Dear America: Don’t Comply With A Lie

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline

The ides of March took us lurching toward tyranny with an obscene level of attempted government control over our lives, our businesses and even our personal relationships. The pretext for it all was a virus with a .4% fatality rate. as reported by the flawed CDC.

That statistic doesn’t reflect any of the widely reported pressure and financial incentives that were used to inflate the statistics and ramp up public fear. Medical professionals who have been elected to absolutely nothing still can’t agree on whether wearing masks in public is recommended let alone ought to be required. But most people continue to comply.

It’s not as though we aren’t already aware of how much Leftist politicians and un-elected bureaucrats have wanted to grow their own power in the form of growing government. Their policies have illustrated this repeatedly. The likelihood of any government official advocating or voting to relinquish their own power is like a highway toll with an expiration date. Both are as rare as hens teeth.

Then came the riots. The very same political “leaders” who demanded that we stay at home “for our own good”, incited and cheered massive protests that led to violence, destruction and even death.

Didn’t that once and for all, expose the farce of their lock downs, the cynical lie of their “concern and compassion” for the lives of law-abiding citizens, their property and the rule of law? They remain naked emperors, espousing the same false coronavirus narrative so they can continue to micromanage restaurants and all other public places. Yet, most people continue to comply.

What reasonable person still takes these demogogues and dictators seriously after the swarming crowds and wanton destruction of numerous once-great American cities–all of which are controlled by Democrats?

Despite the obvious fallacies and frauds of the coronavirus narrative, its subliminal seduction is still piped in to us from grocery store speakers, highway billboards and TV commercials. “Stay safe, Stay Home, Save a life!” -and most people continue to comply.

Even conservative people and conservative groups claim that they are somehow showing “respect” by wearing masks and accepting governmental control of their gatherings. How is it respectful to bow to what you know is a lie? Taking the path of least resistance today will lead to being prevented from resisting at all in the future.

Acquiescence to unconstitutional laws emboldens those in power. Think of it as the “Broken Windows Theory” in reverse. When citizens offer no push back and demand no accountability of lawless lawmakers, we can count on those lawmakers to impose even more severe and lawless laws in the future–and that’s precisely what they’ve done.

Why? Because most people continue to comply.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.


That is all.

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silver fox

the liar will continue to lie until something makes him/her to uncomfortable to continue….


When everyone agrees with everyone there is no need to communicate. IOW, the entire purpose OF communication is to relate DIFFERENT viewpoints and that means TO disagree.
Lies themselves have literally been turned into weapons, KNOWINGLY.
One could easily replace the entirety of the media with robot heads for all the ‘news’ that is given.
When truth is replaced with it’s opposite, lies, ONLY destruction follows.
IOW, individualism in truth is what they seek to destroy. What they don’t get is this is impossible without also destroying themselves. IOW, majority rules. The carnivorous fed’s blatant war on people to force rule by monetary force will never work. Impossible. They only destroy themselves. WE THE PEOPLE will always rule by majority and cannot be destroyed by anything. Always was, always will be.
I Am That I AM


The church I go to has a mask rule. I told one of the elders to his face that he would willingly help the gov’t force us to worship underground. He didn’t like that but the pastor knew it was true cause he begged me not to leave the church which is what I told them I would do. I said I can’t serve God under weak leadership nor could I serve under someone I didn’t respect.


“Think of it as the “Broken Windows Theory” in reverse. When citizens offer no push back and demand no accountability of lawless lawmakers, we can count on those lawmakers to impose even more severe and lawless laws in the future–and that’s precisely what they’ve done.”

Excellent point Karen!


Timid passivity… Head scratchier isn’t it… Great article Karen

Come north of the US border and you’ll see that in spades. Like here in BC where we’re had the LOWEST incidents of scamdemic and yet we’re still in lock down. So its painfully obvious its not about safety and is ALL about control… and the sheep still wearing their masks, gloves and maintaining their ‘social distancing’… after all its for your safety…

I am truly embarrassed and ashamed to be a canuk… There are so few of us who never went along with the scamdemic ‘guidelines’

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