The Evening Wrap: A Fake HCQ Study, New Religious Cults, and Ben Sasse Throws a Tantrum *UPDATED*

Hey, remember that Lancet study from a few weeks ago that claimed to show that Hydroxychloroquine was somehow deadly to Wuhan Virus patients? – Yeah, the study was a scam:

It turns out that the company that provided the “data” for the study doesn’t even exist, and that the report that Lancet – a “respected” medical journal – published was actually authored by a science fiction writer. I’m not kidding. Not even the greatest science fiction writer who ever lived could possibly make this stuff up.

It was all just another leftist scam to “get” Donald Trump.  The sad part of it is that people most likely died as a result of the chilling effect it had on doctors being willing to prescribe this safe, cheap and widely-used drug for patients it could have benefited. Despicable.

This is what a religious cult looks like:

Just sayin’.

Speaking of stuff you could never make up… – A couple of friends who are on a trip in Alaska right now sent me this photo today:

This is posted on a miles-long hiking trail that most likely doesn’t have 50 people on it today. There is literally not one shred of science or data that supports the notion that staying 6 feet from people in the wilds of Alaska makes even the tiniest difference, yet there it is.

This is also stuff that a religious cult adhering to nothing but dogma would do.

Burying the lede… – Ned Ryun was angry to see the news that Lindsey Graham had postponed today’s scheduled subpoena vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee after Nebraska RINO Ben Sasse threw a typical hissy fit:

However, if you go actually read that article by The Hill, you find this lede conveniently buried way down in the final two paragraphs:

Earlier Thursday, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held its own vote to give subpoena power to Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) for that panel’s investigation into Obama-era actions including Crossfire Hurricane.

The vote allows Johnson to subpoena Comey, Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan, among others.


See, it’s not all up to Senator Graham. This can all just as easily be exposed by the Homeland Security Committee, whose Chairman is a far more serious person and not nearly so obviously compromised.

***UPDATE*** – James Rosen is reporting now that Senate Judiciary met later this afternoon and voted along party lines to authorize Graham to issue the subpoenas:


***UPDATE 2*** The normally astute Mr. Rosen was wrong. Sorry about that.

What, is the New York Times running itself as a day-care center now? – After all of his corrupt reporters tossed a mass meltdown on Twitter last night and his editors staged an open rebellion over the publication of an op/ed by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, New York Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger felt the need to explain the basics of newspaper publishing to his herd of juvenile delinquents:

The op-ed page exists to offer views from across the spectrum, with a special focus on those that challenge the positions taken by our Editorial Board. We see that as a source of strength, allowing us to provide readers with a diversity of perspectives that is all too rare in modern media. We don’t publish just any argument — they need to be accurate, good faith explorations of the issues of the day — and there are many reasons why Op-Eds are denied publication. It is clear many believe this piece fell outside the realm of acceptability, representing dangerous commentary in an explosive moment that should not have found a home in The Times, even as a counterpoint to our own institutional view. I believe in the principle of openness to a range of opinions, even those we may disagree with, and this piece was published in that spirit. But it’s essential that we listen and to reflect on the concerns we’re hearing, as we would with any piece that is the subject of significant criticism.


Absolutely stunning that a newspaper publisher has to write something like this to a pack of people who presumably graduated from something called “journalism school.” And we wonder why journalism – real journalism – has become an anachronism in our country.

Speaking of the corrupt news media… – Remember how every fake media outlet in the nation went berserk over this video clip a couple of weeks ago, with many squealing that these people were all gonna get the Wuhan Virus and spread it all over the country?

There have been no new cases of the novel coronavirus among the hundreds who flouted social distancing guidelines and attended pool parties at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day weekend, a state health official said this week.

Videos and photos that showed hundreds of partygoers prompted health officials in the state to express concerns that the large gatherings would lead to a surge in cases of COVID-19. Those who attended were urged to self-quarantine and get tested, while officials in St. Louis County — Lake of the Ozarks is a popular getaway for people who live in St. Louis — later issued a travel advisory.

Overall, the statewide hospitalizations from the virus have decreased by more than 40 percent in recent weeks, while the state’s number of positive cases has also declined, Parson said during the briefing, per the newspaper.

“Our hospitals are not overwhelmed. Our positivity rate continues to decline. People are recovering, and we are moving forward,” he said.



One final reminder. – In 2009 and 2010, Americans put in office a Black president, a black attorney general, Joe Biden as VP, and Democrats had super majorities in both houses of congress. During those years, and the six years that followed, there was no criminal justice reform; there was no prison reform; there was no police reform or any other effort to correct racial injustice.

What did they focus on instead? Nationalized healthcare and climate change.

Because they’re all Democrats, and they don’t mean a damn thing they’re saying today.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Sasse seriously needs to get over himself. Sad his opponent didn’t come out on top in May . . .


Sorry Dave, I’m confused. Did any subpoena votes by any committee get held? If not, then why not? When do you plan on it happening Lindsay? Before or after hell freezes over? Next year when Trump may or may not be president and you or some other feckless RINO bat rastard is NOT in charge of the committee because the GOP may well lose the Senate?

About the little aside threat that the (Senate) Dems could retaliate and do the same in the future:

The House has already poisoned that political well and if anyone thinks Schumer wouldn’t have his hacks do the same thing if he were ever to become to Majority Leader, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell. There is a difference you bloviating jerk: Your subpoenas and hearings are LEGITIMTE! Whatever the Dems might bring forward likely will not be.

The hearing you held yesterday should have been done a year ago with that blivit Schiff for brains being the first one called.

And finally,

Please man, I’m begging you stay off Hannity and all of FOX until you have concluded your effort (however feeble it will be) to get to the bottom of this. The only bottom you are getting to is the bottom of the oceans to live and function amongst the whale schiff that settles there. Most of the members of congress are so low they could walk under whale schiff wearing a top hat. Get serious and do your job or get out.


Gregg my friend… “Get serious and do your job or get out.”

You doth ask to much… He has a camera to get in front of…


Brian, I would seriously consider dropping all charges and penalties against the Russian colluders if we could subpoena every RINO and jail them for the frauds they are.

All this talk about Subpoenas reminds me of the old lawyer joke.

Subpoena is a Latin term that translates roughly as follows: Sub means under and poena means penis which means when you subpoena someone you’ve got them by the balls and when that happens, their hearts and minds will follow.

Seriously, I feel we will have to wait for the reelection of Trump to get a real AG, two more SC judges and more RINOS eliminated. Then maybe we can see some real justice in the District of Corruption.


IMO Trump is going to be re-elected bigly if the message is maintained that you are voting for your life, liberty and without govt interference, happiness.

His second term will be transformative in that more conservative judges appointed, House & Senate majorities, likely SC replacement and with more Rebublicans elected means rino’s will be less effective and many possible gone.

Now is a very good time for anyone to run against a fino. If Trump would back anyone with a pulse against a loser like MadCowski, he’d back anyone that ran against a rino about now.

Trump, in the next four years will be very affective in getting the USA back on track, hammering the commies for a good long time. Where the real concern should be is in AFTER he leaves office. The US needs another Trump to follow him or it all gets rewound and pulled down again. I’m not overly a Cruz fan. He reminds me of a more boisterous All-Hat Lindsie,

What would be great would be Don Jr in office for a variety of reasons. Watching Dem heads explode would be well worth the price of admission on that alone. Get’n kinda chatty so I’ll end it here…on a good hope.

Jimmy MacAfee

For the record, the Lancet joins the WaPo (Janet Cooke;) the NY Times (Judith Miller, Jayson Blair;) Rolling Stone (Sabrina Erdely) and the Herald Scum and a whole lot of other idiots (the late Crystal Gayle Mangum.

Journalism schools are not just failing to produce Journalists; they apparently don’t know how to teach Editors, either.

I had a pissing contest after the 2016 election with a WaPo writer: I told him that many of the “demonstrators” were there because they had the tickets already – (hotel, transportation.) The participants expected to be there for HRC’s coronation. But as most athletes know, if you schedule an event that has a nice destination, you keep your reservations even if the race is called off!

This dolt told me I was “totally wrong.” When I persisted, knowing people who were there, he demanded to know my sources. I told him that my sources were just as sacrosanct as his! An email flame war at 2 am! He proved his lack of integrity, and all I was doing was informing him of something I expected him not to know! He didn’t know, and he didn’t want to know. Moron.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent round-up-round-up, Phineas, Dave!

Realizing that money is tight for research, I wonder how real researchers feel about their studies not being published, but watch, stunned, as a total work of fiction is highlighted for the world to see? For good researchers, many of whom have a pile of pink slips, (I assume there are different methods of rejection these days) I imagine there’s are a lot of laughter in lonely labs around the world.

I have a proposal for the journal, if they will only contact me:
A medical-like article to be published on how to deal with big, explosive, overfilled sebaceous cysts: It’s called “Lance It!”

I actually did write one story back in the early 90s called “Spinal Manipulation in the French Revolution,” inspired by an employee, a book called “Paris in the Terror,” and a NARD (Not A Real Doc) but it’s still is surprisingly unpublished. For God and Country, best it remains that way.

phineas gage

There are still a few sane and honest journalists on the Left:

They are the rare brave exceptions. And of course Tracey is a Brit.

phineas gage

Excellent round-up, DB.

And I would add this ominous observation from Kurt Schlichter, who knows whereof he speaks:

I’m beginning to seriously wonder if this nation as currently constituted has much of a future. I think an official separation, one way or the other, may be necessary.

phineas gage
phineas gage

And soon.

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