Pew Research Center Report Shows Danger of Living in Democrat-Controlled Areas

The Evening Campaign Update

Living in a Democrat congressional district can be very hazardous to your health. That has to be the main takeaway from a report issued on Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

The report, titled “Coronavirus death toll is heavily concentrated in Democratic congressional districts,” demonstrates that “Of the 44 hardest-hit congressional districts – the top 10% in terms of deaths – 41 are represented by Democrats, while three are represented by Republicans.” Pew’s researchers also found that “nearly a quarter of all the deaths in the United States attributed to the coronavirus have been in just 12 congressional districts – all located in New York City and represented by Democrats in Congress.”

This is stunning data, but it should surprise no one. It is completely in line with the map below, compiled late last week by

The data underlying this map illustrated that roughly 1/3rd of all U.S. Wuhan Virus deaths have taken place in each of the green, yellow and red areas. In other words, fully 2/3rds of all deaths have occurred in large cities and metro areas in the northeast and midwest. All of those areas are dominated by Democrat politicians. These are areas like New York City, Newark, Boston, Chicago and Detroit, where people are packed in more closely together and in which thousands continued to ride public transportation petri dishes to and from work throughout this viral outbreak, thanks to failed leadership by their governors and mayors.

Let’s also remember that it wasn’t Republican politicians who made the ghoulish decisions to send infected seniors back into their nursing homes where they infected thousands more. Those decisions were the exclusive province of Democrats like Andrew Cuomo and Phil Murphy and J.B. Pritzker and Gretchen Whitmer.

Desperate to find some solace in the stark reality of this Pew report, the leftist perpetual outrage crowd on Twitter tried and failed to make some hay out of this chart earlier today:

Obviously, when 80% of the deaths take place in your party’s districts in the first place, those districts are going to see a more rapid decline rate once the epidemic starts to fade. This isn’t exactly rocket science here, folks. The numbers are what they are, and to their credit, the liberals who run the Pew Center didn’t make much effort to cover for their fellow Democrats in this report.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Feature not bug. Dead Democrats don’t collect benefits but keep right on voting. Win-Win.

Richard Joseph Monfrini

But those dead Dems can still vote. Twice.


Anyone who needs to see this Pew report to recognize the staggering Democrat malfeasance regarding COVID19 deaths won’t care about it anyway.


When I read your title about the PEW Research Center releasing their report unfiltered, I had to do a quick Cortana search to make sure they didn’t join Breitbart or that Rush didn’t buy them up and reincorporate them as a conservative think tank.

Their results (being reported) are amazing, but not at all surprising; the surprising thing is they actually published them…

As you stated, bad news, or news that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative just doesn’t get published. If Breitbart had published such a survey, or if Rasmussen had promulgated a similar poll or story, it would have been disregarded and mocked as a product of a racist, bigoted, sexist organization and ignored. The fact that a (being kind) left leaning and highly creditable think tank put this out really must piss off the (non)progressive radical left. Sort of like when DNCNN has to bury or otherwise minimize their Trump positive polls.

Speaking of polls: Isn’t it odd that FOX keeps coming out with their Biden is beating Trump like a drum polls, but DNCNN’s polls are saying the opposite where it counts in the battleground of the key Electoral College Swing States? Paul von Ryan the Dip Schiff, must really be beside himself as are the Murdock Brats who run and are trying to destroy FOX News.

For over a hundred years the Democratic Party has sought and recruited many of it adherents from poor immigrants and other supposed underprivileged or marginalized groups promising Nirvana and delivering Schiff and people like him. By keeping many of their people dependent on the minimal largess of government assistance and never promoting any concept of self worth and self improvement beginning with the city machines like Tammany Hall and nationalized by presidents like FDR, LBJ and BHO to name a few, the Democratic Party has created its own third world style plantation mentality and created a whole new set of reservations for their abused, ignorant and more and more militant political base.

Congratulations on creating a near permanent underclass with little hope or prospect for their subjects ever being able to break the shackles of poverty and misery. However the Dems now have a demographic problem.

With the FDR era Democrats dying off, LBJ had to find new recruits to fill their ranks; this resulted in his Great Society with a welfare system set up to buy and herd a huge portion of the Americans of African Descent into their fold, where he was quoted as saying I’ll have the ‘blanks’ voting Democrat for the next hundred years”. The result was the destruction of the Black Family unit. Not satisfied with one segment of our population being destroyed for their political gains, they, along with the assistance and support of other anti-American interests have worked to bring the Hispanic population over to their plantation. They are also doing their best to recruit more Hispanic victims via open boarders and national mail-in voter fraud. Trump is hated by the left because he is making real inroads in the breaking of the welfare cycle the left has so carefully crafted to rule their victims for the last fifty-plus years.

The left tries to appear or sound compassionate via open boarders and mail-in voting and vote buying, but the reality is, if somehow real data showed that illegal immigrants or felons were to likely to vote Republican, Klink and Schmucky and Newsome and others would be laying the cornerstone on Trump’s boarder wall and would be enacting the most restrictive voting laws and requirements on the “undocumented” immigrants you could imagine; of that there is no doubt.

As I’ve written before, CV-19, China’s gift, will ultimately be to our long term benefit in that it will teach a lot of Democrats and “moderates” and “independents” about the caustic hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and hopefully make it a minority party (not the party of minorities, and ignorant Pollyannish, Do-Gooders) for generations.

#Walkaway from the victimization Party.
#Moveaway from the concentration camps pretending to be “Progressive” and Enlightened Cities.

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny: Japan is far more densely populated than any of these Leftist areas, and they’re out of the woods (and never went Northam.) So it’s not just population density, public transportation, crowded living conditions. Something more…insidious. Japan is recovered; Ch-ch-china will have waves upon waves of re-emerging illness.

Could it be that the mentally ill are more prone to the CCP virus? The perpetually distressed?

That defines the Leftist urban areas in the U.S. doesn’t it? Perpetually distressed. The poor Chinese people, too, are under the jackboot of the Communist party, and most don’t believe the lies of the government. I’ve spoken with people who know this. Nothing to be happy about, nothing to look forward to – except destroying the West. There’s that. That’s all the hope that the CCP offers. “One day we will occupy their lands!” Oh joy.

Mental illness-by-tyranny, kind of like Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, is an inflicted evil. (Northam shows distinct signs of that; Nurse Wretched Whitless and Gavin Newsnone are in the throes of this newly discovered mental disease process, and so is Cuomo and Prickster.) It’s not the blind leading the blind; it’s the mad leading the mad. Their regions need to be quarantined, so that we won’t be infected with their mental malady (or maladies.)


Japs don’t live with their pigs.


And wouldn’t having an assistant pick it up constitute use of agovernment employee for nongovernmental business? OH! Sorry! It’s a Dem, my bad.


Maybe her “assistant” was her cuck husband after he got back from trying to bully the dock workers to launch their boat.

Carlos Dangler

At least the spread of the ChiCom Cooties was somewhat thwarted in Michigan by not allowing people to be in a boat with a motor. Thank you, Generalissima Whitless! You are a geenious.

Meanwhile, another prospective VP candidate in New Mexico, Michelle Napoleon-Grisham decreed that jewelry stores were non-essential businesses, but somehow, claims that she ordered some jewelry and had it left in a package outside the store in downtown Albuquerque for an assistant to pick up. Whew! Good thing there aren’t any homeless people wandering around downtown ABQ.

Jimmy MacAfee

May Nurse Wretched take a Colby canoe trip.


Another random act of journalism/factual poll. It will be ignored by the MSM powers that be.

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