Thursday News Roundup: Minneapolis Burns, Trump Expels and Orders, and Biden Passes Gas

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Because looting a Target and burning a McDonald’s is always the right answer to social injustice. – What you need to understand about the images coming out of Minneapolis this morning is that they are only partially organic in nature.They are being urged on by social unrest groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both created by the Democrat Party and largely funded by George Soros and his myriad array of front groups in this country.

Antifa/BLM staged a large protest in downtown Minneapolis yesterday in response to the brutal cop killing of a suspected check forger named George Floyd, who was African American. Minneapolis police responded by dispersing the crowd with tear gas:

Hours after that took place, South Minneapolis erupted in riots and looting:


One local TV station is reporting that Minnesota’s feckless Democrat Governor Tim Walz requested National Guard support in containing these riots late last night.

Minneapolis is reaping the rewards of decades of leftwing Democrat governance right now: A captive, poverty-stricken, largely-minority population, angered by decades of neglect, discrimination and no opportunity; a corrupt, under-manned and poorly-trained police force; and state and local leaders who are useless in a crisis. There is a reason why scenes like this invariably come from big cities that have been run by Democrat machine politics for decades. Minneapolis is Baltimore is Chicago is St. Louis is Detroit is Philly is Portland is Berkeley, is Los Angeles, etc.

History tells us this situation will get much worse before it gets better, an outcome the involvement of Antifa/BLM thugs will ensure. Stay tuned.

Houston has an enforcement strike. – Things have certainly not turned violent in Houston, but Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner is reaping what he has sown as well. has a good write-up about the fact that Turner, who has spent his entire term in office abusing and defaming the city’s police and fire departments, is suddenly having a hard time getting those departments to enforce his mindless and baseless orders restricting business reopenings that go well beyond the orders of Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott. Funny how that works, huh? It’s a good read.

Speaking of reaping what you sow… – President Donald J. Trump will issue an executive order today that will serve to facilitate increased regulation of and lawsuits against big, monopolistic social media firms who have spent the last 20 years censoring conservative speech and thought. From a report at the Wall Street Journal:

As drafted, the White House order would seek to reshape the way that federal regulators view Twitter and other social-media companies—not as hosts of speech but as monopolies that control millions of Americans’ daily experiences on their platforms, according to one of the people. It could also lay groundwork for treating them as public squares where individuals’ First Amendment rights are protected. The draft order is far-reaching in scope, the people said.

The current federal legal protections for social-media companies were adopted by Congress in Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. That law gives online companies broad immunity from liability for their users’ actions, as well as wide latitude to police content on their sites. Critics across the political spectrum have argued that the law now provides the tech giants too much power.


It’s a good start, one that should have been taken a couple of years ago.

The braindead simpletons in the NeverTrump fake conservative crowd have already reacted with the standard “let the marketplace decide” nonsense, ignoring the fact that our country has anti-trust and restraint of trade laws on the books for very good and valid reasons. The foundations of the principles behind those laws developed during the administration of Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican who recognized the potential evils of monopolistic behavior by the big oil, railroad and steel trusts at the turn of the 20th century.

The true conservative position on this is that the laws that have been on the books and enforced for more than a century should be consistently enforced today. Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube are no different than Standard Oil was in 1903.

By signing this executive order today, President Trump is, as usual, taking the true conservative action.

ChinExit continues to rapidly develop. – The New York Times reported last night that the Trump Administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students currently in the U.S. who are affiliated with ChiCom-run universities in their home country. This is the next step in the Administration’s rapidly-evolving effort to de-link the U.S. and its economy from China in the wake of the ChiCom government’s lies about the Wuhan Virus and its ongoing attempt to impose brutal control over Hong Kong in violation of international agreements.

From the Times story:

The Trump administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States who have direct ties to universities affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, according to American officials with knowledge of the discussions.

The plan would be the first designed to bar the access of a category of Chinese students, who, over all, form the single largest foreign student population in the United States.

It portends possible further educational restrictions, and the Chinese government could retaliate by imposing its own visa or educational bans on Americans. The two nations have already engaged in rounds of retribution over policies involving trade, technology and media access, and relations are at their worst point in decades.

American officials are discussing ways to punish China for its passage of a new national security law intended to enable crackdowns in Hong Kong, but the plans to cancel student visas were under consideration before the crisis over the law, which was announced last week by Chinese officials. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the visa plans with President Trump on Tuesday in a White House meeting.


This is clearly the right thing for America to do under the current circumstances, as the ChiCom government grows increasingly unstable and belligerent. And remember this: If China Joe Biden becomes President, everything this President has done with regards to China will be immediately reversed, and America will revert to its previous subservient posture towards the Giant Red Panda.

Speaking of China Joe… – I kid you not, during a livestream interview with feckless Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf yesterday, the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee let loose with a big ol’ fart that was picked up by the mikes:

I guess we’ll have to add “Farty Joe” to his long and growing list of nicknames.

You seriously could never make this stuff up.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

In case you decide to misconstrue comments (again) Gregg: Donald Trump was one of the first “9/11 Truthers.” His recorded comments in days after the event – soon after – show his assessment to be accurate, truthful and insightful. Guess you don’t like Trump now, eh Gregg?

Jimmy MacAfee

Now, I recognize that I was 11 years late in waking up to the truth of the matter, but President Trump, having sent his crews to help find survivors THE DAY AFTER THE EVENT, stated ON AIR that it wasn’t airliners which brought the buildings down; he described the design of the building, how his engineers had shown him how sturdy it was far back, at the bombing in 1993, how the walls were not paper thin, but reinforced steel, the girders together so close, the strength of the structure immense.

I’m sure our friends at the CIA and NSA have something to do with the video suddenly disappearing. There were several videos, and NBCs is the only one available. The other one is where the future President states that planes didn’t bring the building down.

Engineers for Truth, hardly a pro-Trump group, agrees with that assessment.


Last Comment I will make to you regarding this. You want to call me a troll, go ahead, I’ve been call worse…

I did not quote the Bible Jimmy – neither in “…” or by chapter or verse, I learned those words from my parents and along with the Golden Rule, I try to live my life as honestly as possible.

I respect GOD as our all knowing, all caring supreme being, and his son Jesus, and I never ever go into depth on the specific parts of the Bible – I (knowing my lack of specific Biblical knowledge) leave that to expert all knowing theologians such as yourself.

“You once said I overstated Soros’ ability to manipulate things. Maybe you aren’t as smart as you think you are, or maybe you’re a narrative control person…”

Really, calling me a narrative control person? Pot calling the kettle black.

I don’t specifically remember saying you overstated GS’s ability to manipulate things – I just don’t believe he and only he is behind all this evil. There must be a few more boogiemen behind ALL this mess. All I said is he could be one of many figureheads like the Dems are trying to make Biden into. I opined that Soros is probably one of many dark figures most of whom we probably don’t even know – unless you are an expert on all the known and unknown secret societies too.

Regarding the riots I don’t care who or what caused them, it is up to our government to protect EVERYONE’s life and property. No anger of any group gives anyone the right to hurt me, my family or my property.

All I was saying is if a couple of these riots were put down as they should be where it is not a status symbol and a badge of honor to get arrested, the paid for rent a mob of SJWs would largely go away and the real problems being tackled by real politicians might have a chance to be addressed and actually resolved. Because, let’s face it, the riots are not winning any hearts and minds to their cause. That is what I was getting at. You seem to want to promote a certain kind of anarchy/violence directed at certain targets; I want the problem solved.

You speak of the GOP fueling this anger by not running anyone decent in the Democratic Plantations and I offered three examples of good GOP mayors and I’ll bet 80+% of the “angry” people voted against them… As much as I rip on the RINO GOP here, I don’t blame them for not spending a lot of effort in areas where they are sure to lose. The GOP, unlike Soros et al’s piggybank, don’t have the unlimited recourses to fund fool’s errands and overcome the free media pro Democratic coverage.

And about the GOP running piss-poor candidates: I’ve had to hold my nose over the many years and vote for a lot of piss-poor GOP candidates where I have lived, so that is no excuse for anyone to keep on voting overwhelmingly Democratic.

You speak of anger in the black community. You sound a lot like that asshat mayor of Minneapolis, I heard a clip of him from today speaking about how four hundred years of grievances … , most of which are perpetuated by people just like him. If that is the case then screw it, let Xi come over and take over America and end this national misery that is the American Creation. If that is the going to be the reasoning behind the permanent hardon (like the Moslems have over the Crusades) of Americans of African descent, then let’s just admit that we are FUBAR and take a dirt nap.

One last thought:

For the most part I agree with your posts, but sometimes you really go off on tangents and conspiracies like Ollie North and 9-11. Normally I don’t respond to areas where I don’t have a strong opinion or knowledge, but I have actually researched some of what you wrote about and frankly, it is a little out there. Not saying you are wrong, or what you say didn’t happen, but, again, as with the hundreds of years of cultural grievances being blamed on us white Christian Americans, or these massive conspiracies being foisted against us by GS & Company with no apparent chance for resolution… , well that pisses me off to the nth degree and you don’t see me raising hell and hurting people when I see or hear of a minority doing a crime against a white person. If everything (conspiracy and race relations wise) is as bad as you portray so often, then we all may as well bend over and kiss our a$$e$ good bye.

Jimmy MacAfee

Secondly, you completely (and probably intentionally) missed my comment on the motives of those who hired the rioters: they want to draw attention away from the fact that African Americans are increasingly supporting the President.

Maybe you don’t like that, and don’t want them aboard the Trump train. I’m guessing that you don’t want them, and have never wanted them.

Fact is, most black folks want nothing to do with the riots, but they were rightfully pissed at the murder. They WANT to support the President, but it’s people like you who don’t and won’t recognize the fact.

Hi, Mockingbird! Once CIA, always CIA. That’s what Q says, and now I see that the theorem is proven.

Jimmy MacAfee

Oh, so you think Ollie North’s little cabal was a non-event? I remember from the day it was reported in the local newspaper, that continuity of government statutes were going to be used in the event that the press didn’t like our (impending) invasion of Nicaragua, or if the people ourselves found it problematic. You really ought to do your homework.

And you can really look at 9/11 and say that there wasn’t a massive government coverup, if not outright participation? I no longer respect you. Once CIA, always CIA. And the CIA was a principle in the event, for reasons I can only speculate. If you think an airliner brought down Building 7, you haven’t paid attention.

Now, I recognize that I was 11 years late in waking up to the truth of the matter, but President Trump, having sent his crews to help find survivors THE DAY AFTER THE EVENT, stated ON AIR that it wasn’t airliners which brought the buildings down. Look it up, because I’ve provided links to that repeatedly.

You deliberately misread my comments on the rioting: you have the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader. apparently. Let me make this clear:

1. Dems initiate the riots and cause them to spread
2. Dems push the riots toward private property, and away from themselves
3. Dems bring in outside groups to facilitate the damage

Sound like I’m sympathetic to the riots?

As I pointed out, if the rioters were genuine, they’d go after City Hall – and would have in Baltimore as well. But since the mayor of Baltimore told them to burn, they did – but avoided her little castle, and her domicile. This proves that the rioters were controlled by Dems, and their allies like Soros, who had his people all over Ferguson (and so did al Jazeera, your favorite news producers, who promoted the hysteria)

If we had an actual FBI/DOJ, this all would be treated as RICO, because of the clear and unequivocal orchestration of nearly every one of these events. Manipulated events, just like Charlottesville. Think that’s a “conspiracy theory?” Oh, right, the agency that promotes it’s own conspiracies coined the term “conspiracy theory” to cover its own actual conspiracies.
I no longer respect you.


Jimmy, Not wanting to get into a pissing contest over minority anger, its cause and effect etc. But this “anger” never seems to get pointed at the real cause of the anger – liberal Democratic Politicians! When a triggering event – contrived or coincidental – happens, it seems to be an excuse to bust stuff up hurt innocent people, raise hell, and solve nothing.

Like we all are with Barr, when I see the minority community stop voting consistently 90+% for Democrats (Trump began making inroads here which is another reason the left wants him gone so desperately) then I’ll believe the minorities, like the DOJ, is actually interested in FIXING their/our problems. Until I see a drastic change in voting habits, I’m not going to have a whole lot of sympathy for their “anger”, and the way or the reasons why they express such anger.

GOD helps those who help themselves and Charity begins at home. Doesn’t it Jimmy?

Jimmy MacAfee

First of all, Scripture never, NEVER says anything about “G0D helping those who help themselves.” NOWHERE. If you’re gonna quote the Bible, might want to read it sometime. The CIA has a nasty habit of manufacturing fake preachers, in case you don’t know – (I’ve known a few of those cretins.)

Second, the outsiders = (Soros-creatures, mostly) – direct the riots, just like they did in Ferguson and in other places, like Baltimore. It’s a plot, pure and simple. As I laboriously pointed out, these events happen in Dem cities, always go after private property, and never burn down City Hall. Coincidence? No. As in Baltimore, DIRECTED FROM City Hall. Why is City Hall never burnt to the ground in a Dem stronghold? There is your effing answer: City Hall is instigating the burning.

And you never see the retarded Republican party EVER put up any good candidates in Dem cities – and if they did, the corrupt local papers would freeze them out. Stop blaming the people who are warehoused there. They don’t have a choice.

You lilly-white, sissified so-called Conservatives don’t know shit about the inner city. In the 2012 “election,” people from Detroit were begging for help – jobs, not welfare. The laid the blame squarely on the laps of the Dems. Was anybody listening? Republican leadership? Paul Ryan? Mittsie the cowardly, pusillanimous dipshit? Donald Trump listened. He knew; he knows.

Right now, there have been a LOT of angry blacks, angry at the desperation Obama caused, angry at the Republicans who talk but never do. Ready to jump aboard the Trump Freedom Train; many already have boarded. This is all about causing them to distrust us. And comments like the troll “Sir Cumference” made are racist, ignorant and designed to make us white Conservatives look bad. Most black Conservatives know this.

You once said I overstated Soros’ ability to manipulate things. Maybe you aren’t as smart as you think you are, or maybe you’re a narrative control person, but Soros had his hand in nearly every moment of American civil disruption. Soros, and other billionaires, who don’t want AMERICANS to discover that they’re pulling our strings at the same time they’re tightening our chains.


I understand the frustration when these events, initiated by slimes like Soros and media, are perpetrated upon whole citizenry. I fully understand the anger that those being incited to riot, burn and loot, but I also know most of those doing the looting… are fully there to do exactly that, opportunists. I also fully understand the frustration directed at those looting and watching these people destroy everything not theirs while police do nothing to stop it.

This is entirely the goal of these evil dirtballs like these governors, Soros, Rockerelimes, Gates the dirty thieving lowlife, the bilderburg group and a host of other evil communists. The goal IS to create these divides and deepen them, foment abject hatred between the groups, create blood on the street, discord among friends… in short chaos.

We know the author of this and we need to fight this battle not with anger and harsh words. A rebuke is necessary, calling people ‘pave monkeys’ is uncalled for and should warranty an public apology as well. But also venting anger at the sissified conservatives likewise isn’t called for either, attacking an ally isn’t productive. Correction maybe be appropriate, even strong correction, but hostility is never warranted.

I for one greatly appreciate the people who frequent this site and their very insightful views. Welcome them. But lets not get suckered into attacking the wrong people. I make the most mistakes here likely and probably will until my last breath. I don’t enjoy correction but will accept it if I am wrong. Its how we learn…


Appreciate the kind thoughts Brian. I too like and look forward to your comments, and learn a lot from them.

See below (posted before I saw your comment) my last response to Jimmy on this matter.

PS: Speaking of great commentators, Where’s Phineas?

Sir Cumference

Another excuse for the pavement apes to loot and burn. That will really make up for what happened, right?

Jimmy MacAfee

Eff you, troll. “Pavement apes?”

Dave, this is not a legitimate post.

Jimmy MacAfee

Every time – every. single. time. – black folks looked at the job numbers and progress under Barack Beelzebama, and began to see that they were being played, out comes Trayvon. Manufactured to keep their minds off the misery Beelzebama was inflicting upon them.

Happened repeatedly. Happening now.

Why didn’t someone who was witnessing the murder just push the cop away? Use pepper spray on him? Throw a rock at his head? Shoot his sorry ass? No, they just yelled. and filmed. They are as guilty of murder as the arrogant pig who kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck. And where were the other officers? This was planned. It was set up.

Why? Because a lot more black people are starting to think for themselves – and more black folk are seeing President Trump as THEIR President. Can’t have that, right? Joe Biden? No, Biden votes for an extension of the Civil Rights act, and thinks he owns them. Can’t have people liking Trump! No, we gotta have an EVENT, like the ones they used in Ferguson.

If I were President Trump, I’d have a bounty on the cop’s head. Find out – through waterboarding or enhanced whatever – who hired him. Same with his buddies. And arrest those who were in attendance, and watched a man get killed right before their eyes.

This is like seeing the rerun of an old movie. Mockingbird Movies.


Exactly. I was dumbfounded to see that the other three stood there and did nothing. As for the crowd, willing to bet the other three had their hand on their firearm, praying somebody would do something, anything to justify them unholstering them and start shooting. Between the lockdown angst and this murder, it;s just matter of time before all of downtown Minneapolis starts burning.


On the executive order, just stating the obvious about these sites will not have much impact since everyone already knows this. And with congress, there is currently zero chance of real reform regarding section 230 of the CDA.

However, Trump can do one thing today that would have a massive impact and would be within his powers as chief executive: immediately order every federal agency to cease use of any platform that filters content based on political ideology. NOAA, NASA, etc., would not longer post communications on Twitter, Youtube, etc. Instead they would need to use content-neutral sites, or develop their own distribution methods. And no more taxpayer money used to place ads on these sites (census ads on YT, etc.).

Why should the American taxpayer be supporting the growth of anti-American propaganda sites?


Totally agree. I constantly encourage every conservative to carefully examine who they are funding with their dollars.

Quit supporting them that truly hate you with your hard earned dollars.

Support ONLY those that do honor family values, do honor moms and DADs, do honor faith and church, do honor life at every stage, value work, and ethics. The leftist can only steal, cheat and lie and will do anything they can get away with to harm you and even their own followers. Like their father they hate anything good and he’s known as the Destroyer for good reason.

Cut their funding and choke them out.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good solution.

And cancel any and all contracts the federal government has with any of these Leftie sites, including CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, CNBC etc. Don’t stop with Big Tech..

Not a single dollar of ad revenue, including agencies like the CDC, to fake news media. They’ve become agents of indoctrination, not public service announcements. Take them down even if they are free – (“free” means the fake news gets a tax break.)


Police brutality afflicts people of all races. But once again, the grievance mongers hijack the cause and it’s turned into a BLM/AntiFa riot and loot-fest. Just a horde of Gimmes acting like dangerous, spoiled children. Police brutality is simply an excuse for them to act like animals.

Jimmy MacAfee

Be careful, those who criticize the rioters. There are people who are using their anger, their JUSTIFIED anger, and those people who promote rioting should be shot where they stand. But the anger is real, and anger at them is as much displaced as their anger at a store owner,

Displacement is real; people hit their kid because their boss pissed them off; men get drunk or do drugs because they aren’t allowed to see nor have any solutions to their problems.

Let me tell you a little story about concentration camps and people who some called “animals”:

Patton – (great General, shitty person) – was put in a position to oversee the liberation of some of the camps – exactly the wrong person for the job. He had no empathy, wasn’t personally capable of it, and regarded the survivors, particularly the Jews, as “animals.” His letters to his wife say this. He had no idea what they experienced, and he didn’t care. He identified with the former captors more than the victims.

So be very careful when you call people “animals.”

If it is up to the Left, we will all be caged like animals, treated like animals, and killed like animals. But we still won’t be animals, even if our minds and bodies have been broken, our spirits vanquished, our souls denied. And when the Chinese invade, I hope you will be willing to be called “terrorists,” because that’s what they will call Freedom Fighters.

I hope the people who are angry will soon turn their wrath on the Democrapic mayors, governors and press. Those are the people they should be targetting.


There’s a reason why the CCP let loose a virus. Short of nuclear war they don’t want to see the barrels of rifles pointing at them from every blade of grass or bush. Mine will be one of them. And they’ve already labeled vets returning for ME conflicts as potential domestic terrorists and by fact of just being a vet the rest of us as well.


Whats being displayed in Minneapolis is what the evil marxists hope for and is a direct result of the Post Modernal Deconstructionism that has been waged since early 50’s in America and before that in other countries.

I’ve stated this before, its goals are to destroy families and its structures, destroy faith and church, destroy self worth and potential, essentially destroy anything and everything built on Judaeo-Christian principles as these are a threat to their communist ideologies.

When families are torn apart, some literally (in the womb) and you demoralize a person by attacking their faith and ability to be someone., you leave them with what?? Hopelessness. People without hope can’t see any way out and when someone, even the one who made them hopeless, comes and fuels hate, it literally blinds the real victims into violent actions that they would not normally do otherwise. Yes there are always exceptions but overall people don’t just mob together unless there is a trigger.

And its another wheres Barr in all this, question. WHY hasn’t there been investigations into the funding of these seditious acts. Why are no antifa/blm fomentors brought to justice when they commit criminal acts??

Part of me says let those demoncrap leaders lie in the bed they made. Watch as these communists start putting their boots down even harder and the riots get bigger and more violent. Its a communist dream come true and excuse to call in the national guard. Really show those peasants who you are. Unfortunately the tree to freedom is watered with blood. Unless the hate mongers are reigned in the riots can go either way. What would be preferable would be Trump stepping in, demanding Barr step up to the plate. Find the financiers and instigators and prosecute them. Offer hope and justice instead of the division and hate that demoncraps push…. imo


Some thoughts:

I never understood how “peaceful” protestors looting stores and burning private and public property solves anything. I don’t understand the point of trashing your own neighborhood, how does it solve anything, and (rhetorical) why do these police departments allow the leisurely looting in all these riots to take place? Where are the investigations of mal and nonfeasance of law enforcement in protecting the lives and property of their citizens? Since these riots are so predictable, why is there no plan in place to deal with riots BEFORE they occur?

Every city official and police department always seems to be so surprised that it happens and are so incapable when it comes to dealing with it when it does happen. How is that possible with all the tracking and surveillance that is available to governments at all level? It would not be surprising that most of these demonstrators are bussed in GS funded rent-a-mobs as most sane people wouldn’t trash their own place and risk injury and/or arrest. Where is the DOJ in investigating the criminal element behind the (RICO) organization of these bought and paid for protests? These mobs just don’t organically show up on the spur of the moment – often with premade signs – and a plan to do damage. Could it be the work of a certain “community agitator, I mean organizer”, who used to be president?

I love how all the anti Capital Punishment jerks always say executing convicted murderers won’t bring back the life of the victim… Well, using the same logic, how does looting a Target and burning a McDonald’s bring back Floyd’s life?

Show me a TEA Party or other conservative rally where this chaos is happening. Which rally gets denigrated by our media “watchdogs”?

BTW, in your clips, I don’t see many masks or much “social distancing”. Where are the arrests for those “crimes”? It is in Democratically shutdown Minneapolis after all… I’m actually surprised because pre-Plandemic, masks were ANTIFA and BLM’s MO to avoid identification and possible, but remote, chance of arrest and prosecution.

Amazing how all these Biden appearances are so poorly done. I once went to a book signing of a radio host in a book store and found out that his show was not “live” from the store. He was actually doing the ‘next’ hour’s program while the previously taped hour was being broadcast as a “live” program. I had no problem with that…

Point being: Every one of Biden’s Bunker appearances can be well rehearsed and cleared for release prior to being seen. If that requires multiple takes to polish the turd of Joe, why isn’t it being done by his “handlers”. How many “takes” do you think are done before the commercial for any product or service actually gets aired?

Either their production is being run by complete amateurs (doubtful), or he is being deliberately sabotaged by the MSM (DNC) or Sanders or some other behind the scenes power broker. The other possibly: Biden is too lazy, or too incapable to focus long enough to do multiple takes. There is no other reason for such a shoddy production effort; it is almost as if his people feel all he has to do is show that he is maintaining body temperature and he can beat Trump.

They felt that way about Walking Eagle too.

Jimmy MacAfee

You don’t understand the ghetto mentality. I do. I understand why they burn. It’s all they have, since they are mostly run by Democraps who manage the discontent.

Sure, tell them they should vote for Republicans!

Where? The Republicans – until President Trump – don’t even try in those districts. They know they won’t get justice, and now they see that there is no justice from bottom to top. Why hasn’t a black man, now the fake judge Emmet Sullivan, see a railroad job and act upon it? Guess the Powers have run their scam all the way to the Whitehouse. Where they expect President Trump to just take it, and be a good little victim!

What if they removed President Trump from office? You would sit on your hands and wring them underneath your posterior? You wouldn’t be inclined to take it to the streets? Maybe not – if you’re a minder. I’ve seen many of those before, in many places. People whose job it is to keep the mob quiet.

Well, my response to the murder wouldn’t be what theirs has been, but I can hardly blame a population which has had NO REPRESENTATION from acting out. No one investigates murders in their neighborhoods; the press only gets involved when a white cop kills an unarmed black man. The press doesn’t give a shit about the kid that gets killed on the street corner by someone taking a gang initiation. Just another death. One more.

And the Democrapic mayors of those cities don’t care, either. Nowhere in the country do they care. And as I said: don’t tell me that a Republican can get elected in those communties: it’s rigged, and most Republicans in those areas don’t want to leave their country clubs and are cowards.

I know ghetto anger; I’ve got some myself. More than a little. Don’t blame them for the only response they’re allowed.


I fully understand “ghetto mentality” and the politics driving it. All I know is much of rioting is being driven by well funded community agitators in advance of the triggering event. There are more than idle rumors that ‘the One’ has a SJW army of thirty thousand well funded agitators just waiting to be deployed to cause trouble, and we can be assured that ‘the One’ is not self-funding this army of anarchists.

RICO Mr. Barr?

I just turned off the local ‘conservative’ radio talk show host who constant slobbers over his idols; JFK and MLK’s message of peace and love. All I know is that the race riots stopped very soon after MLK was assassinated in Memphis. There was a pattern of race riots in the late sixties that even Wray could figure out. King and his entourage and mistress would come to town and violence would break out very soon after. King gone; violence ended.

The same held true with all the anti Vietnam war college campus nonspontaneous riots and violent demonstrations; they all coincidentally went away AFTER Kent State. And Vietnam still went on for more than four years AFTER Kent State.

Expose and prosecute the “Community Organizers” and forcefully put down these riots with deadly force and they will stop. Once again – history will repeat itself. Then we can work on getting real leadership to address the root cause of all this unrest in these cities of despair. There have been some very good mayors of very large cities who have proven what can happen if there is good leadership: Koch and Giuliani in NYC and Rizzo in Philadelphia come to mind.

Jimmy MacAfee

Forcefully putting down the rioters? That’s the RINO/DNC method.

Direct the mobs to city hall, to hunt down the Democrapic leadershit, and as the former mayor of Baltimore said, “let them burn.” Not businesses, HER place of employment, her lair. She wants them to burn the wrong places. She incited the crowds to go after the wrong people.

I’m not inciting anything. I just happen to think that “forcefully putting down” the rioters is exactly what the Democrapic party wants President Trump to do, making him an enemy of the hopeless.

Try again next time; I’m your huckleberry.

Jimmy MacAfee

China Joe: the CCP is the only reason Senile Joe is still the candidate. Fart or no fart. There is NO ONE ELSE whom they can control more readily, easily – (other than Mini Mike?)

Even the Dims know that something is up; they scratch their heads and wonder why he’s still their main choice for candidate. They really don’t get it. (Here’s a clue: China wants him; so does Russia.) Putting a demented moron in the Whitehouse would be their supreme accomplishment.

China sucks. Russia sucks.

Jimmy MacAfee

Let me get this out of the way: rioting is stupid, pointless and counter-productive. But had that man who was killed by the police, right out in the open, been a friend or relative, I would not wait for courts or “justice.” We see the rejection of justice by the former AND CURRENT DOJ, FBI and State Department.

No, I won’t tell you what I’d do, but it’s safe to say that someone would be well-advised to get a safe house. And still we’d find you.

Justice in this nation, under the Constitution, doesn’t allow for vigilantes. But what happens when there is unequal justice, when criminals walk openly in the streets in their uniforms or suits and know that they’ll never be brought to trial, or if they do, it will be delayed for years or until never.

This is a warning to tyrants everywhere, including mayors and governors and those who kneel on the necks of those who deserve their day in court: better watch out. We’re coming for you. And foolish rioting and property destruction will be the least of your worries.

Hearing me, Bill Barr? Chris Wray? Mike Pompeo?

Ignore Judicial Watch. Fine. They wear suits like you do. You treat them with contempt. But what they’re doing is trying to stop unequal justice. What have you done, Christopher Wray, but wring your hands and hide behind your desk? Coward.

Won’t prosecute Obama, Biden? Oh, I see. More unequal justice.

You douchebags had better start getting it right, because African Americans seem to have been right all along – not in methods, but in the fact that people who murder them (including other African Americans) are not prosecuted in places where Democrat prosecutors and Democrat judges and Democrat politicians rule. We may all rise up against you, en masse, and then what will you do? Tighten the screws, as Northam just did on Virginians?

Unequal justice has climbed the ladder to include Mike Flynn, who was apparently not quite big enough, not powerful enough that you allowed him to be lynched by a corrupt judge, prosecutor and DOJ. Even Donald Trump is a victim of your depredations, through the evil arms and legs of the Power Elite.

Screw you. Get off our necks, stop trying to kill us (Fauci, Birx) )and apply justice.

Jimmy MacAfee

And the thousands of people murdered in nursing homes in New York: what about justice for them?

I see that the governor of New York hasn’t actually rescinded the order; he merely had it scrubbed from the website.

What will happen if a murdered inmate at one of these nursing home prisons has a relative who has had Special Ops training, and their Mon or Dad was murdered by order of the governor? You think your security people are going to be sufficient? You rig the polls and hold nice news conferences, and joke with Fredo the Lying Moron on television, laughing and joking and pranking, while someone’s beloved Grandma or Grandpa or Mother or Father is ruthlessly choked of life by a disease YOU CAUSED to be spread to them!

Better watch over your shoulder; better spend every waking moment waiting for the right/wrong person to show up at your gym, your hair appointment, your restaurant, your getaway castles. Think that could stop a Ranger? A SEAL?

You had better pray that none of your victims have relatives.

Jimmy MacAfee

Count on it: they may wait for years to make you pay. No rush.

Jimmy MacAfee

And vote by mail? Right.

I get letters at my home for someone who hasn’t lived here for 20 years. That’s right, even though we put “doesn’t live here” on the letter and put it in the box for the carrier, made calls, informed the carrier, we still get mail for this dude.

Think vote-by-mail will be ANY BETTER than this? The USPS can’t find it’s own butt, Carriers aside (ours is good, generally) the bureaucracy is inept. Think we’re going to let you use an incompetent agency to deliver our mail?

Oh, you might remember: Servicemen in several elections had their ballots delivered to the wrong locations, since they obviously would have (mostly) voted against the Dem candidate. You can’t even send ballots to the right address?

Stuff yourself. Take away voting in person, steal elections and you will get everything you deserve. As e.e. cummings once wrote: “there is some shit I will not eat.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Add to that the tech companies, who allow for free speech for some, and not for others: unequal rights. If you’re Conservative, you have had your rights removed.

You MFers had better watch out. I see that Schmuckerberg is terrified – as he should be – and sees what is coming. Pay attention. He’s a little bit closer to being human (reptilian jokes aside) than most of you in your gated communities. (May COVID be upon you) Twitter should be fined a billion dollars, Dorsey jailed and Alphabet split up into a billion, trillion little letters – and their operators bankrupted and exiled to China, where their masters live.

You suck and so does the CCP.

Tim White

During peaceful protests in Maryland in regards tot eh COVID lockdowns, social media was immediately deleting any posts related to the protest. This included posts with and without videos to: advertise the peaceful protest; at the starting location when the protest began; providing updates on the progress while driving across Maryland, and at the final destination including when our Congressman was speaking. Its amazing that even after several hours I can see posts from last nights protest including posts of violence from the not peaceful protest supported by liberal groups. Trump must put a stop to this unequal treatment of conservative Americans.

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