The “Resistance” Movement’s History of Failure

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

The current and ongoing “resistance” movement was spawned when the Democrats didn’t get their “inevitable” candidate elected to continue Obama’s third term.

Many (ignorant of political and historical perspective) people who I know to this day still think Obama inherited a mess from Bush Jr. and did a “good” job getting us out of the terrible horrible Bush years. Most are securely employed government workers and were otherwise unaffected by Obama’s stagnant economy. For the most part, this pervasive mindset was driven by the MSM (D) where everything every Republican did was akin to Hitler and every Democrat was a saint who only wanted to do the best for everyone.

So the anti GOP mindset is firmly hardwired into the minds of 40 plus percent of the population. The 20 or so percent of the elected feckless RINOs contribute mightily to this mindset. Many of these RINOS know a Democrat can’t get elected to represent their district, city or state, so they became “Republican” to win their election; that is why they are called RINOs.

Bloomberg is a great example. A lifelong liberal Democrat, he became a “Republican” to avoid a crowded Democratic primary, and rode Giuliani’s coattails to win in NYC.

Thus the Grahams, Alexanders, Rubios and McLames of the world get elected running as “conservatives”. Once elected, they quickly establish political machines to wipe out any future primary contenders and essentially become senator etc. for life. I have no doubt many also receive money and other covert support from the big government employee unions. A little known secret is many big organizations including most if not all big businesses support BOTH parties’ candidate; therefore no matter who wins they get their place at the table. That is how the political ‘system’ gets so corrupted.

In reality, for years, most Republicans don’t win elections; they get elected when the Democrat is so bad that the people (voters) revolt and vote for the alternative Republican or whatever “Independent” is on the ballot. Examples of Democrats who were so bad they were beaten in their reelect bid: President Carter, NJ Governor Florio, NY Mayor Dinkins, B. J. Clinton losing both houses of congress together for the first time in forty years, and Al Gore and Hillary Clinton not winning on the coattails of “popular” Democratic Presidents.

Both Clinton and Obama should have been one term presidents like Carter was, but they (unlike Carter) were propped up by the leftist media and beat very mediocre challengers (Dole and Romney). Reagan was a great candidate compared to Dole and Romney and he won because you can’t beat someone with no one, and Biden is as close to being a ‘no one’ as any candidate for any office in history.

The dumbing down of America’s youth in the public school system, and then the indoctrination of the high school “graduates” in our institutions of ‘higher learning’ all but ensures a Democratic leaning electorate. B. J. Clinton’s snake oil campaign and Obama’s “Hope and Change” messaging carried the day against media demonized, and miserable opponents.

Many GOP nominees are also known as “Designated Losers”. Bush Sr. was seen as being so bad a president – a Republican Jimmy Carter – that a major Independent (Perot) was able to get nearly 20% of the popular vote in 1992. This was very similar to the 1912 election between Taft and Wilson where Teddy Roosevelt (the original progressive) ran as an anti-Taft third party candidate and split the conservative vote. America got our first ‘worst’ president.

This is why we need runoff elections. There is no reason a candidate (Clinton) should win the presidency with only 43% of the popular vote.

About this ongoing anti-Trump “resistance”, there is no doubt in my mind that a similar coup and subsequent “resistance” effort would have been mounted against a Cruz or a Kasich or a Bush III presidency – and it would have worked in getting a resignation like was force upon Nixon when he lost support of the feckless GOP senate in 1974.

Trump, with his message, was the only 2016 GOP candidate who could have won against the Clinton machine. I also believe Sanders and his “message” could have beaten Trump since he didn’t have the Clinton baggage and essentially was the left’s version of ‘outsider’ Trump. Many of his supporters were angered because he was shafted by Clinton and the DNC. When Clinton was anointed, many Sanders supporters just stayed home.

Biden’s apparent win against Sanders is just history repeating itself. The real problem for the DNC and the left is Biden is so much worse a candidate than Hillary.

“The Resistance” is a term carefully chosen by the anti-Trump leftist movement. In world War II, covert fifth column sabotage was called “The Resistance” in Nazi occupied Europe to cripple Hitler’s war effort – “set Europe Ablaze” was Churchill’s slogan; Antifa and other groups are engaged in doing the same today. It was also supported bigtime by outside forces – the Allies in WWII, Antifa is also highly supported and organized by the numerous anti-Trump forces.

These riots and the “resistance” movement were looking for a ‘triggering event’ to set America ablaze as the Covid-19 “plandemic” crisis was running out of steam and we were beginning to return to “normal”. It was and is all too organized, all too coherent to be an organic protest on a nationwide scale. Look for other false flags to be created in the remaining five months before the election as the left driven “resistance” is getting more and more desperate to beat the “Bad Orange Man”.

So far, they have failed miserably with the three phase coup attempt, Mueller, Ukraine Impeachment, Covid-19, and now the violence. My only fear is the cumulative effect of all this intense turmoil created by the Democrats and the crisis-centric media could create a certain amount of ‘Trump Fatigue’. The relative peace of Obama’s administration may seem attractive to some who want to get back to “normal”.



That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Key will be unveiling the names of those financing and supporting Antifa.


Agreed. This can’t end with a few white stoners getting a slap on a risk. We need to look at who is behind this – ValJar, Soros, whoever. And then they need to go to prison for a long time.

phineas gage

Things really tapered off last night. As DB often says, the Dems must have received some bad polling data.

Robosaurus Rex

I think people are realizing there is no going back and if they want to go back to normal, they may have to fight our way back out. What that looks like nobody really knows, but I bet deep down, most Americans sense or are coming to the sense that reality is being staged and the antagonistic posture our elected civil servants are patronizing at best and sinister at worst. The election is the flash point. What happens there will determine where we go from here.


The Dems are throwing everything, out there to interrupt everyone lives with as much chaos and confusion as they possibly can. Their goal is to put the populace into a state of stupor so they will vote for Dems because Orange Man Bad caused this all and only Dems can quell and calm the nation.

Its likely there is going to be a few deaths as a result of the intervention to put these rioters under control. Then Dems will scream like banshees that Orange Mad is a bonafide dictator and hes going to rob the people of their vote. When that don’t pan out then a new hair on fire will arise.

Fully expect this to continue full throttle until well after the election should Trump win. If Dems manage to steal it then it will all fade quickly and the Dems will go after everyone that opposed them. They will seek to destroy Trump even after he leaves office. Everything hes accomplished will be wiped out, period full stop..

It may seem alarmist but these evil people are playing for keeps. They hate you and will do anything it takes to rob you of your wealth and bring a boot to your neck. Its not even being disguised in any fashion anymore. They openly advocate for the overthrow along with their media pukes who keep pumping the DNC narratives.

Count the cost of not taking this serious… Its a war… playing nice is over…


And that’s when the real shooting is going to start.

Rick Church

Good analysis. I suspect after so many failures the left will attempt the final solution at some point. I don’t like saying it but I think it has gotten to the point they (D’s) will do anything to keep President Trump from a second term.


The idea of back to normal will only happen when the socialist resistance is crushed. As long as we have Antifa and BLM running loose in the streets there can be no normal. They will use every opportunity (as they see it) to cause mayhem and havoc. They will try and burn everything to the ground in an effort to bring about their socialist utopia.

George Floyd’s brother came out said the family don’t want what is happening done on the name of George Floyd. And yet the anarchists are out doing just that. And the media just keeps beating the drum.


This is a Great article… Thx Gregg

Very well laid out and articulated


Thanks Brian

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