The Evening Wrap: Rosenstein Tosses McCabe Under the Bus, and Other WINNING News

So many items of WINNING news today it’s hard to know where to start.

How about this: The ADP private sector jobs report for May is in, and although it’s a big negative number, it’s still positive news in the context of this whole self-imposed Wuhan Virus recession. The ADP number for May came in at a net jobs loss of 2.76 million, which is obviously a depressing number. But – and it’s a big BUT – the consensus of projections by the so-called experts in this field had predicted a loss of 8.663 million jobs, almost 6 million more than the actual number.

What this means is pretty clear:

– Many workers who had lost jobs over the last 10 weeks and filed initial claims for unemployment quickly found new jobs;

– Businesses are reopening faster than the “experts” have anticipated despite the efforts by an array of Democrat governors to prevent that from happening in states like Michigan, New York, California, Oregon, New Jersey and Nevada;

– The reduction in economic growth has obviously not been as deep and severe as most have estimated.

That’s why we have this next bit of WINNING news: The Dow Jones Industrial Average rocketed up above 26,000 today, just 5 trading days after it topped 25,000 last Wednesday, and just 9 weeks after it bottomed out at 18,591. That is a rise of ~40% in a little over 2 months.

At the same time, the NASDAQ hit 9,681 today, and is now within just 70 points of regaining every bit of the losses it suffered in March. Given that the stock markets tend to reflect where investors believe the economy will be 3 to 6 months from now, that represents a stunning vote of confidence in the U.S. economy.

Obviously, the investor class in our country has just as little faith in the economic “expert” class as you and I do.

Oh, hey, then there’s this: You may be wondering why all the rioting across the country suddenly got dialed back last night. President Trump is saying that it’s because some mayors – like Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles – called in the National Guard, and that likely has a lot of merit. But other depraved Democrats like Bill de Blasio and Lori Lightfoot in Chicago did not do that, yet saw a dramatic decrease in violence and mayhem in their cities, too.

Here’s why I believe that happened: The Democrats – and thus, Antifa and Black Lives Matter – got hold of bad polling data, which meant all the bad out-of-state actors were ordered to go home. Remember, every decision the Democrats make is based on polling data.

The bad data on the riots came to them in the form of a new poll from the very liberal Morning Consult polling group, which finds that Americans favor using the National Guard and the U.S. military to put down these riots by a frankly amazing 58%-30% margin. The move is even favored by Democrat voters by a 48-43 margin.

In another bit of bad polling data (for Democrats), the Rasmussen survey shows that a large plurality of Americans consider Antifa to be a terrorist organization. 49% of respondents answered yes, while just 30% said no.

If you don’t think that data caused a ton of Democrat heads to explode, then you don’t understand how Democrats think and operate.

Uhhhh, who to believe – Rod Rosenstein? Or Andrew McCabe? – It’s a very tough choice, but that is what America faces today following an interesting Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which the oily, rodent-like former Acting Attorney General offered his sniffing and slurping testimony. In this instance, I would tend to believe Rosenstein, if only for the fact that being slightly more believable than the pathological liar McCabe is such a low damn bar.

As we pointed out yesterday, Rosenstein has much to answer for related to his gross misconduct in office during the active coup d’etat effort which he personally facilitated from May 2017 through March 2019. Sadly, the stilted format of these hearings and uselessness of so many of the GOP senators meant that he only had to answer for a few of those things today.

The main focus of the few Republicans who really went after Rosenstein today – Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley – was why Rosenstein signed off on the 4th fraudulent FISA warrant and appointed Robert Mueller shortly after he had assumed the office of Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein’s wormy answer basically amounted to, “hey, I was just going on the information provided to me by Andy McCabe and his evil team, which included Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.”

Remember, at a press conference two years ago, Rosenstein went on and on about the fact that “In order to get a FISA warrant, you need an affidavit signed by a career law enforcement officer who swears the information is true… And if it is wrong, that person is going to face consequences.”

Remember that? I do, and today Rosenstein outright admitted his signing off on that FISA warrant based solely on the word of a pathological liar and his demonic staff was, well, wrong. But of course, he then added that, hey, he was just the new guy at DOJ and couldn’t be expected to try to verify any of the BS he was being fed by McCabe and Strzok and Page.

Naturally, McCabe was watching the proceedings at home – or maybe at CNN headquarters, where he remains employed as a richly-paid on-screen liar, er, “contributor” – and he issued a statement defending himself as the hearing was progressing, as reported by

In a statement apparently authored shortly after Rosenstein made that assertion, McCabe said that Rosenstein’s “claims to have been misled by me or anyone from the F.B.I.” were “completely false.”

“I briefed Mr. Rosenstein on Jim Comey’s memos describing his interactions with the president days after Mr. Rosenstein wrote the memo firing Jim Comey,” McCabe said, in a statement read by committee Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Rosenstein’s remarks “loo[k] to be another sad attempt by the president and his men to rewrite the history of their actions in 2017,” McCabe said. “They have found in Mr. Rosenstein, then and now, a willing accessory in that effort.”


Hilariously, Lindsey Graham closed the hearing out by reading McCabe’s statement and allowing Rosenstein to give one more worm-like answer:

“I did not say that Mr. McCabe misled me,” he said. “Those were not my words. I think he is responding to somebody’s question.”

“What I said was, he did not reveal the Comey memos to me for a week. And that is true. He revealed them to me only a couple of hours before they showed up in the New York Times, and he did not reveal to me that he was having internal deliberations with his team about whether to target high-profile people for investigation.”


Here’s reality: Rosenstein admitted under oath today that he had zero basis for signing that FISA warrant; zero basis for believing anyone in the Trump Campaign or Transition team was colluding with the Russians; and thus, zero basis for appointing a special counsel. He admitted that he basically didn’t know nuthin’ about nuthin’ and just allowed himself to be strung along by the coup cabal made up of Obama holdovers at the DOJ and FBI.

Absolutely sickening.

Tomorrow, expect the GOP majority to vote unanimously to issue subpoenas to more than 50 Obama loyalists who tried to fix the 2016 election and then overthrow a duly-elected POTUS.

This is actually gonna be fun to watch.

I leave you with this absolutely epic clip of Senator Ted Cruz destroying Rosenstein, Barack Obama, Susan Rice and Joe Biden at today’s hearing:

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

“All Hat” made my laugh! Great nickname, brian.
But instead of a Stetson, it’s a pu$$y-hat.

phineas gage

sundance claims the sudden cessation of rioting was part of a centralized plan to optimize the ‘healing speech’ of the Community Activist, but I tend to favor your explanation that the Dems have gotten very bad polling results.

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree completely. Things didn’t work out – again. Charlottesville didn’t, either.

All they did was expose themselves by supporting a terrorist organization, and the polling should be enough to make them go back under their slimy rock and hide from their own records.


Who had Rosenstein in the pools as the first to crack? Please come collect your winnings.

Jimmy MacAfee

I thought it was Sally Yates who cracked first, so it wasn’t me.


Rosenstein is a lying sack of you know what. Aiding and abetting illegal activities in the FBI and DOJ. He needs to be hung right next to Comey, Brennan, Strock and Page.


Attorney General Barr is investigating whether the dossier was provided by Russians, deftly elevating the crime from sedition to capital treason. Elliot Rosenburg stained the electric chair, but it still works.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is a pertinent point. Should be a point of reference for most of us who complain that “nothing is being done.” Good job!


Great article by Dave Blackmon . . as usual !
The corruption at the Federal level has filtered down to the local level as well. This scheisse has been going on for decades. The Democraps and the Republicans were two sides of the same coin. They have been bribed, threatened, blackmailed into doing the bidding of the bigger NWO gangsters. If the Dems won, the Repubs got carte blanche anyway. If visa versa, the Dems got all the goodies while the Repubs took the big stuff.
When we ran out of money, the bastards borrowed $23 Trillion to keep the slush moving downhill into their pockets.
With our tax money they bought off the opposition, bought votes and bought political power.

Jimmy MacAfee

I recall Rosenstein taking a flight with President Trump. I can imagine how it went – this is only an imaginary conversation, so don’t get all wadded up about it:

Trump: “This is how it’s gonna be; you’re gonna finish the damn Mueller crap, and you’re gonna sign off on it. I won’t fire you, and I won’t spend any time talking about you, but you are in a tight place, making this stuff happen. Is this clear?”

Rosenstein: “Yes sir; very clear. Crystal clear.”

This is similar to how I suspect it also went with Fauxi and Birxi, who are basically captives having to complete their roles that were initially meant to set traps for the President; who asked pertinent questions and forced them to give him actual answers – which they will be held to. Basically, he used logic, something neither they nor their masters considered, and they made themselves active captives. Like Rod Rosenstein.

Never underestimate President Trump; he’s street smart and street tough.

Bad Bart

That was a flight to Florida aboard Air Force One. At the time, I remember wondering if Trump ordered a quick fly-by of Gitmo for Rodney’s enlightenment.


LOL… The weasel does do a lot of sniffing… to funny…

IF… BIG IF… if ALL-Hat does call others onto the carpet it will be VERY interesting. These weasels will all try throwing the others under the bus. Maybe the fainting felon words will be prophetic, as in “If that ( Trump ) gets in we’ll all hang”… They’re gonna need more rope… lotsa rope…

I’m kinda on the fence with Cruz. He’s only taken to social media in this last year and I think he’s trying to emulate Trump. Not a bad thing but I think he’s playing for that 2024 Presidential spot by riding the heels of Trump.

What would actually be great, IMO, is Don Jr running in 2024. Now THAT would make the whole of the Dems and their base, heads explode. Hes much like the pappy and don’t take no horse hockey from no one. He likes to punch back and hard, too. Eight years of Trump… just like the VISA commercials… priceless…

phineas gage

I would Josh Hawley some credit as well–he completely depantsed the hapless Rosenstein.

phineas gage

To be honest he reminded me of Tommy Flanagan.

phineas gage

Your capsule description of Rosenstein and his testimony is one of your best sentences in a while. I was thinking ‘oleaginous’, but ‘oily’ is probably better.

Rosenstein is just a much worse liar than McCabe. He doesn’t put on the Eagle Scout show, and you can almost see the sweat dripping off of him. The man needed an industrial-strength Commando 450 shower.

I think it is likely that he has flipped for Durham.


Typo 2024!


Thanks Dave, are you listening to our last worse president?

phineas gage

Can you recall the speech of any former president being carried by all the cable networks as breaking news?

I had to listen to this depraved bastard for eight long years, I don’t need to hear any more.

He’s probably going push this for all he is worth to distract attention from what is happening at DOJ and DNI.


Heard one commentator remark that Obama’s little speech today was exactly(almost word for word) the same speech he made after Ferguson trouble…guess he couldn’t be bothered enough to write something different …. probably figured none of his faithful would notice…


Been there! lol


Cruz for president 2024!


I thought for sure he’d plead the fifth at some point. Instead he laid it all in the FBI’s lap. lol.
If they do issue all those subpoenas, it will be interesting to see how many are refused or received by legal representatives instead of the actual individual subpoenaed.


There is an excellent possibility that his house of cards is about to collapse upon itself. This and other deep state stuff should come to a boil around October. Don’t let us down Mr. Barr: on the coup, the Antifa terror groups, and all the other schiff we have had to endure for the last four years.

There is no way to make any of this schiff shine; the turd can’t be polished any longer. The question is who and how many are going to be holding the blivits when they explode. As you imply Dave, Rosenstein can play dumb all he wants, but the schiff is going to his the blades of the air moving device very soon.

Speaking of Blivits, ‘the One’ is coming on air as I’m typing this. I didn’t listen to America’s last worst president when he was president and I’m certainly not going to listen to him now.

I’ll read about what ‘the One’ spews forth from Dave either tonight or tomorrow; that is why Dave gets the big bucks…

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