Minneapolis Burning: A Leadership Vacuum Leaves the Activists Fully In Charge

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Minnesota’s still burning, and it is no surprise. – Yesterday at around 5:00 CT, I gazed and listened in wonder at what can only be described as the single least effective law enforcement press conference ever to appear on national television. Here’s what I posted on Facebook as the presser concluded:

I don’t know if any of y’all are watching this press conference in Minneapolis right now, but these FBI/Minnesota law enforcement people are only making this situation worse. There will definitely be more rioting in that city tonight. This is the least effective law enforcement presser I have ever witnessed.


Participants in this presser included the local U.S. Attorney, Erica McDonald; the local FBI special agent in charge (SAC), whose name I did not get; an official with the Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension; and Mike Freeman, the local County Attorney. These folks had two objectives to achieve at this press conference: 1) to provide assurance that the investigation into the police killing of George Floyd was in competent hands and was proceeding quickly; and 2) to reassure the angry public that has been burning the city since Wednesday that justice will be swift and sure.

Unfortunately, neither goal was accomplished. Not remotely. And so we saw these scenes overnight:

It is complete chaos. No fewer than three police precinct stations have been burned.

Only Ms. McDonald delivered any messages that were remotely reassuring, and her role in all of this is purely secondary even though she led the conference. This was a murder, which is a state and local crime; the feds are only there to investigate civil rights violations and other potential federal crimes.

Instead of being reassured that justice will be done, the mostly-Black rioters were treated to a parade of pasty-white Minnesotans standing before the cameras, all saying they need more time, and all making excuses for why the four bad cops responsible for the killing are not already in jail and charged with a major crime. County Attorney Freeman even went so far as to outrageously state that he has “evidence” that no crime was committed despite the fact that the entire incident was unambiguously caught on video that everyone not living in a cave has now witnessed.

To be clear: Nothing these officials said would have had any effect on the Antifa and Black Lives Matters agitators who are being paid by Democrat funders to inflame the situation. Nothing would placate the radical Islamist activists who live in Ilhan Omar’s district – where much of the rioting is taking place – who are using this situation as an excuse to create havoc in their own community.

Remember, Minnesota is a state that elected this guy to be its Attorney General:


But these activists can’t succeed unless the public at large is already angry, and the participants in last night’s press conference only made them angrier. As Trey Gowdy told Fox News Host Martha MacAllum, there is no good reason why those police officers have not already been arrested and charged. If they weren’t cops, they certainly would have been.

That is up to County Attorney Freeman and the state’s Bureau of Apprehension. Those folks had better get moving, because this situation is only going to continue to get worse until they do.

And this crap doesn’t help. – I’ll defend President Donald Trump until my fingers bleed and there is nothing that could make me pull a lever for a Democrat in November, but tweets like this one are not in any way advisable or helpful:


That was all fine until the sloganeering about looting and shooting. How ridiculous and sad that he chose to do that on the very same day that he signed his well-grounded executive order denying Twitter and other big social media platforms liability protections under the Communications Decency Act.

With radical Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey a worthless emotional wreck and governor Tim Walz having zero clue about what to do here,  the rioters and the activists urging them on are fully in charge of a major American city.

This is what George Soros’s America looks like. Get a good look at it.

P.S.: The only good thing that happened last night was that a CNN reporter and camera crew were arrested when they refused to move when ordered by the police:

Header media

I got no problem with that.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Liberty Writer

We should draft government workers to serve a 4 year hitch as a police officer in a major city.

Sir Cumference

There is no leadership in DemocRAT run states and cities, that is why there are always problems there.



Just one of the many casualties of this “protest”,

Last line of the article:

“It seems the media puts a spotlight on stuff like this every election year. for 2016 that’s all we heard about was race, racism, and police brutality. Then after the election, it was nothing even though certain situations still happened. Black lives matter seemed to disappear from the planet for those four years.”



“Activists”? Seriously?
No liberal slant there at all! Pfft!

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave could have said “Soros,” or he could have said “terrorists,” but “activists” is just as critical.

In context:
“Nothing would placate the radical Islamist activists who live in Ilhan Omar’s district – where much of the rioting is taking place – who are using this situation as an excuse to create havoc in their own community.”

“Radical Islamist” is a qualifier of the word “activists.” Last I heard, everyone in the previous administration were forbidden to use those words “radical Islamist.”

“Liberal slant?” Try reading the article instead of the headline. You must work for CNN.


And then there’s the “news” media. Nonstop coverage/presence on the ground. 24 effing 7! Breathless interviews! Stunning revelations! Disturbing scenes of burning buildings and looting! They’re all ghouls.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, now that the CCP virus is winding down, and the Dems have killed Grannie and Grampa in nursing homes, and people are starting to think about who is responsible and what to do to the governors who caused the deaths in nursing homes, the subject needed changing!

Look here – not there!


I don’t know, perhaps a “whiff of grapeshot” – to utilize a phrase of Napoleon Bonaparte- is exactly what’s needed. The authorities have totally lost control of this situation & appear weak, feckless, leaderless, & completely on the defensive.

The mob is in charge, not the police.


The community is angry with how the police have acted and are responding accordingly. Should they just sit and wait for a corrupt FBI investigation to recommend some personnel changes? Should they wait for the government to fix things? Looks like the residents are tired of waiting.
The response from the MN officials is probably what the British generals said and did in the eighteenth century.

Jimmy MacAfee

Chuck T.
The community you speak of? The local community, or those people appearing from everywhere else? I’m confused.

Of course, it is a Dem city, and waiting for anyone to do anything is like expecting sanitation services in Baltimore, where a group of Conservatives did in 2 days what the city couldn’t accomplish in years.

Conclusion: Dims don’t know how to run things, except into the ground. And you’re right: the FBI can’t be counted on to fix anything (see previous statement)


Please explain how looting a Target, Walmart, liqueur stores, automotive shops, bars or any business owned by white, hispanics or blacks justifies the destruction as demonstrated. All the while the real fomenters, governors, DAs, police chiefs, mayors etc all seem to be ignored!?!?

I’d bet my eye teeth that if these mobs showed up at the State Capital building there’s be immediate action to haul these four despicable cops before a judge and locked up with no bail. I’d also venture half those showing up at these riots are there for that purpose only, to destroy property and loot.

There should also be some accountability for those inciting these riots like maybeeee Mad Maxine, Blob Moore, dishrag Kapernut, Sharpless, Juicy Jackson, etc , all those ‘celebrities, advocating for the destruction and further rioting.

Wheres Barr??? He’s looking a lot like Waldo

Jimmy MacAfee

You’d not only keep your eye teeth, but you could get cosmetic dental surgery if someone took your bet!

As for “protestors.” The ones who looted were probably local criminals; the ones who burned were told what to burn by outside forces.

What was the license number on that bus?


Protesting I get, but escalating to looting and burning things down? Not so much. It destroys any positive effects that the protesters might have towards getting justice.


Watching the Guv of MN flapping his lips. Hot air and have heard the term we need to take a hard look too many times.And oh the humanity! We’re sorry those journalists got arrested, we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. All the while the split screen showing police and nation guard lines.

And what I find funny about it is you have all these people walking back forth with their phones out video recording the lines or just standing there staring at the cops. WTF do they think they’re doing? Looking like idiots accomplishing nothing imho.


“The City encourages everyone to exercise caution to stay safe while participating in demonstrations, including wearing masks and physical distancing as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” the statement reads. “The City has made hundreds of masks available to protesters this week.”

Does anyone else see the utter bizarrrreness of these statements?!?!?

We want you to stay safe from our scamdemic and we’ll even provide you with identity hiding masks… now carry on….

Burn, riot and destroy the evil businesses that can employ you and lift you out of this induced hopelessness. Attack anyone that would have the audacity to suggest that these Democrat controlled cesspool cities are a result of Democrat policies when clearly its a slavery issue of those Republican controlled states. /s off


Preferably the authorities, ie National Guard, needs to shut down the ‘protests and clearly state that the area around the states government is open for the protesters to continue protesting there. Failing that, the protesters might want to visit the governors residence if there is a lack of concern by the governor. Help facilitate the protesters by steering them to those that are responsible for creating this mess and demand answers directly from them.

Jimmy MacAfee

This would involve stopping people from getting on or off busses that don’t normally run in the area, such as the ones in Charlottesville, and the ones who TRIED to infiltrate the pro-2nd Amendment protest in Richmond.

They have to get there somehow, right? They have to leave, too. Busses are the key. Stop busses that aren’t usually there from leaving (or entering) and a lot of the problems stop immediately.

In other words: keep the operation outside the conflagration. This would prevent further conflict, and it would seal the fake protesters in a confined area. (Some will leave on foot, but they’ll get hungry and thirsty, right?)

Bottom line: halt the transportation into and out of the city, and especially target busses for examination.

Jimmy MacAfee

There needs to be an executive order by the “governor” (or the President than anyone “protesting” who is not local can be held without bail until it can be determined who sent them and how they got there. This needs to be handled by the National Guard, as you said.

Paid instigators/Leftist slaves are unlikely to keep their mouths shut when it comes to saving their own butts.

FEMA has enough camps to hold them all.


A response is needed, but it also has to be measured. Even if there are paid instigators, infringing on their rights to gain information on their source won’t do much good…and what actions will you take when you have the information you seek?

I agree this situation should be handled by the national guard – once the police stations were set ablaze, it basically sent the message to the mob that local authorities have lost control or gave up (sets a bad precedent for future riots, too). Bring the NG in and shut this thing down en masse. If no one can anything other than march with a sign, whether local or paid instigator, people will start going home.

And that prosecutor should keep his mouth shut….your city is on fire and you say there may be evidence that prevents charging these officers? What a genius. Just let the FBI finish their investigation and then you can announce your findings.

jack johnson

This situation is out of control and needs to be put down today. Trump needs to step in because these people are clearly incompetent. Letting these savages take over a police precinct is a image that puts every American in danger.

Clear the streets and that includes news crews that don`t listen to orders.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ingress and egress: block the exits.

Ben Colder

Nothing new same old same old cops kill a man and the people burn down their own hood never have figured that out .You can bet the outsiders are pumping this for all they are worth big moth Sharpton is there I heard and all the antifa scum which are nothing but communists and Nazis however the turn .Nothing new here .


Nice headline, but please stop propagating the lie that rioters are “activists.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Right. Paid slaves of the Left.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent and thorough commentary, Dave. Unless someone comes and tries to “mitigate” your message, I won’t add a word. No need.

the Bruce

Activist is inaccurate. Anarchist is accurate.

clive hoskin

Imagine that.Antifa attacking a food store and rioting in Minneapolis.A DemocRAT stronghold.Lol.Sorry,but I have NO SYMPATHY for you people.You keep voting for these fools and now you will pay the piper.


Hey, it’s their city.

Liberty Freedom

The situation here is dire to say the least. As I type my boss and co-workers are boarding up our business as we are 4 blocks north of the St. Paul Target that was hit yesterday and we will be shutting down soon. One of our vendor businesses has been burned down, most likely there are more that we do not know about yet. My daughter is behind the scenes setting up a medic post for those who may become injured. The violence has spread into the suburbs but not receiving much TV time due to all the action in the cities. The leaders of both Minneapolis and St. Paul along with Gov Walz are incompetent and tow the democratic mantra. I knew this day would come and while it is scary, we will persevere as Americans have in the past. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!

Jimmy MacAfee

How are you doing presently?

(Meant to say G0D Bless You earlier – didn’t catch my misspelling until now.)

Jimmy MacAfee

G0F bless you and keep you safe from these paid terrorists.


Paint something on the plywood you are using to secure your stores. Point the ‘rioters’ to go after government not businesses. Make Governors Responsible Again.

Defend what you can but in the end it is only stuff… not trying to lessen the seriousness, but visible armed showing may be necessary. Hope all goes well for you folks.

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