America Must Find a way to Hold the Media Accountable for its Serial Mendacity

Let’s revisit one of the Campaign Update’s recurring themes, which is that the corrupt national news media establishment, like the Democrat Party, represents a true existential threat to our country’s survival in its current form. If we cannot find some means of holding these disloyal and destructive media outlets accountable for their systemic and pernicious false reporting, and do it soon, then the United States will descend into chaos and possibly a second Civil War.

Mollie Hemingway put it bluntly in a tweet yesterday:

This is absolutely correct on all counts, and the riots are just the most recent example. It is incredibly disorienting when “reporters” at CNN or MSNBC stand before the camera with mayhem and destruction taking place right behind them and assure the audience that these are “peaceful protesters.” Here’s a great example:

MSNBC reporter says Minneapolis protest against death of George ...

That’s Ali Veshi, one of MSNBC’s teeming army of corrupt reporters, who claimed the Saturday night riots in Minneapolis were “mostly peaceful” even as a huge fire torches a building right behind him. This sort of utterly false “reporting” has been at pandemic stage across cable and network news for a solid week now.

Hemingway put up another pair of tweets later on Tuesday that accurately sum up the nation’s current situation:

The national news media establishment has made it crystal clear for four solid years now that it is, as an institution, firmly on the side of those who believe America is irredeemably evil and must be violently overthrown. The Democrat Party, which coordinates narratives and talking points on a daily basis with these corrupt media outlets, is obviously on that same page, and has been for many years.

If our society had seen honest coverage of the events of the past week, the Democrat Party would be essentially wiped off the face of the national scene on Election Day, and would never be able to win another national election. Everything we have witnessed this week was coordinated, planned and executed by groups the Democrat Party invented – Antifa and Black Lives Matter – and which serve as Democrat Party support groups.

These are Democrat Party sponsored riots, pure and simple. To make matters worse, they’re occurring in large cities that have been run for many years by Democrat machine politics, and we have the spectacle of Democrat mayors like Bill de Blasio and Lori Lightfoot and that pathetic simpleton Jacob Frey in Minneapolis actively refusing to do anything effective to quell them until millions of dollars of destruction have taken place and thousands of lives have been shattered.

And hey, after all the destruction’s been done and the small business owners who have had their livelihoods destroyed, and the community residents who have had their neighborhoods trashed and vandalized begin to speak up, those corrupt, seditious mayors and governors then shift the blame to the police departments that they ordered to stand down.

Through it all, the corrupt news media has focused blame on its enemies: Donald Trump, and you. You, the American people, are the root of the problem in this narrative, and Donald Trump’s tweets just make the problem worse.

The people who are “honoring the memory of George Floyd” by burning buildings and killing people while they loot convenience stores for Twinkies, Apple stores for I-Phones and pawn shops for used television sets are “peaceful protesters” who are just “trying to have their voices heard.” And if the building is burning right behind the reporter who is telling you this, well, who are you gonna believe, him or your own lyin’ eyes?

There is literally not a single Republican fingerprint on anything you have seen this past week. Every bit of it is the work of Democrat Party politicians, policy choices and support groups. Yet the national media establishment goes to herculean lengths to try to convince you it is all the fault of Donald Trump and you.

As Hemingway states in the last tweet noted above, the seriousness of this effort to divide and destroy this country – with the willing support of the national news media – has now become so obvious that it will force the law and order side to engage in the fight.

She issued that tweet on Tuesday morning. Interestingly, the intensity of the riots and demonstrations suddenly died down on Tuesday night, as the National Guard was engaged in some cities, including Los Angeles, and the police in New York City decided to quit listening to de Blasio and forcefully engage. Maybe that will last, and maybe it won’t, but the timing is interesting.

But here’s what we need to all keep in mind: What we have seen over the last week in our big, Democrat-run cities is just a preview of what we will see many times over when Donald Trump wins re-election in November. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise – plans for the mass riots we will inevitably see then are already being drawn up.

Because none of what you have seen take place over the past week has been organic in nature. It’s all been planned and executed by Democrat Party-affiliated groups.

If we had an honest, working national media establishment, that would be the headline story on every newscast, and the light of truth would end all of this very quickly.

But we don’t have an honest media establishment, and if we can’t find a way to hold these corrupt outlets accountable for their serial mendacity soon, we ultimately won’t have a country.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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November 3, 2020 will be a day that the miserable, America-hating, Left will never forget. It will be a bloodbath for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrat party, and it will trickle down all the way to the local dogcatcher in cities across America. Trump will be reelected in a landslide, the House will return to Republican control and the Senate’s Republican control will grow.

Americans DO NOT like what we are seeing. Not one bit. We are watching the destruction of our country by radical Left sewer rats and their useful idiots who were educated by radical Left so-called teachers from the university level all the way down to preschool.

We either put this insurrection down or we can say goodbye to America.


Let’s hope November 2rd turns out just like you say. I think the chances are good.

If so, I will predict that we will see rioting on November 3rd, maybe to the levels we are seeing now, maybe worse. If Barr can prosecute some of these Antifa F!cks, maybe it will take the some of the wind out of their movement.


Try turning off all V news broadcasts for a week; you’ll feel much better. Read and comment on DB Update and other trusted sources from Whatfinger”.

Now that live sports (can’t watch game six of the 1975 World Series, or “Major League II”, or “A League of their Own” one more time) is a thing of the past, cut the cable cord. Most, if not all new shows are crap and there are only so many times you can watch reruns of “Gilligan’s Island, “Barney Miller”, “NCIS”, “Hogan’s Heroes”, “Two and a 1/2 Men” (I know it’s crap) and how many more shows can you watch on the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, “Mysteries of the Abandoned” or “How It’s Made” etc.?

“Jeopardy” and other worthwhile stuff is available from other sources. I started watching ID after ‘the One’ got reelected and was told it was bad for my psyche because the crimes were so depressing, and I should stop watching. It took me awhile to figure out why I liked it and then it hit me; the bad guy always got caught and justice was usually served. Something that so far, isn’t happening in DC.

Long story short, let your TV service provider know exactly why you are dumping your service when you return your DVR – that is the only way you can stop funding DNCNN and MSLSD and every other all gay all day show and their (included) networks along with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3….

You can also contact the advertisers…


None of these Democrat propagandists will be held to account. Nobody on the Left ever is. It will simply continue because the pantie-waist Leftists would rather eat the blue pill with a heap of radical anti-American pap spoon fed from Obama’s lackies than wake up and take an ounce of responsibility for their own lives and decisions. We never should have ceded Academia to the Left. They’ve indoctrinated 2 generations…and counting.

phineas gage

Who is ‘we’, kemosabe?

And;giving them away’ isn’t exactly how it happened. In the late ’60’s and ’70’s the hiring committees at universities were actually committed to freedom of thought (they were diversity minded!) and were open to hiring young leftists. Leftism was a new, unknown and to many an attractive philosophy at the time.

As soon as the leftists came in and begin to get tenure, they did what leftists always do to commandeer systems of education. They instituted rigid Politburos that ensured committees only hired other leftists, and only leftists received tenure.

The universities were only guilty of being true to their intellectual spirit and naive about the truth of the radical Left.


“We never should have ceded Academia to the Left”

And therein lay the problem. also the solution… ALL funding to colleges and universities should be stopped. ANY institution that substitutes real education for gender studies, inclusivities, micro-aggreassion studies, white privileged underwater basket weaving should be defunded period. ONLY courses in real science and real history, real maths etc etc should be funded. Take BACK academia from the marxists.

Teachers in schools from elementary to high school teach ONLY core courses. NO trannies or freaks need apply for a job, yes… fully discriminatory. You want your kids growing up being taught by trannies and freaks then YOU pay for your kids in one of their private schools. School is meant to give kids the tools to get a job, communicate and understand instructions, critical thinking skills and opportunities to build positive character without people telling them they are the wrong gender and destroying their lives.

The left has attacked, HARD, all our learning institutions. They completely get the “give me your children and I’ll take your country” stated by Lenin I believe. The ;west’ needs to reverse this if we want to have a chance at winning this war. and it is a war…

Jimmy MacAfee

So…what is your suggestion? What is the solution? Or are we all just sitting here whistling Dixie?

phineas gage

The Community Activist will slither forth to fan the flames at 5 p.m. today.

Of course the cable news networks will all carry this live, because this is the real president as far as they are concerned.

Show me

Doesn’t look good. Police have been vilified.
There’s probably no coming back.
Politicians condemn the police, blame them for the violence.
There are actual calls to defund the police which are given credence by the media.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s what I predicted when this shit started; that police would be murdered in increasing numbers, making a lot of widows and orphans. The press is directly responsible for this, when the simple solution is to end the method used that caused several deaths: kneeling on restrained detainees.

Using the same logic (“logic”) the press uses, and since the press have caused the deaths of numerous police, fire and rescue, and innocent civilians, let’s defund the politicians, press and terror-supporters.

To Don Lemon: learn to code.


I’m all for defunding the police as soon as all of the Hollywood leftists, the politicians and the other big media (Silicon Valley and MSM) muckedty mucks and “reporters/anchors” give up their security and move into the areas where all this “peaceful protesting” is happening.

phineas gage
Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like they were caught lying multiple times, too, eh?

Jimmy MacAfee

No, not off-topic at all: medical press journals are apparently some of the worst progenitors of fake news, and doctors don’t have time to run down all the errors (factual) and prevarications (outright fabrications.) A lot of doctors are getting depressed because they’re being played for saps by Pig Pharma (and their writers.) I’ve read some of these “news” articles for common publication, including one that insisted that “statins may help your marathon time,” while it ought to read: “You may not be able to walk or run if you take statins.” One other suggested these dangerous drugs could help prevent Alzheimer’s, while in reality, the drugs been implicated in mind-robbing side-effects that appear to be Alzheimer’s. Bizarre. Biggest medical fraud in history, and most everybody fell for it.

Science itself has been corrupted, as we have seen far too often, and has been made into a god. Mostly people representing science, doing paid science writing, are the villains, in the employ of the Left and other criminals. Al Jazeera promoted “Global Warming” and its paid huckster, Al Gore, got a hundred million plus for his “network.” Paid Hoaxperson.

Vioxx was a brief wakeup call; might as well call in Dieox, though it wasn’t alone in the heart damage it caused. While they’re so interested in promoting heart issues supposedly related to hydroxychloroquine, they’re completely silent on NSAID problems that are likely more common and worse.

The corruption of media is not limited to the network and public print news, is it? Dave hints at a very good question: how do we force them to be honest?


Line them all up, single file and push them into a wood chipper one by one. At least then, what’s being produced is useful as compost.

Jimmy MacAfee

Toxic waste. With all of them put together, you wouldn’t have enough EPA money for the necessary Supersite!

Jimmy MacAfee

Small business owners are refusing to buy ads in papers. Eventually, they papers will all fold. In our local paper, they’ve had a string of editorial page editors who “balance” extreme left nutjobs with “conservative” nutjobs like George Will. It is the editorial page which keeps me from considering using the paper to advertise, (not just the slanted coverage,) and it is the editorial page which keeps me from subscribing.

Somehow, they just can’t figure it out.

phineas gage

The Never-Trumpers are the kept pet conservatives of the Left, professional grifters all.

They are rolled out by the Left as conservative tokens. There is nothing conservative about them.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Editor’s note: A ray of hope in these troubled times is that nearly 12,000 donors have contributed almost a million dollars to a GoFundMe for Korboi Balla, who lost his unopened bar in the Minneapolis riots. Here’s an article from The Daily Caller News Foundation sharing Balla’s story.”

“There is news media and there is news media: this is the latter.” (borrowed from Casino Royale)
Who the hell knows what WP, NYT, CNN and the rest are doing. Certainly not news. Mockingbird enterprises, maybe. Working in concert with the many enemies of our nation – lethal enemies.

We desperately need an honest news media, but it has been turned for a very long time; we need a competent and effective CIA, too, but they’ve gone nuts, too. But when they are as they are, corrupt as they are, when they get into bed together, it’s the rest of us that get screwed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Any of the main stream media reporting about this man’s loss, and about people donating to help him?

Note: if I were him, I’d relocate to a city that defends its people against terrorists and illegals.

phineas gage

Interesting how in the space of two days the media lost all interest in mask-shaming and social distancing. Guess it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Oh well, sorry about the whole shutdown economic destruction thing. But Bad Orange Man.

The media will a similar level of sympathy to all the minority business owners whose property has been destroyed and dreams ruined.

I don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but I can only hope that before it is over the media will experience the same. No group of people has ever more richly deserved this fate.

phineas gage

Ali Veshi, the latter-day Baghdad Bob.

I also liked the CNN reporter Miguel Hernandez who was similarly reporting how peaceful the ‘protesters’ were when one of the thugs hurled a bottle at his head.

phineas gage

It is a civil war. As the saying goes, we’re just haggling over the price.


“…has now become so obvious that it will force the law and order side to engage in the fight.”

“…the police in New York City decided to quit listening to de Blasio and forcefully engage.”

The police unions all the way down to the individual officers will have to make the choice whether to follow their anti-cop politicians and union ‘leadership’ or follow their state and the national constitution and serve and protect THE PEOPLE. Shouldn’t be a problem if, as Hannity would say, 99.99% of the rank and file blah, blah, blah. However, as with everything the left controls, it corrupts and I suspect that 5-10% of the police are fully capable of going rogue. So there is a great potential for a civil war within the individual police departments…

Bottom line: The “good” cops just like the “good” teachers had better get together among themselves and organize their own union of sorts and overthrow their corrupt union (Democrat) leaders in one quick hurry or they will all be tainted with the same broad brush.

Get it together NOW or lose all respect of the vast majority of the good and peaceful Americans. All police officers and departments, and to a different extent teachers, should remember this: When all this ends, however this ends, you will still have to work with and count on civilian support to make your jobs doable.

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