The Official Narrative on the Floyd Killing is Falling Apart

New video of the prelude to the killing of George Floyd by fired Minneapolis police officers emerged on Saturday, and it adds to the growing realization that the official narrative we’ve been fed about that murder simply no longer adds up.

The video shows the police officers involved in the killing working Floyd over in the backseat of their police vehicle, apparently softening him up before they dragged him out onto the street pavement where they finished the job in front of  a crowd that they had to know would capture the incident on their cell phones. Take a look at the second clip below:

In that clip, you can see one cop on the near side of the car scuffling with Floyd as Derek Chauvin – who was arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder on Friday – begins to pull him out on the far side of the vehicle.

So, how does this conflict with the official narrative? Well, to this point we have been told Floyd did not resist and that there was no reason for Chauvin to restrain him by pressing his knee on the back of his neck for more than 8 minutes, until Floyd died.

This video shows one of two possibilities here: Either Floyd was indeed resisting arrest, or he was being brutalized by the cops. One or the other has to be the case here. The first possibility would give the cops some mitigating arguments to the murder charge, though it certainly would not excuse them entirely. That is, unless the reason why Floyd was putting up a fight was because he realized he was about to be killed.

The second possibility raises the potential that this was indeed an act of premeditated murder.

We have no way of knowing which scenario is the correct one. But the long records of complaints and lawsuits brought against at least two of these cops, and the fact that Chauvin and Floyd had actually worked security at a local night club together for several years sure does add to the suspicion that this was not just some random act.

Think about it: The Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area has a population of roughly 3.6 million people. The thought that this high-profile killing involving two men who worked together and likely knew each other is mere coincidence strains credulity to the breaking point.

Up until now, the assumption has been that this killing was just the random spark that lit the flame to the series of national riots that the Democrats/Soros/BLM/Antifa crew were planning to launch this summer anyway. But with all of the odd facts now surrounding this killing, combined with the obviously-orchestrated nature of the riots, you have to wonder if Floyd’s murder was a random event at all.

I have made it a personal practice to stay away from talk about “false flags” that fly around social media in reaction to high-profile events such as this one. But boy, the official narrative around this particular high-profile event is beginning to fall completely apart.

No doubt, many will react by saying there is no way even the Democrats would resort to something so destructive to our national fabric. But ask yourself this: in 2016, would you have believed it if someone told you that the Democrats and the national news media were about to mount a four-year effort push the Russia hoax? Or that they would expand that hoax into an active coup d’etat effort on American soil? Or that, when all of that failed to work, they would hold the nation captive for five months with a completely made-up impeachment hoax? Or that Democrat governors and mayors would intentionally keep people out of work and kill thousands of businesses in their states and cities for no good reason simply to try to impact the November elections?

Sadly, with today’s Democrats and their corrupt media toadies, literally anything is possible.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

I hadn’t heard about the 2 knowing each other, possibly because I’ve stopped watching most of the coverage. I’ve grown weary of watching stooopid shiite begetting more stooopid shiite.
Thanks for that information. It’s a plot twist I hadn’t expected and it may, or may not portend even bigger unexpected revelations.
You are correct that DemocRats are capable of unimaginable, unspeakably horrendous things. You can’t trust or put anything past them.



Keep an eye out for the new buzzword/phase: “died of underlying conditions”, unless you are assumed to have died of CV-19. Then that is the only COD and it is, of course Trump’s fault!

Sure, and Joe’s young (late twenties) healthy congressional ‘aide’ just happened to have an (even better) “undiagnosed” condition that caused her to faint all alone in his office, hit her head on his desk and get multiple fractures and die.

Chandra Levy at Rock Creek Park, DC, and Mary Jo Kopechne, at Chappaquiddick, all were tragic “accidents” or had “undiagnosed”, or “underlying” conditions.

Perhaps pregnancy is more dangerous to one’s health than we though; perhaps an “underlying” condition?

It is amazing Monica et al are still among us.


the link to the backseat beating is way off. that # gets a lot of posting. do we have a time?


Just a thought. Was the guy really killed? Are these people really acting out a play in front of us just to stoke this rioting? With how they have all these folks staged in the democrat cities ready to go with only a day or two notice….I would not put it past that the guy is still alive and under a different name.


Yup, too many “Duke Lacrosse Case” elements here.


I am an ardent fan of yours (and the police in general) but I’ll be damned if that policeman kneeling on the neck of handcuffed man is okay. I don’t care what he did or didn’t do. Once hand cuffed behind his back, it’s over. That picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. Does that condone all the rioting that is going on? No, it does not. Police forces nation-wide need to clean up their ranks. Professionalism is paramount. I just drove through a part of my downtown area and I was dismayed that many shopkeepers, already on the ropes of this damn virus lock down, are now having their businesses vandalized. A sad day in America.


Y’all see this? Initial autopsy found Floyd didn’t die of asphyxiation or strangulation; this will make it mighty hard to get a murder charge on Chauvin to stick:


possible contributing factor, so manslaughter if there was no reason to do it.

phineas gage

Correct–murder requires establishing intent, motive, and premeditated malice aforethought, not to mention causation. Any defense attorney worth his or her salt will make very effective use of the autopsy results.

I’m still guessing it will be a manslaughter charge.



A couple other thoughts about your take on not being about to prove first or second degree murder:

The trial venue will be moved to another jurisdiction due to the notoriety where it will be successfully argued the cops won’t get a “fair” trial. Then when the acquittal (dare I say “exoneration”) happens, expect a repeat of the, oh, let’s call it unrest, with a second trashing of the cities.

I would not be surprised if the MN AG Ellison deliberately mucks up the trial (like the OJ trial) to let the riots resume; he can get a twofer.

Another thought: This cop had like eighteen complaints lodged against him in his nineteen years on the force (usually when you are on the force that long you should be at least a sergeant), and HE WAS STILL ON THE FORCE!

What does that say about the powers-that-be keeping an obviously deficient officer on the force? Bet the police union was involved in keeping this ‘officer’ on duty the same way the teacher’s union keeps subpar teachers in the classrooms, often reassigned to different schools.

This same government also allows repeat offenders out over and over again. Just listen to several real detective shows and hear how often a captured suspect has a record of a dozen or more arrests, yet is still on the street.

Something is very wrong with all of this; it is time we quit returning the same slugs to office. How much does anyone want to bet that the MN gov and AG and the Minneapolis Mayor will be reelected? Or Cuomo, or Newsom, or most of the other unconstitutional or incompetent dictatorial Democrats?

Until that paradigm is changed nothing Trump, or any other president can do will much improve things.


They understand money…

Use money that the state is supposed to get and pay for the restitution of all those businesses destroyed by rioters. Its an easy subtraction formula. If the state can’t manage its financial affairs and they have to squeeze their citizens harder, oh well.

Sounds crass but these traitors won’t be expelled unless those that are still there are in enough pain to finally boot them out. You simply cannot reason with them and have to be red pilled by their own volition.

I don’t know if this can be done, with holding funds and paying victims directly for losses, out of State transfer funding?? Yes/No??


The family requested an autopsy as well… So time will tell…

The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him. (Proverbs 18:17 )


I used to think that perhaps less than one percent of law enforcement was rotten or corrupt, like Hannity with his FBI “rank and file” mantra. Now I believe it could be closer to five to ten percent which is perilously close to creating a complete and total disregard for law enforcement and the concept of law and order.

Vigilantism will become the order of the day, especially when the police departments will not (by order of the chief, or mayor, or governor) respond and protect the life, limb and property of the law abiding residents. Why do you think all Dem and some Republican politicians want to disarm us? They know the 2nd Amendment was in the Bill of Rights to allow for more than hunting and sport target practice.

GS et al has managed to fund the candidacies of numerous hard core left wing DAs and judges and in many jurisdictions, get them elected. Keith Ellison, the AG of Minnesota, and these riots in Minnesota a coincidence? I think not. How many state and local prosecutions of the riot organizers or rioters, do you think there will be?

Again, paging Mr. Barr! I know he is saying the right things right now; he needs to be doing the right things and sooner rather than later because this is not going away.

As former house speaker Tip O’Neil said: “All politics is local”; as Stalin said (paraphrase): It doesn’t matter who votes; it’s who counts the votes that matters, and show me the man and I’ll show you the crime; and FDR: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.

If Sorass et al is able to inject corruption into our prosecution and judicial systems on all levels, why wouldn’t he look to corrupt a portion of the front line troops also? After all these Democratic strongholds weren’t exactly bastions of clean governance to begin with.

Sharon Campbell

Excellent points. While it is hard to believe Dimocrats would set up the fall of our Country in the multiple ways you note, I do believe they’ve done it. Here’s my question, what do they think they’ll have left to rule when the economy is ruined & anarchists are in charge?


“…what do they think they’ll have left to rule when the economy is ruined & anarchists are in charge?”


I have always wondered that myself. Wouldn’t a thinking person rather lead a happy, productive, and prosperous nation forward, rather than be in complete control of dead or dying Schiffhole where hopelessness, misery and suffering abound?

There is only one answer: These people are evil incarnate, on a mission to destroy everything that is good and great, in other words: destroy GOD’s Creation.

I try to take solace in the belief that they will ultimately get their just punishment, if not here, then certainly in the hereafter.

I just wish GOD would end all this earthly suffering and discontent sooner than later.


First they will have total authoritarian rule.. eg marshal law just until they get everything under control… which will be when they feel like giving back power, so never. Once power is taken like all good communists, they will line up the agitators and shoot them. Can’t have them running around and risk them rioting or threatening your rule in any way. Its from an old playbook they use all the time.

Next start getting rid of anyone deemed a threat… Just like past communist regimes world over. Economy?? Who cares, they will have the wealth of the nation in their hands and will give you enough to sustain life. You will be required to get travel permits, they’ll tell you where to live, where to work and you get to fulfill breadline bernies dream of standing in lines for substandard produce.

This has been done in every country where the marxists have taken over, without exception. Coming to America… its war… make no mistake, they are taking it serious.


I will add this: Floyd said something to Chauvin to set him off. As we all now know, they knew each other. Worked at the same place for 17 years. a strip joint. Now, I know a little about working at a strip joint. As a younger man, I did doorman and bar tending for a short stint. Anybody who says there is no crime there don’t know shite. These places attract every kind of low life you can imagine. Even the so called gentleman’s clubs.

So, we know Chauvin has a violent past. He is in all likely hood a very dirty cop. Working at a place where crime festers, it is not too far fetched to think he might have been dabbling around in besides being violent. I have watched people be corrupted by these places.

I think Floyd knew something about this and threatened to spill his guts if they didn’t let him go. Speculation? Indeed. But as I said, I know a little something about folks like Chauvin and how they operate when they are working on the seedy side of life.

phineas gage

If true, they are far more desperate than I thought, and it is going to be a very rocky ride to November.


Sadly… count on it. They are animals backed into a corner. Its going to get viscous. They have nothing else quite literally. George Soros did an interview recently pretty much stating this was the opportunity he’s been dreaming of. Yes, they will burn everything down if allowed.


Yep, Dave sadly that will be the case.

What was considered extreme five – ten years ago is now or soon will be the “new normal”.

jack johnson

If a suspect is handcuffed and unruly in the backseat of a vehicle you simple close the doors. Police cars are built for this purpose, there is no need to remove a suspect and restrain him in that manor.

That being said, more people “hate black people” today than they did 2 weeks ago because of these riots. The black community doesn`t care about race relations or a coming together over this poor man`s death….they want revenge.


The ‘hate blacks’ is completely a media driven narrative. These lowlifes are intentionally fueling this narrative, its a Bolshevik tactic, its all the communists know. Blacks hate this as much as anyone else and its purely the work of antifa/blm marxists driven by their DNC/Soros overlords.

Don’t take your eyes off the enemy.

Thomas M Clark

sorry, DB, but you jumped the shark. Take a deep breath. Relax. Its bad enough already.

Jimmy MacAfee

No, he didn’t; Dave didn’t jump anything. It was a sound and reasonable conclusion, that stories and narratives will change – and change and change.


Failure to understand the mindset of your enemy will result in your failure to overcome your enemy.

These deoncraps don’t give a lick about anyone life, period. Well except the elitists thinking only their lives matter. These evil, very evil, people don’t care if everything burns down to ashes as they feel smug and safe in their little enclave they’ve built around themselves. Like Stalin said when reports came to him about the rioting and bloodshed, to paraphrase… good, let them continue we will rebuild after.

Communists hate everyone, even their own. What these fools who are doing the rioting don’t realize is they’ll be first at the firing wall should the communists ever take over. This election literally is a fight for your life… Its going to get worse…


“Communists hate everyone, even their own. What these fools who are doing the rioting don’t realize is they’ll be first at the firing wall should the communists ever take over.”

And that is another reason why real and honest history is no longer being taught in today’s education system. An ignorant population is an easily controlled population. Critical thinking has all but been removed form the institutions of higher learning which is what I thought was the primary purpose of “higher learning”.

And not only the rioters will be the first to go to the firing wall, but virtually all of today’s media and academic intelligentsia once they no longer serve their master’s purpose.


This kind of supposition is stupid with out evidence. Blackmon just went downhill in my estimation as a pundit.

Delta Gee

I could not disAGREE more. Are you a paid Troll or Media Shill? When criminals are being caught as the Dems seem to be, they are like cornered Rabid Dogs and you better be F ing careful.

Roger V. TRanfaglia

Suurrreeee Mortal
Next thing your going to say….that’s its ALL TRUMP’s FAULT….RIGHT?

phineas gage

That said, I am skeptical of this being an intentional job. I think it just came along at the right time for the Dems as the scamdemic was running out of gas.

People are killed by the cops infrequently, but with regularity. Most of them don’t get much publicity because they don’t fit the media template. Check out the Twitter link to Matt Walsh that I posted on the thread below.

phineas gage

But I may be wrong, and I’ll admit it. I never thought at first that the virus was released from a lab, and it turns out it was. Anything is possible these days.

phineas gage

You are off base. The story is changing, as I suspected it would. Wait to see where we are several days from now. There is more to this.

I think the DA is going to have a hard time establishing intent. I expect a plea to involuntary manslaughter.


There isn’t anything wrong with what has been proposed. I think Mr Blackmon laid out clearly that the scenario has multiple facets that could or cannot be true. I don’t see where a supposition was made regarding this tragic event and proposed to be true. IMO, its here are some things to think about and the ludicrous is possible at this point.

What I find odd is the sudden shift of having respect of someones opinion one moment and then a when supposition isn’t agreed on theres an abandonment of consideration. Its apparently a very thin line one has to walk. Disagree,its all good, but denigrate, why??

Derek Snell

You are dead on with this. Any who doubt are the reason the country has slipped this far. The left figured out long ago that if they label every accusation against them as conspiracy that it would scare away those who are afraid of looking dumb.

Be smarter people. Too many coincidences going on to not be a planned attempt.

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