America is Still Struggling With the Failure of Reconstruction

Given the events that have transpired since its airing a few weeks ago, I’m sure if the producers of the mini-series “Grant” had it to do all over again, they’d have made it 8 hours and 4 episodes in length instead of its 6 hours/3 episodes format. The first two episodes did a fine job of detailing Grant’s up-bringing and early years, his struggles through many failures in life, his rise through the ranks of Union generals, and the start of his successful prosecution of the final campaign of the War through Virginia.

But the final 2-hour episode attempted to cover far too much ground: The final, climactic months of the War; Lee’s surrender at Appomattox; the assassination of Lincoln; Grant’s commission to oversee the failed Reconstruction process; Grant’s two-term presidency and his final days finishing his memoirs while suffering with fatal cancer of the throat. It was far, far too much crucially important ground to try to cover in just two hours, especially with at least nine 5-minute-long commercial breaks sprinkled into the mix.

The last two weeks of demonstrations in the wake of the murder of George Floyd; the demonstrations, riots, looting and burning of a dozen major U.S. cities reminiscent of Sherman’s march through Atlanta to the sea; and the burgeoning national debate that is now taking place over policing and race relations cries out for detailed re-examination not of the Civil War or Grant’s presidency, but of that period of Reconstruction which, had it been properly executed by people of good intent, could have unified the nation and put in place conditions that might have avoided much of the racial strife that followed and continues to this day.

If you search your memories you will realize that no one – not even Ken Burns in his great “The Civil War” documentary – has produced a truly thorough recounting of that terrible time in our nation, and which lays true accountability for the horrors that took place. “Grant” gave it very short shrift, as the producers did everything they could to avoid laying any blame a the feet of the title subject and his often ham-handed management of the process.

The one of hundreds of atrocities the series does go into some detail about is the New Orleans Massacre of July 30, 1866, an event in which a band of former Confederate soldiers slaughtered dozens of freed slaves who were organizing themselves to participate in the upcoming elections. That all happened under the not-so-watchful eye of General William Sherman and a garrison of the Union Army before the Reconstruction Act of 1867 had been passed by congress. “Grant” also makes vague reference to dozens of similar incidents that took place all over the South in the subsequent years, but goes into little detail about them.

It also briefly mentions the rise of the Ku Klux Klan during that period of time, but goes into no detail about the fact that the Klan was actually created by the Democratic Party – which dominated the Southern states – after the 1866 elections, in which the Northern States overwhelmingly awarded control of congress to the Republican Party of Lincoln and Grant. Just as the Democrat Party created Antifa immediately following the 2016 elections, in which the northern states of PA, MI and WI turned Red and awarded the presidency and both houses of congress to the Republicans. There is a pattern to all of this.

Here we stumble right upon the very real reason why Hollywood has been so reluctant to fully explore the period of Reconstruction in documentary format: It is impossible to honestly do so without making the crystal clear, direct connection between the Klan and the Democrat Party. Indeed, it was the rise of the Klan as the military wing of the Democrat Party that rendered Grant’s assignment of executing on the Reconstruction laws an impossible mission. It was too deeply embedded in the Southern culture to be rooted out. The series makes passing mention of the fact that supposed pillars of these communities – doctors, lawyers, farmers and civic leaders – were all engaged with the Klan.

Sadly, that remained the reality in many cities and towns all over the South for well over a century. Indeed, as recently as just 2010 – a bare decade ago – a former member of the Klan – Democrat Robert Byrd of West Virginia – held a prominent position of leadership in the United States Senate. Other former Klan members with names like Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, William Fulbright, and Ernest Hollings held seats in the Senate in modern times, long after the passage of the Civil Rights bills in the mid-1960s.

Even sadder, the existence today of Antifa as the military wing of the Democrat Party will just as readily ensure that no real reconciliation will come from the debate currently raging in Washington and across our national news media. The simple reality is that those on the radical left who have basically seized control of that Party actively oppose reconciliation and seek violent revolution instead.

Congress may pass a few bills and pat itself on the back for doing it, but the real battles are taking place right now in the radical city council of Minneapolis, which is about to disband its police department, and on Capitol Hill in Seattle, where Antifa has forcibly seized control of an 8 square block area, with armed guards preventing the police from entering the area.

Just as we will never receive an honest accounting of the role of the Ku Klux Klan’s destruction of Reconstruction, we will not receive an honest accounting of Antifa from our national news media, which is working to destroy our nation from within today. Because an honest accounting of either requires the examination of the fact that both destructive groups were the creation of the national Democrat Party, and no one in Hollywood or the Democrat-controlled news media can afford to go there.

That is all.

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You are mistaken on the Jesse Helms KKK membership. That is just not the case…even Wikipedia and NPR among other leftist rags do not make that assertion, and you know they would if they could.

Michael L'Heureux

True points, the “White Supremacy League” in Louisiana in1875 influenced the election so as to cause a change in the Louisiana Lower House. When Republican Governor Kellogg tried to vacate the seats won by the terror tactics it caused a national outcry over the the imposition of federal troops in a state election. It took close to 100 years to actually start to achieve some of the hoped goals of reconstruction.


Just saw a Science Channel show on Jupiter and it discussed how one of its moons – IO – is volcanic. It described that Jupiter’s massive gravitational force is pulling and pushing IO causing much internal friction which produces heat and erupting volcanoes causing violent reactions with its frozen surface; volcanism shouldn’t be happening that far away from the Sun.

Today’s America is Jupiter’s IO. It is being pushed and pulled every which way by internal and external forces causing the friction and violence. Just like with the world (Jupiter), what happens on IO (America), impacts what is happening on Jupiter with its magnetic (political) field; If IO implodes/explodes, Jupiter’s existence will be drastically altered.

If America implodes/explodes and is destroyed, the world will also be negatively impacted and perhaps fall into another dark age which would take centuries to recover.

Mankind’s last best hope is on the brink and it is up to us and the president to save it – one way or the other.


All President Trump has to do is convince the Dem Mayors and Governors that these rioters are actually Republicans, the TEA Party, Christians, and Conservatives.

These “peaceful rallies/protests” would be over in two hours.

Just like if it was shown that the illegal immigrants and mail in vote fraud would benefit the Republican Party, Klink and Schemer would be at the border laying the cornerstone to Trump’s wall and would demand picture voter ID, electronic finger print verification, and probably a poll tax and test in order to qualify to cast a vote.

HypoCRATS all!


Spot on DB. The whole “Sanctuary Cities” schtick is nothing more than continued neo-Confederate BS. It’s tantamount to saying “Federal Law doesn’t exist here.”

In that vein, see this? In that “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, they’re already shaking down businesses for “protection” money. Thought that was just a figment of mafia movies.


The parallels between then and now are striking. Illegal immigration was promoted pre-Civil War due to US Congress banning the importation of new slaves the very first session that the constitutional moritorium ended; the goal of cheap labor remaining unchanged.

The most fundamental division between right and left is work ethic. This can more easily transcend genetics/ancestry than artistry, intelligence, or skillset because it’s not something that requires refinement or application. Having a decent work ethic is learned early in life when human children are rewarded for effort or when they’re allowed to interact to a great enough extent with their natural surroundings that they can directly benefit from their work.

Lefties will always need cheap labor because their sloth precludes their doing their own work.

phineas gage

The modern liberals excuse away all of this history by blithely asserting that all of those bad racist southern Dems became Republicans to vote for Nixon. It isn’t even close to being true, of course, but the lie is repeated and amplified by the Goebbels media nevertheless.

You are spot on in your assessment of that tragic period of time which haunts us to this day, and also in your indictment of how little historical attention it has received (no doubt because the vast majority of historians are hard-core leftists).

Personally I have never had much fascination for the details and minutiae of battles, I am more interested in the underlying tangle of human motivations. The causes and events of the Civil War have been analyzed ad infinitum. By comparison, there has been remarkably little scholarship on Reconstruction and its aftermath. Maybe, as you point out, we should start do a bit of that as we consider current events unfolding before us.


“The modern liberals excuse away all of this history by blithely asserting that all of those bad racist southern Dems became Republicans to vote for Nixon.”

If that is the case, then how did the true racist Governor Wallace of Alabama win the following states:

AR, LA, MS, AL GA, and 1 EC vote in VA. The Dem, (Humphrey) also took TX with their 25 EVs.

Yeah, all those evil racist southern Republicans voted Republican – That cat don’t flush.

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