At Long Last, Minnesota Officials Arrest Derek Chauvin

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Two days too late, news broke late this morning that Minnesota officials finally decided to arrest Derek Chauvin, the dirty cop who killed George Floyd earlier this week. Had the arrest been made on Wednesday, many Minneapolis/St. Paul businesses that have been burned in the meantime might still be open for business.

Meanwhile, we’ve had all sorts of stuff come up this morning to talk about:

  • Floyd and Chauvin actually worked security together at a night club for several years, according to multiple media reports quoting the club’s owner;
  • The Minneapolis Police Department admits that Chauvin had had no fewer than EIGHTEEN prior complaints filed against him during the course of his career. Only two of those complaints resulted in any disciplinary action;
  • Another officer who stood around at the scene without trying to restrain Chauvin as he killed Floyd, Tou Thao, has had six complaints filed against him. Thao was also the subject of an excessive force lawsuit that the City settled out of court in 2017:

The lawsuit was brought by Lamar Ferguson, who claimed in the suit that Thao and another officer subjected him to “cruel and unusual” punishment when they arrested him in October 2014. According to the lawsuit, the officers used “unreasonable force,” including “punches, kicks and knees to the face and body while Ferguson was defenseless and handcuffed.” As a result, Ferguson suffered broken teeth, bruising and trauma, the lawsuit says. The city would go on to pay Ferguson and his attorney $25,000 to settle the lawsuit on December 11, 2017.

  • Meanwhile, as all hell was continuing to rain down around him, feckless Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was trying to change the subject:

Yes, because the arrest of a reporter who had spent several minutes arguing with police in an emergency situation while blocking their sight lines is what we want state officials to be focused on here.

  • But hey, that pales in comparison to pathetic radical leftist Mayor Jacob Frey, whose focus was on whether or not protesters were wearing their masks and practicing social distancing:

Minneapolis Mayor to Rioters: Please Practice Social Distancing, Wear Masks

Protesters throw objects onto a burning car outside a Target store near the Third Police Precinct on May 28, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during a demonstration over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes. - …

You seriously cannot make this stuff up, folks.

The fact that Chauvin and Floyd worked at the same establishment over the course of several years indicates that we have much more to learn about what motivated Chauvin in this situation. Something else that we do not yet know about is at play here.

But, if it is left up to Minnesota officials to discover what that is, we will probably never find out about it.

Elections have consequences, and what we see happening in Minnesota this week is the direct consequence of decades of Minnesota voters electing Democrats to high office.

Stop doing that, Minnesotans.

UPDATE: County Attorney Mike Freeman just told the press that the four-day span from the time of the killing to the time of Chauvin’s arrest was the fastest his office has ever moved to arrest a police officer. That fact, in and of itself, is an indication of a huge problem. Because anyone else who had done what Chauvin did would have been arrested on the spot and charged with murder. But if, as Freeman now contends, his office has to jump through four days of hoops before taking action while the damn city burns, that is a real, true problem that must be fixed.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Liberty Writer

How about we draft all government workers to serve a 4 year term as a big city police officer.


….prediction: Chauvin will die in custody – Minneapolis can not afford the blow-back from anything less than a guilty verdict to murder. Pre-meditation is hard to prove and the autopsy may not give support the necessary cause of death.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re already right: initial reports claim the cause of death wasn’t strangulation.

Does it matter? No, because the actions of Chauvin contributed to his death, and he likely wouldn’t have died if he was treated as a normal suspect – and if he began having a heart attack, most officers would have rendered aid. Bottom line: once a suspect is under control, these kinds of “methods” aren’t allowed – (not that this is standard police technique, according to one former FBI agent) – kneeling on someone’s neck.

I also hope you’re right about your prediction. He has endangered PDs all across the country. A one-man shit-show. Of which Soros et al are taking full advantage.

Jimmy MacAfee

The worst part of what Chauvin did? As someone who pays a good bit of attention to attitudes toward Law Enforcement, and who supports these good men and women who place themselves in potentially dangerous and volatile situations every day they work on the streets, I find it distressing to see their lives jeopardized by someone who is clearly not right, perhaps mentally unstable, clearly a bad cop.

He has seriously endangered police all over the country; he has made their jobs more dangerous a thousand times over; he will create widows and children without fathers (or mothers) and he has cost our nation the services of many who will not enter the profession as a result of his evil and incompetence. .

He has defamed Law Enforcement, just as Comey and the FBI, but his defamation has more serious consequences for the Men (and Women) in Blue. They will have to sacrifice more because he either is or has a devil.

G0D protect our friends in Law Enforcement,

old farta

On what grounds were the four officer fired? The same grounds as Chauvin? The officers were all involved in the submission and control of Floyd. How is it that one officer, who has had numerous complaints filed against him, could escape arrest while enabling another to kill Floyd?

Mark Kozina

I am in no way trying trying to condone the actions of these four, but I think the main reason the other three were fired along with Mr. Chauvin was for violation of department standards, which is not a crime so no arrest. Although there may be numerous complaints against an officer, many of them never come to fruition for a variety of reasons and are treated as arrests that do not result in a conviction. As he was w 19 year veteran of MPD, there may have been indicators that were overlooked or missed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Governor of Virginia’s response to the fires in Minneapolis:

“Burn, babies, burn! Oh, sorry, I thought this was an abortion rally. My bad.”

Sick joke, sorry. No sicker a joke than the claim that they couldn’t find a criminal act in order to arrest Chauvin. Kind of like Comey and emails; looking isn’t seeing.

Um, National Guard? Can we borrow you for a second or two? We have some busses to catch.


Just find out who owns the buses and let them know the buses may suffer serious damage in the protest city and that they might want to get them out before something happens to them, Force them to abandon all the out of towners.

Jimmy MacAfee

Very good idea.

Jimmy MacAfee

If the terrorists had spent a tenth of the energy they spent burning, killing and looting (and maybe kidnapping) and spent the same effort to round up Derek “Punisher” Chauvin, they could have had a rope party, saving everyone a whole lot of trouble and money. Just sayin’.

But then, they wouldn’t have all the goodies they heisted from stores they looted, would they?

City “officials” could have reasonably charged Chauvin and called it “protective custody.” But then, I’m guessing he’s nearly as safe in jail as Jeffrey Epstein.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Governor Walz,

“Rest assured that we will soon come out at a very real outcome.”

Yours Sincerely,
President James Dale
Mars Attacks

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Mayor Frey,

The fires in your community should help mitigate the spread of novel COVID-19, as it cannot exist in high heat. You fail to understand the mob’s intentions, as they are merely trying to prevent the spread of this virus.


A. Fauci

Jimmy MacAfee

As you can see, most of the hard-working virus-team, which was trying to burn the virus out of existence in your city, wore masks and other protective gear.

A. Fauci

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