Saturday News Roundup: MSNBC Hires Coup Plotter, Whitmer Poured out in Court, and More

Oh, sure. Why not? – Just when you thought MSNBC was incapable of sinking any lower, they fooled you again. Late Friday the fake news cable channel introduced its new “legal analyst”: Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Conservative Twitter is outraged by this hiring, but why? Shouldn’t we all have expected it? After all, MSNBC already employs John Brennan and other Obamagate coup cabal honchos. I’m just amazed they haven’t hired Peter Strzok yet. I mean, if your “news” operation is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the Deep State, why not go all in?

My only question is whether the homely Ms. Page’s ghoulish face will actually be shown on TV, or will she send her “analyses” in via text, with a CC: to lover boy Strzok?

Are you listening, Al Sharpton? – These are the truest words ever spoken:

Phil Murphy doubles down on destroying New Jersey. – In the midst of the spectacles of mass demonstrations in which no one is staying at home or washing their hands or doing any social distancing, Democrat governors are continuing to extend their politically-motivated lockdowns.

Phil Murphy in New Jersey announced on Friday that he is going to keep the Garden State locked down through July 5 for no valid reason whatsoever.

Meanwhile, not even Dr. Fauci is keeping up this pretense anymore. – In a CNN interview yesterday, the little economy destroyer said schools should reopen in the Fall, although still with mitigations:

“In some situations there will be no problem for children to go back to school,” Fauci said during the interview. “In others, you may need to do some modifications. You know, modifications could be breaking up the class so you don’t have a crowded classroom, maybe half in the morning, half in the afternoon, having children doing alternate schedules.”

Are you listening, Gov. Murphy? Probably not.

But there is massive WINNING in Michigan. – 77 year-old barber Karl Manke won a big victory before the Michigan state Supreme Court. In a 7-0 decision, the Court poured out Michigan’s abusive Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the activist appeals court judges who have abused Manke for the past few weeks, allowing Manke to retain his barber’s license and keep his shop open while the case against him is fully considered by the Court of Appeals. A 3-judge panel of the Appeals court had ordered Manke to close while the case was being heard.

Manke’s attorney, David Kallman, called it the “biggest, most lopsided victory of his career.” Life as an aspiring banana republic dictator is getting harder and harder for Frau Gretchen.

“De-fund the police! De-fund the police! De-f…wait, what? A new poll? Just 16% support? Are you sure? Ok, ummmmm…Never-mind! Never-mind! Just kiddin’! Just kiddin’!” – In Friday’s Evening Wrap, we told you about the sudden backing down within the Minneapolis City Council from its Thursday calls to “dismantle” and “de-fund” the city’s police department in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

After a new poll found that that concept is supported by just 16% of those surveyed, the Council decided on Friday to pass a very limited new measure that eliminates the police use of choke holds and requires by-standing officers to intervene when they see a fellow officer using excessive force, as happened to Floyd. These are simply commonsense measures that most Americans already support.

You have to look way down to about the 20th paragraph to find it, but a New York Times report this morning quotes Minneapolis’s worthless, spineless Mayor Jacob Frey as also pulling back any support for de-funding his police department:

Mayor Jacob Frey has said he does not support calls to dismantle the department. On Friday, City Council members voted to accept a civil rights investigation by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and to adopt updates to the Police Department’s use of force policy that include a ban on chokeholds. The topic of eliminating some of the department’s functions was not discussed.


Talk about burying the lede. But hey, it’s the New York Times – what did you expect?

Despite this latest show of poll-based cowardice by one city’s radical Democrat city council, however, no one should think that the Democrat Party as a whole is abandoning the idea of abolishing traditional police departments nationwide. That remains the obvious end-game.

They and their corrupt media toadies will now simply double-down on their efforts to brainwash the public to accept this society-destroying notion until the polling numbers become more politically viable. We have an election in 6 months, and any politician actively running on a suicidal notion that only has 16% public support will get killed at the polls. They’ll have to get that support number up into the 40% range before their politicians will risk actual votes on it.

“Uh, Mr. Mayor? We’re gonna need a new emergency response team.” – All 57 members of the City of Buffalo, New York’s emergency response team resigned en masse after two of their members were placed on suspension after an altercation with a fairly old radical leftist protester.

The radical jackass was pushed to the ground by the two officers when he accosted them as they were attempting to break up an ongoing riot on Thursday.

From a report at The Hill:

John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, announced the 57-member team’s resignation at a press conference Friday.

“Fifty-seven resigned in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,” Evans told a local NBC affiliate.


Here’s a video of the incident. You can judge for yourselves:

So, the question here becomes whether the officers used “excessive force” on the old jackass. They certainly did shove him to get him out of the way as they attempted to do their jobs. Are the Buffalo mayor and city council now going to tell their police officers that they must now do nothing as they are harassed and prevented from doing their jobs by radical clowns like this?

If so, they’re going to lose many more officers in the future. As far as I can tell, this guy got exactly what he deserved.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Makes sense to hire her.
Apparently our Justice Department is doing it’s absolute best, to make sure that the attempted overthrow of an elected president is not going to be deemed a crime.

phineas gage

This has nothing to do with race, these are just punks:


Heres Grassley openly mocking Trump… Pretty sure he has a telephone No??? Grassley is like a All-Hat Lindsie, except Grassley isn’t a camera queen. When you need them most at the plate… they go swamp.


Jimmy stated.. “For people who want to defund PDs, I have a better idea: let the police use a reduction in force for City Halls and private residences of the mayors and council-creatures.”

BINGO… When these parasites go on walk abouts to show their solidarity with the rioters then if it goes all wrong the police can just state they aren’t allowed to act against the criminals. No time to come rescue them when the mob runs thru their neighbourhood. Sure the fire fighters will come put out the fire in your mansion, in about 2 hours when they are finished putting out the blaze at a business owners place.

The attacks against first responders isn’t going to end until these commies have their mobs at THEIR doorstep. When their screaming ‘We’re on your side’ is met with rocks and bricks, ONLY then will they start singing a different tune.

its a war… treat it as such…don’t come to the aid of the enemy when they are self destructing.

phineas gage

They are the very best of our generation, to paraphrase the not-so-immortal Allan Ginsberg:

Jimmy MacAfee

Hahahahaha! Fine conclusion!

phineas gage

Looks like the big communist event is starting at 4:00 p.m. and will rage on into the night.

Trump isn’t running away; he’s staying in the White House.

He’s been very smart so far and has outdueled them. They clearly wanted to force his hand to put the military on the streets and he didn’t do it–he made the governors and mayors face the consequences of their actions.

Now they want to force a confrontation that they and the media ghoulishly hope will result in fatalities. The area around the White House needs to be barricaded, but with no aggressive lethal action. This will be their Waterloo.


My prediction: More arson. Probably do their best to make sure it’s around the White House perimeter so the media get their mandatory President hides in WH as DC burns photo op and headline. You can also count on some attempts to breach the fences, while their support team lobs bricks and water bottles.

phineas gage

I think they’ll be throwing Molotov cocktails.


Thanks, forgot about that one. It’s their go to in every riot.


The Left is apparently looking for martyrs in these riots.

Any sane person engaging in really peaceful and genuine protests would not be involved in riotous acts, would not be risking his own life in confrontations (look at how the anarchists are walking past places where the owners are standing guard) with the police or anyone else, unless there is some massive payoff for taking a chance of getting an ass beating.

If I were at any rally and the SHTF, I would leave and live to fight another day. I would be petitioning my public ‘leaders’ via phone calls, letters, and emails. I would be organizing friends and family to vote against the politicians who are acting contrary to my wishes. I would donate and otherwise support the opponent. I would considering running for office. In short, I would follow the rules.

It has been shown in the past via interviews that most of these rent-a-mob protestors don’t even know what they are protesting, and have little reason to be there except they are somehow getting recruited via Craig’s list and compensated for being present. That is the real crime, fomenting riots and civil disobedience.

Trump should go further and call the social media platforms who actively allow the monetary recruitment of “community agitators” via the real money men behind this insurrection to be named and charged as domestic terrorist organizations.

phineas gage

You and I were typing at the same time. I apologize for repeating your good points.


Great minds think alike Phineas


“But there is massive WINNING in Michigan. – 77 year-old barber Karl Manke won a big victory before the Michigan state Supreme Court. In a 7-0 decision, the Court poured out Michigan’s abusive Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the activist appeals court judges who have abused Manke for the past few weeks, allowing Manke to retain his barber’s license and keep his shop open while the case against him is fully considered by the Court of Appeals. A 3-judge panel of the Appeals court had ordered Manke to close while the case was being heard.”

So the MI SC ruled 7-0 Manke could keep his license while the “appeals” court rules on the case (in two to three months no doubt)?

Wouldn’t that be the same “appeals” court who sided with the Witless gov. in the first place? I wonder what their final “decision” will be. So then Manke will have to appeal to the SC AGAIN and if history serves as a barometer, he will win – after spending GOD knows how much more money to fund these appeal actions. This is just another governmental legal tactic to make the anti-Whitmer problem go away. They just want to wear out the private citizen into accepting their unconstitutional edicts. This is rank corruption where real law abiding victims are run through the financial and emotional ringer, while the dirtbags (anti-Trump travel ban orders) cases get heard right away. There needs to be judicial reform at all levels and in all courts!

Why couldn’t (rhetorical) the MI SC just rule in favor of the barber, and every other taxpaying victim and be done with it? The same goes for the DC “appeals” court in the Flynn v Sullivan case.

Yet the same Gov and others bend over backward to “appeal” to the “justified” demands of Antifa and BLM, but totally ignore and mock the really peaceful protest of her Michiganders who simply want to live in peace and resume their ability to make a living.

Yes, it is a “victory” for Mr. Manke, but ultimately and sadly a Pyrrhic victory. A Pyrrhic victory is better than a defeat, but it costs so much win so as to not be worth the fight in the first place.

phineas gage

Phil Murphy is now playing the role of Warden Ranken at the end of ‘Runaway Train’. He’s doomed, but there’s no turning back and he’s stubbornly riding it out to the end of the line.

Jimmy MacAfee

Business leaders are going to stage a coup in states (and cities) like that, or they’re gonna move. Either way, Murphy has just kicked the can from beneath him, and the rope is tightening.

A self-made choke-hold, with a self-tied rope.

phineas gage

Bill Owens is the contemporary black leader who comes the closest to following MLK’s original principles. Of course he is outraged by the race grievance industry charlatancs who, in the interests of self-aggrandizement, have perverted King’s ideas and trashed his legacy.

Rev. Al has his bullhorn warmed up for this weekend. I wonder if he will roll out Tawanna Brawley as a special guest?

phineas gage

Def Sec Esper has now gone rogue and ordered National Guardsmen in D.C. to disarm.

This would be the appropriate time to relieve Esper of duty and let him join Mattis on the book tour circuit.

All of the Antifa/BLM organizational focus is on D.C. this weekend, and they have the radical mayor fully in their employ. In their desperation they clearly want to create a Kent State moment.

The Guard must be armed and barricaded around the White House and all of the streets blocked with tanks. Let the rest of the city burn down.


Why can’t Trump get any good people (except for Grenell apparently) to run anything? I mean, geez, is Washington, DC so devoid of people of character that the president can’t get a few score of people who are loyal to America and follow his orders without politicalizing everything?

Sadly that seems to be the case.


I’ve stated repeatedly… Trump needs to fire all those who have submitted the losers names that have gone thru his admin. Kushner comes to mind. Start listening to those that have supported and those that have been EFFECTIVE in his admin, like Grenell. Get the Nunes, Jordon, Radcliff, Flynn, Grenell etc etc suggestions for vacancies… STOP listening to swampers, moles and traitors…

its a war…

phineas gage

Yes, it is. The Deep State runs that town through and through.

Jimmy MacAfee

Esper is a joke.

phineas gage

The good news is that, based on this statement, Michael Flynn is prepared to reengage in the fight:

Jimmy MacAfee

The evil Governor Whitless will undoubtedly freak out and try some other draconian order (or in her case, ordure.) She just can’t stand being corrected.

Lt. Louise Einhorn in the Governor’s mansion, at your disservice.

phineas gage

I’ve come to the conclusion that Whitmer really isn’t that bright. Smart leftists are dangerous, but she isn’t one of them. She’s a Nazi stooge.

phineas gage

Agree about the old leftist, but after he struck his head he should have been given prompt assistance first by the cops and then medical personnel.

When I first saw the video I thought there was a very good chance that he could have suffered an intracranial hemorrahge.

M Allen

Man pops hit the deck hard.


Its a tough call… The old guy put himself in that position. The obvious is the police were moving the crowd back, establishing a wider perimeter. He walked up on them., was yelled at to back up and didn’t. The cops gave him a push and the old guy couldn’t keep his legs under himself and fell backwards. He knew he was going to get pushed and he wanted to get famous.

The cops… when the media and politicals are all screaming and blaming the cops for everything on them, just what do you think their reacting will end up being?? They are human too, prone to mistakes like all of us. They’re trying to follow orders and know full well they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

They blame for the old guys injuries lay at his own feet. The cops called EMS which was likely very close by and the cops don’t carry medical supplies and you are not supposed to move a fall victim if you do not have training. IMO… they did the right thing. Otherwise the old fart could claim the cops further injured him by attempting to give him medically aide without having prpoer medical training. Can’t win…

Its a war… treat it as such

phineas gage

I think the main complaint is the optics of the cops just striding past the bleeding old man. It would not have been hard for several of them to cordon off an area around him while they waited for EMS to arrive.


Damned if you do damned if you dont… There is no winning with commies and their media. IMO, I didn’t see anything wrong. I’ll defend the cops here.


The media shows everything in a slant to their narrative. Same reason why I think the President should stop having pressers. They take a snippet of what he says and twists into a pretzel logic answer that suits their needs.

Stop feeding the animals. Hold you tongue and walk away. Let ’em stew n their own juices.

Jimmy MacAfee

No real attempts to resuscitate victims of police suffocations, were there? There’s a pattern that needs changing.

The old joke was no threat. He was unwise, but he was not a threat. Should have tried to help him up, and failing that, taking care of him until help arrived. Arrogant old fart pushed over by a few Bluebullies. Most cops in small cities would not have done this.

Several years ago, an old man (84 years old?) was attacked while visiting our city for his daughter’s wedding; some stupid kids had been saying that they were gonna punch out the next one they saw (white person, presumably.) One of them struck the man, he fell and hit his head on the curb and died. I don’t see much difference between the two events.


Evidently only medical personnel can help a person down, but there’s also video that’s been left out of fake news of one of the cops helping him.

phineas gage
phineas gage

Yes, politics aside, we have become a much less civil nation over the past several decades, and that includes respect for elderly people.

In Southeast Asia where I lived for several years, this sort of behavior is unthinkable.

Jimmy MacAfee

If you’re gonna poke at the police, expect them to push back?

AS I predicted, Law Enforcement in places where they’re being severely curtailed are voting with their feet. The Emergency Response Team is doing just that.

Lots of smaller cities have a need for good Law Enforcement; if you’re near retirement, take it and come to where you’re appreciated. (Note: if you’re corrupt and take bribes, or think people are just made to abuse, never mind: we want the good ones, who are sick of the corruption and idiot mayors.)

For people who want to defund PDs, I have a better idea: let the police use a reduction in force for City Halls and private residences of the mayors and council-creatures. Cut the budget by sparing scarce resources for people who appreciate Law Enforcement.


Of course, we need policing. That’s why the proposals to defund the police want to divert those funds into social organizations. Some of these could be civic-minded citizens, willing to help protect the communities. They would be irregulars, but probably need some kind of way to identify themselves as somebody to trust. Perhaps the year could all wear the same color shirt- brown? Black? We’ll figure it out.

Jimmy MacAfee

Strzok is not available, as he still (allegedly) works for the CIA; Little Miss Moffett won’t remove him, because…well, go figure!

phineas gage

Strzok is one that I think is singing to Durham, along with Bruce Ohr, James Baker, and Bill Priestap.

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