor and colored folk.

phineas gage

Herr Whitmer now fully supports defunding the police:

As I said before, she’s not that bright, and is just running with the radical herd.


heh heh heh! Looks some folks in Michigan are doing something about her:

I hope they succeed, i got individual petitions for the recall our little Cesar Kate “wreck it” Brown
printed up today. Hopefully this time folks will step up and kick her azz out.

John Lott

Our presence in Europe has been unnecessary for decades. All of Europe is about to be even MORE dependent on Russian gas. Who are we defending them from?

silver fox

and yet…..there they are…’s how the got there that is so disturbing

Sir Cumference

I can’t wait to hear the breaking news: “Nasty Pelosi was found dead yesterday in her walled multi-million dollar mansion  lying in front of her two ice cream filled freezers. She had an ice cream scoop in her right hand and her left arm around a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road To Hell  Vanilla. An autopsy revealed nothing in the skull but a walnut sized piece of dried up brain material and a tiny bed with “Trump Sleeps Here” on the headboard. An examination of the heart, which required a stone cutter to open, revealed a boat load of venom, hate and lies. The body will lie in state in  San Francisco’s Diamond Park among the homeless and drug addicts who she was so fond of. Interment will be at the local land fill where all trash belongs.”

Ben Colder

Who cares if Trump did or did not tell the old fat lady from Berlin about withdrawing a few troops .The Germans never told the Poles they were coming in 1939 did they?I think Trump should bring them all home its time the Germans took care of their own defense if they want any.Doubt if France will invade any time soon

jack johnson

Is Pelosi appropriating Asian culture now….”Porice Blutality”. She was so drunk at her kneeling dog and pony show she couldn`t get up of the floor.

First “believe all women” went out the door, now “cultural appropriation” has left the building. Democrats are a party of hypocrisy.

Jimmy MacAfee

She’s not long for this world, and I doubt her funeral will be as big as the recently deceased. She’s either had a series of mini-strokes, affecting the language center in her brain, or she’s high on a combination of alcohol and Xanax (or some other anti-anxiety med.)

Hysteria has consequences, and so do the various common treatments for hysteria.


I don’t know about that. I think they will pull out all the stops for ol Nan when she kicks the bucket. At least two weeks of lionizing the greatest Speaker ever and all that clap trap. Laying at state in the rotunda, endless speeches, a couple of marches in her honor, maybe a street in DC named after her.

What would be funny though is if she kicked the bucket right after President Trump gets re-elected. I can see her stroking out on election night. I can see a lot of dems stroking out. They are so invested now they won’t be able to handle the shock.

Jimmy MacAfee

We’ll see. I suspect your conclusion is right on the money. I have no sympathy for those devils.


I don’t know if Satan will even want them. After all, they’ll start trying to fundamentally change Hell.

Jimmy MacAfee

Where were the cries when Obeelzebub fired a huge number of American soldiers? Forgot the numbers, but it was big. Where were they when the US military had to ration bullets for training?

The devastation to our Armed Services, through layoffs, attrition, and weapons-attrition (what, you think the war in Libya was for any other reason but to expend our stockpiles?)

The mistake some made was assuming that strategic re-allocations of troops was somehow “isolationist.” We sure didn’t have troops all over the world prior to WWI and WWII, did we? And even with this withdrawal, we still have troops and bases everywhere, including in quasi-enemy nations like Qatar.

China has projected power in Africa and continues to spread their influence everywhere; Russian extension of power is not going to be nearly as dangerous, because Russia simply doesn’t have the economy – they’re like post-WWII Britain, while China is the New Reich or pre-constitution Japan. The Japanese are, by the way, making a formidable military – presumably for defense, once for North Korea, but now in anticipation of a violent, hegemonistic China. The area of concern is not Europe, which has self-destructed by inviting Islamic colonists and reduced native populations, but Asia.

I’m not concerned about ANTIFA, nor the press nor the Dims: we will energetically race to the polls, and we have incentive like in no other time. But…we need to have flexibility in troop movements, and so far the administration (military) is doing a fine job of keeping things mobile.

Troops in Germany? Just a way to keep us tied down. Some presence, but only for future flexibility.


I’m concerned about antifa, we all should be.

If we don’t stop them from dictating the terms on which laws are enforced, or stop them from seizing property that doesn’t belong to them, they will be encouraged to do it everywhere. We will vote, yes, but if they lose at the polls, do you think that that will stop them from what they are doing?? I don’t. Only a massive LE effort (hello DOJ!), arrests and prosecutions with jail time is going to stop these idiots. If they continue unchecked, you’ll eventually see a conflict with armed civilians, and then they’ll have the civil war they want. It has to stop.


They are only a threat to the blue cities and states. And in the blue states, if they wander out of the city core proper, they will encounter armed citizens not so sympathetic to their cause. They tried to roll into Salem, OR a week or so ago and found armed citizens guarding businesses. Saw a video of one Antifa’s finest talking shite about the fact that the citizens were there, but they’d be back when they weren’t.
Salem hasn’t seen or heard anything from the little bastas since.

Jimmy MacAfee

Correct and then some!

The Left is expert at pretending it’s larger than it actually is – case-in-point, transgenders, who have had an outsized effect compared to their actual numbers and actual influence. It’s easy to ignore these stupid babies. But ANTIFA tries to project offensive power. Won’t work, as you said.

Powder stays dry, while we stockpile more of it.

Want to see another example of hysterical screeching? A sign that they’re terrified? Tom Arnold’s recent comments. Shows that he know that ANTIFA has a very limited reach, and wants his Leftist babies to borrow daddy’s gun. Silly man.

Some of us shoot clays (some call them skeet) for fun, but with fun is practice for deadlier things, if we should need to put a spark to the powder in any time of emergency. I have a knack for shooting the clays way out of range, with low brass shells. (Wonder what the significance of that might be, eh?)


Silas…sight your M1A in at 25M, carefully loosen the elevation knob and set it to 200, tighten without rotating. POA and POI will meet at 25M and again at roughly 200M (219 yds), being a few inches high at 100 yds. The knob is set in meters but most of us non military guys think in yards. So from 200 yds to 300 yds, is +3 clicks, 300 to 400 yds is another +3 clicks, and from 400 to 500 yds is +4 clicks.

So from 0 out to 200, you don’t need to make adjustments to get COM hits, and then its 3,3,4 out to 500.


I heard an old Marine on a talk show in Medford , OR say his M1A was sighted in at a 100 yards. I am Air Force, but if a Marine says that’s where I should sight in, I’m adoing it. 😀

Jimmy MacAfee

I would agree with you except for one thing: black people are now – at least very recently, according to Rasmussen, supporting Trump at 40%. And all of the other polls are fake. Don’t conflate ANTIFA with black folks: there is widespread animosity in the black community against these losers who pretend to speak for them.

ANTIFA is white, mostly, and BLM had most of its thunder taken with the release of non-violent, mostly drug offenders. ANTIFA isn’t quite as loosely organized as you think, and a case is being generated against both the terrorists and those who fund them. ANTIFA members are pretty much known, and their resources are now being identified.

To kill the queen, the ants have to bring the poison back to the nest. But there has to be a general understanding in the public that the anthill is pernicious – (and now obvious) – and must be destroyed. That awareness has come and is coming from their over-reach. We’re very near the point of the delivery to the center of the nest.

In other words, as far as the elections go, better to have a highly visible, highly offensive, highly destructive enemy. The opposite is them hiding in the shadows and making a sudden move. They think that’s what they’re doing, but their effect is scattered.

Reminds me of what Boris Yeltsin said when he visited the US: (paraphrased)
“We’re going to do something really terrible to you; we’re going to deny you an enemy.”

China and ANTIFA and the Globalists have all stupidly stepped into the role of “enemy.” Facts back this categorization up. Add to the enemies list Bill Gates and Big Tech; we’ve identified most of our enemies. If you believe Yeltsin, that is a very big step.

SPECTRE has been outed. The public needs to see and hear and feel what the enemy has in store for us, and that awakening has and is happening.


I didn’t bother watching the poor little snowflake melt down video. She gets a viewed click each time. Why give her more clicks? If somebody has already watched and said it’s funny/pathetic
that’s all I need to know.

Jimmy MacAfee

As soon as I heard her voice, I had to click off.

There’s good evidence that a relationship ends when the man stops listening or responding. Whoever this woman is, she won’t get a relationship with me. She can go howl at the moon all she wants.


The Troop levels in Germany and whether we pull out or not really isn’t very concerning right now. A 1/3 reduction doesn’t seem to be extreme, nor does it sound like it will change the trajectory in Europe the day after. I’m far more concerned about the soft-almost-hot-civil war that seems to be unfolding right here in the USA.

The DOJ needs to move on these antifa pukes, with haste. Woke up and saw this:

Where are the state police? Where’s the NG? I can only assume the mayor governor are condoning the behavior. This needs to stop.


You under estimate the fecklessness of the governor of WA and the mayor of Seattle. They are too woke and worried about offending the poor little anarchists to do their jobs and protect the highly taxed citizens of Seattle. I don’t feel sorry for said tax payers though. Seattle is located in King county. King county and the surrounding area dominate the state when it comes to voting. And if an issue that King county Dems don’t like looks like it’s going to win a few boxes of “misplaced” ballots suddenly turn up to throw the issue in the Dems favor.

They deserve what they get. Good and hard.



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