The Evening Wrap: Fudd Disarmed, CNN Fakes a Poll, DOJ Demands a Prince and More

From our “Leftists Destroy Everything They Touch” file… – The evil propagandists at HBO are doing a remake of the old Looney Tunes cartoons that I loved as a kid, and as soon as I heard that would be happening I knew they would find a way to ruin the greatest cartoon franchise in American history.

Sure enough, they did. At a rollout event last week, the PC police producing the coming atrocities announced that neither Elmer Fudd – whose character is a hunter – nor the gunfighter Yosemite Sam will have … wait for it … their GUNS. To make this even more of an utter and complete farcical enterprise, HBO’s social justice warrior spokesperson said that, instead of his trusty double-barrel shotgun, Elmer Fudd will carry a scythe. So I guess he’s going to spend his time harvesting wheat instead of hunting that wascally wabbit.

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No word on what Yosemite Sam might be carrying, but I suppose we should all be happy if the producers don’t try to re-imagine him as a drag queen conducting story time hours at elementary schools in the Bronx.

Then again, who really cares, given the reality that, without the late, great Mel Blanc performing the voices of the characters, it’s all going to be unwatchable trash in any event.

About that “scary” CNN poll… – CNN today provides a textbook reason why no one should pay the slightest attention to any poll that is affiliated with any corrupt media outlet. This particular CNN poll claims to show Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden with a 55-41 lead over President Donald Trump.

Scary, right?

Except that, when you look into the bowels of the poll, it has significantly over-sampled Democrats, under-sampled independents, and massively over-sampled “non-Hispanic minority voters” by almost 100%. Had this poll’s sample been appropriately structured to actually reflect the American public, it would likely have produced a result similar to the poll released today by Zogby Analytics.

That Zogby poll pegs the presidential race in a statistical tie at 46/46. It measures President Trump’s public approval rating at 48%, right in line with other non-media-outlet polls like Rasmussen and Gallup and HarrisX. Perhaps even more telling, Zogby finds that fully 53% of those surveyed agree that Democrat governors around the country are keeping their non-scientific shutdowns in place in order to try to damage the President’s re-election chances.

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Any time you see a poll that is affiliated with any media operation, whether it’s CNN or Fox News or the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, that poll was not created to try to gauge real public sentiment on whatever its’ subject might be. Those polls are created for one reason only, which is to create “news” stories.

So, please stop  emailing and private messaging me to see what I think about the CNN and Fox polls. What I think is that you need to ignore them and focus on something real.

Photo op? What photo op? – I’m old enough to remember last Monday, when every Democrat, SJW, snowflake and corrupt reporter screamed to high heaven about the President holding a photo op. Obviously, that’s all been forgotten:

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 461 points to close at 27,572, and the NASDAQ set yet another all-time record high in heavy trading today.

Imagine what is going to happen once the Democrats finally give up on their failing Wuhan Virus-related lockdown strategy. It’s going to be absolutely glorious.

Speaking of the Wuhan Virus… – I kid you not, CNN ran a chyron this morning that read “Experts Fear Trump May Release Vaccine Too Early To Help Campaign.”  You don’t have to believe me – just look at the screen shot:

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Talk about giving the game away. Here we have CNN and some nitwit named Peter Hotez actually expressing fear that President Trump would not wait until after the damn election to release a vaccine should one be developed in the next few months. What kind of ghoul even has such a thought spring into his head, much less express it verbally on semi-national airport TV?

It truly boggles the mind.

Would have been nice for you to admit this in February. – But, of course, the WHO was too busy at that time trying to help China execute its cover up. That corrupt international organization admitted today that transmission of the Wuhan Virus by those who are not exhibiting any symptoms is “very rare.”

Oh. Maybe that explains why not one of the hundreds of people filmed 3 weeks ago having fun in a pool in Lake of the Ozarks has tested positive for the virus.

If you feel sick, get tested and stay home. If you have no symptoms, go live your damn life and stop listening to idiots like Gretchen Whitmer.

Dear DOJ:  Bill and Hillary Clinton are right up the road in Chappaqua. – In case you missed it, the DOJ officially notified the British Government that it needs to hand over Prince Andrew, a long-time associate of Jeffrey Epstein, for questioning in its ongoing investigation:

Look, I get why the Justice Department lawyers want to talk with Andrew, as he no doubt has gobs of information about Epstein’s illicit activities. But the question must be asked, why are Bill and Hillary Clinton, and other well-known close friends of Epstein (can you say Bloomberg?) seemingly getting a pass here?

The long-time relationship between Bill Clinton and Epstein has been public knowledge since late in Clinton’s own presidency, for crying out loud. Epstein was a man who ran a massive pedophilia human trafficking operation for 25 years, and Bill Clinton’s name is all over his private jet’s flight logs.

If the DOJ really is looking to bust Epstein’s pedophile ring, it would simply be unacceptable for the Clintons and other prominent Americans who spent years snuggling up to Epstein to get a pass.

And by the way, Epstein did not kill himself.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Steve Lawrence

“admitted today that transmission of the Wuhan Virus by those who are not exhibiting any symptoms is “very rare.””

Thus removing any doubt that the shutdown was nothing but a ploy to harm the economy in an election year.

Jimmy MacAfee

On Dave’s comment about COVID:

Symptom free? “Go live your damn life and stop listening to idiots like Gretchen Whitmer.”

Solution to the stupid, bullying creepettes who emasculate men for fun and profit:

Time for us oldsters to break out the “toxic masculinity.” The phrase is as amusing as offensive, meant to turn men into chipmunks. The men who fall for it deserve the ridicule, for allowing themselves to be neutered. Whenever I hear the term, I laugh.

So if you’re older – say, over 40 on up – and talking isn’t doing anything, convincing anyone, just makes the Leftists bolder – maybe start doing things the way men used to do them? Manly things. What are the Nurse Ratched-Whitmers gonna do? Man-up, unashamedly.

A 77 year old Barber stood up to the old crone – like a man – and you don’t see the Ratched-Whitmers screaming “toxic masculinity!” Why is that? He is a great example of what a man should be. They don’t know what to do when a real man shows up. Too old to have much testosterone left – he’s still All Man. they don’t know what to do when men don’t self-abase on command.

No questioning the identity of the “husband” of Ratched-Whitmer: he’s a Nancy-boy, a cuck. Not a man at all.

There’s nothing toxic about masculinity, unless it’s made into something stupid – (liberal men, going off to camping seminars and banging drums, trying to find their inner male.) You won’t find your Inner Man at foo-foo camps that pretend to teach you to be rugged. And being a man isn’t symbolic. It just….is. No apologies for it. Be a man, and don’t talk about it; do it. The only way to instill masculinity in young men is to demonstrate it yourself. Be one.


My Dad was a bit a liberal but it was the old school liberal not what we have now. He taught how to defend myself with my hands. Showed me that a man gets up in the morning and goes to work.
That a man worked to support himself and his family, didn’t money from the government to support his family. That you’re not a pansy if you cry. That any job worth doing was worth doing well. Didn’t much care for guns (He had a marksman medal from the Marines) but understood my 2nd amendment right to own and carry. Bit of a peacenik really but never lectured any of us kids why we should be as well. He let us grow into ourselves and was always there to talk to.

That’s what’s missing now. Fatherless boys or boys whose fathers are dumbed down and feckless. Lacking in the necessary skills to show a boy what it is to be a self reliant man when they grow up. All courtesy of the welfare state and radical feminism.

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe the Dork of York is the key to exposing Willy Jeff Clinton? Maybe they did some things…young things…together? (Not to objectify the children they allegedly molested as “things,” you understand – a matter of phrasing…) They both like Cheese Pizza, too?

Just wondering.


His plane will crash on the way across the pond…

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s the Arkansas way to go!

Jimmy MacAfee

Hunting Buggs with a scythe? Anybody there (but of course not) ever cleaned a rabbit? I don’t mean give it a bath: using sharp instruments to prepare it for eventual cooking, which involves skinning, disemboweling, all the stuff hunters have to do. Why not just have Elmer use a machete? Or better yet, a chainsaw?

By the way, there was a chainsaw man chasing away protestors. Not sure what to think about that, but he did resemble Elmer Fudd a bit.

Carlos Dangler

It should be called a scickle, as in hammer and sickle.

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