Wednesday News Roundup: Cop Killing, Whitmer Dissembling, and ChinExit is Under Way

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

If this doesn’t make you sick, I don’t know what will. – A video made public yesterday shows four Minneapolis police killing a man on the street in broad daylight. Literally killing him. Watch:

Despite the man’s repeated pleas that he can’t breathe, this policeman leaned with his knee on his neck until he died. In broad daylight, while a crowd of pedestrians watched and shouted, so these officers had to know they were being caught on video. Yet, the officer leaned on the man until he died while his three fellow officers stood around like slugs and watched.

Maybe the guy resisted arrest; maybe he even got violent with the cops – we don’t know all the facts around the incident yet. But they don’t matter. This man was handcuffed, on the ground, pleading that he can’t breathe, and the police killed him.

His alleged crime? Forging a check. That’s right – the cops were called out to the scene to investigate a complaint of forging. This man is dead because he might have forged a check.

If the victim were white or Hispanic or Asian, you wouldn’t hear much more about this killing. Because he is black and our media establishment is utterly corrupt and thrives on fomenting racial strife in our country, this story will dominate the news for weeks as the Democrats attempt to blame this killing on President Trump.

The act by these bad cops is indefensible and they all need to be fully prosecuted for it. You can be sure that the coverage of this act by the corrupt news media will be indefensible as well, and there will be no price to be paid for that.

You won’t have to worry about Gretchen Whitmer being Biden’s running mate after this. – Michigan’s aspiring banana republic dictator famously ordered her state’s residents to stay locked down in their homes back in March, advising them not to even drive to their vacation homes in order to avoid spreading the Wuhan Virus. That advice had literally zero science or data to support it, but hey, she was having a great time lording her power over the little people.

That bit of bad advice became problematic for the Generalissimo over the weekend, however, when it was revealed that her very own hubby had driven many miles to their own vacation home, in the process attempting to use his status as Mr. Generalissimo to jump the long line at the boat storage facility to have his boat lowered into the water.

When asked about the incident at her press conference on Tuesday, Herr Gretchen responded that Mr. Generalissimo was just employing a “bad attempt at humor” in attempting to bully the boat facility, and had only traveled to the vacation home to “rake leaves.” No one, not even her own sign language expert, believed her:

Operation ChinExit is well under way. – It is already being overwhelmed by other, more sensationalist news stories, but White House Economic Advisor Lawrence Kudlow made a huge announcement Wednesday during an interview with Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

Kudlow told Varney that the U.S. would join Japan and Australia in subsidizing companies that work to move their supply chains out of China back to the United States:

The Trump administration is willing to pay for U.S. companies to uproot their supply chains and bring them home from China, according to the president’s top economic adviser.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused supply chain disruptions and elevated concerns the U.S. has become too reliant on production in Asia, and specifically China, for goods and key technologies.

“We welcome any Americans companies in Hong Kong or China mainland, we will do what we can for full expensing and pay the cost of moving if they return their supply chains and their production to the United States,” chief White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday.


This is a very big deal, so don’t expect to see much about it on CNN or MSNBC.

Dining in in LA County? – It looks like that could suddenly happen as soon as this weekend, as the LA County Board of Supervisors approved a motion yesterday to ask the state to allow it to move to accelerate its glacially-slow reopening. Obviously, LA Democrats got some really bad polling numbers this week, because, as we know, Democrat officials base literally every action they take on polling data, not science or health-related data.

Interestingly, the request from LA County will include the reopening of churches in the area, just 5 days after President Trump warned governors and local officials that he would seek to override their authority if they did not move quickly to reopen religious facilities.

Funny how that works.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Soooooo According to True Pundit the sneaky pete Wray has millions invested in of all places…. Russia. HHMMMM no conflict of interest there I’m sure. I’m thinking that Trump should immediately remove Wray… You’re Fired…

Now who could possibly fill that position that would clean shop…. Anybody come to mind??? Someone who is results oriented?? Recently available…. Tough question…


True enough… Was being more hopeful than anything… But def will be more selective in future…


Comforting news… China announced recently they will be opening more higher level bio labs in the southern regions of China… Nothing to see hear folks… move along.

Jimmy MacAfee

Chinexit is due. Long overdue.

Has anybody read that 95% of ibuprofen (and other NSAIDs) and 70% of acetaminophen are made in China?

I mention this because ibuprofen (and other NSAIDS) damages kidneys and kills tens of thousands of Americans every year, and acetaminophen can cause serious liver damage if used too frequently, in large doses, or with alcohol. Non-aspirin NSAIDs can cause A-Fib.

These are serious complications, and should require a black box. Some people desperately need these drugs, but it’s not too surprising that our supply comes from China, which has no qualms about poisoning Americans or sending us diseases.

Even now, their director of the Wuhan research facility claims that her work is beneficial, studying viruses that come from animals. (Sorry, sister: your facility caused this, and it seems more than accidental.)

Now maybe we can get American medicine back on track, finding cures instead of selling sickness-care via Pig Pharma. Kudos to President Trump on affordable insulin – (it never should have cost that much, anyway!) Most type 2 diabetics don’t need insulin, and most doctors don’t check insulin levels before prescribing it. But for those who need insulin, the President has shown himself to be a great man! In so many ways!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m amazed that the crowd didn’t erupt in violence at the murder. There will be lawsuits, jail time.

I expect President Trump to get involved, too.


So the four “cops” were fired – good. So suspensions, “investigations” adjudication, and due process CAN be circumvented under certain conditions.

This can be a good precedent to set especially when people in trusted positions very obviously violate that “public trust” and other laws. People in the public trust business also include all politicians and judges and all law enforcement and public safety/health officers.

They MUST be held to a higher (not lower) standard – Walking Eagle anyone? Since the Democrats and the power brokers in the Cesspool of DC and in many state capitols have created this double standard then lets have a double standard where our ‘leaders’ must conform to a higher standard.

Since Trump and his administration has had to apparently prove their innocence, (in other words, prove a negative) rather than the government having to prove their guilt, then let’s start applying that standard of justice to all the other people in politics; particularly the ones on the other side of the aisle.

Let’s have Schiff prove he didn’t leak closed door testimony to the media; let’s us see Burr and Loeffler and others prove they didn’t use their position of public trust to benefit from insider trading; let’s see Gaffe O. Joe prove he didn’t digitally rape Tara Reade. Let’s also do the same for the media. Let’s have the Morning Joe lightweight prove he didn’t kill his “aide”; let’s have Lauer prove he didn’t force sex acts on his staff.

The knife of double standard “justice” can cut both ways; I know that two wrongs don’t make a right, but in a down and dirty (political) war one also must fight fire with fire. This Minneapolis murder by the police immediate firing case shows that precedents in the pursuit of justice can be done very quickly. If removal (firing) from office for such apparent crimes happened as fast as the firing of the cops, a lot of crap will be cleared from the DC cesspool. The Dem and RINO house of cards would collapse in days if real and honest pressure were applied..


I don’t know that I would praise the Minneapolis PD for their swift action as justice. My guess is they did it to protect the PD from legal action as much as they did it to prevent the riots that have and will continue to happen. Firing them just so happened to be the right thing to do. The tactics employed on that guy are common across the US. They just had a very unfortunate result in this case. Same thing happened in NYC a few years back with the guy that died after being put in a choke hold. And both deaths were for responding to low level crimes. in Minneapolis, it was suspicion of check fraud, the one in NYC was selling counterfeit cigarettes.


Nothing much surprises or shocks me in today’s America. But this Minneapolis murder and the Georgia murder case is really shocking and intolerable in today’s, or any, “civilized” society. Unlike the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case in Florida, and others in Baltimore and Ferguson, MO, which were fraudulent MAM (D) “reports” designed to fan the flames of racial tension and create an excuse for riots. These cases were/are beyond belief.

Something is seriously wrong with our law enforcement when not only one rogue cop, but apparently his partners aided and abetted his crime against the suspect.

My father was a cop and I was always taught to respect authority (I despised those “Question Authority” bumper stickers that were so prevalent in the ’60s and the ’70s), but between what our “premier law enforcement agency” and other formerly “trusted” government agencies did to Trump and his administration, what they continue to do, what these rogue cops are doing, and what these certain police and sheriff’s departments are doing to the citizens of the dictatorships in the Blue jurisdictions is beyond the pale.

I used to think maybe one percent of law enforcement was rogue, corrupt or tainted; now I believe it is more like ten percent. Our republic simply cannot survive under these prevailing circumstances.

Either we have a professional law enforcement and public safety force or we have anarchy. The “good” cops and the “good” FBI/DOJ administrators, police chiefs, sheriffs, and judges better get this right and get it right real soon, or the republic cannot survive.

I thank the Third World Policies of ‘the One’ and his “wingman(men)” AGs and all the leftists judges appointed dating as far back as the Peanut’s administration to the duds appointed by the Bushes and BJ Clinton for this current near lawless situation that is close to erupting into mass violence.

AG Barr and the CJ of the SC Roberts better start moving out of their Ivory Towers to fix this with some sense of alacrity.

Jimmy MacAfee

I happen to like “question authority,” since I have witnessed the abuse of power by authority and authority figures since i was 4 years old. Question does not imply resistance.

If you don’t question authority, how will we ever know what Christopher Wray is hiding? Hmmm?


I meant the “Question Authority” in the context of it is was ok to “QA” back in the sixties. Why was it so out of vogue to question OBAMA’s authority when he was president than and even now?

Again a double standard that always applies to the benefit of the left’s agenda.

Jimmy MacAfee

Back then, in the 60s, it meant “reject authority.” I get your point.

Ken Isgrigg

Apparently, the 4 Minneapolis cops were fired. My question is: How in hell are they not in jail charged with murder? Much of the government seems determined to drive good citizens into an armed revolt. Makes me wonder if this is intentional? The leftists in our government are so depraved, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Pilot Dave

thought the same things….. Growing up in a cop family and was a candidate for PD, I don’t see how their State’s AG does not issue arrest warrants and have the State Police pick up these 4 rouge former cops.

use of deadly force was not justified, thus manslaughter at least, until you listen to the crowd indicating they are killing him = 2nd degree murder.

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