Rod Rosenstein Has Much to Answer For, if Only the Senators Will Demand he do so

The Afternoon Campaign Update

Rod Rosenstein will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow in Lindsey Graham’s first Obamagate-related hearing since he assumed the chairmanship in January 2019. Supposedly, the committee will then reconvene on Thursday to vote to subpoena a long list of the major players in the whole Russia Collusion hoax that morphed into a soft coup d’etat under the guise of the Mueller Investigation.

Who was the guy responsible for creating the Gestapo/KGB-style Mueller Investigation? Why, Mr. Rosenstein, of course, which, combined with the fact that he also personally signed one of the fraudulently-compiled applications for FISA warrants presumably explains why Graham chose him as the witness to kick off the committee’s festivities. But those are far from the only items of interest we know about Rosenstein’s role in the four-year Obamagate hoax.

Here are some others:

  • We know Rosenstein had a long series of contacts with Robert Mueller in the two weeks leading up to Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel – what were those about?
  • We know that Rosenstein actually recommended that President Trump appoint Mueller to be his FBI Director after he had fired James Comey.
  • We know Rosenstein actually set up an interview for Mueller for that position with the President himself, and on the very next day appointed Mueller to be the Special Counsel. He should be forced by GOP committee members to explain that timing of events, and why he thought that Mueller of all people would be the right person to lead the Trump FBI.
  • We have very solid indications that Rosenstein, in a meeting with Andrew McCabe and other FBI/DOJ coup cabal participants, offered to wear a wire to record his conversations with the President of the United States.
  • We know that Rosenstein wrote two additional authorization memos extending Mueller’s scope in the months following his appointment, but have not seen the full text of those memos.
  • We know that, because Jeff Sessions was recused, Rosenstein personally had oversight over the entire Mueller enterprise and the rampant abuses and Gestapo-style tactics it used to deprive U.S. citizens of their rights and freedoms. In a span of two solid years, Rosenstein never exercised his authority to rein in the out-of-control special counsel operation.
  • We know that Rosenstein coordinated with then-Washington office U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu to cover up the crimes committed by James Wolfe, the counsel for the Senate Intel Committee who traded national secrets for sex with a New York Times reporter less than half his age.
  • We know that Rosenstein coordinated multiple times with the corrupt U.S. attorneys framing General Mike Flynn to withhold exculpatory documents from Flynn’s defense team.
  • We know that Rosenstein stood before the assembled national press and announced Mueller’s sham indictments of Concorde Management, a Russian firm, knowing full well those indictments had zero substance behind them and were purely for show.

This is all stuff I can think of just off the top of my head – there is no doubt much, much more fertile ground to be plowed in tomorrow’s hearing with Rosenstein if Graham and his fellow GOP committee members are willing to do so.

Certainly, if this hearing were being held before the completely corrupted, RINO-filled Senate Intel Committee, we could only rely on Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to ask anything resembling tough questions of Rosenstein. But here’s the thing about the Judiciary Committee: There are half a dozen Republican members who can be counted on to really take it to this witness.

Those senators include:

  • Texas Senator Ted Cruz;
  • Missouri Senator Josh Hawley;
  • Crusty old Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley;
  • Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn;
  • Louisiana Senator John Kennedy; and
  • Senator Graham himself, who, despite his interminable delaying tactics, can be counted on to put on a good show in front of the TV cameras.

The rest of the Republicans – Senators Mike Lee (UT), John Cornyn (TX), Joni Ernst (IA), Mike Crapo (ID), Ben Sasse (NE), and Thom Tillis (NC) will likely be useless. And of course, the Democrat members can be counted on to obfuscate and resort to their usual subject-shifting histrionics. Because they aren’t serious people, and that’s what they do.

Rosenstein is a clever and skilled lawyer, so no one should expect any slip-ups or big new revelations to escape his thin lips. But he will be testifying under oath, and the six senators listed above will make sure that this hearing will not be easy for him.

He has much to answer for.

That is all.

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phineas gage

Rosenstein is a Deep State worm, but he’s not one of the primary players that I want to see go down. Hopefully he will do time, but I doubt it. If they can squeeze him and flip him, so much the better.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d ask Rosenstein why he used a counterintel guy – Peter Peter Lisa… – and why he didn’t say anything about him retaining his position in the CIA after he was removed from what was once known as the FBI. He’s up to his elbows in monkey shat.

I would also like to know why he apparently thought it appropriate for Roger Stone and Manafort to be treated with such contempt, and ask if he knew who leaked to CNN the time and location of the arrests? He had to be part of this operation (or operations.)

I won’t bother predicting any outcomes; it’s futile. I will remain hopeful that he loses his law license, even if he serves a Nifong-like sentence. The amount of money he’ll have to raise for his legal fees will either break him, or someone else paying his tab may be a link to a Deeper State.

Just like the bricks being left around: rumor has it that some big players once owned the company that produced the bricks, if not actually delivering them. There will be trails. And if anyone should act as Rod’s “angel,” there are more than enough reasons to investigate those links.


Actually, I’m surprised Rosenstein is still in country. If I were him I would have skipped town long ago to a tropical island country drinking umbrella drinks in the beach where there is no extradition; same for Comey, Crapper and the Commie from the CIA.

These guys must still feel bulletproof, which causes me concern in that they must feel the fix is in and nothing like jail time is going to happen.

If any of these treasonous deep-staters ever go to trial I’ll be very interest to see which group is going to be paying for their legal expenses


Rod will skate. This is just to placate those ofnus still awake (not “woke”). And then it will go away again.


You forgot: On the advice of my attorney I must respectfully decline to answer as my answer might tend to incriminate me.


Mr Weasel do you know anything about….. (Fill in question here)

Weasel response;

a.) Not in my purview
b.) I’m not aware of that
c.) That remains classified
d.) Not at liberty to discuss that

Expect short cursory answers from this weasel


And e.) “I don’t recall”

And that might be legitimate.


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