America in the 21st Century: 20 Long Years of Constant Brainwashing

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, what happened to all those pervasive, ubiquitous messages from March, April and May, telling us ten thousand times every day to wash our hands and stay at home? It was a hell of a brainwashing campaign carried out by our national news media and governments at all levels, and now it has basically vanished.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has gone from being the national grandfather figure who hands out constantly-shifting and always-wrong advice on your TV screen every day to some old guy cooped up on his basement who gets an interview with some daytime hack on MSNBC or CNN once or twice a week. He told us yesterday he was very concerned about a coming new outbreak of COVID-19 due to the lack of social distancing being practiced by the looters and burners and rioters in the nation’s big, Democrat-run cities, but no one was listening, which frankly is not a bad thing.

Mind you, he told us that while the very same statistical modeling idiots who projected 2 million Americans would die of this virus were now saying that, hey, all the staying at home and social distancing and washing our hands had no effect on the spread of the virus whatsoever. But you weren’t supposed to hear that.

Deborah Birx, the owner of every scarf in North America, seems to have completely disappeared. It’s like she never existed. Fame is a fickle thing – it comes and goes at the whim of the latest Democrat/corrupt news media narrative. She’s yesterday’s narrative, just like the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

The campaign to brainwash America about the Wuhan Virus has basically run its course along with the virus itself, and has now been replaced by a brainwashing campaign to convince us that we should all run out to the nearest riot and take a knee, just like Joe Biden did in that black church on Sunday. You remember Joe Biden, don’t you? Yeah, he’s that guy who told a clearly-black radio talk show host that “you ain’t black!”

That was barely a week ago and we’ve already forgotten. The brainwashing campaign demands it. Today, the narrative is that Joe Biden, the guy who’s already had 16,089 days in public office to address “institutional racism” in America and done nothing about it, is suddenly going to solve the whole problem in his first 100 days in office if you’ll just elect this shuffling, elderly man who doesn’t know where he is most of the time to hold the highest office in the land.

Yeah, that’ll work out fine.

In Los Angeles yesterday, the National Guard there took a knee before the rioters, which means the rioters are now in charge of Los Angeles, which is presumably how Mayor Eric Garcetti wanted it anyway.

Racial Tensions: Police across US taking a knee to support ...

On Twitter last night, every reporter for the New York Times threw a fit because the Times’ own op/ed page ran a piece written by a Republican U.S. Senator, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who advocates that the President should call in the military to help restore order in the cities run by Democrat mayors who refuse to let the police do their jobs. This is the same New York Times, mind you, that ran an op/ed piece by Adolph Hitler in June, 1941, even as Hitler was loading millions of Jews onto cattle cars and send them off to their deaths. None of the paper’s reporters, then or now, were horrified by that.

The title of Hitler’s op/ed – The Art of Propaganda – was obviously taken to heart by the New York Times editors and apparently remains the subject of Chapter 1 in the Times’ editorial handbook.

In February of this year, the Times ran an op/ed by the leader of the Taliban, a Muslim sect in Afghanistan that kills homosexuals and treats women like we treat rats. In 2013, it ran an op/ed by Vladimir Putin, who is supposed to be the devil incarnate today, according to the current dogma.

But it was the op/ed by a Republican Senator that set the Times staff off into a spasmodic group case of the vapors.

These media/government brainwashing campaigns are nothing new, of course. Hell, they’ve been carrying out a similar campaign related to “climate change” for the last 20 years, creating a global leftist religious cult in the process. They ran a massive campaign in 2008 designed to convince America that it was in fact obligated to elect Barack Obama because he was black. It worked, helped along by a traitorous Republican who intentionally tanked his own campaign. It worked again in 2012 thanks largely to the same dynamic.

For four long years, corrupt media outlets like the New York Times coordinated with the Democrats and many swampy Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain on a campaign to convince you that the “Russia Collusion” fantasy was in fact a real thing. It wasn’t, as Rod Rosenstein formally admitted multiple times under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday; but hey, they’re still at it anyway.

For six months last fall and winter, the entirety of our news media actively conspired with Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Gerrold Nadler and the entire DC Swamp to brainwash you into believing that you should support the impeachment of President Trump over a phone call in which nothing improper was discussed. They knew if they could cause a massive shift in public opinion they might be able to convince enough GOP senators to give up the ghost and get it done.

That one failed, other than to get half a vote from the same traitor who threw the 2012 election.

Then came the Wuhan Virus campaign to stay at home and wash your hands and wear your masks and never get within 6 feet of anybody, and now that’s all gone away because you’re supposed to love and respect a bunch of domestic terrorist rioters who aren’t practicing any of that.

Oh, and at the same time, you still can’t legally get a haircut in Michigan or hold a funeral or wedding with more than 10 attendees in California, Oregon, New York and Illinois. And if you do those things, Mayors like Lori Lightfoot, who refuse to allow their police to try to control the riots, will send in the cops to shut your funeral home or church or barber shop down.

Welcome to America in the 21st century, where journalism is dead, the fascists call themselves “Democrats,” and the brainwashing never ends.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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On the taking the knee thing. I read a great article by Michelle Malkin on that yesterday.

I have decided that should some BLM marxist confront me as they did that woman on video going around the internet I will just smile and say I kneel only to God and they are not God.



If that is the same video that I saw where the cameraman politely spoke to the young white woman and said stuff like I work for “Black Lives Matters”, and convinced her to get on her knees and say some sort of acknowledgement to her “white privilege”, then let her get up and go on her way as if it was the most peaceful event you could imagine. He might as well asked her to pick up accidently dropped keys, and she willing did. If that was me, I would have said blank, blank, blank and run like hell.

It all seemed too staged to me.

Has anyone heard of the mandated racism called “Affirmative Action”, racial quotas, and congressional districts Gerrymandered to ensure black “representation”? As if a white congressman can’t represent black people.

I know I was a victim of ‘black privilege’ more than once in my efforts to seek employment – especially when seeking employment in NJ government – minority quotas in college admissions (ask the Asian community about that discrimination) and other set asides.

Biden has also committed (and he should be) to at least a female VP, and I believe a minority one to boot, as if that pandering is going to somehow solve the racial strife.

Affirmative Action is simply reverse discrimination, a misguided attempt to right the wrong of slavery. AA is every bit as wrong and can only further divide the country by fueling the flames of resentment. It is wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right. This get-even mentality is only going to make things worse – and that was and is the left’s plan.


That’s the video and I kinda thought it staged too, every time I’ve see blm people, they are confrontational, vulgar and nasty. By seen, I mean on the news.

There was a time when affirmative action had a place. It went away a long time ago.

Jimmy MacAfee

If I see someone on their knee or knees, I’ll tell them what we used to say when I was in 5th grade:

“Get up off your knees; I know when I’ve been licked!”

Jimmy MacAfee

There are a lot of bizarre conspiracy theories, including the fake video claiming to be Bill Gates supposedly talking to the CIA about a “god gene” and vaccinating against it – purportedly taped in 2005.. Total fraud, total fake. This is a conspiracy, claiming to expose a conspiracy. Everything about the video is easily debunked.

There is enough actual evidence about Bill Gates, his vaccines and other problems he’s created, to make this seem somehow believable, but the fact is that is not real. A real concern we should all have is that actual conspiracies are “debunked” along with fake ones, and that people will lump them together. Hide the real with the fake. Like the idea that 9/11 was an example of some sort of matter-disruptor or that the planes were photoshopped etc. While the worst conspiracy theory was the official 9/11 report, there are others that are just as bizarre.

For an explanation of the fake video::

Corbettreport is spot on in this case, as they often are; they want no part in the phony Gates video. Authors of the fake video remain unknown.

To put it succinctly: the “god gene video” being shipped around is phony.


Its a classic dis-information scheme. Surround real conspiracies with fakes that ‘could be real’ but with some careful analysis are easily debunked. The obvious goal is to create skepticism thereby shielding the real illegal ‘conspiracies’. Who’d do something like that???


Very interesting, the date of the Adolf Hitler OP-ED: June 22, 1941. That was the exact day he launched his “Pearl Harbor” on Stalin’s USSR: Operation Barbarossa.

If memory serves, didn’t the NYT also run an anti-American OP-ED by (I think) “Reverend” Wright, he of “America’s Chickens Have Come Home to Roost” sermon in his (and Obama’s 20 year “church”) “church” the weekend AFTER 9-11?

I could be wrong about the author, but I distinctly remember a basically SCREW AMERICA OP-ED was printer by the NYTs on the morning of 9-11 and was on the stands when the WTC was hit.

Quite the “coincidence” I would say. Add to that all the “classified” material the NYT constantly printed during the Bush II years on his sandbox wars and on waterboarding forcing declassification by the Bush Administration. I don’t remember any criminal charges ever being filed, nor do I remember any such damaging “reporting” being overtly done against ‘the One’s’ Administration. And he was indiscriminately murdering American citizens in drone strikes WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. Due process is apparently only for Democratic defendants

Trump wins and the whore “reporter” sleeps around to get her scoops, Schiff and others set up the FAX hotline to the NYT, Bezos’ blog, the WAPO, and DNCNN and MSDNC, of course via unnamed and anonymous sources with knowledge…

Quite the amazing thing how the NYT et al seems to know more than our vaunted IC, isn’t it?

And the NYT latest “public service” – the printing the names of all the US CV-19 deaths after the “official” death count passed 100,000. I’m sure they attributed the “deaths” to China and to the incompetence of the Democratic Mayors and Governors. Yep.

If this had happened during the Obama years, he would have been praised for “saving” 2.1 million lives as the “models” predicted.

Dave occasionally writes great pieces about how we must find a way to hold the media “accountable” for their lying propaganda.

Charge them with sedition. Identify them as a terrorist supporting organization and start prosecuting the owners, publishers, producers, and editors. Same goes for the Silicon media; they are as phony as a stripper’s silicone.

And charge the DNC under campaign finance laws for receiving “In Kind” contributions from all the media who are 92+% in the tank against Trump.

Jimmy MacAfee

John Brennan insisted on conducting intelligence via drone, instead of HUMINT. Interestingly, the fictional movie “SPECTRE” talked about this very thing, as the old intelligence gathering was eschewed and replaced with drones and SIGNT. 5 Eyes was 9 Eyes in the movie, and Bond represented the old intel gathering – something Brennan dismantled.

Historically, the Times also featured Stalin-apologist Walter Duranty, who won a Pulitzer for his lies and distortions about the “worker’s paradise” Soviet Union.

Reverent Wright was a sack full of lies and half-lies: for example, he claimed that the men in the medical experiment known as the Tuskegee Experiments, conducted by the US Health Service as an epidemiological study, was involved in “injecting” the subjects (or objects) of the study with syphilis. The lie was about injection; the men got the disease the old-fashioned way. Wright was infamous for his half-lies.

The NY Times and WaPo are both seeded with disinformation by the CIA. Willam Safire got a lot of his tips from the agency, until he pissed someone off. The papers continue to get fake information from the remnants of Brennan’s CIA, and from Sid Blumenthal and others with an agenda.

Meanwhile the Obeelzebub administration spied on actual Journalists, like James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson, and Brennan’s goons spied on the U.S. Senate, while his organization stole passport information on Obeelzebub, HRC and others. (Blackmail? How else does a hysterical, narcissistic moron get to be head of the CIA?)

Your point about Ali Watkins is well-taken: the Times still has her on the payroll. What is troubling, is that sleeping with sources is considered part of the job in some intel agencies (CIA, Strzok?) but not considered kosher in news gathering circles. (Watkins must have had a few “talents” of sorts, eh?) She remains unprosecuted.


What are you going on about!?!? The CIA is patriotic as apple pie. /s

A little light reading, starting point

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you for the link!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve read another article on the history of human experimentation on people. This one, pertaining to our own government mostly, is absolutely chilling…

Until you recognize that China is doing more of that kind of experimentation than anyone in history, and all of them combined.

As the article states: we identified with the enemy in Nazi Germany and used their scientists, but Hitler used the sterilization practices promoted by Walter A. Plecker, a so-called Virginian, and first Director of the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

The Chinese have taken a fancy to Eugenics, and so does Falun Gong – (the people the CCP uses for organ donations) – and Falun Gong is essentially racist, too, just like Xi The whole country is effed up.

Jimmy MacAfee

She was trying out for a role made infamous by the leaker in Watergate, who used a pseudonym from a movie. It was a dual role for her, apparently.

Jimmy MacAfee

A follow-up to a link Phineas posted yesterday:

“Many doctors and research scientists have voiced their concerns about a big study published last month by a major medical journal that undermined attempts to really study hydroxychloroquine. The study wasn’t actually a clinical trial and may have not been accurate.”

“Following the article’s publication, several clinical trials were put on hold. The study, which used data provided by the healthcare data analytics firm Surgisphere, was not a traditional clinical trial in which hydroxychloroquine would have been compared to a placebo or other drug. The Lancet’s editors noted that serious questions about the study were raised, and an independent audit about the data has already been assigned, according to Reuters.

Almost 150 doctors signed an open letter to The Lancet last week, calling the article’s conclusions into question and asking to make public the peer-review comments that preceded its publication.”

Why would someone want to discredit hydroxychloroquine? A cheap drug, vs, the ones that may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a dose? A cheap drug vs vaccines that will make certain investors very, very wealthy (or wealthier still.)

We are in the age of conspiracies. True conspiracies, not conspiracy “theories.”

phineas gage

It is similar to the fact that climate change environmental activists do NOT want a cheap, easily available source of energy (otherwise they would support nuclear technology) because it would put them out of business.

And black leaders do NOT want a solution to racial strife because it would put them out of business (I believe it was Gregg who posted the Booker T. Washington quote the other day).

And likewise, big pharma does NOT want a cheap effective drug because it is bad for business.


It was me, but as long the quote is remembered I will gladly share the credit with everybody 🙂

phineas gage

Sorry, Silas, I should have taken a moment to check.

It is a good quote.


All good brother! It’s one I like to throw at the woke community whenever I can. They hate it, those that know history anyways.

Jimmy MacAfee

As I’ve posted frequently: medical fraud is one of the most prevalent frauds of the 20th and 21st centuries. I don’t mean “Medicare fraud” (that, too) but the pharmaceutical system and its continued lying, deceit and forgeries of science. Illicit profit motive, not genuine profit motive.

I have a saying that I have to continually lean on:
“Trust no one but Jesus.”

And to trust Him, it helps a lot to know what He says. As far as trusting ourselves: a fool relies upon his own wisdom.


Studies done reveal the most fraud takes place in the medical journals. A simple Google search will pull up several articles about this. Heres one from 2012.

phineas gage

And the band played on…

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