McAuliffe: Hidin’ Biden Will Move Into The General Election

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Hidin’ Biden has worked so well that they’re just gonna keep on doing it. – In a recording leaked last night, former Clinton bag man and past and future ruler of Northern Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, provides a blow-by-blow description of the Democrat/media strategy to saddle the nation with Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden as its president.

What does a political party do when it is knowingly putting up a feeble, elderly nominee who is clearly suffering from advancing dementia? Why, you keep him in his basement and let the corrupt news media and social media monopolies construct what the CIA would call “a legend” around him.

That is exactly the strategy laid out by McAuliffe during a videoconference with Northern Virginia Democrats, as reported by Fox News:

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, we got to get the vice president out of the basement,'” McAuliffe told the “monthly breakfast” of the Norfolk City Democratic Committee. “He’s fine in the basement. Two people see him a day: his two body people. That’s it. Let Trump keep doing what Trump’s doing.”

“It’s hard for the vice president to break through,” McAuliffe told the group. “You’ve got the COVID crisis. He’s not a governor, doesn’t have the National Guard. He’s not the president, doesn’t have the briefing room. He needs to come out strategically. And when he says something like he did on race relations two days ago, it needs to have a big impact — thoughtful, and that’s what we’re preferring that he actually do at the time.”

“He’s doing a lot of local,” McAuliffe added. “He’s talking to two, three governors a day. He’s doing roundtables, Zoom calls. A lot of it’s being done in those six battleground states that we have going forward.”

In his comments, McAuliffe also assured the Democrats the 2020 election would be different than 2016’s, when nominee Hillary Clinton was hampered over the FBI’s investigation of her emails: “We’re not gonna have crazy Jim Comey coming out 12 days before the election with that ridiculous thing he did.”

But, McAuliffe conceded, “We’re building the digital today, which Trump has a huge lead on, he’s got like 88 million Twitter followers, so that’s a big emphasis for us.” McAuliffe also said during the video it’s “likely” he’ll run again for governor of Virginia in 2021.


So, it’s official: Democrats have made the decision to move ahead with a clearly addled man as their nominee. There will be no effort to replace Biden on the ticket, because the truth is that anyone else they put up this year would have zero chance of winning, and winning is all that matters even if the winner keeps asking his Secret Service guys to tie the laces on his loafers. This reality has several implications we all need to be aware of:

  • It means the Democrats are starting to believe the raft of Trump vote suppression polls that they and their corrupt media partners have commissioned over the past several weeks. In case you missed it, pollster John McLaughlin wrote a detailed memo to President Trump on Sunday detailing exactly how these polls have been rigged in an obvious campaign to diminish enthusiasm among Trump voters by creating an impression that his candidacy is a lost cause:

The latest skewed media polls must be intentional. It’s clear that NBC, ABC and CNN who have Democrat operatives like Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and other Democrats in their news operations are consistently under-polling Republicans and therefore, reporting biased polls. They continue to poll adults or registered voters that skew away from likely voters. So instead of the 33% Republican turnout which actually happened in 2016, they are reporting polls on only 26%, 25% or even 24% Republicans. Since you get over 90% of the Republican vote, for every point fewer Republicans that they do not poll, they reduce your vote total by a point. In contrast CBS polled likely voters. CBS had 32% Republicans and a close national race. The bias seems to be an intentional strategy to suppress your vote. The latest media spin is that it’s too late to define Joe Biden and it’s too late for President Trump to win. We can hardly wait until they start spinning a “Biden electoral lock”. It has to be a strategy to counter the enthusiasm of Trump voters.

For, example, the CNN poll out today is another skewed anti-Trump poll of only 25% Republican. It’s a poll of 1,259 adults – not even registered voters, let alone likely voters. Also, it was done between June 2nd and 5th, before the great economic news from last Friday. In their questionnaire between asking about your job approval and the ballot, they had questions on issues including race relations, not job creation, which could have biased the poll further. It appears that the CNN poll is biased in both sample and questionnaire design to manufacture an anti-Trump outcome.

Specifically, the NBC/WSJ poll on Sunday was among registered voters, not likely voters, and is only 26% Republican. Again this shorts Republicans about 7 points from the 2016 exit polls which had 33% Republicans. This poll was done May 28th through June 2nd and would not have a Friday’s great jobs impact.

The refusal to screen for actual likely voters is creating an under-polling of Republicans and therefore Trump voters. It seems intentional. It’s exactly what the media did in 2016. Let’s prove them wrong again.


As McLaughlin states, this is exactly the same tactic deployed by the Dems in the 2016 campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

  • It means without question that the person chosen by the Party and Biden’s handlers as the vice presidential nominee would become president very quickly after Biden’s inauguration day should he win in November. Looking at the lists of potential picks being tossed around, there is no least bad option there. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise. Any of them would be just another tool for the implementation of Venezuela-style socialism in the United States.
  • It means there will be no presidential debates in the general election; at least, not in the traditional format we have seen in the past. Democrats know Biden is simply not capable of standing on a stage with the President, so they will either insist on some sort of videoconference format in which Biden will easily be able to wear a hidden earpiece, or they will refuse to participate based on their always-effective Orange Man Bad rationale.
  • It means that the Party is confident that the social media giants will continue to step up their censorship of conservative voices and messages on their various platforms.
  • It means that the Party’s leadership is supremely confident of its firm control of the nation’s news media and its ability to influence public opinion, at least for a while in the midst of disaster scenarios, which leads to this final point…
  • It means that our nation will be subjected to a continuing series of crisis and disaster scenarios between now and November. If such disasters don’t occur naturally, we have just seen that the Democrats and their support groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have the ability to quickly stage them on cue.

This is where we are headed, folks. Try to stay safe and get out and vote in November.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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They have the “Oprah” but we have Candace Owens! Trump needs to showcase her. That’s all I have to say.

Jay Whitcraft

I don’t think that “Joe” will be able to avoid the live debates with President Trump. It would be just too obvious. Because dementia is a downhill ride, Joe will be far worse by October. Right now he looks better than he did out on the campaign trail just before the “lockdown”. Once the Trump rallies and fall campaign really begins Joe will be shown to have worsened. Jay.

Htos 1av

McAuliffe-I would take one for the team JUST to eliminate this Epstein/Prince harry wannabe….

Jimmy MacAfee

I think McAwful’s plans are going to backfire in a big way, as far as his return to the governorship. Or any return to power. By then, most of his funding will be gone down like a sinkhole in a swamp.


The President can start calling him chicken Joe if Biden’s handlers keep him off the debate stage. Whether Biden will have the mental capacity to process this is another issue, but it’s guaranteed to produce to hilarity when he get’s asked about by his fawning press. If they dare to or aren’t told to not ask it.

Sharon Campbell

Great article, David. I like your analysis of the media & when necessary the Dimocrats will create disaster after disaster, in some form, from now until November.

phineas gage

This moment has been in the making for over a century, and it has finally arrived. This one is for all the marbles, and everything else as well.

The Left is formidable, but they are going into the final battle with a functionally incapable Manchurian candidate rather than a dynamic leader. It is a serious weakness.

They have decided that this is their time and they can’t wait any longer. I think they have been captured by self-delusion. When you can manipulate and control information, you can mislead yourself as well as others. I think they have miscalculated.


I agree Phineas, it is a now or never moment for them which Trump has forced upon them. And I hope and pray they have miscalculated as they are really not that smart, at least individually – look at all the incompetence on display from the individual politicians and their ‘experts’.

As Stalin said, quantity becomes its own form of quality. The quantity of the left’s propaganda and the blind obedience of their political foot soldiers show this danger over our side’s quality of our conservative argument.

After ‘the One’s’ two terms the skids were greased for Walking Eagle to finish inflicting irreparable harm on the US and our constitution . Trump’s 2016 victory temporally derailed their grandiose plans and they can’t tolerate another four years of Trump’s reforms and his continued exposure of their fraud. Eight years of Trump and his reform of the RINO dominated GOP could forever shatter their carefully crafted façade of the last 100 plus years. In their minds, this cannot be allowed under any circumstances.

The left, and their petulant followers and leaders, have always had a ready, fire, aim doctrine where their media supported POV has almost always prevailed through censorship and bullying of the opposition. This is reaching a crescendo this year; also known as a tipping point.

So here we are, the crisis de jour shotgun approach is being used to create this ongoing turmoil in the hopes that some of Trump’s supporters will just say screw it, we want peace and calm. I hope and pray that our nation has enough motivated patriots to ensure that doesn’t happen. This year, we don’t have to fight with guns and bullets – yet – in order to regain our country as founded. However, if we fail in November to exercise our peaceful ability to save our country, it will become a shooting scenario, with a Joe Figurehead and another Dem Congressional victory.

The destiny of our country and our children’s future is at stake. Our margin for error is gone; we MUST get this and all future elections right.


I pray that you are right. We have seen the chaos and crisis they are depending on to spread fear, what we have yet to see is how bad the attempts at voter fraud will be – that will be their last stand. I can imagine that there will be multiple contested vote tallies, recounts demanded, lawsuits and rallies demanding that their candidate won (in any race). I also expect that BLM and Antifa will be stirring up all kinds of sh!t to aid the cause. And if Trump wins, I expect there will be more riots.

phineas gage

Very true. One thing that gives me confidence is that Brad Parscale is a very sharp guy and I think he will be one step ahead of them.


I will crawl through hell over broken glass in a gasoline suit to vote this November. After four years of having our MAGA beliefs and our President being kicked in the balls – for everyone of us ‘Deplorables’ to not vote will lead to a national travesty. There is no excuse for a Trump supporter to not vote this year; if you don’t vote this year for a real President doing real things to the benefit of everyone then you will never vote. No excuses! As former NYC mayor Ed. Koch said, if you like 80% of what I am doing, then I deserve your vote. Same applies to Trump.

People in deep red states like TN need to also vote even though Trump will win the state, because he MUST also win the popular vote this year.

As Dave says, these ‘polls’ are designed to create and sway public opinion, not reflect public opinion.

Another thought about props – AND THESE POLLS ARE PROPS – and how these people never learn and keep using same playbook over and over again and (thankfully) getting diminishing returns:

These funerals are props, just like Senator Wellstone’s funeral was a prop/Dem Pep Rally, Senator Ace McLame’s funeral was an anti-Trump MSM (D) driven Pep Rally that also lasted about a week. Its sole purpose was to trash Trump and was so over-the-top; it was Revolting.

I did not know George Floyd was a senator, did not know he was a war “hero”, did not know he was a member of the ‘Keating Five’, did not know he was a POW, did not know he was the alter ego of Paul Wellstone and Ace McLame. His funerals are also over-the-top, just like that show Nancy Klink and Schmucky Schemer and the other Dems put on yesterday with their props.

Oh, and ‘the OPRAH’ has a two part special (OWN Spotlight) last night and tonight on:

Where Do…? featuring all kinds of AA ‘leaders’ like the Abrams Tank etc.. It is on her OWN network, and a bunch (13! at least) of the conglomerate networks like SCI, ID, AHC, DEST, DIY, COOK, TRAVL, FOOD, HGTV, TLC, DSC, and ANPL on my Comcast cable system, which I will soon be schiff-canning. Can’t wait to miss that as it runs against Gomer Pyle and Green Acres and my DVR is full.

Musk didn’t get as much coverage on his return to space achievement a couple of weeks ago, and many of these same outfits don’t cover the president.

I’m really surprised it isn’t on the NFL, NBA , MLB, FS1, ESPN 1,2, and 3…, LIFE, HIST, MTV, BET, LMN, and OXY or THC – stay tuned as I’m sure it will soon be reran on those networks too, as soon as the copyright issues are removed and it goes to public domain. And, since live sports are basically nonexistent… If you missed it tonight on those channels, or don’t get those channels, don’t worry, I’m sure DNCNN, MSDNC, CNBC, HLN and probably even FOX News or FBN, and even the main networks will air it at some point in the near future. And, if it is at all well received, look for it to be rerun on Nov 1 and 2. And don’t forget about anniversary airings. DVDs with extra enlightened commentary will soon be available I’m sure.

What’s next, de Bozo, going to name some streets in NYC (he is renaming five – one in each NYC bough BLM) George Floyd street? Why stop there, let’s name an aircraft carrier after him and while were at it, rename Minneapolis after him?

With ‘the OPRAH’ hosting this show, does this mean she might be Joe Figurehead’s VP pick, or maybe actually seek the nomination? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Joe Figurehead is my new name for Biden

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