The Evening Wrap: So Much WINNING, Bad Polls for Dems and the Sad Truth About the Generals

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – In response to today’s incredible May jobs report, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed up by more than 800 points, closing above 27,000 for the first time since March. The Dow has now regained almost 85% of its initial losses suffered due to the insane response to the Wuhan Virus.

Meanwhile, the NASDAQ gained almost 200 points, closing at 9,814, a new all-time high.

It’s key to remember that May’s jobs gains were achieved despite the fact that two of the nation’s three largest state economies – California and New York – remain mostly shut-down. Those two states, along with New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois, other Democrat dominated states that remain mostly closed, represented almost 40% of the national economy prior to the advent of COVID-19. If the Democrat governors of those states insist on maintaining their politically-motivated shutdowns into and through the summer, a good portion of that previous economic might will migrate to “free states” like Texas, Ohio and Florida.

While those of us in the free states would love to have the added economic might, the migrants who come with it need to leave their Democrat voting habits behind.

Because lies are all he has at his disposal. – Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden, responding to today’s fantastic jobs report, told an audience that Hispanic unemployment had shot up to 37%. In reality, the rate among Hispanics dropped to 17.6%. But who’s counting, right?

Golly, who do you think might have done this (Antifa, BLM)? – A 600,000 square foot Amazon warehouse went up in flames today in Redlands, California. So, a whole bunch of cheap crap made in China is no longer for sale.

Polls? What polls? – The latest Rasmussen survey finds that Black support for President Donald Trump has rocketed up to 40% as millions of African Americans have seen their neighborhoods looted, vandalized and burned by “peaceful protesters.” Funny how that works.

Meanwhile, a new YouGov poll finds that just 16% of those surveyed support the whole “defund the police” movement now being pushed by Democrat radicals in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and other big cities. From a piece in the California Globe:

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he was cutting $150 million from the police department budget and would give it to communities of color instead,” California Globe reported. Across the country, Democrats are calling for police departments to be abolished entirely or defunded.

Garcetti, who was photographed taking a knee in with black leaders, even said he will put a moratorium on adding names of people into the CalGang database.

Garcetti’s handlers and pollsters may want to reconsider. A YouGov poll found “despite calls by activists and protesters to defund police departments, most Americans do not support reducing law enforcement budgets. Close to two-thirds (65%) oppose cutting police force funding. Just 16 percent of Democrats and 15 percent of Republicans support that idea.”

The poll was conducted from May 29 – 30, George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, but before the worst of the rioting in America’s big cities.

The poll also found strong bipartisan support for more training for police officers on how to de-escalate conflicts and avoid using force: 94% support among Democrats; 83% support among Republicans. A similar number of Democrats (91%) and Republicans (82%) support outfitting all police officers with body cameras.



In related news, the loudmouths on the Minneapolis city council who were spouting off about de-funding the police on Twitter and in press conferences yesterday suddenly backed off, and were set to consider limited measures that would ban the police using choke holds and require by-standing officers to step in to stop fellow officers they see using excessive force. Those are common-sense measures that most Americans actually support.

As always, we see Democrats making every decision they make based on polling data. It’s pathetic, really.

If you want to understand the real reason why these retired generals and admirals dislike and fear President Trump, first understand that they pretty much all sit on boards of big defense contractors and are becoming fabulously wealthy doing that and writing books, like the one General James Mattis is hawking right now.

Now, consider the fact that today, President Trump announced that he will be pulling 9,500 U.S. troops out of Germany and bringing them back home, just the latest step in his ongoing campaign to end such senseless and unnecessary wastes of billions of defense dollars all over the globe. We have had thousands of troops stationed in Eastern Europe since the end of WWII, ostensibly to protect Germany and other countries from an invasion by the Soviet Union, a country that hasn’t existed for 30 years.

Germany is a wealthy, industrialized country that is fully capable of paying for its own defense, and should be required to do so. But the military/industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about as he left office in 1960 continues to lobby hard to keep us spending hundreds of billions annually on these foolish endeavors.

Trump’s America first policies are not, as Mattis dishonestly contends, any threat to U.S. national security, but they are a threat to his and many other retired generals’ and admirals’ efforts to cash in at the ends of their careers.

I don’t at all like saying that about these men who have served this country for many years, but it’s the truth, and a damn sad one.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Not a fire expert, but it looked pretty intense and widespread to be an accident. Warehouses, stores, and public buildings have massive sprinkler systems designed to keep a pallet fire or a trash can or other fire contained.

Just a little too coincidental, although I don’t know of a specific beef the terrorists would have with Bezos except him being white, successful and you, the whole privilege thing. But then again, none of the targets they trash make any sense except to loot.


No word on what started the fire at the Amazon warehouse. Reports of injured employees. May not be connected any rioters/arsonists.


LMAO 4Chan trolled some BLM virtue signalling white women to shave their heads!


Real tragedy about the Amazon fire; but they got the wrong JB asset.

Absolute tragedy about what happened at headquarters in Atlanta. Shocking and sad I tell you, but we must, must, must! protect the rights of these “peaceful protestors” to peacefully assemble and air their grievances, always, all the time.

CA has a lot off.. that could be… and no one would cry… just sayin’


I give all of the 87,000 thumbs up I’ve saved to yourself and Rick…

Thank you gents for your service….


As a veteran, I fully support the Military and its people. But understand our military, any country’s military is just a microcosm of its population. Therefore it is going to have its share of excellent patriots and heroes and its share of slackers and morons. On my ship we called them the ten percenters, sick bay commandoes, and other derogatory terms, Every military is saddled with them at all levels of leadership for a variety of reasons. In our case today, most of the political admirals and generals have been promoted to their status by our last two worst presidents – very similar to the political judges they have appointed to the courts the past three decades.

So, just like with the police departments, I ask for respect for the police and the military as an institution, but recognize and accept the fact that every cop and every soldier, sailor and airman does not automatically walk on water just because they wear a uniform,,

Rick Church

Generals all too often start believing their own press and think they are above the civilian Chain of Command. In this case it is President Trump. In the 50’s it was General MacArthur coming up against President Truman who ended up relieving him. It is also a testament to General MacArthur’s greatness that he accepted his relief as a true military professional. In stark contrast Generals Mattis, Allen, Hayden, Adm. McRaven and others have shown themselves to be not so professional and in some cases sounding like disgruntled privates. Had anyone of these officers had such a disloyal subordinate in their command they would have relieved them on the spot. I understand they are retired but as a retired officer myself I can tell you they have not to my knowledge resigned their commissions therefore it is incumbent on them to act in accordance with the UCMJ. They are a disgrace…period.


Agree in general Rick, but MacArthur, while he didn’t run against Truman (Harry opted not to run for a second full term which he was eligible for), he did seek the presidency and lost the primary to Ike.

Gen. McClellan was fired by Lincoln and ran against him in1864 and lost in a landslide.

In the late forties, there was an event called “The Revolt of the Admirals” (also against Truman) over the funding and acquisition of aircraft carriers and other weapons systems. It raged for a longtime and was largely resolved by the outbreak of Korean War in 1950 where the navy’s role was recognized and galvanized.

And these military men weren’t ass kissing PC generals and admirals politically promoted to convert the military into a political social leftist petri dish experiment, they were combat veterans who led men in a life and death struggle in a declared war that we actually won. The Korean war proved the wisdom of most of their points of view, but many were soon relieved like MacArthur for insubordination.

One of the many reasons our constitutional republic has survived is because the military is subordinated to elected and appointed civilian control, which has almost certainly eliminated the opportunity for a military led coup which so plagues many third world banana republics.

You have to go four deep in the chain of command to get to an active duty military person:

President and Vice President: Elected
Secretary of Defense, and the individual service branch secretaries: Appointed

And even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the individual branch service Chiefs, and virtually every two star and above appointment or promotion is appointed and approved by the elected senate.

The fact that people like former Sec Def. Mattis can say and do what he does and did is only conferred upon him by our Frist Amendment.. Don’t forget in most Banana Republics, a Mattis type would be arrested, tried and probably shot within a week…

And don’t forget BJ Clinton actually sent out orders – not guidelines – on what military people of all ranks could or couldn’t say about Clinton or his administration. Like campaign finance laws, they weren’t and aren’t really enforced, but are available for retribution purposes against certain – oh, call them whistleblowers – people who, shall we say – pose a problem…

Another case for getting even more equal protection under the law for everyone, not just certain favorites of a certain political party.


This is the retarded stuff we have to listen to and deal with here. Coupled with a completely feckless opposition. Want an example of what NOT to do then look North. Canukistan is pretty much lost.

For our great neighbours to the South… Its a war. Not only is your life and liberty on the line this Nov but also the the impact on the rest of the ‘western’ nations. Your fight will bolster the fight back or pave the way to defeat of western values and freedoms.

The communists are playing for keeps and will not let up.


I have always wondered why we pay the host country (Germany, Japan and South Korea for example) to base our troops (targets) there. These “allies” will never help, or be able to help, us – even if they wanted to – in any meaningful way. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO 1954-1977) was a one way “alliance”. It should be the other way around – they should be paying the whole cost of having our troops stationed there.

Some lib think thimble said about fifteen years ago that it costs about a million dollars a year to base each soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. We have about 25,000 troops (targets) in South Korea.

Feel free to cut the check every year for $2,500,000,000 – payable to the US Treasury Mr. Moon Jae-in. Same for you Ms. Angela Merkel, Shinzo Abe and any other leader of any other wealthy country who often refuse to help us when we need them to, um, I don’t know, ACUALLY enforce a UN Security resolution – like in 2003.

Also, many of these countries are questionably ‘trading’ partners whose products often undercut or make US products too costly to make and sell at home and abroad. It is the worst of both worlds – paying to protect countries who are, at least to some degree, hurting our US based manufacturing companies.

According to the 2019 World Almanac, US Military deployment worldwide (the top eight not including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan):
Germany: 34,821
South Korea: 24,915
Italy: 12,766
United Kingdom: 9,184
Bahrain: 4,173
Spain: 3,680
Kuwait: 2,036

Plus under 2,000 troops in a couple of dozen other countries like Turkey and Egypt.

Most of these personnel are housed on established bases which we spent our money, in most cases, to build and maintain. Some are necessary for logistic and operational support; most are not. Example: We were kicked out of the Philippines about thirty years ago, Guam (of Rep Hank Johnson (D) “tipping over” fame) and other bases serve our needs just fine.

President Trump wants strategic and cost effective (Greenland) bases for the benefit of AMERICA FIRST and FOREMOST, and by extension, our actual and supposed allies – not the other way around.

Keep bringing out troops home Mr. President

And close down most of these worthless Embassies and Consulates – they only get us in trouble like in Benghazi. Whatever benefit derived from basing largely anti American (Obamaite/Bidenite) ‘diplomats’ in turd-world schiftholes is not worth the security risks and the cost.


The mad-meuller report failed, the Ukraine thing failed, Impeachment failed, the scamdemic failed and the rioting will fail too… It doesn’t matter what they throw at thee Trump admin it is doomed to fail.

The next hair on fire event will be the ‘dictator’ narrative.

phineas gage

If that 40% figure you cite is anywhere near accurate, it is massive landslide time in November.

Between the scamdemic and their domestic terrorism operation, the Dems might have just shot both their feet and their genitalia off.

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