Lightfoot to Wal-Mart: Please Stay so we can do it to you all Over Again in November

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for this call. – Chicago’s radical Mayor Lori Lightweight, er, Lightfoot refused to allow her police department to effectively put down the mass riots that have taken place in her city over the past 11 days. She also refused to activate the National Guard to provide assistance to the police department before the rioting had done hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and resulted in multiple deaths, over and above the 50-60 murders that take place in her city every month.

Lightfoot and her city council are, to put it simply, active enemies of the people in Chicago, and as such, they are active enemies of the businesses who serve those people. They are radical leftists who care nothing about people’s lives and livelihoods, and everything about obtaining and wielding political power for their own personal gain. That is who and what they are.

So it was that she had a pretty tough story to tell when she held a conference call on Friday with leaders of Wal-Mart and other big retailers whose stores she personally allowed to be looted, vandalized and destroyed in the days since the death of George Floyd. The worthless, subversive Mayor admitted that she “pleaded” with these business leaders not to abandon Chicago. One can only wonder what her messages of assurance might have been, especially to Wal-Mart, which reportedly lost 7 stores to Lightfoot’s own mismanagement.

After the past 11 days, there of course can be no rational business case to be made for Wal-Mart or any other business with the means to get out to remain in Chicago, given that the city’s government has obviously abandoned all pretense of doing anything real to provide civic security. But of course, most of those businesses will reopen, no doubt based on false assurances from Lightfoot, only to see it happen all over again in November after President Donald Trump wins his re-election.

Because that’s coming, and it’s coming in a very big way.

Back in 2018, as the Democrat Party was actively fomenting and staging “abolish ICE” riots in Los Angeles and other Democrat-controlled cities, I wrote about America’s new reality, which is the fact that one of our two major political parties now sees rioting, looting and burning cities as just another tool of politics. Of course, that Party has trended in that direction since the 1960’s, but in modern times its leaders have become quite open and frank about it.

Think about it: Over the past week we have seen the spectacle of Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi participating in the violent demonstrations in front of the White House in which more than 60 Secret Service agents have been injured. We have had the abject refusal by Democrat mayors all over the country to allow their police departments to protect the citizenry and quell the riots. We have seen the mayor of Washington, DC endorse the riots by painting “Black Lives Matter” – the name of one of the domestic terrorist groups who have fomented and conducted the riots – on a two block stretch of 17th Street near the White House.

Even more telling is what we have not heard from Democrat leaders. We have not heard a single one of them condemn the rioting. We have not heard a single one of them disavow their support for Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We have not heard a single one of them say a word about the tragic deaths of a dozen or more black lives, including retired Police Captain David Dorn in St. Louis, as a result of these riots.

Any astute business leader at Wal-Mart or any of the other major retailers who saw their shops destroyed by these Democrat-sponsored riots would summarily reject any appeal from Lightfoot to stick around and go through it all again in a few months. But they will all no doubt accede to her pleas, due mainly to political pressure, even as their insurance and paid security costs skyrocket, and the flight out of the city by most sane people dramatically reduces their customer base in the months and years to come.

Because Democrats destroy everything they touch, and if you’re doing business in Chicago, they’re touching you in a very big way.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Cities that do not protect business will have less business. Insurance rates will go up. Businesses will be reluctant to move to urban areas with Liberal Governments. Businesses will not move to areas where crime is allowed. Blue Cities expect less Walmarts, Starbucks, Walgreens, Targets, Super Markets, Whole Food Markets, etc. You want your city and America to look like War Time Beirut or today’s Syria – REAP THE WHIRLWIND! DEMOCRATS ARE A CANCER!

Jimmy MacAfee

Rectal cancer.


Let’s have a moment of remembrance of the 76th Anniversary of “D” Day.

I offer prayers and thanks for all who sacrificed on that and on succeeding days.

phineas gage

Agreed. It is just a shame that the Left is sullying the day with their antics in D.C.

They represent everything those men on D-Day fought and died to defeat.


Re: Lori Lightfoot.

In the past, didn’t politicians (of both or all sexes) at least have to appear physically appealing and be somewhat charismatic (Biden?) to get votes and win elections? I guess most Dem voters will vote Dem for anyone no matter what, I could go on with the other voting prejudices…

At least Bill and Barack looked appealing and were made to appear intelligent, charismatic and “presidential”. Now that apparently is not required.

phineas gage

In a Democrat machine city like Chicago, they could elect the Elephant Man.


A nice class action lawsuit with the cities, mayors, city councils and governors named as defendants would be good start. Failure to provide protection of citizens and their property, malfeasance of office, aiding and abetting arson and looting would be a good start.

Surely there is a lawyer out there with the cojones and the desire to make them squirm and face their victims in court.


Tucker publicly identified the area of focus that is currently being pushed hard now. by the leftist.

The enemy isn’t going to give up. The Destroyer is on afterburner right now because time for him is very short. Hes seeking to do as much damage as possible before hes reigned in and is tossed into the lake of fire.

Its a war….


And to top it off, the corrupt mayor of Chicongo told the citizens of said city they should not use their personal firearms to defend self and property, but rather, call the police! WTF?! In the middle of a city wide riot she thinks the police will just trot over to somebody’s home and prevent the crime? What a maroon,


A maroon??? No… What an evil lying parasite is more like it…

phineas gage

Also, following all the destruction in Democrat cities permitted and encouraged by Democrat mayors, the inexecrable Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey is now demanding federal aid for recovery.

They are not going to get their money–they can stand in their burned out cities and deal with the problems they created themselves. And the blues-state governors are not going to be getting their federal bailouts. The economic recovery news yesterday made that certain.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d suggest that the only aid given in those cities should be for the store owners whose businesses were burnt out, and they can then choose whether or not to move to better cities where Dims don’t run things. If the business owners choose to leave, the feds could confiscate their abandoned dwellings and bulldoze them, and leave them unbuilt as a reminder.

I suspect most business owners would take the money and run. Betrayal is a hard thing to get over.


Would love to see that happen as you describe.

However if they choose to stay the federal government will not repair their losses a second time in the future. The same goes for all these people who get FEMA money to rebuild their coastal property when a hurricane wipes them out. If you are going to stay in a known potential disaster zone, then you must assume the risk.

phineas gage

Per your point, Laura Ingraham had a guest on last night who pointed out that all six of the Weather Underground principles have now been adopted in full by the Democrat Party.

That would the organization of Bill Ayers, the Svengali of Barack Obama.


Good news:

“Cops quit en masse in response to the Buffalo, NY suspension”:

“In response, all 57 members of the Buffalo Police Department’s emergency response team quit the unit “in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,” said John Evans, Police Benevolent Association president, according to WGRZ.”

This needs to happen all over the country especially in the blue cities.

And these Democratic Mayors and Councils want to dismantle and shut down via defunding their police departments?

Thirty years ago I lived near a small town in PA where a teacher’s strike lasted from September thru February or March (six months!), and somehow the students and community survived WITHOUT the Teachers. This spring the entire country and all the captive children survived without teachers and schools for the last two or three months of this school year.

A town or city can’t go more than two weeks without garbage collection; can’t really survive long without water and sewer service, and as the riots are showing, can’t survive without an effective AND SUPPORTED police force/presence.

So go ahead and hamstring and defund your police and first responders and see how that works for your political careers, your city and its future.

There must be a method to their madness, as no sane or responsible leader would do this to their own nest.

Could it be that all “mail in” ballots are already “mailed in” and “processed” and the reelection victory results are all set to be announced when their elections (virtually none of these cretans are up this year) in 2021, 2022, and 2023? It wouldn’t surprise me. There is no way ALL these pols would sacrifice their political future by doing this unless there was a coordinated (colluded) payoff, an endgame where they don’t lose. These political animal radicals are not stupid, nor are they Kamikazes.

They are products of Dem controlled political machines and academe, but they also are snowflakes and would fold like a cheap Chinese suitcase if real pressure were put upon them – someone very powerful is supporting and pushing and causing this tipping point anarchy right now.

President Trump and AG Barr needs to make this the Left’s Waterloo.


Get it right gentlemen (of the press) “The police are not there to create disorder; they’re there to preserve disorder”. Chicago Mayor Daily quote just after the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Lightweight’s police did and are doing just that.

From the Cub’s victory song: Hey Chicago, what do you say…” do you miss the two Daily mayors and their machine yet? And I thought Rahm Emmanuel (D) Clinton hack was bad – shish.

Jimmy MacAfee

Daley gave shoot to kill orders.

“…shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand … and … to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting any stores in our city.” (this is in Wikipedia, a source I’m loathe to use. But I heard an interview with someone (can’t remember who) who had known Daley and he said it was the hardest decision he’d ever made.

Lightfoot is a featherweight compared to Daley, regardless of his other issues.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Following the riots, Chicago experienced a food shortage, and the city’s needs were barely met by volunteers bringing food to the area. Results of the riots include the increase in pace of the area’s ongoing deindustrialization and public and private disinvestment. Bulldozers moved in to clean up after the rioters, leaving behind vacant lots, many of which remain today. No clashes of this magnitude have happened in the United States since 1968.[3]”

Again, consider the source – but look at what we’ve been predicting on this site for some time, and it matches with historical events.

Food shortages and private disinvestment. As this relates to the article posted by Dave.

Jimmy MacAfee

The military had been called in.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Haircut”-Lightfoot went to a beautician when others couldn’t – well, that beautician should be sued for malpractice! Look at the head on that…ummmm…. woman? I’ve seen better haircuts on porcupines!

In Chitcago, Black Lives Antimatter doesn’t give a rip about the black-on-black murders and violence. Nope. BLA.

Black Lives Matter joins up with the foo-foo ANTIFA and becomes Black Lives Antimatter. You read it here first.

Jimmy MacAfee

If I were a major Walmart stockholder, I’d be on the phone to the executives: “Out of Chicago. Now.” To hell with Lightfoot. And BowWowser the ugly mutt Mayor of the District of Corruption.

Let’s see the Mayor of DC, the utterly vapid BowWowser, fiddle when Bezos’ operation in Herndon, Loudon, Fairfax burns, as the rioters decide to leave the lower income areas and other high profile areas like the Whitehouse; you can see what happens already, when the looters go to gated communities – (something that I have repeatedly predicted on this site) – and they don’t have the guards to keep their Starbucks from being burned down.

Oh, then the rich liberals start to scream and beg for mercy: “We’re on your side! We’re on your side!”

“Radical Chic” all over again. If you haven’t read it, buy it. A physical copy.
Wanna see a great interview? Informative and HIGHLY entertaining!

jack johnson

Many don`t remember that Chicago was one of the cities that refused to allow Walmart stores into their neighborhoods. The activists claimed they were ghetto wage sweat shops.
My how times have changed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Curtis Sliwa asked a good question about Baltimore, Detroit: no riots there? They learned a lesson, not to burn your own resources. History repeats itself, though: as many have pointed out, this is a rehash of the 60s. Different faces (mostly) but same types of organizations.

Now the rioters are turning their attention to more lucrative venues. As happened before. All this in the video.

phineas gage

Yes, but history repeats itself as farce, as we are now seeing.

The thugs in New York broke Sliwa’s jaw.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, but he held them off – a few of them against hundreds.


Diversity is not strength. Disparity is not racist. Contempt is not hate. Different abilities cause different results.

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