Twitter Begins Move to De-Platform President Trump

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

Don’t look now, but Twitter is beginning its move to de-platform the President. – Twitter took the first step towards what will almost certainly become an eventual de-platforming of President Trump’s account Wednesday. Check out the little blue blurb at the bottom of the tweets below:

Hilariously, clicking on the “Get the facts” note takes you to completely false articles by corrupt outlets like CNN on the matter of mail-in voting. But that’s what Twitter does.

Look, you should expect the President’s account to be banned completely well before the Republican National Convention in August. Twitter already moved to restrict paid political advertising on its platform when it became obvious that the Trump Campaign was miles ahead of the Democrats in the social media space. That’s what all of this Kabuki theatre over the past week between Morning Mika and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been all about – they’ve just been setting the stage for the final act.

All of the social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and all the rest – are completely in the tank for the Democrats and in the pocket of the ChiCom government. They are going to do whatever they can to get China Joe Biden – or whomever the Democrats actually nominate – elected this year.

As I was writing this, President Trump responded to Twitter’s action by – you guessed it – issuing more tweets:

That’s great, but it’s a little late in the game. In August of 2018, as it was becoming apparent that the Democrats had a chance to take over control of the House of Representatives, I wrote a piece advising Mr. Trump to channel his inner Teddy Roosevelt, and use his second two years in office to employ the nation’s anti-trust laws against the social media monopolies.

Here, in part, is what I wrote at that time:

So, imagine this scenario if you will:  Executives from ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron and Total all get together in a room talk about implementing the exact same gasoline price increase on the following day.  Then they all go out the following day and implement that exact same gasoline price increase while publicly admitting what they’re doing.

Those folks are in a hell of a lot of trouble under our nation’s anti-trust laws, wouldn’t you say?  Yes, if you have firing synapses in your cranial cavity, that’s exactly what you would say.

It wouldn’t matter if you like those oil companies or hate those oil companies, and it doesn’t matter if you like their customers or hate their customers.  Those companies are all publicly traded corporations who together control a major share of the U.S. gasoline market, and are thus prevented from engaging in monopolistic behavior, such as fixing prices for their products.  Thus, assuming the Department of Justice actually performed its job – which is always a crap shoot these days, I admit – those executives would soon find themselves on the receiving end of subpoenas soon likely to be followed by indictments.

Now, imagine another scenario:  It’s January 2019 and President Donald Trump finds himself and his administration under unending assault from congress, where the Democrat Party has managed to win a thin majority in the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections.  No, I don’t think this is likely to actually happen, but play along with me here.

The President is very frustrated because, as hard as it has been to get congress to do anything with its current thin GOP majorities in both houses, it is now impossible to get anything through the new #Resistance Democrat House.  The Democrats are in the process of trying to impeach and remove him from office, but won’t be able to come up with the votes in either house of congress to do so, as their own house members who won traditionally GOP districts in 2018 are reluctant to adopt that fool’s errand as their own.

So, it’s gridlock in Washington, DC, and Donald Trump is not a guy who deals well with gridlock.  He’s got two more years to get stuff done before his re-election bid rolls around, and is left with accomplishing things either through the regulatory process, executive orders or, if he can get his attorney general to act, the courts. What to do?

It may be that several giant social media corporations just answered that question on Monday.  The leaders of Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest all got together and decided – at the persistent urging of CNN and various leading Democrats – to remove radio talk show host and conspiracy promoter Alex Jones from their platforms permanently.  The same kind of monopolistic action denying an American citizen access to their platforms and the commerce he derives from them on the same day.  Classic corporate trust behavior.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you like these giant corporations or hate these giant corporations; it doesn’t matter if you like Alex Jones or hate Alex Jones.  These companies are publicly-traded corporations who cannot by law band together for the purpose of restraint of trade or denial of access to any class of people, and that’s exactly what they did to Mr. Jones on Monday.  And it’s what these huge corporations, along with their sister social media platform, Twitter, have been doing to conservative users of their products for years now.  This is why, whenever they get caught denying access to conservatives, they always blame the issue on some sort of “glitch.”

And it’s not just trust behavior that they are executing here.  They’re also in blatant violation of campaign finance laws.  In a very real way, their actions amount to massive in-kind political contributions to the Democrat Party.  They apparently believe they are above the law, and if Jeff Sessions turns out to be the worthless swamp skunk many believe him to be, they could be right, at least for the time being.

But if the elections go the wrong way this November, President Trump will likely be looking for ways to keep on #Winning on domestic policy during his second two years in office.  Playing a Teddy Rooseveltian Trust Buster to the foil of these increasingly radicalized and abusive Big Tech corporations might have a real appeal to him, and could end up being just the ticket to taking the congress back in 2020 and winning a second term in office.

Stranger things have happened.  Hell, stranger things happen every day, don’t they?


Yes, stranger things do happen every day, and they are only going to keep growing ever more strange in the social media space until the Justice Department begins to take real actions to restrain them from their blatant interference in our national elections. DOJ has been taking some baby steps in this direction over the past two years, but now it’s time to bring out some big guns.

Because, left to their own devices, these social media monopolies will do everything they can to swing this election China’s way. It’s as certain as that sun you see rising every morning in the east.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Just a coincident… nothing to see here, move along…


I love the identitarian mask… Thats funny… Go the extra step… Identify as a mask… and walk around with your arm around someone…

The leftist loonies are constantly ordering people to boycott conservative businesses. Right back at them. If a store/chain etc wants to make political statements and go ‘woke’ then take you dollars elsewhere. They hate you, so WHY give them money?!? Let the woke shop at the woke stores… see how long they’ll keep making political statements…

STOP watching the evilwood films, at the very least stop paying to view them. They continue to produce this crap because people keep paying them. Time to take a hard look at your purchases and make a decision. Keep supporting China by buying product made in China… or do without until a US manufacturer brings out US made product. Quit watching and listening to those that hate you, movies, music, all media. Until you start cutting funding they will just keep producing hate. I think Gregg mentioned this, China did everyone a favour, it woke up the west. Choose whom you will serve… choose wisely…

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, if you feel that you have to wear a mask in Virginia starting Friday because of Governor “Karen” Northam, here are some suggestions:

-a bikini mask, preferably a thong-shaped mask. Masks don’t do anything so why should they cover anything?

-a mask with a Punisher on it

-a mask with “$%% Northam”
-an invisible Identitarian mask: “I say it’s a mask, and if you can’t see it, you’re a bigot!”
-a mask with “sic semper tyrannis”
-a mask worn wrong, intentionally
-a jockstrap mask
-a “Jason” mask
-a full-coverage motorcycle helmet (it’s a mask, right?)

“Karen” Northam has goon squads to hand out citations – supposedly, he isn’t making this a law, and the police won’t enforce it, but his Contact Tracers and Department of Hell employees will be out to give you citations. Remember that you have no legal obligation to give them your name or any identifying information at all if they stop you; if they harass you, tell them you won’t talk without a lawyer. If a store won’t let you in without a mask, stop shopping there – (hear that, Walmart?)

“Karen” can go to hell. Guessing he’s already most of the way there.

Jimmy MacAfee

Remember how Twitter was almost bankrupt when the President came into office? President Trump saved them – and many other media platforms and papers.

What would happen if they kicked the President off Twitter? Bankruptcy.

I suspect that this is the plan, and Jack is bluffing, just like Northam, seeing how far his power extends. And as such, Dorsey is going to be left holding his Twitter in his Left hand at the technological urinal. No one else will touch it. (Would you?)

Jack Dorsey isn’t named “Jack” for no reason.


When the grime and filth pile up thick it needs a pressure washer to return things back to a healthy state. IMO, Trump could be that pressure washer. Its sorely needed.

I also agree that the DoJ should be all over these social media communists and ensure there is fair unbiased access for anyone wanting to use these media. They are public traded companies and should NOT have publisher privileges if they are censoring content. If they choose to censor then they should be liable for lawsuits because they assume responsibility for the content they allow on their sites. They cry out they’re an private company… ok, then you assume all liabilities as a private company as well. When they allow fraudulent and libelous content, they get sued into oblivion. easy peasy…

So where is Barr on this???? maybe still carefully watching if constitutional rights are being adhered to by member states of the Republic. Busy guy…


“Twitter already moved to restrict paid political advertising on its platform when it became obvious that the Trump Campaign was miles ahead of the Democrats in the social media space.”

Didn’t Maxine Watters let slip that the Dems had a new digital system to ensure ‘the One’s’ reelection in 2012 and was quickly told to shut the bleep up?

Trump and his allies have made it clear he will not tolerate mail in fraud and social media platform censorship.

In another classic case of the left being hoisted upon its own petard, ‘the One’ created a system where the government can shut down the public internet by declaring some sort of “emergency”.

Hell, the whole country was largely shut down just by the “government” issuing “guidelines” to combat (ultimately) an non-emergency.

The president is being forced to becoming an actual “dictator” in some respects by all the crap that is being foisted upon America by probably less than a hundred politicians, judges, and deep-staters who think and act like they and not the president run the country. I say do it Mr. President! America needs and has needed a “benign” dictator for a long time to counter all the political and bureaucratic inertia ad crap that has been driven down our throats for close to a hundred years.

Trump needs to act to force a fair and honest election (for once) and see where the actual attitude of the country is. If he (and no one else can do this) becomes a “dictator” to force a fair and honest election and force 1st Amendment free speech rights everywhere, and his policies/edicts are reject by the people in November, so be it. We won’t/don’t need the courts to decide on the constitutionality of his actions; we have a climactic election coming up in five months.

Do what you need to do Mr. President. If what you do is perceived to be wrong, the people – and not the courts – should be the final arbiter as to how the country will move forward.

Jimmy MacAfee

Widemouth Maxine hinted at something Snowden revealed: we were being spied upon by the NSA en masse. Worse still, (and probably unknown to Maxiepad,) there were illegal systems in play – called “parallel platforms,” where there would be no record of the spying.

Not saying Snowden is a hero, but he did prove that we were being spied upon illegally. And with
the falsely-named “Patriot Act,” they made it legal after-the-fact.

Most of these tech startups are government programs – now they’ve offshored them as thoroughly as pharmaceuticals. For example, Brennan did away with HUMINT, for the most part, relying upon information gathered from others, and from a private spook army with a shoddy track record (H.Rotten’s idiots, in part.) So while Brennan made it certain that we’d give up 17 “Assets” to the Chinese, and decimated our own HUMINT capabilities, the government continued to spy on Americans via Big Tech.

As Snowden said: Facebook is the biggest spying operation in the world.
No wonder the Chinse won’t allow it.

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