Tuesday News Roundup: Pelosi’s $10.99 Cultural Appropriation and Romney’s Bridge to Nowhere

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

So, what was this really all about?


Do any of you think that every Democrat member of congress just keeps a Kente cloth garment lying around the office to pull out on special occasions? Or is it more likely that maybe last Wednesday, at a meeting during which they were planning how to milk maximum political leverage out of this carefully-choreographed George Floyd funeral tour, some enterprising staffer found this on Amazon:


So, you order 50 of those, and presto! Even Gerrold Nadler can have his very own Kente cloth scarf, all for the cost of about $550.

Do you think there is a single person among that group of congressional Democrats who has the slightest understanding of the origins of the Kente cloth, or what its meaning is? Because, to very real human beings in Ghana, which served as one of the central staging points for the African slave trade centuries ago, those cloths and their patterns do have very special meaning.

They aren’t some costume for cynical politicians to wear to Halloween parties, not some modern-day version of the blackface get-up worn by the Ralph Northams and Justin Trudeaus in their younger days. Do you suppose that Nancy Pelosi or Gerrold Nadler or a single one of their Democrat colleagues gave any of that a moment of thought as they dressed up for their moment of disgraceful cultural appropriation? If you do, you’re a fool.

When asked at her press conference if she thought maybe she and her colleagues were using the garments to pander to Black voters, Pelosi just smiled and asked, “Well, is it working?” What else do you need to know?

Incidentially, Pelosi’s is a good question, one to which I really don’t think we know the answer yet. It’s a long time until November, folks.

Does he keep notebooks full of black people, too? – Then there’s pathetic RINO Mitt Romney, who spent about 30 seconds interfering in a Black Lives Matter march on Sunday to get his own photo op:

Tremendous Sincerity': Trump Mocks Mitt Romney for Joining Black ...

In a report at The Hill today, Romney, the most whitebread white guy in the entire U.S. Senate, says that he wants to be the catalyst who forces change in the GOP’s relationship with the Black community:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Monday said his party has “an embarrassingly small share of African American votes” and would like to change that, one day after he marched in a protest in Washington.

Romney said he is working with several Republican colleagues on legislation to “make some changes to the way we do our policing” in an effort to crack down on aberrant officers who violate civil rights or use excessive force against people of certain races.

He noted that Democrats who unveiled a police reform bill earlier Monday did not reach out to any Republicans to discuss the legislation beforehand.

He said the lack of outreach indicates it “is designed to be a message piece.”

He said he hopes to put together what ultimately will be bipartisan legislation to reform policing that can pass the Senate.

He said any legislation “needs to have people on both sides of the aisle working together.”


Let’s just all ignore the fact that President Donald Trump has, at urging of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, already stolen much of the thunder from any congressional deal on this with his signing of prison reform legislation last year. That prison reform bill, by the way, repealed several of the provisions targeting young Black males contained in the 1994 crime bill signed by Bill Clinton – and co-sponsored by Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden.

Yeah, let’s ignore all of that because Mitt freakin’ Romney thinks he’s going to be the guy who bridges the gap between the GOP and the African American community.


Dear Republicans: With a bridge like Mitt Romney, you might as well have a bridge to nowhere.

Donald Trump No GIF by Election 2016 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Democrats hate Jewish people, part 62,532. – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his NYPD have looked the other way as tens of thousands of protesters, rioters, looters and arsonists have turned much of New York City into Dresden circa 1945 for the past two weeks, never saying word one about social distancing or wearing masks.

But boy, let a group of maybe a dozen Hasidic Jewish kids who are at zero risk of getting or spreading the Wuhan Virus congregate together in a local park, and this is what happens:

Disgusting hypocrisy and Antisemitism on display.

The first leak in the Minneapolis dam. – A manufacturing company that employed 50 Minnesotans says it will move elsewhere after city officials refused to do anything to prevent its facility from burning to the ground week before last. Kris Wyrobek, President and owner of 7-Sigma, Inc. told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that “we are sorting through the rubble, trying to figure out how to get this operational again. We are cautiously optimistic we can do that. But we are certainly not able to do that in Minneapolis.”

From the Tribune report:

“They don’t care about my business,” said Kris Wyrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc., which has operated since 1987 at 2843 26th Av. in south Minneapolis. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.”

Wyrobek said the plant, which usually operates until 11 p.m., shut down about four hours early on the first night of the riots because he wanted to keep his workers out of harm’s way. He said a production supervisor and a maintenance worker who live in the neighborhood became alarmed when fire broke out at the $30 million Midtown Corner affordable housing apartment complex that was under construction next door.

“The fire engine was just sitting there,” Wyrobek said, “but they wouldn’t do anything.”


Wyrobek said the decision to relocate from the radical leftist Democrat-run city has already been made and that there is nothing feckless Mayor Jacob Frey could say that would change his mind. Expect hundreds of other Minneapolis business owners to turn this first leak in the dam into a raging flood in the days and weeks to come.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.





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Dave – That photo of Nasty and Upchuck is hilarious. I can’t decide if they are going for the Grandma and Grandpa are pissed look or the we be gangsta look. Either way, they look like fools to me.


Nasty Pelosi and the other DemocRATic ilk have no idea what the meaning behind Kente cloth is. The Kenyan Muslim and feckless piece of human waste Barack Hussein Obama can explain it to them.

Sir Cumference

I can’t wait to hear the breaking news: “Nasty Pelosi was found dead yesterday in her walled multi-million dollar mansion lying in front of her two ice cream filled freezers. She had an ice cream scoop in her right hand and her left arm around a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road To Hell Vanilla. An autopsy revealed nothing in the skull but a walnut sized piece of dried up brain material and a tiny bed with “Trump Sleeps Here” on the headboard. An examination of the heart, which required a stone cutter to open, revealed a boat load of venom, hate and lies. The body will lie in state in San Francisco’s Diamond Park among the homeless and drug addicts who she was so fond of. Interment will be at the local land fill where all trash belongs.”


I read your post to my wife. She almost peed her pants laughing. Well done sir, well done!

Jimmy MacAfee

Let this be so.

phineas gage

To paraphrase Ace, we are now back to Jim Crow:


The modern Left corrupts, perverts, and inverts everything it touches. To not be a racist now demands that you discriminate based upon race. Of course–all in the spirit of MLK, right?

Jimmy MacAfee

Romney needs to sell ED drugs. Sit him in a bathtub, next to some other person – (maybe a guy?) – holding hands in the sunset. “See Alice; she’s for you!”


Now I’m stuck with that horrid picture in my head. Oh the horror!


Thankfully I have no idea what its about and you have killed any curiosity I may have had to find out… 🙂

Jimmy MacAfee

See Alice. The E.D. advertisement on television….C. Alice. (Like Vaye Agra, but with different ads.)

phineas gage

It was one of the worst ED ads. I think the more recent one for Peyronie’s disease with the banana is possibly worse.


At least they didn’t sign BJ Clinton as their spokes man.


Ignorance is bliss in this case my friend. 😀


As I read somewhere in a different forum last night: They shite on their own dinner plate:

He said a production supervisor and a maintenance worker who live in the neighborhood became alarmed when fire broke out at the $30 million Midtown Corner affordable housing apartment complex that was under construction next door.

$30 million dollar affordable housing project!

Truly no clearer statement shows just how vile and stupid these people really are.

Jimmy MacAfee

The funny thing is, there won’t be any further gentrification of these cities. Where thousands of people were packed in like anchovies, their slum-dwellings replaced by shiny new buildings that housed hundreds? Any market for those gentrified places now? Any developers willing to take the risk, any (wealthy) residents wiling to put their own lives on the line?

No, the die is cast. No subsidies for the gentrifiers. No federal assistance.


My post above – there is some gentrification in Detroit happening, but the DPD police chief is a no nonsense guy. They are keeping the peace better than most Dem enclaves. The riots/protests here have largely gone unnoticed because he has clamped down. No letting them have a “space to destroy”.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re right – he’s what they need.

Jimmy MacAfee

In Detroit, the Dim leadership was so bad, neighborhoods had $1 price tags on abandoned houses. This is what is in store for Minneapolis. And NYC. Many others, too. (Reparations, anyone? GIVE willing African Americans these houses. For a dollar.)

Security details for DeBlowsio and others should be first cut – others have posted the same thing, but it bears repeating. It’d be funny to see Mini Mike the China Asset trying to stay safe without paid security. He’d scurry around like a demented rat

And doesn’t anyone in the press read? COVID isn’t likely to spread on surfaces, and not via asymptomatic individuals (Dave reported this yesterday.) Why keep parks closed? Time to end this nonsense with two steps:

Defund security details for tyrants.
Open parks and let the kids play.

phineas gage

Because DeBlasio is an overt raging anti-Semite, pure and simple.

Jewish people had better think very carefully about how they vote this fall, given the predilections of the modern Democrat party



It was so bad here in Detroit, not only were houses going for almost no money, there were older people, holdouts from a previous generation that were living alone on burnt out abandoned streets that were going to have essential services (Police, Fire, EMS) cut off because there wasn’t enough people in the area to justify coverage. Same with water and electricity – too costly to maintain these isolated branches. The city had a proposal to pay these people to move closer to downtown so they could consolidate. Imagine if you had lived in your house for 40 years and told you had to move or you would be on your own? These were neighborhoods that were all upper middle class until the late 60s.

Detroit is having a bit of a revival in the city’s center…Ford is moving their headquarters to the old train station, and will support new residential apartments and condos as well as many new bars and restaurants. If you owned real estate there prior this happening, you would now be a millionaire.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump is the only reason that’s happening – the return of Ford to Detroit.

Obeelzebub was content to let the cities rot, or let the Shariah buggers move in.

phineas gage

I’ve seen pictures where certain parts of the city are essentially returning back to wild forest. Didn’t know about the train station–that has always been the symbol of Detroit’s decay. Such incredible architecture just rotting away.


There was talk at one time of turning some of the abandoned suburbs into farms as well. Don’t know if they ever followed through on that.

phineas gage
phineas gage

This is where Minneapolis is heading, the progressive vanguard leading the way for other major Democrat cities:


Ms. Bender in her comfortable affluent suburban enclave will never have to suffer the consequences of her deranged policies. But she certainly will feel good about herself…..

phineas gage

If the Dems are really (really) going to make defunding the police their central campaign issue, I think Donald Trump will be more than happy to be thrown into that law-and-order briar patch.


Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden jumped on the “Defunding the police is not an option” band wagon yesterday. Gonna lose him some BLM votes over that. Or he will pivot 180 after taking a lot of incoming and his handlers decide they’re more important than law and order.

phineas gage

The fuller story of the old leftist knocked over in Buffalo:


Clearly he’s an old Alinskyite radical from way back. I don’t think it takes much imagination to imagine what this guy looked like in 1968 and what he was doing.

Again, from my perspective, the optics were bad. Not accidentally knocking him down (essentially he lost his balance, as older people are wont to do, from pushing into the cops), but continuing to march past him once it was clear that he had suffered a possibly serious head injury. There is no case for excessive force, and the Buffalo cops were right to quit en masse.


The optics were bad ONLY because the media made it so. It was a planned job the whole time and was completely intentional. What wasn’t show was the EMS people that were right behind the advancing line. You don’t take people off the advance line to tend to anyone, you keep moving forward and allow the medicals to tend to wounded, safely behind the front line. They did NOTHING wrong, period.

The ‘optics’ were going to look bad either way you cut it. A planned soft attack for sole purpose of getting video to selectively edit thereby controlling and fueling further riots. Was he truly injured as I haven’t seen any further ‘reporting’ on this. Regardless the slow motion video shows what he was doing and he was using his phone to sniff frequencies from police radios. In other areas the antifa slimes were jamming first responders frequencies.

Its a war… don’t believe or fall for the propaganda. Like Dan Bongino says all the time, “wait 24 – 72 hours and you’ll see the truth come out” and it usually does destroying the left narrative.

phineas gage

LOL. MAGA is back and suddenly the media pivot on castors yet again:


They absolutely cannot abide a continuing series of raucous Trump rallies over the next four months. And that is exactly what they are going to get.


Well at least the Muttster didn’t have or wear his very own Kente cloth scarf; probably missed the order request the Dem staffers passed around.

Hey RINOs, the Dems are the kings and queens of pandering. You guys are not going to win the hearts and minds of hard core Democrats, much less elections, by being Dem lite. Anytime RINOs try to kiss up to any minority group in competition with the Democrats, they lose bigly, because they don’t make any inroads with whoever you are pandering to, but you also lose the passion of support from your actual voter base.

This is politics 101 – dance with the folks who brought you; shun your base and they stay home.

President Trump has shown that a rising economic tide lifts all boats and when the boats rise, the votes from everyone go to the one who caused the tide to rise. As far as I know the four legged rhinos are smart; the two legged RINOs, not so much.

Yesterday, I wrote about how difficult it could be for productive people of all races to escape the Dem plantations because no buyers will be available to buy their surviving property. Well, people who rent can surely leave relatively easily and the key will be for their employers to pack up whatever is left of their businesses and move out. That, and other things like high crime, high taxes, poor schools, and better climate, has been driving the migration from the northern cities for decades.

This ‘Plandemic’. quickly followed by the riots. will be the final straw. I felt the Dem controlled cities and, to some degree, the Dem controlled states, who did their best to bankrupt their taxpaying citizens, would lose ten to fifteen percent of their population within a year or so; now I think that exodus will double in the wake of the riots the Dems not only allowed, but in many cases encouraged to everyone’s detriment. The only people left in the cities will be government employees sans police, and recipients of government largess.

There is absolutely be no reason for anyone outside of those two groups to live in any big city in the near future.

The left had a seemingly short-sighted endgame in propping up and rigging their primaries for the perceived ‘electable’ Joe Figurehead, to scuttle the commie, after everyone else flamed out, and I still think they have some endgame strategy in allowing the negative effects if the ‘Plandemic’ and now the riots and destruction of THEIR cities, their powerbase. I just don’t yet know what it is, but I won’t be totally comfortable until Trump wins a solid reelection victory in November.

This can’t all be driven by their white hot hatred for one person, can it? If it is, and this is their ‘plan’, then they are more stupid than I thought humanly possible.


Yes it can be and is driven by their hatred for the President. He defeated Obama 2.0. He has kept his promises, which professional politicians never do. He has started to heal the racial divide, don’t think he hasn’t. I clicked on a link for a Twitter page and it was for an American citizen who is black. He had had lots of followers of the same skin tone ( black and white are not colors folks, Art 101) and they were all dissing demoncrats and pro Trump. He had his fair share of nay sayers posting, but he really roasted them good. ( I’m going to start a file and save the links for this stuff to share. Some of the posts on other forums are truly enlightening as well.)

In short President Trump lives in their heads 24/7. They go to bed angry, they get up in the morning angry. Their festering hatred grows by the microsecond. I keep looking for some of them to suffer aneurysms or strokes over him. And they will just go further down the rabbit hole of insanity and obsession when he is re-elected.

phineas gage

I meant to tell you that I very much liked your post in last evening’s thread about your father, and I completely agree with you. Far and away the major pathology in the black community (and others as well) is not rogue police, but the absence of fathers. Particularly for boys, this has devastating consequences.

Over fifty years of government dependence has essentially destroyed the black family with over three-quarters of all black children born out of wedlock. Until that changes, there will be no improvement in the social pathologies, no matter how many marches you have or how many government programs you create.

And of course, the dirty little secret is that the Dems and the race hustlers don’t want it to change. Government dependency and misery is what keeps them in power.


Thanks Phineas, He raised myself and three siblings who weren’t his own and was the father of my fourth sibling. He loved as we were his own and did a pretty good job overall. I miss very much.


“the Dems and the race hustlers don’t want it to change.”

Thats because they created it… thats why they fuel and sustain it… The communists destroy everything… just like their father…

phineas gage

But what if Republicans engage without pandering? That essentially is what Trump did in 2016, asking blacks ‘what the hell do you have to lose?’ A small but significant number decided that they really didn’t have anything to lose after five hellish decades on the Democrat plantation.

I think the same approach should be used with other minority groups. Go into their neighborhoods and communities without cringing or pandering, and talk seriously with them as adults rather than political pawns. Hispanics and Asians in particular are, from a cultural standpoint, naturally conservative, as are many Jewish people.


Absolutely, that is the brilliance of the Trump presidency and his economy that lifts the prospects of all Americans. Truly ‘colorblind’.

By cutting or eliminating many regulations that were designed to stymie American business growth and determine economic winners and losers, he allows for the opportunity for everyone to achieve and succeed. By cutting taxes he creates a system for people to earn (and keep) more of the fruits of their labor thereby incentivizing growth and advancement without government ‘assistance’ which is, of course, an anathema to the Plantation dogma.

The general conservative view and our constitutional system is set up to allow equal opportunity for all. The left’s attempted goal is supposedly for ‘fairness’ and equality of outcomes regardless of talent or effort which can only create equal misery, and much division and resentment for all, except for the ruling elites.

phineas gage

And in fact, I think you can see the success of Trump’s approach reflected in this desperate attempt to incite race riots across the nation. They are clearly afraid of losing their monopoly on the black vote, which is the end of their political pwoer.

As DB noted yesterday, Democrats have made a political calculation that they cannot win without the monolithic black vote and therefore are employing ‘any means necessary’ to maintain their hold. Confident people don’t behave that way.

Dems are counting on their cynical racebaiting and James Clyburn to deliver in 90% of the black vote for Slow Joe. I don’t think they are going to get it.

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