Tuesday News Roundup: Trump’s the Boss, Flynn Filings, Hollywood’s War on America

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

Trump shows Democrat mayors and governors how it’s done. – A few hours after he had lectured the nation’s governors about their pathetic weakness in the face of these organized riots infesting our nation’s major cities, President Donald Trump delivered a fantastic speech as the National Guard and Secret Service were clearing the violent protesters out of Lafayette Park.

The President and his senior officials then make the 200 yard walk over to St. John’s Church, which the rioters had set afire the previous night. There, he posed for photos while holding a bible, providing a visual message that he will protect the country from the excesses of the Democrat-funded Antifa and Black Lives Matters agitators who are burning and looting Democrat-controlled cities. The entourage then paraded back to the White House.

It was an inspirational moment for those who love our country. That of course excludes the corrupt news media and their Democrat masters.

Speaking of the corrupt news media and their Democrat masters… – It was a tough day for the Democrat/Media Axis of propaganda. In addition to President Trump’s actions to quell the Democrat riots in Washington, DC, CBS reporter Catherine Herridge issued this tweet:

The various summaries of the 1/24/2017 FBI entrapment meeting with General Flynn clearly show that the contemporaneous notes written by FBI agents about the call indicate that they did not believe Flynn had lied to them or said anything in appropriate during his 12/27/2016 call with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It was not until 11 months later, in the notes dated 12/17/2017 that an FBI official dummied up the false narrative about the 1/24/2017 meeting with agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka.

That 12/17/2017 document was obviously concocted as a part of the Mueller team’s effort to frame General Flynn. Thus does the fiction about Flynn become harder and hard for the Axis of Propaganda to maintain. Truth has a way of doing that to a false narrative.

Speaking of the framing of General Flynn… – The DC Circuit Court of Appeals heard from both corrupt District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan and the Department of Justice on Monday, which was the deadline for Sullivan to defend his refusal to allow DOJ to dismiss the case due to the obvious corrupt practices by the FBI and Mueller team.

Sullivan went first – or rather, his defense lawyer did – explaining to the court that it’s just perfectly fine for him to usurp the authority of the executive branch in blatant violation of the constitutional separation of powers, and for him to serve as judge, jury and prosecutor in the case.

Later in the day, the DOJ response was filed directly by U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco, who very predictably said no, none of that is actually okay at all, and that Judge Sullivan’s irrational actions stand in direct violation of Articles II and III of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Flynn’s defense attorney, Sidney Powell has yet to file her response, but you can bet it’ll be fun. The appellate court has not yet set any schedule for conducting oral arguments in this matter, and is not technically required to do so. The 3-judge panel could simply issue a decision based on the written filings.

Stay tuned.

This lady gets it. – One resident of Washington, DC has had quite enough of Black Lives Matter’s efforts to burn the city down, and let them know about it yesterday. Nestride Yumga, an immigrant from Africa, lectured a group of agitators in front of a crowd of onlookers yesterday, and it was epic. Watch:

“Black Lives Matter is a joke. You are the racists,” she said. “Go to Chicago. They don’t have schools, and they die every day. They don’t matter, because you can’t get attention from that.”

When she was interrupted by another woman telling her to “shut up,” she responded by saying, “Group of hypocrites! Go to Southeast D.C., Northeast D.C. Tell them black lives matter! If it matters, it should matter everywhere. You guys are hypocrites, attention seekers. Black lives should matter everywhere. It doesn’t take a white cop to kill a black person to matter.”

“When black people kill black people, they don’t come out and do this crap.”

How wonderful. How true.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Hollywood is at open war with you, too. – It was already time for all of us to be reconsidering our long-time tolerance of and support for Hollywood and its corrosive impacts on our culture. The actions of major stars during these riots should serve to hasten that process.

Writing at JustTheNews.com, Christian Toto has a terrific report detailing how major and minor stars are pouring gasoline on the Democrat riots to keep the flames alive.

Here’s an excerpt:

Celebrities rushed to Twitter to share their views on the protests, some cheering on the rioters in no uncertain terms.

Actor John Cusack, best known for his ’80s teen films like “Say Anything,” wants the riots to continue until President Donald Trump departs as former President Richard M. Nixon once did.

“I hope this keeps up till trump flys away in a f***ing helicopter- it’s time -people should NOT swallow another moment of fascism … Fight till he’s gone,” Cusack Tweeted, a message shared by “Babe” actor James Cromwell.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore said we should “demolish” the Minneapolis police station to make amends for racial injustices.


Go read the rest of it – you’ll be glad you did.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I found this a good read regarding the media and the rioters. Hope you share it with everybody.



Also not to mention an audit would likely reveal Brennons dirty money and treasonous actions. Not forgetting Clapper and Comey… the WHOLE of the corrupt cabals treason. It may be what the fainting felon stated if he, (Trump) gets elected we’re all gonna hang.


One thing I never understood about the FBI’s ‘investigation’ and ‘interview’ with Flynn and others is the infamous 302’s ‘summaries’.

Flynn was set up. Flynn was not given his rights. Flynn was denied a lawyer during the ‘interview’. It was a classic case of entrapment and any decent judge would have thrown out the ‘evidence,’ particularly since the original 302s were lost and changed – or whatever the story or excuse of the day is. Much more solid evidence gets disallowed all the time on the slightest technicality in regular criminal cases, but somehow this crap is sacrosanct?

And the concept of the FBI, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, using hand written notes on this major case? What TF? Is this still Hoover’s FBI of the 1930s? No cameras, no recorders? Virtually every small town police department records and videotapes their interviews with their suspects, and somehow the FBI doesn’t? Hmm, no chance of corruption or tainting evidence there.

The ABSCAM agents wore wires and otherwise recorded the transactions with the senators and congressmen which resulted in their convictions. And this was done in the politician’s offices just as was the case with Flynn

Why do I feel that if this process was used by Comey’s ‘investigation’ of Walking Eagle’s real crimes and was (deliberately) botched so badly she would be (properly) “exonerated” by Sullivan or any other “nonpartisan” or “apolitical” judge.

I can only hope that ‘getting it right’ is the reason for the lengthy investigations of AG Barr’s investigations.


The ‘reason’ they went after Flynn full ante and pot has been revealed all along. Flynn knew where the bodies are buried. If Flynn did an audit and revealed with no doubt, the reason that Ambassador Stevens was basically murdered because he was going to reveal the Clintons and Obozos arms deals, they’d have been hauled off to jail. SO they went all in to discredit and convict Flynn by any means.

As for Barr… Not hopeful at all. He’s there to mitigate the damage as much as possible. Broken record, he’s been at it longer than Meuller and even Sessions has done more to his credit so far than Barr has.. Barr is a soft tone speaker and he’s not going to rush any prosecutions. Probably hoping Trump loses and it all disappears. imo… desperately hope I’m wrong.

phineas gage

It was mainly to protect the Iran deal. Also, Obama has a deep and abiding hatred for Flynn, so it was personal as well. He told his minions to take him out.


There is that as well… Obozo wasn’t lying when he stated, ‘not even a scintilla of scandal’ and wasn’t an understatement. It was a bulk carrier of scandal.


Nestride Yumga’s video was fantastic – she really gets it. And she was very brave to stand up to the woman and the crowd. She should consider running for the congress non-voting delegate in DC.

Rush had the “Breakfast Club” on his show yesterday for over a half an hour and their bitching about “White Supremacy” was the overriding theme of the conversation; they offered no solutions, just the same old same old. It was truly cringeworthy. He might as well have had Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton on.

He should get this lady – Nestride Yumga – on his show to get some real perspective.


Trump is a bad azz… Wish we had someone like that here in Canukistan. Trump gets it done and has shown far more patience than probably most of us ever would. God doesn’t use perfect men and women… just the perfect one to get the job done, who isn’t afraid of the Jezebels. Well done Sir… well done…

As for the disgusting hollywierd, its been a cesspool for a very LONG time and worse since the commies really took over. The CIA really needs to be disbanded as they’re in this media as well because they know just how effective it is. Evil breeds evil. People really need to quit feeding these ‘celebrities’ period. Turn OFF the tv or stream only content that does NOT support or have these so called ‘actors’ in them. DO NOT PAY THEM.

Movies and TV are propaganda, social engineering media designed to chisel away at all ethics and everything Judaeo Christian, from baby to mid-adult. Cartoons are targeted because parents just allow their kids to watch that junk for hours. Then think nothing of it to go to a reading hour at the library hosting a transvestite freak. grooming their toddler. This is all designed to tear down society and its ‘norms’, its called Post Modernal Deconstructionism’ and you are witnessing it in full action today. Marxism, Communism and PMD all have the same goal, destroy the fabric of society so that the evil ones will rule the day and make war against the Saints.

Is this just limited to the US… no. Its happening world over and all targeting the ‘west’. Why are these riots not happening in Arab countries, or African countries, or Asian countries?? They are more racist in these countries than the USA is and by a huge margin. Sympathetic riots are going on in ‘western’ countries today because the enemy things the virus hoax has done enough damage that countries can’t/won’t respond to the rioters. These commies will keep hammering the countries especially hard now to get them to fold, they think they’ll win.

So the time for real Americans, patriots, is now to start pushing back like no other time. Don’t by any product made in China. Quit watching lamestream media, quit watching the junk coming out of hollywierd. STOP feeding these woke companies, like Nike, Starbucks… Quit giving these marxists your money, your time and your family. Only you can do this. Its a war…

phineas gage

Sullivan is going to get slapped down hard by the appeals court, and he should be removed from the bench. He has clearly gone over the edge.

I hope Beth Wilkinson enjoys her thirty pieces of silver.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump always leads by example; hydroxychloroquine was one. Walking to the church? He is a very brave man, worthy of honor and respect. He not only does what he says he’s gonna do, he takes the first step. Good man, great man.

Contrast this with Whitless sending her husband out to get the boat in the water. Coward. She couldn’t take the rejection face-to-face, she had to send out her simpleton husband. She is a very small soul and profiles as Nurse Ratched (book version, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.) Ken Kesey would recognize her.

And Governor Mengele: “rules for thee but not for me.” He isn’t capable of leading by example, because he’s not a leader in any sense of the word. Jay Inslee? Another coward from hell. Same with John Roberts, CJ of SCOTUS. His motto: separate Americans from the Church, not church and state. Another coward, like Newsome.

None of them lead by example. Except DJT.

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