“De-Fund the Police”: A Cancer on Our Society

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

So, now we’re de-funding the police. That’s the new mantra being pushed by the radical Democrat Party as it moves into what appears to be the end game of Barack Obama’s and Bernie Sanders’ promise to “transform this country.”

The terms “de-fund the police” or “dismantle the police” as it is being used in Minneapolis, are interchangeable. They are simply code for the goal of destabilizing American society by re-segregation and creating so much chaos in the nation’s cities that the government ultimately falls. Members of the Minneapolis city council were all over the place on Thursday spreading that message, along with Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for … wait for it… Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder. What a surprise, right? Fallon is a Director for a radical left group called “Demand Justice,” which has been pushing this concept for years now.

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, a self-loathing white leftist, tweeted that ““We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a transformative [that word again] new model of public safety.” She later told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that “she could imagine a scenario where the state’s investigation results in Minneapolis police eventually entering a receivership that restructures the department.”

Councilman Jeremiah Ellison – the son of Antifa and radical Islam-supporting Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison – tweeted that “And when we’re done, we’re not simply gonna glue [the department] back together. We are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety and emergency response.” Of course, “rethinking” public safety and emergency response means there will be none of either.

The concept the council is pushing would segregate the already-segregated city even further into a group of individual “communities,” and give “leaders” in each community the ability to determine how it is policed. This of course means that the poorest, mostly-minority neighborhoods in the city will fall into even more chaos than already exists, as the local race-baiters and gang leaders inevitably rise to seize the controls.

Yeah, you won’t have abusive bad cops coming in and often hassling young black men who are doing nothing wrong – you won’t have cops at all.  There will be no businesses left, because what idiot would try to run a business in a community in which looting will inevitably become an accepted way of life? As we have seen over the last 10 days, it already is accepted in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago and other Democrat-run cities around the country.

This “solution” will be great for the anti-Semite Ilhan Omar, whose district is overwhelmingly Somali Muslim immigrants and already largely a no-go zone run by Sharia Law enforcers. Dismantling the police and turning the department into basically just another social worker program will permanently institutionalize that paradigm and guarantee Omar a lifetime in congress. Meanwhile, the Somali American women who came to this country expecting equal protection under the law will be doomed to lives of subservience and abuse. This is not something that America should allow to exist.

This concept is already in place in France and other parts of Europe, having been pushed by the ballooning Muslim immigrant populations there and acceded to by the leftist/globalist morons who dominate their governments. Cities like Paris, Berlin and London are filled with “no-go” zones to which the police and non-Muslims never travel.

What this is at its base is the re-segregation of the country.  And once you have re-segregated the country fully into “communities” of people who possess little in common and adhere to no national identity, no national government can adequately address everyone’s interests and needs.

This movement is a cancer on our country, and it is metastasizing before our very eyes. If it is allowed to take firm hold in Minneapolis, it will inevitably spread from there.

That is all.

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Yes, let’s defund the police and hand over the reigns of our society and our great nation to these packs of anarchists, hedonists, criminals, sadists, deviants, perverts and Godless we have raging at our gates.
What these totalitarian freaks represent is exactly what my grandfather served and became a POW for at the battle of the Bulge during World War II.
As we’ve seen in these Democrat run cities that have literally been reduced to shit holes thanks to incompetent, corrupt and outright lawless Democrat leadership, what could possibly go wrong?
This is the fruit borne by several decades of subversive indoctrination we’ve allowed to take place in our public education systems, knowing precisely the threat it represented to our nation and society, yet nobody did a goddamn thing to stop it then and with the exception of president Trump and very few others, nobody’s doing a goddamn thing to try and stop it now.
Just look… We’ve got police officers in areas taking a knee to these traitorous insurrectionists. What do you do then when those you rely on to uphold law and order, to protect both you and your community are kissing the ass of those seeking to destroy it and tear it all down???
They’ve got the run of the streets as they go about looting, rioting and burning down and wiping out people’s businesses and only source of income.
For Christ sake, how many people have been murdered so far during all this “peaceful” protesting?!?!
Meanwhile the Left is canonizing George Loyd who didn’t deserve the hand he was dealt, but who certainly was no saint either.
It’s just a never ending torrent of twisted literal insanity from these Leftist fruitcakes, making it evident why these Motherfuckers are all synonymous with the term ‘mental disorder’.
President Trump’s doing his best, but the usual suspect traitors to our country embedded in their ivory towers of power in what is meant to be THE PEOPLE’S government are fighting against Trump’s efforts to restore law and order tooth and nail.
We’re literally at the precipice of these fucking lunatics seizing the asylum, but thanks to the mind rotting cancer of political correctness, very few have the balls to stand up to this shit and give it the brutal beat down it deserves.
Then I think that if all this insanity had been attempted during any other time prior to the inception of political correctness into our culture, Americas 2nd Civil War would already be well underway by now.
There’s no civil discourse or rational political process that’s going to deter the maniacal determination of these unhinged zealots. They want what they want however these little sonsofbitches can get it.
They can want until hell freezes over.
What they NEED is shot in the face!


Spot on Chad! Every word. Defund the police? Do it & watch how fast every American city turns into Mogadishu with roving armed gangs waging war against one another to see who’s going to be top dog. Take a look @ Mexico – it’s a failed narco state basically run by the cartels: step out of line & they behead you & publicly display your severed head to terrorize everyone else into submission. I can see that happening here with how vicious the Left is.

Civil War 2.0 IMHO would not reflect the first; it wouldn’t be armies organized on the European model but rather armed gangs like in Mogadishu & the rest of Somalia.

This Marxist indoctrination in schools has been going on for @ least 50yrs & there’s been no push back. Republicans are basically wimps (why I dropped my Republican Party registration & became an Independent) & the two globalist Bushes didn’t help. For some reason they’re terrified of the media & the media know it. Asswipes like Murkowski/Sasse/Burr et al aren’t doing our side – nor the country – any favors.

Seems like this nation’s – as founded – fate rests upon people like us delivering a victory for Trump in Nov. He is draining the swamp & I have confidence in AG Barr & Durham that justice will prevail. That said however – as I’ve said before the FBI/CIA should be dissolved. Agents – learn to code. You can’t foment a coup against a duly elected president & get to walk away scot free. The agencies themselves need to suffer. This kind of crap has been going on for some time: FBI was founded by a corrupt bureaucrat – Hoover – & has been getting it wrong for years: LBJ spied on the Goldwater Campaign/Ruby Ridge/Waco/Boston Bombings/Anthrax for starters. The CIA? Let’s start with them missing 300,000+ Chinese troops infiltrating into North Korea in Nov 1950 & rendering the Korean War virtually unwinnable from that point. Vietnam? LEGENDARY failure starting with driving Ho Chi Minh into the communist camp in the first place. This post would be a mile long to list all the incredible failures/Fups of the CIA. Add to it their probable implication with the JFK assassination, Bay of Pigs, failure to see the implosion of the Soviet Union…

I could go on but you get the point. The alphabet agency types always think they’re the smartest people in the room when it’s the opposite that is actually true. Moreover, they do nothing without orders which is why BHO has his fingerprints all over Crossfire Hurricane.

Place your trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ, pray for our nation & POTUS DJT & Rush Limbaugh – we need him more than ever now & he’s under treatment for lung cancer.

Vote in Nov. Our lives & this nation as founded depends on it.


Dude… you are so on the money all the way to the bottom of your statements… The CIA especially needs to be disbanded entirely. The danger with them now is these evil creeps will form an underground shadow government, as if they haven’t already. But all funding and assets need to be recovered and actively monitored.

I think the FBI could be salvaged by firing everyone and hiring them back only after vetting. Starting at the top and working down.

Your last two statements are the most important. and yes… its a war.


Go Ahead and De fund the Police, Then American Patriots can deal with criminal correctly. Put them down like the dogs they are. And then we go after the Criminal Cartel AKA Democrat Party.. They we will take our time with…


Fully agree… and what Silas said too… full restoration and accountability.


And we can add the alphabet media to that as well. They do nothing but sow sedition and tyranny 24/7.

phineas gage

Protect all public monuments in D.C. this weekend and let the rest of city burn. Mayor Bowser can burn with it.


HEH! Yes, she should go down with the ship.

phineas gage

‘Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.’

H. L. Mencken

action JAckson

Oh my God, I want a front row seat for this. I see every police officer in these DEM cities leaving or being force to leave, along with business, money and the GOOD people, and what you have left is hmmm I don’t no Somalia. To bad Minnesota was a nice place. not anymore.

jack johnson

Who are the black community going to call when their Chicken McNuggets order gets screwed up. Seriously though….the police are not here to protect people like us, we rarely if ever have interactions with them. The police are there to protect those that need it the most, those that are in areas they can`t get out of due to economic reasons…”bad neighborhoods”.

Go to any inner city and ask the residents what they need and the first thing out of their mouth is “more police”. Once again the Democrats prove they really don`t care about the black community, they are merely a political football. When will they wake up.

Jimmy MacAfee

Another benefit to all this? (Besides being able to identify tyrants by the rules they impose?)

Hysterical laughter, as the tyrants make more rules and then get rid of those who they would have enforce them!

Another benefit? COVID what?

Jimmy MacAfee

There is a benefit to all these “defund police” idiots:

Smaller, better-run cities will have a large pool of good, seasoned police officers to choose from, as the exodus will be staggering. Big Shitties like Baltimore already experimented with hiring felons, which failed miserably, and they can’t replace the people who are leaving.

Attrition from the Dem cities will make defunding unnecessary: policemen and women are smart enough to vote with their feet.

phineas gage


Re: Janntastic’s response, I hope he does just that. Musk acting through the private market may be our best opportunity to take down the social media fascists.


While I’m no big fan of Mr. Musk, were he to do just that I would be one of the first to sign up and use his services.

phineas gage

O/T, as indicated by the Trump twitter feed on the sidebar (thanks for this feature, Dave), the market is going up like the SpaceX rocket. It appears there will indeed be a very rapid economic recovery, just as Trump predicted.

I think the riots were the highwater point for the Left. Bad times are ahead for them (which means good times for America).

Sharon Campbell

I am so shocked by this latest insane concept by the evil Leftist I don’t know what to say. No one can believe that no laws & enforcement would lead to anything other than the destruction of our Country.

phineas gage

Sharon, that is exactly what those on the Left want. They have worked tirelessly toward this objective for decades.


And here’s all you need to know about where the Dems stand (as if we didn’t already) on the marxist sociopaths running amok in the big cities.



Among other things the left has been pushing, is the concept that Trump is a “dictator” for the last three years. Every action he has taken he has been portrayed as such by these leftist loudmouth lunatics.

These governors, mayors and their council members and ‘judges’, including police chiefs, sheriffs and ‘health’ officials, are petulant children who are drunk with power and are running amok; they are hell-bent in destroying their jurisdictions in order to beat the Bad Orange Man.

As I see it, the only way out of this IS FOR TRUMP TO BECOME A DICTATOR! Plain and simple. This has gotten so far out of hand that whether he wants to or not, he is going to have to declare a nationwide emergency and invoke Marshall Law – especially on and immediately after election day.

In one way or another most of us here have said that the President MUST fire all the fifth columnists in his administration – NOW! Eventually he is going to have to call in the active military to forcefully put down these “mostly peaceful protests” and arrest these governors, mayors and city council members etc. who are actively supporting – in word and deed – these malcontents who are looking to destroy the fabric of the entire country. The MSM (D) will of course howl at the moon over this but so what? I mean, how much worse can the “coverage” of the president be? He can’t even take a three hundred yard walk across a park with a bible to a church without being mercilessly attacked as the worst person to ever walk the face of the earth.

The up side of showing real strength and resolve on restoring real law and order and defeating this domestic, but no doubt internationally supported enemy, will be the galvanizing of his base and any other thinking American. If he does that decisively, he will win reelection overwhelmingly. If he doesn’t and continues to try to “bring the country together” and work with his constant and intense opposition, the left (the 8% of the communist supporting radicals) will prevail, Trump will be a one term president and probably be convicted and executed in a kangaroo court presided over by people like Emmitt Sullivan or the other hack ‘judge’ who allowed a prejudiced jury to convict a Trump associate for nothing more than being a Trump associate.

phineas gage

It is time to begin uncoupling from radical leftist America. They have made a choice and it is not ours. So be it.


And I say a nice 7.62 X 51 for each little radical would be a good way to start. They start showing up around here and they will find one fast.

phineas gage

And spread it will. Good luck to them. It’s time for the ‘Escape from New York’ policy. Let the Democrat cities lie in the bed they have made.


So. Where are the conservative/republican leaders? Why isn’t there a counter response organized that can go into these cities and speak to the public about what these morons are trying to do to their cities?

I hear them advocating for the insurrection act to be invoked, but beyond that crickets. Quelling the riots and restoring order doesn’t cure the disease, it only slows it’s spread.

action jackson

I think you are forgetting that this is a Blue state, therefore they do not exist, and why should we care what happens to a blue state. soon we will be down to 43 states, and that’s fine by me.


Because folks like me are stuck in one. Don’t have half a million to just pull up stakes and move to a red state. We were able to move out of Portland to a small town. Far from there. But still, I have family and friends who still live in that shitehole and they also can’t just bug out. Not asking for any sympathy here just saying it ain’t all that easy to turn our backs completely on the blue states and say efff em.


Fully on board with that my friend. We’re kinda stuck here in British Communista in Canukistan. Our community is about as marxist as you can get but we simply can’t abandon our grandkids. To young to leave behind at this point.

One thing we’ve learned is how to live in a desert, where friends are few, resources are limited and you have to take your security awareness a few levels higher. Ultimately all our provisions are given by the grace of God, in Him we trust.

All that to say I agree. People just can’t pull up and move to more favourable locals, some are stuck and have to make the best of it. While not looking for sympathies some empathy would be nice, we certainly don’t need to be kicked by team members


AJ is new here and hasn’t had a chance to learn about everybody who hangs out here. I just wanted him to understand that it’s easy say eff em, a lot harder when circumstances aren’t in your favor to do so. I still say eff the governor and all the socialist whores in Salem who run roughshod over the rest of our state. 🙂 If weren’t for the I5 Corridor of Socialist Democratic Cities, we would be a whole different state.

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