Friday News Roundup: Musk Shames Bezos, Whitmer Shames Herself and de Blasio is Just a Giant Shame

Elon Musk confronts Jeff Bezos: Bezos blinks. – Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter who has done yeoman’s work on Twitter exposing all the massive false information that has been spread about the Wuhan Virus by the government and the corrupt news media. His information has been quoted here many times over the past few months.

Berenson has just published a new book exposing these merchants of disinformation, titled “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns”:

Early yesterday, Amazon blocked Berenson’s book from being marketed on its site, citing non-existent “standards” that it does not apply anywhere else. Basically, Berenson was being blocked because his book does not conform to the propaganda being pushed by China and the WHO.

Berenson complained about it on Twitter, where Musk has obviously been following him. Musk responded by tweeting, “This is insane, @JeffBezos,” and “Time to break up @Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!”

Within a few hours, Amazon suddenly restored Berenson’s book to its platform, and a spokesman lamely explained that it had been block due to an “error.” Yeah, sure.

Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer again violates her own edicts. – Gretchen Whitmer, the aspiring banana republic dictator and barber-hater who currently serves as Governor in Michigan, has apparently decided that all of her stay-at-home and social distancing nonsense is completely optional.

On Thursday, she made that clear by doing this:

So, if you’re a protester or a looter or a rioter in Michigan, hey, no worries about all that social distancing and staying-at-home stuff! Frau Gretchen was just kidding.

He’s gone full AOC. Not a good look, Joe. – Joe Biden told a group of climate alarmists yesterday that he’s going all-in on the Green New Deal as a means of not just saving the earth, but also to solve all the problems of racial injustice.

No, I’m not kidding. From a report at the Washington Examiner:

In a virtual fundraiser on Thursday afternoon hosted by Climate Leaders for Biden, the former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate said addressing climate change is urgent “not just to stop the earth from warming, but to address the environmental injustices that have left so many low-income people and people of color more vulnerable to the coronavirus, to asthma and other respiratory problems, the effects of pollution,” according to a pool report.

Biden also touched on mass unemployment due to coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, saying that “creating millions, over 10 million good-paying jobs” while investing in clean energy is “an enormous opportunity to rebuild the backbone of this country.”

Addressing “a stimulus to create clean energy jobs that will spur the economic recovery,” Biden said that, “I think that we’re on our way, and we can be on our way to a significant economic recovery, not just to build back but to build back better. Building back what we had before this crisis is not enough.”

“Invest in jobs and the technology of the future,” Biden said. “The clean energy infrastructure is at the very top of the list.”


This is all Church of Climate Change dogma straight out of the Green New Deal, a collection of mindless shibboleths that have no basis in reality. But hey, Biden himself is out of touch with reality most days, so what else would we expect from him?

He’s under-shooting here. – Biden created a media kerfuffle for himself on Thursday at another event at which he was speaking to minority supporters. From a New York Times Report:

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. told a group of black supporters on Thursday night that most Americans were good people who think the nation can be improved, while also declaring that “there are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there that are just not very good people.”

Mr. Biden offered his estimate during remarks in which he spoke about the importance of a president setting a positive example for the nation on racial issues. He accused President Trump of dividing the country while pledging that, as president, he would not.

“The words a president says matter, so when a president stands up and divides people all the time, you’re going to get the worst of us to come out,” Mr. Biden said during the discussion, which was moderated by the actor Don Cheadle.

“Do we really think this is as good as we can be as a nation? I don’t think the vast majority of people think that,” the former vice president said. “There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there that are just not very good people, but that’s not who we are. The vast majority of the people are decent, and we have to appeal to that and we have to unite people — bring them together. Bring them together.”


Naturally, Biden’s critics jumped on the “10 to 15 percent” remark as if it is some sort of “basket of deplorables” moment, but that’s not going to fly. I doubt there is anyone in the United States who doesn’t believe that at least 15% of the population of this or any other country are “just not very good people.” If anything, Biden is underestimating here.

If you’re looking for ways to take Biden’s campaign out, look elsewhere because this cat don’t flush.

Hey, 2/3rds of them voted for the guy. – I found this incident to be highly ironic:

From the Breitbart piece:

The crowd booed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) during his appearance at Thursdays’s vigil for George Floyd, with some hurling expletives, demanding the Democrat politician to “get the f*ck out of here!”

While Rev. Kevin McCall urged the crowd to treat de Blasio with respect, the mayor did not receive an overwhelmingly warm welcome, as the audience inundated his appearance with boos and shouts of “get the fuck out of here,” “f*ck the mayor’s curfew,” and “shut the f*ck up.” Some reportedly turned their backs to the mayor:

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s speech at the memorial for George Floyd in Brooklyn was met with boos and jeers, despite requests from organizers for the crowd not to do so.

Embedded video

Let’s be honest here: New Yorkers get what they deserve in a mayor. In the 2013 election, they elected this giant Marxist boob over his Republican opponent by a margin of 73% to 24%. When he ran for re-election in 2017, after four years of abject failure and rampant nit-wittery, these same New York City voters gave him another four-year term by a margin of 67% to 28%.

According to NYC law, de Blasio is now term-limited out, but the reality is that if he could run for a third term, the very same people who tried to boo him off the stage on Thursday would overwhelmingly re-elect him again for the simple fact that he would have a “D” next to his name.

There is a word for the process of doing the same stupid thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. That word is “insanity,” and it perfectly describes the voter of New York City and other major cities that have been controlled by Democrat machine politics for many decades.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

I’m beginning to believe this is in fact what happened:

That would explain the initial panicked response of the ChiComs in Wuhan–they didn’t know which of their cooked-up viruses had escaped. Which means they have other Captain Trips varieties that are much, much worse…..


I think it was an accidental release, as in it just got away on them early. The Chineese have been working on it since at least 2017 when the Italian show Leonardo revealed it. The Chinese regime has been planning a long time for this and they do know that the ‘western’ laws can be used against us as can our sense of decency.

China has also been threatening of late to be opening more BioLevel 4 labs… so they are looking to escalate things, and they will, make no mistake. These are communists that have no problem killing thousands of people, which they demonstrated in the past and will do so in Hong Kong, if necessary.. They don’t play nice and you cannot negociate with them. The only thing they will respond to is overwhelming aggression against them. Its all communists know.

jack johnson

These riots could be Godsend for the Trump campaign. If there is an outbreak of the Coup Flu he can say the incompetent Dems mayors and Governors are responsible because they allowed the “peaceful protests” to occur. If someone dies that death is on them. He offered to help stop the riots.

If there are no outbreak of cases then he hammers lefty Fauci and the Dem mayors and governors for falsely shutting down the states and killing the economy.

Add the money and jobs to rebuild and replenish inventories it`s like a mini-stimulus. Talk about a win/win/win.


Giving Gropey Dopey Grifter Joe a run for the money…lol… watched it about 8 times already and its still funny…


So I’m curious why there is no accountability in the judicial system. It would appear that once a ‘jurist’ is appointed they are there for good regardless of how many times they get rulings overturned or obvious political bias’s nad/or just make up reasons for justifying their rulings.

There is the obvious like the Flynn judge thats about as unbias’d as Killery, and about as honest too. Then there are these judges that make rulings which are completely out in the open bias, with little attempts to really disguise it as non-bias’d.

It would seem to me a good idea that if a judge makes decisions that are regularly overturned, say x number in a year, that they would either be removed from the bench or be on some sort of ‘probationary’ period. If there is no accountability then there is no reason for them to not rule in any Constitutional manner. This would resort a modicum of faith in systems like the 9th circuit that sees a very large portion of their rulings overturned. Or such as the example below…

phineas gage

Musk is a significant weapon in the economic/cultural wars involving social media and on-line leviathans. He made his initial fortune via PayPal and he knows all these wanna-be monopolistic fascists inside and out. I think his stature and influence is only going to increase.


His personal stock is rising is fast as his rockets…seriously, when he ended our space program’s dependence on Russia to get people into orbit last week, Tesla’s stock jumped significantly. It was shame all of the civil unrest overshadowed that achievement. The entire nation could have celebrated.

phineas gage

The media would still have ignored it because it was a private sector rather than a government achievement.

I think Tesla is on the verge of remaking the auto industry as well. If the base model comes down in price to the $20,000 range, now you are talking about the modern day Model-T.

phineas gage

‘New York City and other major cities that have been controlled by Democrat machine politics for many decades.’

Except for the Guiliani interlude. New Yorkers could have learned a lesson, in light of being able to stroll through Central Park after dark in a civilized safe city, but they chose not to. Now it is much too late.


Its really bizarre. I feel sorry for those basically trapped in the cities because of economic reason, age, sociological or whatever. But I also have no sympathy for those that keep re-electing these destructive communists year after year.

What I don’t get are these people who grow up watching their parents vote the commies in and witness the destruction and hopelessness first hand, and then go vote the same commies in themselves. Ingesting poison isn’t going to get rid of the rats. What will it take for them to finally wake up??? Probably only the grace of God.

phineas gage

DeBlasio doesn’t care–he’s preparing his post-mayoral trajectory and this is all to the good for him.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, should read: “Whitmer soils herself.” Skidmark Queen Whitmer.

Most of America is mad at the killing of an unarmed man, but the issue isn’t race – it happened to another man 3 years ago, who was mentally ill and white: it is about a technique or techniques that are prone to cause damage (suffocation.)

Too many people watch MMA, and rear naked chokeholds, like the one they applied to a man in NYC, are unnecessary and dangerous. Bottom line. Most police will agree with this, because most are trained in Jiu )or Ju) Jitsu training. Not bad techniques, when they’re actually needed, but the emphasis on taking everything to the ground are not beneficial for each and every case, and a lot of other injuries occur.

Krav Mega warns against going to the ground – but that’s mostly a defensive technique against an attacker.


I would add to your comments that along with the techniques used being dangerous, its about the the application of force vs the crime being committed. The guy in NY was being arrested for selling Canadian bought cigarettes (a regulatory violation), and Floyd used a counterfeit $20 bill. Issue a citation with a fine and a court date, like a speeding ticket.


Shorted my name there :/

Off topic but you mention Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga. The subject of prepping often is intertwined in the comments here, stocking up on essentials, guns, ammo, etc. I would also add that if you are able, to get some instruction in some kind of martial art. I’ve been taking Hapkido for the last year and not only has it helped this mid 40s guy stay in shape, but has given me some additional tools to employ in keeping me and my family safe.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent move!

Jimmy MacAfee

Great link! Thanks for the lift!


“According to NYC law, de Blasio is now term-limited out, but the reality is that if he could run for a third term,…”

Well it sort of is the law – kind of, unless the incumbent wants to run for a third term. The same law was “on the books” in 2009, when Bloomberg decided that NYC just couldn’t function or survive without him, so he was made eligible to run for a third term.

If ever a third term was deserved, it was Giuliani who deserved a third term and he would have been reelected in 2001 by a wide margin.

I actually think de Bozo could be beaten in 2021 if he were to run because the horrible mayor Dinkins was beaten in 1993 by Rudy. The key would be the Republicans running someone decent and funding a competitive campaign and not running some sacrificial lamb or designated loser.


It is really good to see Musk finally pushing back against CA for keeping his car factory closed because of the fraud of CV-19 and now Bezos von WAPO of Amazon.

There has to be some ‘white hats’ somewhere in the elite business sector; some intelligence somewhere to fight back against this insanity. Because this is a fact: If the American economy collapses, many of these leftist billionaires will be made a lot poorer when no one can buy anything but food and shelter.

Are you listening Hollywood?

Jumper Bones

“…Green New Deal, a collection of mindless shibboleths that have no basis in reality.” So true! This is why I come to this site!

phineas gage

DB has a gifted way with words. That is why I love this site as well.


Here’s something I copied from the Pete Santelli Show promo page (Tried listening to him once, but he takes forever to get to the topic he’s promoting)

Insurrection Backfiring: Latino Gangs Go To War On Looters In Chicago – #1969-9 Latin Kings street gang aggressively purging their neighborhoods of “looters” in the suburbs of Chicago. In Cicero, Illinois over the past few days there were multiple shootouts and people were seen ramming trucks into looters’ cars. Two people were killed and 60 were arrested. Frankly, it’s hard to say how much of this was targeting “looters” versus just targeting anyone black who happened to be driving through, there seemed to be a mix of both.

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