Larry Schweikart: From DemPanic to DemSaster

Guest Piece by America’s History Teacher, Larry Schweikart

Poor old Joe Biden (Demented Biteme, if you follow my Twitter nicknames at @larryschweikart). He already had a weak hand. Heck, he had a hand full of the Bicycle trademark cards it was so bad.

It just got worse.

Rioters (yes folks, it’s a riot when “protestors” burn buildings, hurt people, and chase police out of a precinct) in Minneapolis have now made Trump the “Law and Order” candidate while simultaneously giving him a platform to woo black voters even more. How does that work, you ask?

Trump had already sent the DOJ into the murder investigation of George Floyd before a single Auto Zone was torched. Indeed, not a single major conservative voice dissented from seeing Floyd’s murderer cop prosecuted. Rush Limbaugh called it mindless. “What policy is there anywhere that mandates that kind of treatment of a suspect or prisoner who is totally under control?” The cop simply killed the guy. “There’s no other way to describe what happened.”

President Trump likewise chimed in. “At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation of the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd,” and he called for “this investigation to be expedited.” Believe me, if there is a determination that—as it seems—this was murder, Trump will make a White House announcement and look for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as numerous other black leaders, to be present when he does so.

But not only will it be impossible for anyone except from the insane Blind Lemon Don (Don Lemon) or PsychoJoe Scarborough to try to blame Trump, he will be rightly seen as attempting to right a wrong, while at the same time Trump appears to be the only one also supporting the (often black-owned) businesses that are being torched.

This has deep roots in all lawful citizens’ psyche (not just whites’). It is the “Law and Order” moment, akin to what drove large numbers of voters to vote for Richard Nixon in 1968. Perhaps they did not like Tricky Dick, but they knew that the anarchy and lawlessness exploding throughout the country had to end.

Trump now is in a position unimagined just six months ago of attracting not just more black voters than in 2016, but possibly a lot more. Already multiple polls had him swinging between 16% and 22% black approval. However, in all polls, there is a growing number of blacks who “don’t know” or “don’t care” who wins. I submit that most of these do know and care, but they don’t want to say they won’t be voting Democrat. Some 5-8% may stay home in 2020, while Trump will gain at least an additional 3% over his 2016 levels. This means the real black “vote” for Trump will be about 11% plus another 2-4% (i.e., half of the stay-at-home, which equals a half-vote for each candidate). That would put Trump in the 13%–15% range.

But that was before Minneapolis. Remember in 1932 blacks did not vote for Franklin Roosevelt. It took four years of winning them over. The same, I suspect, is true for Trump. The 2020 election may be his “1936″ moment.

Is there other evidence for this? Absolutely.

The most important evidence comes from the low numbers of blacks who support Demented Biteme. One poll had the number at 84%, another at only 74%!! Now, before you say, “Schweikart, that’s a lot,” remember that in 2016 Hillary Clinton lost carrying 88% of the black vote. Please tell me how Biden wins carrying between 4 and 14% less.

The most interesting thing about the impending DemSaster is that it seems inevitable. They can’t replace Demented Biteme. (If they could, you would never see polls showing Biteme defeating Trump. Quite the contrary, they would show him as weak, and needing to be replaced). No matter who Biteme picks as his veep candidate, he’s finished. How do I know this?

Because no one wants to be his veep, even though most suspect they would be elevated to the POTUS job before Demented Biteme could locate his teeth. Even with that, no one wants to be associated with a sure loser.

Meanwhile, the country is opening up, the economy even looks like may roar back. Americans’ savings levels were 33% higher in March, as I predicted. (With stores and entertainment closed, there was nothing to spend money on). Once unleashed, Americans are going to go on a buying spree.

The DemPanic is over. The DemSaster is about to begin.

Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of A Patriot’s History of the United States, with Joel Pollak of How Trump Won, and the sole author of Reagan: The American President. His history website features full history curricula for homeschoolers and educators, grades 8-12 at


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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If I have one complaint or concern about the President, it is his political appointments. So many have been disappointments if not outright duds or subversives, if not to him and his swamp draining agenda, then to the country at large.


Well he has to trust a few around himself as he can’t wear every hat in the room. I’ve complained the same somewhat too. He really needs to pay attention to WHOM is doing the recommendations of candidates… and fire them. Whomever is doing the suggesting of potentials is a swamp rat and thats not leaving out Kushner either. imo a sneaky weasel.

But I agree too… he needs way better choices. IMO he should be asking people like Grenell, Radcliff, Jordon, Flynn etc people who have better results. Get their opinions on who are results oriented people and hire them. People who are not afraid of going after the swamp and upsetting the apple carts of the uniparty faithful.

phineas gage

Beautiful SpaceX launch–congrats to Musk.


And for standing up to the hacks in NO CA for trying to keep his car factory shut down.

Jimmy MacAfee

If Twitter is being operated – (against our sanctions) – in Iran, you think Jack Dorsey is a little afraid? If this is true, and he’s not afraid, he’s hiding under the skirts of Little Miss Moffett.

The more that gets exposed, the more that gets exposed. Who may be getting a good look up the girl’s skirt? Jackie? Let’s hope she isn’t involved.

Who works for both CIA and worked for FBI? Peter Peter Lisa-eater? He no longer works for the FBI, but rumors have it he’s still working for the Agency.


Odd that all these white ‘protesters’ are showing up with satchels and backpacks…Is this to carry their lunches mom made them or is it to house the tools of vandalism and weapons???

Like someone posted on another site… quote “Progressives On Parade…Civil War II is on…started by the Democrats yet again..Democrat State / Democrat City / Democrat Mayor / Democrat Hiring Practices…Democrat finger prints all over this.”

Not sure I see the connection yet… /s off


FYI, Minnesota hasn’t voted for a GOP President since 1972 and before that 1956. Whereas every other state, even HI and MA have voter Republican at least a couple of times.

Trump almost won it in 2016, and should do so this year. What is with these people in Minnesota? Reagan carried 49 states in 1984 with Mondale winning only his home state of MN. How sweet would it be if Biden only won his home state of DE with their 3 EVs? Not going to happen I know, but I can see Trump winning 40 states and well over 350 EVs this time. BTY, MN is slated t lose a congressional seat and a EV in 2021. Omar’s?

Jimmy MacAfee

Great satirical closing line! Thanks for the laugh! (“not sure I see the connection.”)

“Lunches mom made” or “tools of vandalism and weapons?”

In Charlottesville, the Dem mayor and Dem (former) police chief – (who has since been replaced by someone whose CV looks more like Angela Davis, the Commie sponge-head from the 60s) – and the Dim governor (Terry McAwful) all conspired to make the march an “event to remember.” The press saw no connection then, either! That’s not funny, though; it’s sick.


And oh yeah, publish the photos and names of each and every one of the seditious bastards before they’re released after posting a $500,000 non refundable bail. Can’t pay it? We got a FEMA camp for that.

I can dream can’t I?

Jimmy MacAfee

“Dream a little dream…”
I’m dreaming with you.


So long as the President retains and maintains control of the National Guard all is well and good. If he lets the feckless mayor and pantywaist governor have control all will be for naught. Sending the regulars would be the best solution. Then invoke the insurrection act and git er done. Cordon off an area where the rioters are, funnel them into a place with fences and razor wire , then begin the task of IDing them, where they’re from and how they got there. Then go after the bus companies that transported them all the way up the money trail to the source.


The story about this is going to be very different a week from now. Autopsy findings do not indicate death by asphyxiation. Floyd had asthma, was a large man with possibly other preexisting conditions, and I suspect we may find that drugs were involved as well. Combine that with severe stress and cardiac arrest is more than likely what happened. The cop will be subject to charges of excessive force, and perhaps involuntary manslaughter, but not murder.

I agree with Schweikart–this planned operation with organized mobs is going to boomerang badly on the Dems. Trump has a problem with women, particularly suburban soccer moms who dislike his aggressive style and Tweets. After several weeks of watching cities burn down, almost all of these women will be frightened and pulling the lever for Trump. Trump won’t lose much of the black vote–the bigger problem for Dems is that blacks are not going to turn out for Biden.

1968 is a good comparison. Nixon over Humphrey by a solid margin. Most of the country wanted no part of the chaos and voted to get things under control. Since Biden is a pathetically bad candidate, even worse than the loon McGovern, a 1972-type landslide for Trump is also possible.

Jimmy MacAfee

Also, you’re right about the reports, but there are also reports he was drunk, and didn’t pass along a bad check, but a phony $20 bill. Who calls the cops because of a phony bill? Someone with an agenda?

He (Floyd) also worked with the cop in security. Might have been longstanding bad blood – and it’s been speculated that he had something on him.

Regardless, the contribution to the death could still be counted as murder, especially if he did nothing to help save the man’s life while he had him in custody. Reports of other cops responding to the call, who left immediately upon seeing the scene unfolding – knowing that this was a dirty cop, and not wanting to be associated with anything that happened…

More will be coming out. None of it will excuse the man for kneeling on another man’s neck. Read the paragraph quoting Rush.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great to see you’re back! Great points, too – especially about the soccer moms. They’re also going to be tired of having been railroaded into an unnecessary panic over the virus, and having been so alarmed their inner-Karens came out and showed their ugly sides. Humiliation is not easily forgotten nor forgiven.


On vacation, once the spring semester ended. And vacation for me is completely getting away from everything at a cabin in the back of beyond. Fishing and silence for two weeks.

Summer teaching starts Monday, so I am back, for better or worse.


Welcome back Phineas! Going off the grid does wonders like when I went to the Keys in March.


In agreement… I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing the whole time… Gina’s spidery fingers have been in this the whole time, even when Brennan was the director. THIS is mostly why they all went in full throttle on destroying Flynn… Flynn was going to do an audit and expose them all… The CIA has been operating on US soil for MANY MANY years. The whole of the organization is evil, start to finish. I’ll venture to say that most Presidents haven’t a clue of whats happening on the dark side of the CIA. Its basically an evil shadow govt and the President is merely a need to know when convenient figurehead…. imo

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree completely. Good points, well-stated.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect that the mayor, who was providing cover for the terrorists, even handing out masks – claiming that they were for COVID – will be ousted. I also have hopes that the President will, upon taking receivership (maybe?) of the city, will audit the city finances, and use proceeds from their coffers to pay the shop owners compensation for their losses.

There was an executive order in 2017, where a person or entities’ funds could be taken:

“I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems. Human rights abuse and corruption undermine the values that form an essential foundation of stable, secure, and functioning societies; have devastating impacts on individuals; weaken democratic institutions; degrade the rule of law; perpetuate violent conflicts; facilitate the activities of dangerous persons; and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.”

This is why I believe Soros is CIA; his funds haven’t been touched. He may have just gone one step too far, and fallen into his own trap. Even Little Miss Moffett can’t protect him this time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Rumors of Twitter breaking some law or another – (not the usual stuff, but overseas with the Insanian leadershit?)

President Trump could shut down Twitter in a hot second, if they’ve been working with Iran in violation of sanctions.

Run, Jack, run! Try to find a rock that’s willing to hide ya!

Jimmy MacAfee

At the very beginning of this, on this site, I said that President Trump would be getting involved. It’s deeply personal for him. This is not a political calculation

I don’t think he’s someone who just sits around counting votes; that’s the usual Washington way, and he is nothing like Washington – which is why they hate him and love psychopaths like Hillary Rotten and Barack Beezebama. Amazingly (and surprising to many,) he has a deep level of empathy, a perception of how others feel about things. His executive side/style is sometimes in conflict with his feeling-side, but he’s smart enough to have integrated the two.

Dubya Bush likewise wasn’t an automaton, his empathy was apparent even in college ( I could state the example, but won’t.) He did tend to stick with a hard line, though, even when proven wrong. Unlike the total hypocrite Clinton, who was a master manipulator and nothing else, Bush had a heart. Obeelzebub has no empathy, no heart and no soul. Total NPD.

Jimmy MacAfee

The economy is going to recover, we’ll find new and or add reliable trading partners, and China is SOOL. The Chinese are (and have been) selling a dish to us called Yuc Fu, and they’re going to be eating their own words.

What is also likely to happen is a lot of exposure of the CIA’s dirty fingers in Ukraine, in Russia, in China and in a lot of other places. It’s no secret that the last Director stopped (or seriously thwarted) HUMINT- or human intelligence and ceded such operations to other nations…not just 5 eyes. I’m guessing – call it speculation – that Brennan gave over the names of those 17 operatives China murdered. This won’t be revealed in a normal court – if at all: likely to be classified. Google/;Alphabet is also likely to be squashed like a bug for their treasons.

The press, too, is feeding at the teat of the CIA and the businesses they operate, and Big Tech is an intel operation for the most part (Facebook arose from a government operation, DARPA, and CIA was an “angel investor.”) I’m guessing these financial links and company fronts for the Agency are going to be ended sooner or later, or cut back.

Nixon hated the CIA. They didn’t like him much, either. They hated Trump, because he has always had good sourcing and didn’t have much use for their (disinformation) briefings.

When it’s “discovered” that Soros is an asset, and thus all of his operations will be exposed as CIA fronts. Illegal for them to operate domestically. At one time, the Agency prided itself on creativity, but they proved to have some real nasty ones there, Gottlieb for one, who did horrible experiments on orphans. Creativity became license. Including license to use press, clergy, and to conduct medical experiments on children.

A lot of the cleanup will require a dismantling of the CIA, or a total restructuring. I hear some of that is underway, a different model, but I don’t trust Little Miss Moffet, being too close to Brennan.

Trump has instincts, something the CIA would love to use (or manipulate) They think he’s got problems with “confirmation bias” (their words,) and in that they’re projecting. What needs to happen is for them to stop funding the opposition in the press. Signs of that are happening already, as CBS news is laying a lot of people off.

The economy, as Professor Schweikart says, is going to recover. Best thing for Americans of all races, and for black Americans in particular. They used to say: “last hired, first fired,” with some justification. Don’t think this is going to be the case this time around.


You’ve mentioned “Little Miss Moffet” before… lol… Bell just went off… hello Gina…

Jimmy MacAfee

Little Miss Moffet sat on her Kurds and Wray.


yep… Ima tad slow but I get there eventually… lol


lol… I get it…

I get people scratching their heads going “huh?!?!?”

I have a t-shirt my kids got me that says, “I’d explain it but I don’t have any crayons”

It can be applied to ye (nonspecific) or me….

Lets discover who the dullard is shall we… A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing… 🙂

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, my references are sometimes…odd. I remember a teacher who loved The Wasteland, because it contained so many obscure and oblique references – kind of like an inside joke. I try not to do that, but sometimes…reads like ravings.

Once I quoted:

“I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”

I remember running with a group of housemoms early (early) in the am, and none were interested in current events. For all I could make out, they chattered like parakeets, and they weren’t saying anything. Nice sound, truly, but…parakeets. Loved the sound of their voices. But I got so bored, I started quoting from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Not a one recognized it, or caught the meaning. Which was: they were boring! At 5 am, I guess they had the right to be. But my satire wasn’t rejected, it wasn’t even recognized as satire!

So don’t feel bad if my odd (odd) comments seem indecipherable. This is, in a sense (for me) a kind of message board to various people and entities. (Right, Little Miss Moffett?) She’s not listening any more than the parakeets.

Jimmy MacAfee



Something Trump could do… Is every city theres a riot, obviously in Dem controlled cities, all businesses destroyed will be rebuilt using the money the Feds would normally give to the State.

The Dems destroy and the Conservatives rebuild… Wouldn’t be long before the destroyers are pit down… for good.


I’m agreeing that this is a positive for Trump. He already had great prescamdemic numbers of black americans coming over and out of the Democrap plantation. Now having the DoJ and FBI rush into the fray to resolve this murder as quickly as possible will only further the independent blacks into voting for Trump. They will see Trumps actions as someone who is willing to ACTUALLY do something for them just as he was doing prior.

The scamdemic is done and you will see demoncraps fanning every race baiting event they can in order to start another ‘protest’. They are completely panicking because they are further into the pit of despair than they imagined and like an animal backed into a corner they are going to be especially vicious until end of Nov. Thats why it will be a vote like your life depends on it, because it does.


Great and positive article by Larry Schweikart and excellent take on it by Brian.

Trump is a doer and a fixer; now if only much of his Administration would only work faster to keep up.

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