Friday News Roundup: Adios Amy!, Trump Moves on Big Tech, and CoronaPanic is Dying

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

You won’t have Klobuchar to kick around anymore. – The gang of leftist women who make up Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Farty Joe Biden’s list of potential vice presidential nominees just keep knocking themselves off.  Frau Eva von Whitmer was basically eliminated by her own husband last weekend when he tried to jump the line to get his boat out of storage, in direct violation of Whitmer’s own stupid stay-at-home order.

Now, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has fallen victim to her own actions, or inaction, as it were. That inaction took place wayyyyyy back in 2006, when Klobuchar, then serving as the local District Attorney for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, refused to bring charges against a bad cop named Derek Chauvin, who had become the subject of one of multiple police brutality complaints that have been leveled against him over the years.

Why is that significant today? Because Derek Chauvin is the bad cop who killed George Floyd by leaning on his neck for 8 long minutes as he strangled to death on a Minneapolis street.


Adios, Amy!

Time to get back to work. – There was some very good, if hidden, news in the weekly jobs numbers released on Thursday. Yes, we had 2.1 “initial” claims for unemployment in the past week, which was the only number the corrupt news media focused on.

But “continuing” claims fell for the first time since March, from 25 million to 21 million. That means that 4 million net Americans went back to work last week.

America is going back to work whether the Democrats want it to or not.

The other positive, if largely ignored news this week has been the Dow Jones Industrial average leaping back above the 25,000 mark. As of yesterday’s close, the Dow has now gained back about 80% of its initial losses due to the economic shutdown, signaling that investors are growing increasingly confident that a rapid economic rebound will take place in the months to come.


This is just the first step. – As promised, President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to limit the liability protections enjoyed under the Communications Decency Act by big social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Make no mistake about it, this is just the first step the administration plans to take to rein in the abusive behavior in the social media sector.

These Big Tech monopolies have far too much influence in our society today, and pretty much all of that influence is pernicious and destructive in nature. There are now bi-partisan coalitions in both the House and Senate who support some form of anti-trust regulation of these companies, and we have seen many signs that the Department of Justice is preparing to take action against them.

This is far, far from over. It’s just the beginning.

The CoronaPanic mob is losing control, even in California. – The sheriff of Sonoma County, California, said yesterday that he will no longer enforce baseless, senseless, constitution-violating orders coming from state and local officials.

From a report by ABC News:

Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick penned a letter to residents saying he is directing his department to not enforce the public health order, saying the blanket order is crushing the community.

In this letter, Essick said the many residents and business owners have told him that the county’s health orders are far more strict than neighboring communities and California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide orders. He also said that the county’s coronavirus cases continue to decline.

“Over the last 10 weeks we have learned a lot and made significant progress. The curve has been flattened; hospitals were not overrun with patients; we have dramatically increased testing which verified the infection rate in Sonoma County is under control and decreasing. Yet we continue to see successive Public Health Orders that contain inconsistent restrictions on business and personal activities without explanation,” Essick wrote. “Based on what we have learned, now is the time to move to a risk-based system and move beyond blanket orders that are crushing our community.”

He says he’s asked, and not heard from, public health officials about why the restrictive measures remain despite the community having favorable COVID-19 numbers. To continue to enforce these measures, he said, would be a disservice to the county’s residents.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, he said, will stop enforcing local coronavirus regulations as of June 1.

“As your elected Sheriff, I can no longer in good conscience continue to enforce Sonoma County Public Health Orders, without explanation, that criminalize otherwise lawful business and personal behavior,” Essick’s letter said.


Sonoma County, of course, is one of the major wine-producing areas in the state. Essick’s move will no doubt place pressure on the sheriff in neighboring Napa County to also begin questioning the authority behind these counterproductive orders. You can be sure that if the wine-tasting rooms in Sonoma are able to open for business, those in Napa Valley are going to want an explanation why they can’t do the same.

Because competition still matters, even in the grand socialist experiment that is California today…

…but maybe not in New York. – Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio appear intent upon completely destroying New York’s economy for decades to come. Cuomo, who has led what has likely been the least-effective and most disastrous response to the Wuhan Virus of any state, doubled-down on restriction and failure yesterday:


Meanwhile, this is happening. – Although you won’t find it mentioned on ABC’s website or Twitter feed, ABC reporter Arielle Mitropolis reported this on-air yesterday:

The CoronaPanic is dying at the hands of science and data, and there is nothing Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer or any other fascist Democrat governor can do to stop it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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As DemocRats live and thrive on racism, so shall they die by it.


When you serve the Devil you seem to get everything, but end up with nothing.

Jimmy MacAfee

Where is ol’ Derek these days? I’m guessing he’s hiding on a farm owned by a sympathetic relative or at a Deep State enclave somewhere in a rural area. He will NOT get his life back. Ever. Hope he’s divorced for his wife and kids’ sake. There’s gonna be a lynching party. Not what our country needs, but I’m just describing the high probability that these things will or are happening. It’s called an “analysis” with a slight bias.

As for Nasty Amy – Dave nailed it!

If the Dims choose someone of color (and now they have no other choice) who is agreeable with GropeyJoe, they’re either going to have to be passive to the extreme; they’ll be a patsy who has no ability to step in when Joe’s spluttering mind goes completely blank, or they’ll choose a militant that Barack Beelzebama looks moderate. And he HAS to choose a person of color. Pink won’t do – (better forgettabout Warren!)

Choices, choices! Popcorn, please.


I stated this earlier and think it bears repeating. Now that the scamdemic is pretty much over watch the for the triggering events to activate blm, antifa and the muslims into rioting. These groups were very silent during the lock down but now Dems need these thugs to get eyes off them so they can continue setting up the Nov for the steal.

Minnesota is only the beginning.

The positive thing will be those more conservative blacks, hispanics will go back to work and the ones that won’t will be the trouble makers looking for the excuse to burn and destroy. Easier to identify and charged with sedition, in addition to destruction of property, etc..

Not holding much hope that Barr is going to hire a prosecutor to find the evidence and charge those that are instigating and financing these traitorous acts..Maybe happen if Trump hires Grenell for the FBI job.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sound conclusion.


“Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Farty Joe Biden”

Pretty soon word wrap will take over.


It is also being reported that the two men knew each other having worked security at the same club. Was there a backstory with bad blood involved?

Jack Gruenstein

I am writing about the George Floyd incident. Most everyone has seen the video of the Officer pinning Floyd to the ground by placing his knee on the man’s neck. The location of this event is to the rear of a police vehicle. In an earlier video, Floyd is shown in handcuffs being led onto a sidewalk and then sitting with his back against the wall of a building. The earlier video raises the question of when did Floyd move from the wall to the rear of the police vehicle and why was he moved? What, if anything, happened during the move that resulted in him being restrained face down on the ground with the Officer’s knee on his neck? This so far unexplained sequence of events may explain why the Officer did what he did, or it may show that the Officer acted in a reckless manner.

Jimmy MacAfee

I hear talk of lawsuits against the governors who killed family members by putting COVID positive people in with their family members in nursing care facilities. May end up class-action.

If you can sue Monsanto, why not Cuomo and Whitmer?

Brenda Faye Wilson Patten

That would be awesome!

Jimmy MacAfee

Meanwhile, as Fauxi himself says that masks are mostly “symbolic,” a gesture of “respect.” Dr. Governor Mengele of Virginia orders us to wear masks…but he won’t ask police to enforce it his edict.

No, instead, he has his goon squad of Health Department officials, writing “citations” to people who disobey his diective. Now when does the governor get to write criminal law? Thought that was the legislature’s duty. Good luck in court, “Coonman.”

But I do have a hunting mask that I’ll wear if a store requires it. I also have sunglasses. The two, combined, make me look like an Islamic terrorist. It will also completely defeat facial recognition software. If you live in a state which requires masks, I encourage you to make a full head covering, with only the eyes showing, (and make it light enough not to be stifling hot.)

What are they gonna do? Arrest you? For obeying the Governor’s orders? In Virginia, wearing a mask in public, with certain exceptions, is a Class 6 felony. In this case, it won’t be; Mengele ordered it.

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