America Needs New “Experts” in Every Field

This week we witnessed the spectacle of so-called “expert” economists – men and women supposedly revered in their field – being humiliated by the Labor Department’s jobs report for May. These “experts” weren’t just wrong, they were more wrong than any group of experts in their field have ever been.

The consensus of those “experts” going into Friday was that the U.S. economy had shed more than 8 million jobs during the month of May and that the new rate of unemployment would approach 20%. They based that expectation on careful study and analysis, along with their collected wisdom gathered over years of experience in the field of economics.

Yet, when the numbers came in, it turned out that the phenomenal Trump economy had actually added jobs during May. And not just a few jobs, mind you, nor even a few thousand jobs. The economy added 2.51 million jobs in May, more than the U.S. economy had ever added in any month since records began to be kept. Rather than  rising up to 20%, the rate of unemployment in fact dropped dramatically to 13.3%.

Why did this happen? Part of it has to do with the fact that, over the past few months, the U.S. has been sailing in uncharted economic waters as it has dealt with it’s first-ever voluntarily self-imposed recession.The simple fact of the matter is that no one really knew going in how our or any other nation’s economy would react to the insane manner in which we have responded to this viral gift from China.

But the other part of it in the economic field is political bias among the economist community, at least those who are surveyed by the corrupt national news media, almost all of whom are leftist Democrats. Their bias is to assume that the Trump economic program will be disastrous, which is why these “experts” have been surprised by almost every monthly jobs report for the last 3-1/2 years. Their consensus projections have consistently underestimated the monthly jobs reports, just as they consistently overestimated pretty much every one during the 8 disastrous years of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obviously, our corrupt media establishment should be surveying a more diverse set of economists to make these “consensus” projections.

Equally obvious is our country’s need for a more expert group of medical “experts,” particularly when it comes to the field of control of communicable diseases. Literally every prediction made by the two “experts” upon whom President Trump relied during this response to the Wuhan Virus – Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx – has turned out to be just as spectacularly wrong as this week’s projection by our economic “experts.” These two doctors, along with the equally inept meatheads at the Centers for Disease Control, are mainly responsible for having put more than 30 million Americans out of work and for our nation’s school children’s likely loss of a full year of learning.

Just as the media needs to rely on a more diverse set of economic “experts,” our government needs to gather together a much more diverse set of medical “experts” the next time China sends a viral plague to our shores.

No group of “experts” has been more consistently surprise than those in the oil and gas field over the past few months. Just a month ago, there is not one single “expert” in that field who believed the price for a barrel of West Texas Intermediate would be anywhere above $20. Yet, there it sits today, right on the cusp of $40 months before any “expert” thought that might be possible.

Similarly, the “experts” in the field of “climate change” have been completely and consistently wrong about literally everything since that field of quasi-science was invented out of whole cloth in the 1980s. It was the biggest scam in world history until the whole “Russia Collusion” scam was devised by the Clinton campaign and the FBI in 2016.

The field of education literally cries out for new experts in every discipline and at every level. America’s public schools are just mills of mediocrity and its universities little more than operations of Marxist indoctrination, and have been for decades now.

America needs new experts, hopefully some real ones. The “experts” we rely on today are killing us.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Unintended consequences and turnarounds:

-Fake Russia hoax morphed into Ukraine delusion, then the Bidens were snagged up like a gill-caught fish.

-Hidden impeachment documents proved President’s innocence, and thus proved guilt of Adam Schiff and Mark Warner.

-COVID changed the subject from impeachment, but riots made people not give a rat’s patoottie about COVID-what?

-Medical journals that went out of their way to promote false narratives and unverifiable research made themselves as believable as the NY Slimes and CNN. Loss of credibility is a bit thing with these types, and they just spent their last ounce.

-Most African Americans aren’t blaming Trump for any of this – popularity is 40% in AA community.

-Americans of all types were threatened with COVID, so they stopped getting unnecessary procedures and taking unnecessary drugs; doctors with a shred of sense were aghast at the politicization of hydroxychloroquine by Pig Pharma and the news media: as a result of no business and being tormented, many physicians are now in open revolt, having been pressured in the past to prescribe dangerous, useless drugs, and now being told to avoid prescribing lifesaving drugs. A fissure is not just a crack in the bum; it’s appearing between ethical docs and a corrupted medical system.

-Pretty soon, those who sabotaged our economy, and especially their own states’ economies will be begging for handouts, and no one will care.

It’s all working out, one way or another. The experts will continue to tell you the sky is falling, when it is only falling on them.


Any time somebody brings up the panicdemic, i just say the experts got it all wrong and we are all paying for it now and leave it that. No ranting or raving, just that one. simple sentence. And the person I’m talking to looks stunned and has nothing else to say. Occasionally I get an agreement, but never an argument as to why I am wrong, because they all deep down know the truth as well.

My surgeons nurse told me she has two friends who lost their businesses to this [email protected] She’s on the bandwagon with the rest of us.

May the experts all rot in H ell!



Where did you find a picture of Pixie Brixie, AKA the Scarf Queen sans scarf?

She must have felt naked (a gruesome picture i know and I’m sorry if that thought or image makes anyone here nauseous) in that picture next to her fossilized boyfriend Fluki.


Many years ago Rush was the first I heard speaking of this phenomena of all these ‘experts’ being so wrong for so long.

No doubt a similar group of sociology ‘experts’ are advising the leftist mayors and city councils that now is a good time to gut police departments in order to cure systemic ‘racism’ and end the concept of “White Privilege”. They probably also were the same ones pushing the concept of Affirmative Action and Racial Quotas as a means to cure all of society’s ills.

Speaking of Meatheads, you can add polling and election ‘experts’ to your list; remember how all the election prognosticators and political science ‘experts’ were so wrong with Walking Eagle and about the ‘expert’ analysis of the “Walls Always Closing In” on Trump and hi can’t recover from this, that or the other contrived error for the last three plus years?

And, until Trump, both political parties hired the same clump of ‘experts’ to run their respective campaigns and all of them lost half the time.

Trump won, not with ‘experts’ and their pathetic suck up to the minorities’ collective ass advice, but by giving GOP and independent minded voters a real contrast, a real reason to vote for a difference maker, by working hard and by being smart and strategic with the way he campaigned.

Another thing the ‘experts’ never saw coming was a businessman who made promises could actually win the presidency, and then he would actually keep his promises – a totally foreign concept in the District of Corruption.

I saw that Biden ‘clinched’ the nomination yesterday, or recently; amazing how little mention of primary voting is being reported which must mean that enthusiasm for voting for unopposed Trump is dwarfing Biden’s unopposed numbers. Not that it’s a big deal right now, since both were running unopposed for months, but we know that if Trump was doing poorly relative to Biden, we would hear all about it.

And no bigger ‘expert’ than the legend in his own mind ‘the One’ stated categorically that manufacturing jobs were not ever coming back and we should learn to code.




The thoughts in this article need to be more widely distributed.


I was just ruminating yesterday and today that what we have is a failure of leadership in most of our institutions. It is how I sum up how Donald Trump became President. His ascension was a rebuke to a mediocre (at best) political class.

This essay is essentially a parallel argument. There is no major institution that has done well this year in maintaining credibility. It’s not just that the Public Heath experts were wrong–many of them now claim that protesting a political cause beloved by bien pensants should be an exception to the draconian COVID lockdown policies of Blue America.

phineas gage

As far as the ‘experts’ are concerned, it is liberals talking to liberals in glass bubbles, telling each other what they want to hear. It’s been that way for decades. They’ve been consistently wrong about nearly everything and keep promoting each other up the ladder in their world. They are soon going to find out that nobody is listening anymore.

The one who is consistently right, on the economy and virtually everything else, is Donald Trump. Since the entire media mindset is Orange Man Bad, they are going to keep stepping on rakes.

phineas gage

DB, how much of the astounding 2.5 million jobs number do you think involved the recovery of the oil industry (fracking jobs et. al.) as the price rebounded?


Its funny when the people on this site and other conservative sites are right more often than wrong. Maybe if Trump needs ‘expert’ advice he should look to the wisdom this site puts forth and act on that. I’ve advocated constantly that Trump needs to look past the swamp to get good advice and people to help him…

marty lopez

Well let’s hope Trump at least has people who monitor and assess conservative public opinion


To your point Brian,

I just wrote the following (shown below in part) to the president and his campaign staff:

“… I also consistently comment on Dave Blackmon’s DB Update Blog which is posted on the “Whatfinger” conservative news aggregation website (alternative to what the “Drudge Report” used to be). My comment name is “Gregg” and he has posted a dozen or more of my written articles on his blog which “Whatfinger” also prominently posts. I use my full name in my articles.

Hopefully the President’s campaign staff is monitoring all sites to keep abreast of all opinions, and suggestions, both positive and negative, and develops strategy to use the suggestions or respond appropriately to the criticisms…”

The full letter is being sent back to the various GOP and Trump campaign donation requests (about 25 individual mailings so far) that have been mailed to me in the last year or so. Included in the response is a copy of, or an actual $20 Trump $20 bumper sticker that Dave posted about a month ago.

Hopefully one of the campaign’s volunteer letter openers will forward it and our ideas to a decision make in Trump’s orbit.

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