Thursday News Roundup: Drama Queen Generals, Northam Virtue Signals, and a Circular Commie Firing Squad

How did the U.S. military get overrun by leftists? – That’s the open question today after former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis outed himself in a histrionic anti-Trump opinion piece in the leftist rage The Atlantic. Mattis becomes just the latest in a long line of generals and admirals who have shown themselves to be dogmatic leftists over the past decade.

Much of this leftist takeover of the military upper echelons can of course be laid at the feet of Barack Obama – who also reared his annoying head yesterday – but not all of it can. Because guys like Mattis and John Kelly and H.R. McMaster and William McRaven had moved into high positions well before Obama was even elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006.

If you still doubt Mattis’s true political leanings, Lara Logan reminds us in a series of tweets about his odd behavior during the Trump Transition in 2016/early 2017:

She continues:

They were shocked by who Mattis wanted as his number 2 – he was pushing for Michelle Flournoy, the same person HRC had reportedly picked to lead DOD in her Administration, acc to sources/articles at the time, such as one Politico published in Nov 2016. They put it this way:

“THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION – HILLARY CLINTON’S HISTORY-MAKING DEFENSE SECRETARY IN WAITING”. Always wondered why Mattis would want someone like that at his side? Seems unlikely she would have been loyal to the President she would have served – was he?

Men like him knew Gen Mike Flynn was loyal to the US not Russia, yet they said nothing? As Sec Def, Mattis would have had access to all intelligence. What happened to that military code of honor in Flynn’s case? What about his Commander-in-Chief? He was silent then – but not now.



And hey, Mattis just happens to be hawking a new book. So he’s not just a leftist, he’s a shameless self-promoting hack as well.

Good lord.

Then there is the case of current Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who went out of his way to politically undermine his Commander in Chief at a press conference on Wednesday, even as he claimed in his next breath to be non-political. Esper’s position on using the U.S. military, beyond the National Guard, to quell the rioting is certainly not unreasonable:

“The option to use active duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort, and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now. I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act,” he told reporters.

That’s fine, and it’s an opinion shared by many. But there is a chain of command in place in our armed services that must be respected if they are to be effective fighting forces. Esper’s public remarks were decidedly political in nature and may well conflict with those of the President. That is not his role, and it was an act of insubordination. It was a purely political act, one that put the lie to Esper’s claims of being non-political and undermined his own credibility and authority.

President Trump should not tolerate it and ought to be looking for a new SecDef.

Then Esper can go write a book of his own.

Speaking of dogma… – Did you know you’re a racist if you go out and try to clean up your community after a violent riot? That’s what these three ladies discovered the hard way:

Yore attenshun puh-lease good citizens! Tha Raght Honorable Guvnah of tha Commonwealth a’ Virginia, Ralph Coonman Northam, is a-gonna do some virtue signalin’! – Ralph Northam, the racist, baby-killing fascist Democrat who still has his state in a lockdown, is going to make a grand virtue-signaling gesture this morning at a press conference in which he will announce he is removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

It’s his version of taking a knee.

These are not good odds. – At least 7 black people have now been killed during riots that have taken place in response to a single black person. Never forget that these riots have been organized and executed by the Democrat support groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and facilitated by Democrat mayors.

And now to leave you with some good news! The communist Bernie Sanders supporters have formed a circular firing squad! – Ok, it’s just on Twitter, but still, it’s always a good thing for America when the commies are fighting among themselves.

From a report at Politico:

“The left circular firing squad never rests and never misses a beat squandering an opportunity to get its head out of its ass to actually organize people outside of the cult,” said Jonathan Tasini, the author of “The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America” and a national surrogate for Sanders in 2016. “I just find it sad and head-shaking that this kind of crossfire is coming out now when the progressive movement has the opportunity to talk to millions of people.”

The skirmish began when David Sirota, Sanders’ former speechwriter, took a shot at the policy task forces that Sanders and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden created in hopes of healing party rifts. Ex-campaign manager FaizShakir and Analilia Mejia, Sanders’ former national political director, have been in talks about the endeavor with top Biden advisers Anita Dunn — who is loathed by some progressives for previously consulting with disgracedHollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein about a New York Times investigation — and Ron Klain.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but many of us don’t want to hear career Beltway political operatives boasting about task forces while this shit is going on right now,” Sirota tweeted. “Jfc — try to be a little less tone deaf.”

That prompted Mike Casca, Sanders’ current spokesman, to make an explosive charge shortly before 11 p.m. about a progressive newsletter Sirota currently runs, after managing a similar project on the 2020 campaign.The publication offers a paid annual subscription option at a cost of $50.

“[D]amn right,” Casca tweeted, “real change happens when you steal an email list from the campaign and use it to create your own paid newsletter. why can’t anyone see that? anyway, subscribe if you can.”

The sudden remarks exposed the deep frustration among senior Sanders staffers about some ex-aides’ second-guessing about the campaign’s mistakes. Along with Casca, Shakir hit back Tuesday at former Sanders aide Winnie Wong, who has been publicly bashing him and senior adviser Jeff Weaver for weeks over their handling of the primary and post-campaign moves.


Go read the rest of it – it’s tons of fun.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Bill the Manning

We must remember that these pompous general officers were all educated in our military’s liberal leaning military schools. They are all globalist by training. They are all political hacks: it is what a general officer is. And, please do not forget that the military personnel had consistently agreed in all surveys during the last 20 years that our general officer leadership was not trustworthy nor respected by the majority of those who were warfighters. The Navy’s recent snafus and problems were all nurtured by the righteous Mullen who surrounded himself with “yes” men. Allen was always an officer who never met a Marine that he would not USE to get ahead in his career. Both of these men are made of the same cloth as Weasly Clark. As for Mattis, chalk his insubordination as a result of his education. All three are hypocrites who would’ve burned their subordinates for such unbecoming and unprofessional conduct. All three of these officers demonstrated their lack of professionalism and devotion to duty. They are the reason our nation is in the shape it is in. God help us! Give us real men of honor.

Retired LTC, US Army


And Thank You for your service…


Put Flynn in charge of the hiring process for Officers. Then go thru the armed forces top to bottom and fire every marxist he finds and/or knows of. Quietly eliminate the commies so they can’t hide. Return the rule of law and chain of command… imo


This is interesting…

Notice Barr was all FOR Stones conviction… Even stating it was a ‘righteous’ conviction. Says a lot. The guy on the street can be ‘convicted’ by a obviously bias’d jurist and judge for ‘lying’ to Congress and ‘obstruction’ and be sentenced to prison.

But those such as Stroke, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Rice etc etc etc who ALL lied and obstructed Congress, and many had criminal referrals HANDED to Barr, which he promptly dropped, and this is all ok with Barr… Oh yes Barr is definitely there to prosecute the bad guys…

phineas gage

Barr’s moment of truth is approaching. If he is just doing a kabuki fan-dance like Lindsey with the Senate hearings, history will judge him harshly.

Jimmy MacAfee

I was disturbed by Barr’s claims. Particularly since Stone would never have been on the radar but for the illegal inquisition he was subjected to.

And he claims that Obeelzebub and Quid Pro haven’t demonstrated criminal acts?

He’s not a whitehat. Gray, at best.


I’d venture a black hat disguising as a grey hat….

Jimmy MacAfee

As Maureen Dowd once savagely wrote during the Monica years:

“The Left always eats itself.”

True enough. The the Washington Establishment always chooses the one who will allow for maximum corruption; Bernie’s people should be shaken to the core at all the Biden revelations. Not just Burisma, which is significant enough. They see the corruption and think they have a prescription for it, just as they’ve been brought down by the corruption itself. And now they’re fighting over the remains, like vultures fighting in the road over the carcass of a possum.

The Washington Establishment is Left, but not True Believer-Left.

Their “Progressivism” is a cynical ploy to manipulate the filling of their own troughs. A real Progressive eventually dies of discontent, especially after watching and experiencing the COVID lockdowns and paid, corrupt rioters. Their dream always turns into a nightmare. Blue pills always turn out that way.

phineas gage

The problem is that the Left can eat everyone else before it eats itself.


Northam and other “brave” governors can take down all the statues they want; how is that going to solve ANY problems ANYWHERE?

phineas gage

He’s not interested in solving any problems, he’s interested in virtue-signaling.

phineas gage

As much of a hypocritical loon as Bernie Sanders is, his clueless supporters actually did some of the best grassroots political organizing this nation has seen in a long time. I can understand why they are pissed that the DNC machine just walked all over them.

It’s hard to see these folks enthusiastically rushing out to vote for mentally impaired DNC puppet.

Steve Lawrence

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…
This was twice.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t generally see Vox as a legitimate news source, but the article was interesting. Same with Politico. But sometimes they reveal their own dirt.

Mattis reminds me of certain Asian brothels in the US, where they have one legitimate Massage Therapist out front, with all the slaves performing whatever it is they perform in the back. Mattis was out front, posing, so that the others could give their version of a “happy ending.”

None of these former generals is ever asked why they allowed Obeelzebub to dismantle the military: no bullets, no parts for repair, no weapons replacement – and the expenditure of weapons in an illegal war in Libya. Why were they silent? Kelly, McMaster, McRaven – all silent, towing the company line.

I remember Brennan lying about the bin Laden op, calling it “the gustiest decision.” Well, it was already planned, and the Bat Faced one, Valerie Jarrett, blocked it from becoming reality – twice. It was only a month after “the press” got ahold of his location in Abbottabad (Abbottabad, north of Islamabad, and what a strange name!) They wanted to wait until closer to the election, because they weren’t sure they could cheat enough to win. And they had to move early because the “media” got ahold of his location, right in the middle of Abbottabad, hiding behind a retaining wall, the biggest, ugliest Pakistani in drag they’d ever seen! Brennan, of course, was-is-continues to be the biggest lunatic the CIA has ever had (and they’ve had some real Gottliebs!) seen or known. A pure idiot. They wanted the op later so they could take the wind out of Mutt’s sails. Plan B was to “read him in” to national security secrets, so that he couldn’t use them against Obeelzebub – after wiping the floor with him in the first debate. Joseph K Black was neutralized, (and it isn’t clear that he didn’t want Muttsie to be neutralized.) Candidate Trump refused the “briefings,” because he saw the trap.

It’s terrifying to realize that these military geniuses would compromise with Obeelezebub, if not participate in his destruction of the Armed Services and surrender to the Chinese. The gravity of the sell-out is enough to make any real American retch.

Without Donald J. Trump, our military would be sitting on a ship somewhere, having a new constitution written for them by Chinese or Russian generals and admirals.

phineas gage

Trump really had no chance with his initial admin picks, once Flynn was taken out (Flynn knew everyone in the swamp and could have guided him).

Trump has learned the hard way. I think the second term will be very…..different.

Philly Smith

The The reason these traitorous admirals and generals exist if that Bill Clinton would only vet non-Republicans for promotion to field and flag rank.
I hope “we the people” wake up to the huge amount of damage Democrats have done to our country. Its breathtaking.

Jimmy MacAfee

I had recommended (as if my email had any significant effect) using people in the military to help organize the new administration. (I wasn’t wrong, but the choices were.)

As you indicate: look what they did to the only one who really was interested in saving America! General Flynn. And if it weren’t for Mike Rogers – (a brave and patriotic man) – the spying on the incoming administration would have been much worse.

Wish Flynn and Rogers were able to tell the President which of these generals NOT to choose, and helped him make better choices instead. But the attack on Flynn happened too early. Pence helped get rid of Flynn. And they also tried to set up KT McFarland, who was solid, removing her as a source of sage advice, particularly on China.

Pence helped get rid of Flynn; never forget that. Which is why I’ll never fully trust Pence; there is no 2024 in his future. He was either complicit or stupid, either one being a disqualifier.

I fully agree with your conclusion.

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