Riots: Democrats/Corrupt News Media Mount Their Most Despicable Hoax Narrative Yet

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Those of you who pay attention no doubt noticed that the narrative being pushed about the national riots shifted early Saturday morning from “these are just peaceful people who need to be heard,” to “all of this violence is being pushed by white nationalists.” Obviously a memo went out from the DNC or Soros headquarters telling every shameless leftist in the country to push this latest hoax.

That despicable, utterly false narrative was pushed all over cable news, including Fox; it was pushed by depraved Democrat members of congress; it was pushed by feckless Minnesota Governor Tim Walz; it was pushed by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and pretty much every leftist talking head on television. It was pushed despite the lack of a shred of evidence to support it; it was pushed despite the statement by U.S. Attorney General William Barr making it clear that DOJ has intelligence indicating that the riots have been organized by Antifa; and it continued to be pushed well into the night despite a flood of video proof of the involvement of not only Antifa, but Black Lives Matter agitators as well.

It is the most despicable hoax narrative these depraved and despicable people have ever mounted, more despicable even than the Russia hoax and the Impeachment hoax.

You don’t have to believe me about this: All you have to believe is your own lyin’ eyes. Let’s go to the videotape.

See if you can spot the “white supremacists” in this one from Houston:

What about all these “white supremacists” in Nashville?

Don’t see them? Well, see if you can find the “white supremacists” in this cut from Seattle:

Surely they must be there, right? I mean, Maxine Waters and Brian Stelter keep saying they are.

Ok, well, maybe the videos just move too fast for us. See if you can spot the “white supremacists” in this still shot of a gang that nearly beat a Dallas store owner to death on the street overnight:

Can’t see them? Well, here’s a video of the same savage incident. Surely they must be in there somewhere:

Maybe all the “white supremacists” were working in Cleveland. See if you can spot them in this gang that assaulted firemen who were trying to put out fires there:

No? Nothing? Ok, well, maybe all the “white supremacists” decided to go right to the source and attack the White House. Let’s take a look:

Man, these “white supremacists” sure are good at disguising themselves, aren’t they? But you know they’re in there somewhere because Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow and Donna Brazile surely wouldn’t lie, would they?

Hey, here’s a suspicious looking white guy. But – oops – he’s clearly Antifa:

I could go on and on an on with this because there are literally thousands of clips just like these running all over Twitter and other social media platforms today.

The people pushing this “white supremacist” narrative appear to be actively attempting to stoke a race war in our country for crass, shameful partisan political reasons. It is no accident that every city in which these riots are taking place are run by Democrat political machines. It is no accident that the two groups fomenting these riots – Antifa and BLM – were created by the Democrat Party and funded by Democrat Party affiliate groups and front groups for George Soros.

America’s institutions and freedoms have been under constant assault from the Democrat Party for many decades now, really since that Party was created. Now, the Democrat Party has taken that war against America to the streets of our major cities.

This is unconscionable to civilized human beings. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here. After yesterday, how can you be sure they have a conscience?

Oh, hey: Maybe these are the “white supremacists” we keep hearing about:

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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If you are not a patriotic american, please get the hell out of my country!! If you do not want to abide by the constitution as written, please get the hell out of my country!! If you do not want to embrace our country’s traditions, please get the hell out of my country!! If you are illegally in this country, please get the hell out!! If you are doing or abetting anarchy, get the hell out of my country!!

marty lopez

These riots in Minneapolis, Atlanta & New York aren’t about racial discontent, or any injustice. They are the direct result of outside, paid, political agitators & trouble makers stirring up a class of dysfunctional, quasi, street criminals & urban rabble who have no stake in our society. Tucker Carlson described it quite succinctly & forcefully last night.

The inability of our political leaders to recognize the true nature of these riots, along with the refusal of the media to report it in a less salacious manner allows this left wing, opportunist juggernaut of Democratic Party chaos to continue reoccurring with the slightest of provocations. Professional Democrats see nothing, but advantage to be exploited. Soros funded “Social justice” organizations such as “Black Lives Matter” & “Antifa” are funding & coordinating the trouble makers. Republicans knowing full well how they will be portrayed by a left leaning media are forced to play along making concessions. Police chiefs beholding to Democratic Administrations betray the citizenry as well as their own rank & file.

George Floyd was under the influence & in possession of counterfeit money when brought to the attention of the authorities. A physically big man, it was his resistance that forced police to apply physical restraint, which is always a challenge. The coroner concluded he didn’t die of strangulation, or asphyxiation, but of underlying health problems no doubt acerbated & brought on by his struggle with the police. That was the direct result of his own refusal, or inability to submit to police authority, which appears to be something of a recurrent theme with certain individuals belonging to a sub culture within the black community.

Unfortunately, that widely promoted stereotype, is inaccurate & prejudicial. It belies the reality of a much larger, main stream, black community. It does them, their achievements & contributions a huge disservice, which shouldn’t be allowed to continue unchallenged. As a matter of better governance, which the long suffering, American people so sorely deserve, effective, competent leadership in the Democrat Party’s control of big cities continues to be found wanting.

phineas gage

Good post. I agree with almost everything that you wrote.

Mr deplorable

It was bad what happened to Mr. Floyd, I hope his family gets justice, but holy shit on a cracker, his death has led to the reopening of the country.


The present protests over the death of a small time black criminal at the hands of police is designed to obscure the elephant in the room that is willfully being ignored, namely the issue of black crime. Mr. Floyd belongs to that small 2% minority that commits the vast majority of violent crimes and murder in our society. It is inevitable that the men we hire to protect society from that violent group will necessarily include some who are crossing the line and react to these thugs in the same violent manner and should be dealt by our justice system just like black criminals. However, to see the predator (or in Mrs. Clinton’s words “superpredator”) group complain and use this one instance as a pretense to commit wholesale violent acts of murder, assault, robbery and looting against the peaceful rest of society should be a wakeup call for everybody interested in keeping the peace. Until the black community gets the criminality rate of their male youths down to the levels of the rest of society, society has every right and even the obligation to be wary and proactive against them. Those who use this one incident to divert attention from the real issue have an ulterior motive which in itself is not in the best interest of society.

Htos 1av

Ready to make that nasty, unfortunate, but necessary decision? Before you can’t?


If you kneel you get a steadier aim and make yourself a smaller target… Just say’n

You can run and hope it won’t follow or you can defend… but know this, running will only make you tired

click… safety off… the sound of freedom. It may come to that, hopefully not


I expect the CCP are just watching and biding their time. I wonder: will they launch an attack, or count on our home grown communists to finish the job?

phineas gage

Don’t assume that these domestic terrorist gangsters are not funded by China, either directly or indirectly.


They won’t initiate an attack anywhere. They will leave the discord to the in-house communists. China is to busy currently with a border buildup with India, threatening Australia, deflecting investigations into their activity at the WHO, practicing a cross water invasion of Taiwan and of course finalizing the take over of Hong Kong…

So they would be grossly over stretched to initiate an attack on the US. Besides why mess with the conflict when the internal commies are doing such a good job…


LOL! Whte Nationalists…as if that’s even actually a thing. But now it’s all we’re going to hear has we see endless footage of blacks razing cities across America…and police standing down as it happens. But once it’s parroted endlessly on the MSM it will become “fact” like all the other Orwellian lies of the Left. Oh yeah…and they also pretend that BLM is somehow a noble movement and not the other side of the same Antifa coin.


First thing’s first: stop with the rubber bullets. Nothing says you really care like sending hollow points.


Are Don Lemon and friends still upset? That’s all we really need to know for now. I predict the “protesting” has peaked. I also predict it’s all downhill for the “protestors” and their helpers from here as far as public opinion.

Just Me

If you watch the videos cited in the article (had to view the first one on Twitter; the rest played within the article) it’s actually quite easy to pick out the white nationalists. Just look for all of the Confederate flags and hats, Nazi flags, swastikas, and placards. Oh wait, there are none.


So far, like previous riots, the destruction and violence has largely been contained to liberal cities. And as long as it stays there it will eventually die down like those before it.

What’s different this time, is the police conceding ground and letting police stations be destroyed. If that continues, it will embolden the mob.

And what will really change the game is if they take this violence to the suburbs. Local PDs will not be able to contain it, and residents will not put with threats to their homes and families.


Time to Arm yourselves and family.. Shoot first, ask questions much later.

phineas gage

The absolute dregs of society:

That is probably a fair representation of the composition of Antifa and BLM.


Sadly, there is only one to end this [email protected] And it will involve the military and gunfire. Armed citizens know that the police will not be coming to their aid, so add this factor as well The optics will be bad, but at his point, reasoning with the rioters will not work. They have their marching orders and will continue to do this whether they get paid or not. There are enough true believers amongst them to keep propagating the riots unless they are removed from the field of battle as either prisoners or dead bodies. There is no third alternative sadly.


Those optics can be made into a positive for Trump.

The NGuard needs to surround the rioters and not let one escape. Funnel them into a containment area and start processing them. EVERYONE with a backpack or satchel is searched and I’m willing to bet that instead of school books there will be weapons and vandalism materials. Confiscate their cell phones immediately as they have video of theirs and their comrades crimes.

Separate the local criminals from the out of towner criminals. Charge the locals with the crimes of destruction of property, assault, rioting, etc etc… Charge the outliers with sedition along with the other charges. Perp walk them and prosecute to the fullest. These lowlife cowards will give up their handlers who in turn will give up their financiers. Go after every seditious parasite from top to bottom with no mercy. Take everything they have and cut the supply lines.

Trump can come out of this stronger. Not only as a President that builds a rock’n economy but also a Law & Order President. Equal fairness for all Americans. Penalties for the criminal cabal.

marty lopez

Finally someone with some sense. Thanks Brian

Jimmy MacAfee

Fact is, this kind of method of control is unwarranted: I worked at a Training Center in Virginia
as an aide many years ago – decades we were taught two types of restraint, sometimes for people who were off their meds and who were profoundly violent and dangerous – (mostly when the state took them off their meds because of insane rules mandating this.)

The training we had involved cloth restraints (to a bed with rails) and restraint on the floor by at least three staff members: two were to hold down the shoulders (from the sides) and the other was to lay on the legs/thighs. Even then, sometimes more staff would be required, someone to hold the head (not sit on the head nor kneel, and with no downward pressure.)

We knew how to do this 40 years ago; why don’t they know how to do this now?
Wonder how many other stories are going to show up like this?

Jimmy MacAfee

In training, a few of us were asked to volunteer to be put into cloth restraints. Being a somewhat cocky twenty something, I agreed. We were to try to keep from being restrained, but not to strike out.

I volunteered, then something in my mind slipped: they could not get me down, neither the students nor the staff. They finally gave up. I had experienced trauma as a child, which I won’t describe, but I understand why people resist being put down.

They’d have to taze the shit out of me, or shoot me. For some reason, they don’t understand that some of their detainees may have past traumatic experiences, and could be reasoned with in a calm voice and a non-aggressive attitude.

Unless you’ve been there….

phineas gage

I know what you mean–I was rather violently restrained by an uncaring nurse when I was very young, and to this day I cannot stand it. I’ll literally go nuts if I am held down. A lot of people are probably similar.

marty lopez

Maybe you need to be on medication? Do you get drunk in public and commit crimes? If not probably no one ever holds you down. Get the point?

Jimmy MacAfee

A larger story, better elucidated.

Bottom line, cops killed a man who had called them for help. Mentally ill, panicked, frightened – and someone who revered cops.

Jimmy MacAfee
Jimmy MacAfee

Damn! Should be posted everywhere!

What was it they injected him with?

phineas gage

Let me try tiny URL:

phineas gage
phineas gage

After all, what kind of battle plan involves burning down your own strongholds?

Jimmy MacAfee

And it won’t even be a pyrrhic victory for them; it’ll be a flaming defeat.

phineas gage

These riots are terrible, as is the nominal precipitating event, but there seems to be an air of desperation about it all. The scamdemic, following closely on the heels of the failed impeachment, was a Democrat Party op. Now, just as that is falling apart, comes the urban riot strategy.

None of it is accidental, and none of this would be needed if their earlier plans had worked. They did not, Trump is stronger than ever, and they are increasingly frantic. As was noted yesterday, anyone with some knowledge of history knows that this is not a successful political tactic. That means they’ve got nothing else left.


Say’n the same thing. These are animals backed into a corner. Fully expect this to get worse thru out the summer, any excuse to riot will do. Its not going to stop unless Trump drops the hammer on the violent actors. Been on a few other conservative sites and everyone is saying the same things, its the militant arm of the DNC/Soros going to work.

Barr really needs to step to the plate quick on this and start charging these soy boys with sedition. If they are looking at serious jail time they’ll fold faster than mommies nappies they’re wearing. They’ll give up the ‘organizers’ and they’ll lead all the way back to the financiers, whom we all know. Until Trump goes after the money… it won’t end, period. He’ll have them dog’n him his second term and they’ll up the ante on the following President. These dirtnalls are playing the long game… needs to end.


Speaking of stepping up to the plate, I’d like to see some baseball. While all this is interesting to write about, a entertainment diversion would be nice.

From what I hear the NFL is basically saying we are going to have a full season with full stands beginning with exhibition games in August. When that happens in all these Dem cities all this social distance and mask wearing bullschiff will end.

Churches and everything else will have to fully open. Then the economy will be in rebound mode as I feel by then the pent up demand will really be let loose – just in time for the election. The mail-in ballots issue go also go away.

Jimmy MacAfee

Every thing they do backfires. Once Flynn is freed, I suspect you’ll see a few unexpected takedowns – and on multiple fields of operation.

phineas gage

I love the way they all wave their phones around, like a herd of automatons. Burning down people’s neighborhoods where you don’t live and destroying business is fun!

At the first sign of serious pushback the vast majority of these soft, pampered wanna-be thugs will flee back to mom’s basement. These are seriously the worst people in our society–why should they permitted to walk all over everybody else?

Jimmy MacAfee

Because they’re filming all of their acts, there’s gonna be a lot of video evidence.
The Selfie-Generation attendees have a lot of people who will be helping the DOJ inadvertently; they don’t know how to commit acts of terror without primping and posing and posing on Facebook and Instagram.

If the damage wasn’t so profound, it would be hilarious. Well, it still is hilarious, even more so if a new FBI (ABW: Anybody But Wray) and federal prosecutors do their jobs.

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