Larry Schweikart: Antifa’s Deadly Beauty

Guest Piece by America’s History Teacher, Larry Schweikart

About six months ago I suddenly realized that we had not heard from the fascist so-called “antifa” in a long time. I actually thought perhaps we had broken them, that their ineffectiveness previously had caused the movement to dissipate.

Boy was I wrong. Something quite different had been occurring. The fascist “antifa” had been mobilizing and sitting in their little commie-type sleeper cells awaiting a call for activation. No one, including George Soros—who either personally or through channels sent the “go” order—knew exactly what that instigating event would be. The point is, the fascist “antifa” was ready. They were trained to be in the streets within 24 hours, in multiple cities, en masse. There was a deadly beauty to the organizational skill involved in the “call up” of these quasi-military forces. And no doubt, more than a few of the snowflakes were sufficiently intimidated by the China Virus and obediently took to their masks as they sheltered in place.

But after a week, it is clear that there are two basic groups involved in these riots. The first are blacks who took the opportunity of George Floyd’s death to protest, loot, and burn. No one on the right—not one single person so far that I’ve seen—has called Floyd’s death anything less than a murder. No one has suggested anything be done with the killer cop than perpetual jail. (Proving premeditation would be nearly impossible here and hence there will not be a death penalty on the table, no matter what some of the whackos call for. In other words, the right is united that this was a case of police brutality.

In the case of Minneapolis, however, it appears that this policeman in particular has been given repeated passes on his over-the-top violence. And in 2017, Mohamed Noor, a Somalil cop in Minneapolis, shot and killed Justine Damond. Naturally, instead of endorsing the jail sentence for a murderer, the civil rights crowd complained Noor was treated differently from other officers who killed civilians. Noor shot the unarmed Damond as she approached the car. Minneapolis, in other words, has had a track record of excessive police force. Various photos show as many as three police on top of George Floyd with Derek Chauvin kneeling on the handcuffed Floyd’s neck as he lay face down. Whether Chauvin actually choked off Floyd’s air supply or merely contributed to his heart giving out will be a matter of debate by medical specialists.

What’s equally troubling is that one other person was filming the whole event; at least two other officers were helping Chauvin; and another officer was standing nearby. None intervened to simply place the man in the back of the police car. Such an incident should provoke a massive reaction, including a complete overhaul of the Minneapolis Police Department. What it should not have provoked were mobs burning and looting stores and taking over a MPD precinct station. In all cases, both the MPD and the mayor—and the snowflake governor who essentially encouraged the looters—the police should have immediately moved in to stop illegal activity.

But here comes the kicker: when they started arresting people, the police found out that some 40% of them were out-of-towners. Who could that possibly be? Fascist so-called antifa mobs. Video surfaced today of a white antifa goon instructing “protestors” where to go and what targets to hit.

We won’t even get into the reality that many of these (mostly) black-owned businesses that were looted or burned were still under the snowflake governor’s lockdown policies and were dying on the vine.

Make no mistake: this was a Soros-backed, fascist so-called “antifa”-led series of national mob riots with no connection whatsoever to George Floyd. Most of the mob rioters probably thought Floyd’s first name was “Pink.” This was a well-planned, orchestrated evil designed in the pit of George Soros’s hell to destabilize not just the USA, but also England and Canada (where “protest” of more Pink Floyd fans joined the rioting. Like some snakes, this operation was beautiful in its design and deadly in its venom.

Today President Donald Trump announced he would officially designate the fascist so-called “antifa” group a terrorist organization. Among other things, that means that not only the Department of Justice will now (we hope) prosecute it, but the Treasury and IRS can now become involved in tracking the terrorists’ finances that almost certainly lead to George Soros. This is a big deal. But . . .

How big depends entirely on the vigor with which Attorney General William Barr actually follows through. More important, it will require a significant buy-in from the leftist-leaning bureaucracies in the FBI, Treasury, and IRS. Whether an actual prosecution of the fascists called antifa is possible remains to be seen. Ironically, however, Trump’s designation of antifa as a terrorist organization means that so far Barack Obama has been largely responsible for the creation of two terrorist groups, ISIS and antifa. Now, if we can only get Black Lives Matter to be so designated . . . .

Larry Schweikart is the co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States with Michael Allen and the author of Reagan: The American President. His website is the Wild World of History


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

I’m with you, Gregg. First Floyd and Chauvin(ist) “worked together for years” at a “local nightclub” and now Jimmy’s article says he moved to Minneapolis in 2018. Both can’t be true.
Until I hear further, I’m going to go with what Barack Obey-me would call the “bitter clinger theory”.


I thought I heard Floyd worked with the cop in security and knew each other for years?

We are going to get so many stories about this guy that none will be believed and that is the point of today’s MSM (D) narrative.

It is not hard to stay out of trouble if you are truly reformed IMO.


Unfortunately when you become a Christian all your trouble don’t magically melt away. God gives us the power to overcome them but we still have to resist the ‘old man’ and remind him hes dead. We’re all very fallible, not an excuse to rely on, which is why we have to battle every day to become more Christ like. Thankfully God looks at the heart and not our failings.

One thing I’ve learned is those that claim to be Christian but live like the world the enemy of our souls will largely leave you alone. True Christian, followers of Christ, get a large target on them and get the attention of the enemy. The Destroyer hates people who are effective and walking their lives according to the written Word. The ‘christian’ in name only is going to hell and the Destroyer will leave them alone.

Jimmy MacAfee

If this is true, it’s gonna be yet another crazy twist to the story.
But would the press have reported this? Nope.

“Floyd had a criminal history of his own and served a few stints behind bars for drug possession and armed robbery. But he had turned his life around. In fact, he was a model example of what it means to be rehabilitated.

According to the Houston Chronicle, he moved to Minneapolis in 2018 to leave behind his history in Houston for a new life — a fresh start — after having worked in ministry for nearly a decade in his hometown. He needed to find a job.

But during his time in Texas, Floyd was a force for good. He led a basketball outreach in the Third Ward, according to The Stream, and helped Resurrection Houston, an up-and-coming church at the time, secure space on a basketball court in the notoriously rough area for worship services.”

Jimmy MacAfee

I had wondered why Governor Mengele of Virginia ordered masks, especially since the numbers look much better, and he felt safe enough to hang out with folks at the beach – close contact, no mask.

What this means is that the order to wear masks has another purpose.

Wearing a mask to hide criminal activity is a class 6 felony. ANTIFA has thus not been able to operate freely in Virginia as a result. This order gives them a kind of immunity (“We were just preventing the spread of the virus!”)

Furthermore, the mayor of Minneapolis handed out masks to protestors. Was he concerned for their health? Not bloody likely! He was concerned for their potential prosecution.

I’ve seen almost no one wearing masks in stores; it’s an effing joke. But some jokes aren’t funny, and I expect rioting to begin in Virginia tomorrow night at or around 6 pm. Hope I’m wrong.


Why is this guy still and his close circle of associates still producing CO2?

It is obvious that someone or some organization and others are protecting him. And if and when he assumes room temperature, who becomes the new number one public enemy?

If a certain political family from Arkansas can be bought, AND can make all kinds of Arkancides happen, why can’t they be bought to end this guy’s (and his main operatives) days? Give them a Billion Dollars, tell them to take their cabal and leave the country (to some pre agreed upon local where they become anonymous and irrelevant) for good after the deed is taken care of.

A deal like that would be a bargain and money well spent; even Ten Billion Dollars would be well worth it. If they won’t take the deal then get someone else to do it, and include the said family from Arkansas. Or just say to Walking Eagle: Make our problem go away and we won’t put you and everyone you know in jail forever IN GITMO!.

Then get the DOJ to go after ‘the One’ and his organization of community agitators (he has the mailing lists) and Biden and the remnants of the politicians who were supported by the NGOs and then maybe we can really MAGA and KAG.


This an article By Andy Ngo out of Portland, OR. He’s been reporting on Antifa there for some time now and has been attacked by them as well. He has his finger on the pulse of these seditionists.

phineas gage

‘Most of the mob rioters probably thought Floyd’s first name was “Pink.”’

That is a very dated reference. Most of the mob rioters probably have no clue what it means.

Thomas M Clark

why? why Soros? got a link? proof? anything? specific? to this situation?

If it is Soros behind it all, through layers of shell NGO’s or whatever…..can you prove it? Can anyone? If yes, who is that person?

Did I miss the proof in your many books? I am ready to be corrected. Please.


Who didn’t think Soros had a hand in this?
Who funds all these retards…..Soros. In many ways
This has been a planned political operation since conception.


Actually the financial ties are easily established. Its well known that he finances anarchist groups and often brags about it. Its how he makes his money by crashing countries economies and buying up the assets at yard sale pricing, then selling them off.

Someone could post all the NGO’s here and you’d likely state it doesn’t prove anything. But I sincerely doubt you have the intellectual integrity to do any homework on your own as it becomes very obvious in just a cursory research. A starting point would be his Open Society Foundation, Media Matters and oddly Black Lives Matter…

Show me

I doubt the FBI and Treasury or any government agencies will make any real move to investigate Antifa, or will do so with such slowness that it won’t remotely affect the outcome of the coming election, and then when Biden likely wins, it would be a total government reversal of policy.
I don’t think it’s was just the tip of the ice berg when the FBI, DOJ, CIA and State Dept. set up the Russia Hoax to get Trump out of the White House.
Chances are those agencies and departments were widely involved and what was going on was well known through out their departments and agencies.
Expect tip offs and leaks like we’ve never seen before.

phineas gage

‘the financial ties are easily established’

I’m not so sure this is true. Soros is carefuly to maintain only a loose connection, hiding his financing by labyrinthine means, as Thomas suggests.

He would be nearly impossible to prosecute, but a dedicated effort under RICO statutes by FBI and Treasury could ensnare some of the direct financers.


That would suggest that hes more clever than the white hats put on his trail. I don’t buy that and he brags openly about his goals and past ‘ventures’. These evil leftists think they are smarter which they time and again prove otherwise, hes no different. Regardless of the labyrinth of front companies they will eventually lead back to the snakes head. Whether by paper, electronic or human intelligence the evidence is all there and soon enough his smug arrogance will betray him..

Heres my caveat. If Soros is a CIA operative, very likely, and this cabal of evil is protecting him and financing him with dark money, then yes, it will be a very hard thing to prove his involvement. . This would open a whole other can-o-worms on a much deeper level of evil. CIA involvement would answer why this evil sob has never been investigated, charged, extradited and pretty much been left alone to sow as much discord worldwide as he has. imo

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you, Brian.


Soros involvement must be thoroughly investigated and all of the ties he has to the group must be revealed. Time for the nazi to pay.

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