These Democrat Riots Will End America’s Downtown Renaissance

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The inevitable outcomes of this past week of rioting in the major, Democrat-controlled cities are very predictable. The abject refusal by Democrat mayors and governors to make any effort whatsoever to protect the citizens and small businesses from the excesses of Antifa- and BLM-led burning and pillaging will have consequences for those cities for decades to come.

The first two decades of the 21st century have seen a revival of the central cities in America, as the Baby Boomer flight to the suburbs has given way to a move back to downtown and mid-town areas by Gen-X, Gen-Y and Millennials wanting to avoid being trapped into a life of long commutes they watched their parents endure. Life in high-rise and mid-rise condominiums within walking distance of office and shopping centers has become the new norm for these younger generations of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses have sprung up on the ground floors of those condo buildings to serve them.

When I first lived in Houston in 1980, no one lived in the downtown area, and the thriving area called “mid-town” was a slum. You didn’t want to linger downtown past dark because it was too dangerous to be caught there. Most other large cities in America were in similar shape after all of the “white flight” to the suburbs that had taken place since the 1960s.

That all began to change in the mid-1990s, after mayors like Rudy Giuliani had taken charge of the security situations in those downtown areas and city governments and business leaders invested billions in urban renewal projects designed to make those areas attractive places to live. College graduates of all races, colors and creeds, having grown up watching their parents spend 2 to 3 hours a day in stop and go traffic saw the advantages of living a few blocks from work and seized the opportunities to do so.

From Seattle to Portland to San Diego to Phoenix to Denver to Dallas to Houston to Miami to Boston, and many points in between, downtown/mid-town neighborhoods that were basically hellholes 40 years ago were turned into great cultural melting pots of our society. It was a stunning success story of 21st century America. But then came Barack Obama and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and the policies of hands-off policing, policies that order the police to stand down and watch helplessly during riots as the bad actors vent their rage at the expense of residents and small businesses.

The last week is simply the inevitable result of those “progressive” policies.

Thousands of young-ish New Yorkers who moved to Soho because it was a cool place to be woke up Monday morning horrified by the reality that Bill de Blasio had allowed the neighborhood they had believed to be safe and secure to be looted and burned during the night. Thousands more New Yorkers are waking up to similar realities in other Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods this morning. Residents and business owners in downtown and mid-town areas of Minneapolis and Chicago and Philadelphia have seen their lives and livelihoods destroyed by city leaders who couldn’t be bothered to do anything to stop all the mayhem. The vast majority of these people are loyal Democrats who thought the leaders they have repeatedly elected would protect them.

Silly them.

The worst thing about it is that that mayhem – the looting, the burning, the shattering of doors and windows – was largely committed by their neighbors, egged on by BLM and Antifa organizers from out of state.

If you are a young mother or father who has just seen half of the buildings surrounding your home vandalized, burned and looted by people who live just blocks away, how will you ever feel secure in that home again? If you are a small business owner who has just had your storefront windows shattered and your store looted while your city’s Democrat leaders sat safe in their mansions and did nothing, what will be your incentive for reopening? You may do it for awhile, try to get back on your feet while putting bars on your doors and windows, but how long can you last as you watch half of your customers flee back to the suburbs where they were raised by their commuting parents?

The Democrat mayors and inner-city councilmen won’t care, because the captive population left behind will only lean more strongly in their favor. Their lives of grifting in positions of political power will have been secured.

For the people left behind, life will become grim. Sadly, most of them will have no understanding of the fact that the re-created downtown/mid-town hellholes to come are the result of their own actions and voting habits.

Life’s a cycle, and when you just keep mindlessly voting for Democrats, you get what you ask for, whether you realize it or not.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I don’t believe in racial disparities. I came to this country about 30 years ago, worked 3 jobs for almost 7 years, paid myself for my masters degree. When I came my income was less than one of any black person receiving welfare. The only difference between me and them was that I was willing to work and jumped on opportunities that this great country provides for everyone regardless of color and origin. they just keep complaining and demanding more and more and more. Now they want to come “shake white hoods”. I hear that many white people moving or considering moving now to conservative states like Taxes or Georgia.


After two months of working from home a lot of city dwellers are pretty used to it. And two months of no bars, restaurants or any of the other urban attractions and having everything delivered by Amazon, they’re pretty used to that. It shouldn’t take much to get them to move out. As long as they have an internet connection they can work, order food, see all the newest movies…you can do it from anywhere.


Much of the inner city renaissance you speak of was the result of massive federal, state, and local government spending to build enclaves of progress like Baltimore’s Harbor Place and new, largely publicly subsidized, sports facilities and other attractions to draw people and tourism dollars back to the inner city. Most of it was a Band-Aid fix; nothing else was really done to fix the cities root problems which caused the :white flight” of the sixties and the seventies. If a tourist gets lost and goes couple of blocks from the edge of these “jewels”, they might as well be in Mogadishu. Union controlled schools and other public services are pathetic at best and continued Democratic ‘leadership’ will ensure that dynamic remains in place.

These riots will be the economic death knell for most of these cities and the (as Cuomo said) mobile wealthy people will leave in even greater numbers. I really do feel sorry for the good people of modest means who are trapped in these blue cities. But even they will also find a way to eventually escape the chains of the Democratic Plantations. When that happens, there will literally be no reason for anyone to have anything to do with the city. The only business that will be forced to stay will be the port facilities and the railroad transportation centers. Even major airports will eventually relocate. Ever drive to NYC’s JFK airport when Newark NJ’s airport is so much easier to get to and from?


With the CV-19 movement running out of steam, the left needed another new crisis with which to beat up Trump. Enter the Antifa lead riots precipitated by a tragic, but local triggering event.

I see the possibility of a secondary purpose of allowing the riots to continue largely unabated. With the way the blue mayors and governors have reacted to ‘resolve’ the problem of the CV-19 scamdemic, it was ending too soon before the election, and another crisis had to be manufactured. Can’t have Trump getting credit for a rebounding economy, can we? In these demonic people’s mind the economy must be kept in the crapper until November by any means necessary.

It was becoming obvious few people were believing or fearing a “second wave” of CV-19 in the late summer or fall if the country was opened up “too soon”. So how do we maintain the fear and the economic shutdown? Create a “second wave” of CV-19 by bringing rioters together especially from out of state with no social distancing and some non medical masks and spreading bodily fluids to as many people as possible, thereby setting up the chance for a “second wave” of CV-19.

I don’t doubt this for a second when so many governors set up their victims to die in nursing homes through at best nonfeasance and probably malfeasance. They have also done everything possible to inflate the numbers of infections and exaggerate the number of deaths – all for the purpose of beating the “Bad Orange Man”.

The riots are just another phase of their “resistance” against Trump.


Absolutely… The lefts biggest fear IS the economy. Thats why they are going with rioting no because the covid has run out early on them. Their game is to keep attacking the economy as much as possible. Because insurance doesn’t cover riots most small shop will simply not be able to open. Two mionths of shut down killed any cash held in reserve and the destruction, looting them will complete the job.

The evil plan is keep the destruction going as long as possible so the demoncraps can run a narrative similar to Trumps election. That they will restore the economy if people will give them the ‘chance’. Second they want to take their own state to the dregs then claim Trump won’t bail them out. Evil Republicans will be the cry even louder. Its a war…

phineas gage

The money and investment is leaving these cities and it’s not coming back.

Barack Obama was the most racially divisive president in history–that is his legacy, and it will live for decades.

Stephen A Fry

I grew up in Houston as well and it was a no-go zone after 5:00 pm. I think that is still a part of the reason we don’t have a problem here yet. Houston is so spread out, not a whole lot of folks live downtown and it takes too long to drive down there to “protest”.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s what I’ve seen in Lynchburg, Virginia. Exactly. Formerly unpopular Downtown is a hotspot (up until recently a good one) for young people. It had come alive. Now it is uncertain at best.

I have hostile neighbors on one corner; they won’t acknowledge my existence, and can’t even nod or wave. Renters, and they’re racist as hell. A New York company bought the large home that had years ago turned into apartments, and they paid twice what it is worth, because Section 8 guarantees payment, even if the ‘renters’ don’t. Up until the landlord decided they were going to have trouble, there was an open-air drug market. The City neglected the trees along the road, which concealed the activities, and I had to cut the branches down myself. City workers cut the wrong trees on the wrong side of the road, protecting the dealers and their clients.

I live here, and my office is here. I’m considering leaving. Very strongly considering leaving. Not worth the effort. Retirement is an option, and I’ll sell (have buyers when I’m ready.) Glad I didn’t open early, and waited. No one is coming here for my business if they’re afraid to get out of the car.

Not at tenth as bad as some areas, but I’m not interested in playing their games.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m so grateful for Phineas; three of his posts are worth nearly every post I’ve ever made:

1. Antitank missiles sent by President Trump to Ukraine, distributed by intel (while Obeelzebub sent blankets and K-rations)
2. Meet Joe Black (didn’t have the name prior to his post. Important to know)
3. The video of Tony Timpa’s murder by Dallas police. (Not one riot, nor stone thrown nor ANTIFA terror. Not one.)

I sent the Tony Timpa article to local news and told them to either watch it and report on it, or lose credibility. This is an important issue. Critical.

Thank you, Phineas! You’re a great man.

phineas gage

You are too kind–I just scrounge up these links from a variety of other sites. I am not as well-informed as I would like to be. I wish I had the time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s a link like Phineas posted that went largely unnoticed:

Jimmy MacAfee

Where were the riots for Tony?

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