Antifa Now a Designated Terrorist Organization

At 11:23 CT on Sunday, President Trump issued this tweet:

Shortly after, Attorney General William Barr issued the following statement:


Those who continue to fund Antifa through the various Soros front groups will also find themselves under investigation by the DOJ under the nation’s anti-terror statutes. They could also be subject to RICO prosecution.

Democrats who have thus far refused to denounce Antifa as the nation’s cities have burned will now be faced with a choice of either doing so now or be increasingly seen for what they really are: Enemies of this country.

It seems especially relevant today to note that this guy, Keith Ellison, is the attorney general of Minnesota:

Also, all of the celebrities pictured here have been contributing to bailing out the Antifa members who have been arrested in Minneapolis:

They, along with the 13 Joe Biden staffers who have also contributed to this Antifa-support fund will now also be in potential jeopardy.

What a glorious day.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Carlos Dangler

But, but, but…..Halsey is HOT!!!
But you are correct, Gregg. Abandon them, and almost all of Hollyweird.
How is it that fat-azz, race-baiting, anti-American George Soros is still walking around as a free subhuman? If his crap was aimed at Hitlary, he would have had a terrible accident many years ago.


Now the Democratic Party needs to be given the same status as ANTIFA.

I suspect the same source funds both, along with BLM and CAIR and a myriad of others.

Don’t stop now Mr. President and AG Barr. you are on a roll and if successful, will go down as the greatest president ever for saving the country from all foreign and domestic threats.

Lincoln was great, but he was only dealing with one major threat.

Musk’s/NASA’s manned space travel may have just come in time – a whole of to evil has to removed from this country and the earth as a whole. What better place to take them than outer space? Sorry Cher, the flight to Jupiter is not yet available.

Jimmy MacAfee

Now about those terrorism taskforces – or counterterrorism: I’ve heard it said that Peter Peter Lisa Eater Strzok worked for both FBI and CIA, and that he STILL works for the CIA in counterterrorism.

This is likely not just an American op.

And Soros is multinational. I posted recently that Shokin of Ukraine was fired, not because of Burisma and Hunter Biden, but because Shokin was investigating Soros-related entities, too. Interesting that Shokin was poisoned after he was removed. Biden doesn’t have that long a reach, corrupt as he might be.

Crowdstrike is a CIA operation, in my estimate. One of those Air America type companies.

Now, given all that has transpired, in most cases of unrest, with Soros entities and al Jazeera involved in stoking the flames, it would seem logical that this is a multinational event, with CIA involvement. Little Miss Muffett had better get off her tuffet and put the Strzoks away.

RICO and PEOs about corruption are powerful. No wonder John Brennan is squawking so loud.


About Keith Ellison:

2019 to present MN AG and Member of the DFL Democratic-Farm-Labor Party. MN’s version of the Dem Party

2007-2019 Representative of MN 5 now Omar’s district.

Was also deputy chair of the DNC and ran for the Chairmanship of the DNC Schumer and Sanders supported him but lost to Tom Perez. Ellison is every bit as radical as Perez.

Perez was one of Obama’s Secretaries of Labor from 2013-2017, before that Perez Assistant AG for Civil Rights.

Ellison is affiliated with the Nation of Islam, another Domestic…

And from what I can tell, never a prosecutor/District Attorney. But probably more qualified than Senator Comb Salad Fork when she was MN’s Hennepin County’s (Minneapolis) attorney


Cynthia Nixon played one of the bimbos on that stupid HBO show “Sex in the City” AND she was actually a serious candidate on the Working Families Party ticket and ran against the Cuomo for NY Governor in 2018. She lost the primary to Andrew the Pious and wound up supporting him. Truly a mental midget.

You can tell who in Hollywood is somewhat smart, by who keeps their mouth shut. The people on shows like NCIS keep their politics mostly to themselves. I used to watch NCIS regularly but it got to be too (left) political, but at least their stars stayed quiet and I’m sure most are liberal, but have kept quiet and be thought fools rather than speaking and removing all doubt.

Don’t watch any show that these people are on, write their advertisers and boycott them if they keep supporting such “activists”.


About time. Now go arrest them.

phineas gage

Black citizens have had enough of these white punks:

Amanda Marshall

Anyone supporting a terrorist group should go to jail. No exceptions. Any one starting a fire should go to jail. They should all pay a hefty fine also so they can build these places back!!!

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks for the post. Very good.

phineas gage

I think it is time to take names and begin punishment of these folks who are funding terror organizations. We need to treat anyone sending them money just like anyone who would fund Al Queda. They need to be on all the terror lists and suffer the consequences.

Sharon Campbell

Glorious day! Absolutely glorious!!

phineas gage

So right on cue, John Brennan, dripping with flopsweat, eggs on the rioters. And you can be sure this Communist traitor is getting his cues directly from Mr. Community Activist himself.


If we (maybe) can’t get Brennan on Obamagate, can we get him on aiding and abetting a Domestic “Terrorist” organization, especially since he was also a member of the CPUSA, or at least said he voted for their presidential candidate (1976?) at least once?

He really isn’t all that bright speaking up now in support of the ANTFA Rioters. That is good because apparently much of our law enforcement ‘leaders’ need dumb, really dumb criminals in order to arrest and charge them with crimes.

I’d love to seem him get arrested live on CNN when he is bloviating to one of the anchors. CNN cameras were there for Stone’s arrest; be great if they were on for Brennan’s too.


You forgot. The current CIA director is covering and most likely has some of their dark money in the game as well. Its an evil shadow govt all on its own.


Poor Portland, they withdrew from the JTTF a while back, so Antifa will be crawling all over the place. (as if they weren’t already) Not sure if the JTTF need Portland’s permission to operate there but it will be interesting to see if they do try and clean out Portland. Ted( they have a right to peacefully protest) Wheeler Portland’s pantywaist mayor will cooperate?


Sure hope you don’t live anywhere near there… Portland will designate itself a sanctuary for antifa.


Moved the coast last November. It will be interesting to see how panty waist Wheeler handles the fact antifa is now a terrorist organization. He’s been in a state of denial for some time now regarding them. Even worse, the mayor of Portland is also the Police Commissioner. That’s how screwed up they are there. They had hired a no nonsense chief of police out of Oakland. She lasted about year until she started fighting back regarding antifa. She checked all the boxes except one: being a push over. Don’t know if she quit or they drummed her out.

phineas gage

Seattle and Portland seem to the epicenter for Antifa, whereas BLM has more East Coast presence such as in D.C. Nevertheless, both are fluid, interchangeable, and well-funded by leftist front groups.


Certainly great news… The designation is a huge step forward… Now the follow thru…

phineas gage

Things just got real for the Antifa crowd. Facing a federal rap is no small thing.

Since Barr is likely being pressed by Trump, and is also eager to relieve some of the public pressure for Obamagate action, I think we are likely to see charges brought soon against a number of individuals.

That will make a symbolic impact, but the RICO action may be most significant. Following the money is the most effective way to break up the whole gang. And these are in fact domestic gangsters, the modern equivalent of the Weather Underground crowd.

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