Whitmer Requests National Guard Through July; Grenell Gets in Some Parting Shots

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

The only appropriate response to this request is “Hell, no.” – Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer, the aspiring banana republic dictator who currently serves as Michigan’s brutish Governor, made a startling request of President Trump earlier today. In a letter e-mailed to the President, Herr Gretchen has the utter gall to request an extension under U.S. Title 32 to extend her use of the state’s National Guard at federal expense through … wait for it… JULY 31.

I kid you not:


The power-mad Whitmer already has this authority in place through June 24, 12 days after her current lockdown order is set to expire. So, what does this tell you about her plans for further extending that order, despite the fact that there exists today not one shred of data or science to underpin it?

The truth is that there was never any real justification for Whitmer to have this Title 32 authority in the first place, and there is damn sure no reason whatsoever why she really needs it for another two months and three days.

It is long past time for President Trump to start asserting his authority to roll back the excesses of fascist Democrat Governors like Whitmer. A firm, swift and unambiguous denial of this brazen request would be a great way to start.

So long, Ric – please come back soon. – The Great One, Mark Levin, conducted a wide-ranging 19-minute interview with outgoing Acting DNI/Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell on Wednesday. During the course of that interview, Grenell had some very revealing things to say about the way he was un-welcomed by the DC Swamp into the DNI job, and how the corrupt news media treated him throughout that assignment.

Here are some outtakes from the interview:

On how he was distrusted by members of congressional oversight committees and other deep state politicians, as well as the news media: “An outsider coming in with fresh eyes is like the enemy because you’re going to look at things differently.”

“Look what they did when I came in and was appointed. They immediately said this is an outsider who has no experience. And I heard that over and over, Mark, from most every news outlet. No experience, no experience. That’s not true. I have different experiences. I’ve been a consumer of intelligence since 2001, longer than a lot of the people who are in charge of overseeing intelligence from Congress. But that didn’t matter to them because I didn’t grow up in the system.”

On whether knowledge about Obamagate went all the way into the White House: “There is no possible way that it wasn’t known inside the White House and that multiple layers of people knew about this.”

On congressional manipulation of the Intelligence Community: “It was the political people and the politicians who were ignoring the problems and the career people were clamoring for reform. An overwhelming majority [of career officials] hate the leaks, they hate the manipulation coming from Congress, they hate how oversight is done through a letter, and then you don’t talk to anybody about it, and the briefings are ‘gotcha’ briefings. That’s not good.”

It’s a really good interview and well worth a listen.

From the day he was appointed to become the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Grenell has been one of the most loyal and impactful members of the entire Trump Administration. As of yesterday, he is now officially out of government service, which is a terrible loss for the country in this time of great stress and peril.

President Trump should do everything in his power to convince him to serve in another high position because, as Abraham Lincoln famously said about Ulysses S. Grant:

“I need this man. He fights.”

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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President Trump – Thank you for rejecting the Plastic Face Michigan Governor’s request for National Guard support. An executive order from you declaring the Covid-19 National Emergency “Over” maybe in order. It is this writer’s opinion that the Michigan Governor knows that there are some up coming 4th Of July events in the works and, being the spiteful person she is, she will do everything her “Dictator Control” power to subvert those events (one being the “great annual CtC Freedom Picnic/ Event”). Ruining the people of Michigan’s boating season, tourism, family reunions, Religion gatherings (She is a LGBT person with no “God” anyway), and just getting out to socialize is this Governor’s aim. Any person whom believes As She States: She is doing the lock downs to save lives, in my opinion, is drunk on koolaid.
The people of Michigan need to get at this Plastic Face Witch with or without the help of Michigan Legislators, Senators, Courts/ Justice Department, and militia. Since the people of Michigan own the “Governor’s Mansion” maybe they can evict her from the property if recall is not working.
A Personal Lawsuit against her is definitively in order with the following:
Murder One (when she “outlawed” doctors from subscribing possible life saving medication for Covid-19 patients).
Practicing Medicine without a medical license.
Murder Two (directing Covid-19 patients to nursing homes without providing protection to all other “in nursing home residents and working staff”.
Conflict of interest in permitting a LGBT club/ public bar/ establishment (The State’s Attorney General’s and Her Hangout) to remain open while all other clubs/ public bars/ establishments in the state were ordered “closed”.
Subverting all of Michigan’s Legal Citizens of their Constitutional Freedom and Bill of Rights beyond a fifteen day Executive Order legal declaration.
Enlisting the services of the Michigan State Police (whom are sworn to uphold the U.S. and Michigan Constitution to Protect the Legal Michigan Citizens) to enforce Expelled/ Out Dated (older then fifteen days) Executive Orders (Have no force of law unless enacted into law by Michigan Congress).
I’m sure there are other things the Michigan Citizens can do to “Correct” this “Out Of Desire” Plastic Face Governor, but what ever it is the Citizens must act and soon before the State becomes a “Third World Poor/ Broken State”.

Jimmy MacAfee

One thing: she’s married – to a man. (Or “man.”) Hard to believe a real man would want a domineering Nurse Ratched for a wife.

Either way, she’s incompetent, vicious and hasn’t the foggiest idea what she’s doing. She just careens from one ridiculous order to the next, without any comprehension of unintended consequences.

Jimmy MacAfee

Whitmer is afraid of the people. Considering that she did what Cuomo did to nursing homes, maybe she has a right to be afraid? What she did to keep her state locked in home-prisons – think she’s maybe a little bit afraid? I hope she is. I really hope she’s terrified. For the rest of her stupid life. and her husband Toto as well.

As I said before: a former CIA Director, Colby, had a little canoe accident. The National Guard can’t stop accidents from happening, can they? Go canoeing, Governor! Nothing possibly could happen to you, since you’re a goddess and all – (or is it a dogess?)

And by the way, I have a full-face hunting mask, live in Virginia, hate Dr. Governor Mengele’s order to wear masks. Mine makes me look like a Muslim terrorist, especially with tjhe sunglasses. But it’s what I’m going to wear in stores that require masks, or when challenged by Governor Mengele of Virginia’s goon squads. I won’t be wearing the mask, until told to – but I’ll have it with me, and it is really frightening. I advise others to do the same.

Governor Northam just gave me permission, actually, to break the law regarding masks. ANTIFA doesn’t use them in Virginia, because its a class 6 felony – (except under certain conditions.) So if a Karen starts bitching about me not wearing a mask, she’s in for a fright. Camo hunting masks that cover everything but the eyes are intimidating.

I hope all the Karens who voted for Dr. Mengele are all peeing themselves, and I hope Nurse Ratched from Michigan also develops a perpetually leaky bladder. You will never live in peace, knowing what you have done to your people. (New Zealand looks kinda good these days, don’t it?)


I guess I left the government while the getting was reasonably good before ‘the One’ totally turned the District of Corruption into a total cesspool.

When we got a new director, I never knew (there may have been) or saw such animosity; much more frequently my co-workers where hoping for a reformist to reverse the policies of former hack directors.

Apparently ‘the One’ was able to ‘(hope and) change’ the culture in DC from mere inefficiency to and outright dysfunctional headquarters similar to the way Stalin and Hitler ran the top levels of their respective dictatorships/governments.

The deep damage ‘the One’ did and the culture he created, along with the help of the holdovers from former administrations will take a long time to purge through attrition. Legitimate and Deserved Indictments and convictions would help eradicate the metastasized cancer Mr. Barr.

It is a sad fact that when a organization goes sideways, many more good people leave out of frustration and integrity that the butt kissers and the drones; the “Peter Principle” rules the day and a temporary appointment of a reformer is where the term “Waiting out the Director” comes from.

If the left was smart (which thankfully they aren’t) they would have been better off if they made the appearance of working with the new administration while quietly working to sabotage him through “Malicious Compliance” (So far Jeff Sessions, Chris Wray, and Bill Barr could be the poster children of “Malicious Compliance” unless something gets done to change that opinion in one quick hurry.) Instead they have repeatedly exposed themselves for who they are and Trump has been masterful at exploiting and displaying the true nature of the DC Cesspool and many of its dwellers.

The media has also destroyed whatever creditability it once may have had to many if not most Americans, and while it may still be a powerful organ for state propaganda, its influence has been greatly diminished.

Grenell was hated, not for his “inexperience”, but for his reform efforts – same goes for Trump and any of his other reformers in that town. Swamps and bureaucracies’ number one mantra – one might even refer to it as a hidden “Mission Statement” – is to keep and grow themselves to make sure they never solve or complete the task for which they were created and are thus never shut down or replaced; in other words, become “essential”. All that ever happens in a government reorg. amounts to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. That is why real reformers are so resented.

Personally, I would like to see much of the governmental agencies created in the last hundred plus years meet the fate of the Titanic with a like number of ‘survivors’ (after a through vetting as to their worth) being retained and the rest permanently laid to rest in terms of any future government employment at federal, state or local level. IMHO, 2/3 of government workers are “nonessential”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Grenell was hated for the same reason Flynn was hated. If he had time, he could have ordered an audit. (Maybe Director Ratliffe?)


Trump needs to fire Wray and appoint Grenell to file the vacancy.


Sounds like gruppenfurher Whitmer is enjoying declaring martial law to keep the Michigan peasants in line.


In the near future, look for a lot of TEA Party type efforts being made to demand the opportunity to recall all state politicians via state constitutional amendments. This intolerable situation will not be allowed to continue in the states where these poster children of past tyrants rule over their states like kings and dictators ruled over their serfs and peasants.

I really hope and want to believe the sleeping dog AKA as the silent majority, has been kicked enough to finally rise up and take back our country beginning November 3, and during every succeeding election for years and decades to come.

I see the opportunity for a lot of major changes to be forced upon all levels of government by an energized people yearning to be freed from the (fill in the blank) orders (not constitutionally created laws) inflicted upon the all too tolerant masses.

China will eventually rue the day they engaged this virus upon the US and the world, and our tyrants will rue the day they tried to exploit it for their personal power gain. If not then we might as well learn Mandarin Chinese and accept being the Hong Kong of North America.


While I have mixed feeling about Lincoln, the one thing he got right was putting Grant in charge. Many have said that Grant wasnt that good, but he never lost his cool and he never gave up. According to family he was my Great Uncle several times removed on my mother’s, father’s side of the family. One day I will eventually go down that rabbit hole and see if it’s true.

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