William Barr is Showing how a Functioning Justice Department can Still Work

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

The fallout from Obamagate continues to accelerate. – Attorney General William Barr announced late yesterday that he has appointed a federal prosecutor in Texas to review the thousands of “unmasking” requests made by high officials during the final weeks of the Obama Administration. This new probe will be carried out by the appropriately-named John Bash, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas.


From a report in the Daily Caller:

Bash will carry out the probe in coordination with U.S. attorneys John Durham and Jeff Jensen, who are looking into various aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation.

“The attorney general determined that certain aspects of unmasking needed to be reviewed separately as a support to John Durham’s investigation,” Kupec told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

On May 13, Republican senators released a list of 39 Obama-era government officials who submitted requests for intelligence reports during the presidential transition period that identified Flynn, the incoming national security adviser.

The documents showed that former Vice President Joe Biden, former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan and other officials in the Obama administration submitted requests for information regarding Flynn.

Kupec said that while the process of unmasking is not “inherently” wrong, Barr is analyzing whether Obama officials had political motives in submitting requests for reports that identified Flynn.


Barr’s move comes amid rising calls for DOJ to appoint a special counsel to investigate not just the massive unmasking operation conducted by the Obama Coup Cabal, but the massive abuse of the FISA process that facilitated the “Crossfire Hurricane” illegal spying operation against the Trump Campaign and transition team. Such calls are wrong-headed and should be roundly rejected by any thinking person.

As we saw with the incredibly abusive Mueller operation, special counsel probes invariably turn political, and often devolve into Soviet-style inquisitions complete with entrapments, Nazi-style raids on homes and the literal framing of innocent people.

Barr’s approach is vastly preferable. Instead of appointing a special counsel under a law that places no limits on timing and budgets, or sidebars on the scope of the investigation, Barr has appointed a series of U.S. attorneys to investigate small, discrete chunks of the vast conspiracy mounted by the Obama White House, DOJ/FBI and Intelligence Community to fix the 2016 election and then to remove a duly-elected President via a soft coup d’etat on American soil. Unlike the similar appointment of Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber by Jeff Sessions back in 2017, Barr’s appointees actually produce results.

Simply put, the Special Counsel law is antithetical to the preservation of a free and just society. It should never be used again, and frankly should be repealed by congress.

AG Barr is providing us all with an alternative framework for how a truly functional Department of Justice can much more effectively and efficiently get to the bottom of massive wrongdoing without engaging in FBI actions reminiscent of the KGB and unending abuses of the rights of innocent U.S. citizens.

It is no wonder, then, that the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies hate and fear him so deeply. But the rest of us who actually care about our country’s future should remain patient with this man, because he is hovering right over the target.

That is all.

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All Barr is proving is that the DOJ can run endless investigations. Same as every other AG has done. Indict someone and then come and tell me what a hero he is. Until then it’s just another day in another week in another month in another year of the same fruitless lip-service and empty promises.

Jimmy MacAfee

A month ago, I would have disagreed with you strongly; a week ago, I would have mildly disagreed with you. Evidence continues to prove that you’re completely right.

In his own words, Barr gave himself until late May to show what he has. Four days. He has four days. That’s all I’m willing to give him.

What will I do if he betrays us? I trust the President. So far, he’s the only one who has been telling the truth. I trust the President to shake things up. He’s good at that.

Sharon Campbell

Good to hear Barr is taking this approach. I agree the Special Counsel never resolves matters, simply cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Jimmy MacAfee

Barr is getting more and more like Alberto Gonzalez and Eric Holder every day, Deep Staters, and less and less like William French Smith – (who stood up to North, Poindexter, Bush and other conspirators and told them to stop their coup plot, AKA REX 84).

Appearing beside Wray? Makes the “investigations” seem more and more like just another part of a great big coverup. Comey did “investigations,” too. Remember when Weiner’s laptop showed up, and the FBI supposedly examined a huge, enormous number of files? They didn’t. End of investigation. Nothing to see here; move along, move along.

You can’t just slap the word “investigation” on something and think it means anything. Right now, I’m sitting here investigating my navel because I think I may have a tick. (No, I don’t. Investigation over)

Officer/Att Gen Barr Brady at our service. Now run along and don’t ask more questions.

I began to change my opinion of Barr then, as he stood side-by-side with Chrissie Wray, the feckless and ineffective fool in charge of the FBI. I wish I was wrong about Wray, but there is no evidence that he’s more than a tool and a fool. Barr should recommend that the President remove him.

Ask Ms. Powell, General Flynn’s attorney what she thinks. I believe she doesn’t trust him. And now, nor do I.


Special Councils can serve a legitimate purpose; at least in theory. The problem is they are given carte blanche and all can and do become “Politized”. However, if their “Purview” is well defined and regulated, their budget and hires are monitored and, along with an open process and a specific timeframe established, they can be effective.

I understand Dave’s argument since they almost always become never-ending political which-hunts and are used to cripple their target(s). The other special council reform could be what is possibly going to happen with Mueller: an investigation or another SC to investigate the investigators. It lends credence to your point Dave, but when we have a corrupt FBI and VERY SLOW MOVING IGs and AG and DOJ in their effort “to get to the bottom of this”, what is the alternative?

Last year Trump authorized the declassification of all this Schiff, and surely Barr/Durham had to have access to what Grenell released (All these agencies and departments are supposedly able to “talk to one another” in the post 9-11 era – right?), so why has more than a year been wasted by the AG and others “to get to the bottom of this”? And why didn’t the AG appoint all these new attorneys general months ago when a blind deaf and dumb person could see the depth of this corruption? All anyone had to do was listen to just one of Hannity’s hundreds of shows that said the same thing night after night. Though very repetitive, everything he and his guests have said has been accurate.

Then, to cap if off, Barr occasionally emerges from his bunker and rather than speak directly like Trump, he pontificates and basically gives ‘the One’ and his #2 a “Get out of Jail Free” Card, and still has not acted on any of the criminal referrals by IG Horowitz. And the fact that Wray is still the FBI director and Judicial Watch is getting stonewalled despite Trump’s declass order doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in true justice prevailing.

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t have a high degree of confidence. Why is the clock on Trump’s first term being allowed to run out? Remember 96% of the DC Cesspool and the NCR voted against Trump. However slowly these “investigations” are going, they will all go away with a Trump defeat as “no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring charges against people who did not ‘intend’ (to get caught) to break the law”.


It may appear that Barr is hovering over the target and is hiring ‘results’ oriented people to look into various aspects of the coup and its actors. I’m not so sure there are going to be very many people who are going to see this in a very positive light. More of the same old same old.

Its two years plus and what has come of Barrs appointment. ZERO… I’d venture a guess at even less than Sessions did. AND… is costing far more money. To date Barr has let criminal referrals slide, zero indictments, declassified nada when told he could declassify all documents, fired how many deep staters in his department?? Wheres Barr on all the constitutional abuses going on with the covid thing. What Barr is good at tho is giving appearances and soft tone talks about the travesties that happened. Thats it so far after two plus years.

Barr is deep state, he’s not about to prosecute any of the ‘elite; deep staters. If he does then the first one to be prosecuted will definitely roll over on everyone else and Barr simply won’t do that. He’s slow walking everything intentionally, perhaps hoping that Trump will lose in November and then this all disappears. One thing Barr is…. is smart. Keeps a tight lid on things and doesn’t draw much attention to himself. Gina Haspell is another of the same cloth and these people are the most dangerous.

Bottom line is its tough to have trust and confidence in a guy or his department that has really produced nothing of any significance in over two years. imo

Jimmy MacAfee

When the DOJ stops stonewalling Judicial Watch, Dave, I’ll believe it. We remember that there was an “investigation” by Comey’s FBI into Hillary Rotten Clinton’s emails, and they didn’t think it rose to what Barr calls a “crime.”

I’m sick of investigations and investigators. I’ve switched opinions, and now have little confidence in Barr, no confidence in the lazy, ineffective and worthless Wray, and less and less confidence in Pompeo.

Try following the Rule of Law – meaning FOIA, douchebags and bagettes – and give Judicial Watch what they have requested. You give a good speech about unequal justice, but you don’t practice what you preach.

I had given Barr (not that I count for anything) until May to see things get done. We’ve seen Rich Grenell do some major things, but there’s more to be exposed, right Ratliffe? – (still don’t know what was hidden away from Republicans in the SCIFF, or do we?) Barr can’t be given credit for what Grenell has done.

May 2020 is almost over. Put up or shut up. (And more “investigations” aren’t an adequate response, because we saw what happened with HRC’s emails – twice.)

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