Democrats are Eating Their Own, and it is Glorious

The Democrats are eating their own, and it is glorious. – Can we start this off by saying that there is no more anti-police mayor in the United States of America than the Marxist Bill de Blasio? I mean, c’mon, seriously, the NYPD hates this guy and he hates them right back every chance he gets.

Police officers in New York City hate de Blasio so fiercely that they have, on multiple occasions, literally stood up in unison and turned their backs to him as he was speaking. Put simply, Bill de Blasio is not a mayor who anyone in their right mind would accuse of being overly-supportive of the NYPD.

But we’re not talking about anyone in their right mind here; no, we’re talking about de Blasio’s Senior Advisor, a raging leftist lunatic Democrat named Allison Hirsch (pictured below for your enjoyment).

Alison Hirsh

The comely Ms. Hirsh, who is no doubt the absolute life of every Hillary Clinton- themed party in the Five Burroughs, actually stepped down from her position under the gigantic boob de Blasio. Her reason? Because  – you can’t make this stuff up, folks – she believes de Blasio was just too darn supportive of the city police over the past two weeks, while he literally prevented them from doing anything effective to quell the riots that turned several neighborhoods into hollowed-out shells.

In a statement, de Blasio said Hirsh has been “an invaluable adviser during one of the toughest times our city has ever faced.” No word on what he mumbled under his breath as he loped away from the podium.

It’s a “sh*t show” in Chi-Town. – You have got to listen to this. It’s a recording of a call held between Chicago Mayor Lori Lightweight, er, Lightfoot and her city aldermen going back and forth about how to respond to the first night of rioting in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

This portion of the recording features a confrontation between the dimwitted Mayor and another Democrat, Alderman Raymond Lopez. It. Is. Glorious.

As reported at The Federalist, here is part of the exchange:

“When downtown is in lockdown, our neighborhoods are next, and our failure to fully get ready for what’s going on in the neighborhoods, we’re seeing this destruction, and we’re thinking that it’s going to somehow end tonight. We have seen where, in other cities, this has gone on for days; and we need to come up with a better plan for days, at least for the next five days, to try to stabilize our communities,” Alderman Raymond Lopez told Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “Once they’re done looting and rioting and whatever’s going to happen tonight, God help us, what happens when they start going after residents? Going into neighborhoods?”

When Lightfoot tried to blow the alderman off with, “next question,” Lopez stopped her and demanded an answer.

“You commented on everybody, I want an answer,” Lopez said on the call with 50 alderman in a recording obtained by WTTW News. “That’s not something you ignore.”

“I think you’re 100 percent full of s**t,” Lightfoot responded.

“Well f*** you then,” Lopez said back. “Who are you to tell me I’m full of s**t?”

Lightfoot said Lopez’s rant was “one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”

“Mayor, you need to check your f*****g” attitude,” Lopez charged followed by the rest of the callers trying to step in and diffuse the situation over the phone.


Hilarious. Give us more of this, Democrats. Please, we can’t get enough.

That is all.

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Ahh, the Dems are starting to face their Waterloo of their own making.

Jay Whitcraft

Can anyone care to predict the chances of a Republican sweep in some of these hellhole cities? I think any credible Republican has a real chance of winning in these cities. Thoughts? Jay

Mark Carpenter

More proof that liberalism IS a mental disorder.


Just like with Hollywood, everything with the libs, their ‘leadership’, their whole platform, is a prop, or a series of props, and poorly made ones at that. A façade, just like Stalin’s Potemkin towns he used to um deceive, no, fool the willing dupe Duranty of the NYT in the 1930s.

Their whole house of cards with a very thin veneer of sophistication, charm and ‘expertise’ is about to be shattered forever and President Trump is the one who exposed it by forcefully telling the truth and by pushing them into a corner from which their is no escape.

Like vampires die by exposure to light, the left is going to get killed by exposure to the light of truth of their failed policies and by their heretofore well hidden agenda.


Good to see a Dem call getting exposed; all be it to (so far) limited distribution.

They impeached Trump over a “perfect” (and it was) call that was declassified and released by Trump. How about impeaching this nitwit?


Wow…listening to the full recording linked above. Only 20 mins in and I can already conclude the following:
– These people are clueless!
– They are losing the battle against the rioters. Cops can’t keep areas clear
– Low light Lightfoot won’t use the the full extent of the NG
– They are all righfully worried that business won’t return after this (why would they? The city lost
– 911 is ineffective when the system is overwhelmed
– Most importantly, its a stark reminder that the Government cannot protect you or your livelihood.

No one is coming to save you, and everything is your responsibility. Act accordingly.


Exactly. The days of peace and tranquility are gone for a while in any dim controlled major city. The poor will suffer the most.

phineas gage

So Seattle is going full communist:

Bring it. It’s long since time that this was settled.

phineas gage

Just imagine the communes of the ’60’s, but within major cities and filled with the same type of deranged lunatics, but now they are armed.

Perhaps Portland is next.


As Seattle goes, so goes Portland. I believe this is called armed insurrection now. Be interesting to see if the professionals are called in to give the antifa gang a real lesson in what a war is. They have been bragging about having one and winning. Gonna have a whole lot of wet under wear when the real shtf. They have no idea what they are in for.

phineas gage

Are we surprised? Nope! Good old what is for me is not for thee mentality. I laughed when it was noted that the detail was stopped as soon as the news people contacted her staff about it. Too late now! We all know!


I almost wish I could remember my Twitter account info now so I could help make it go viral. Tried Twitter once and never went back.

phineas gage

After seeing what social media (including Twitter) does to my students, I would never use it (not to mention the censoring of conservative expression). It reduces the attention span to that of a gnat. The ability to concentrate and focus, required to become an educated functional adult, are destroyed.

If television was damaging to the human mind, social media is lethal.

phineas gage

Chicago was pretty much already screwed, but it but really is now.

The current media frenzy may be that Trump’s approval number has gone down (which is debatable), but at some point people are actually going to have to decide in the voting booth. Are most sane people going to choose Trump or the Lori Lollapalooza Lightfoot alternative?


And yet, we will not hear a word of this on any of the alphabet soup channels
or networks as that doesn’t fit their narrative.

But it is delicious none the less.

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