Tuesday News Roundup – WHO Stunt, Trump Threat, Biden Mask and a New Leftist Religion is Born

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Democrats destroy everything they touch. – The utterly feckless and corrupt World Health Organization announced on Sunday that it was temporarily suspending trials studying the effects of hydroxychloroquine related to the Wuhan Virus due to “safety concerns.” So, now this tool of China that helped create this global pandemic through its fealty to ChiCom talking points is now pulling rank political stunts to try to influence the U.S. election.

The Trump Administration should respond by challenging the WHO to show the world the mass graves of lupus and malaria patients who have been successfully and safely using hydroxychloroquine under doctor supervision for over 60 years. After all, if this drug is so dangerous and filled with harmful side effects, there must be thousands, if not millions, of global deaths that can be attributed to it.

Just one more reason to cut the WHO off entirely.

Now you know why President Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask in public. – Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden was helped up out of his basement and dressed by his handlers so that he could make his first public appearance in almost three months. This is what it looked like:

There is no truth to the rumor that, after the Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee saw his shadow, he scurried back to his basement to wait out 6 more weeks of winter. Although it wouldn’t be surprising, would it?

Paging Governor Greg Abbott…time to call the President…Paging Governor Abbott… – President Trump tweeted his growing concerns about the fact that Democrat North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is continuing to drag out his state’s reopening process for purely political reasons – which are in fact the only reasons to continue doing this at this point.

With the Republican National Convention scheduled to take place in Charlotte in August, the President warned Gov. Cooper that his recalcitrance could force the RNC to find a different city that is actually interested in the hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact the convention would bring. Cooper responded that he would “continue to rely on data and science” in making his decisions.

Well, if that’s the case, then this should be no problem, since there is literally no data or science that indicates these continuing Democrat lockdowns are having any positive impact whatsoever on the Wuhan Virus.

But hey, if Cooper doesn’t want the Republicans coming to town, the red states of Texas and Florida have plenty of cities that could handle the convention. In Texas, Governor Abbott would probably get pushback from the Democrat mayors in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, but the City of Fort Worth (the 13th largest city in the U.S., larger than Charlotte) has a great GOP Mayor named Betsy Price, who we can be sure would welcome such a major convention to her city with open arms.

And if Texas can’t swing the deal, there’s always Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis just flat-out gets stuff done. There’s plenty of green grass outside of North Carolina.

And besides, the data and science show that being in a blue state is definitely, without any doubt at all, hazardous to your health:

C’mon to Forth Worth, y’all!

All the “Karens” out there are wondering if the killers were practicing social distancing and wearing their masks. – 36 people were shot and 9 killed in Chicago over the weekend. In response to all the mayhem, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot naturally focused her police efforts on raiding a southside Black church and shutting down its worship service. I swear I do not make this stuff up. Who could?

Speaking of church… – It’s now official: The Church of CoronaPanic is the new religious cult for those on the political left. Check out this clip of a gang of faithful “Karens” encircling a heretical non-masker in a grocery store and screaming at her until she flees the facility:

Note that the Church of CoronaPanic faithful are becoming increasingly shrill and aggressive as the Wuhan Virus fades from the scene. This is exactly what we have seen from the Church of Global Warming, which simply doubles down on more and increasingly goofy fright scenarios each time one of their absurd model projections fails to materialize in the real world.

And just as with the Climate Alarm religion, this is an entirely political phenomenon. If you could do a poll among the Church of CoronaPanic cult, you would find near-universal fealty to the Democrat Party. These are almost entirely people who spend every waking hour obtaining their talking points from talking heads on CNN or the Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter. They have no real life or religion, so the media-induced panic over the Wuhan Virus has quite literally become their life.

So expect to see many more scenes such as this one played out all over America as the viral gift from China continues to subside with the warming weather, people return to their jobs, businesses continue to reopen and the “Karens” see the foundation of their religion fading away. The Corona may be fading, but the CoronaPanic has just begun.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Soooooooo Grenell is resigning as Ambassador to Germany… hhhmmm…. Maybe things are gonna get interesting back home…. hhhmmmmm…


Most of us rational thinking human beans seem to see through the decrying of the HCQ cocktail as being a great prophylactic against kung flu, and a equally great treatment for those who show signs of the virus. No money to be made by the opponents of the cocktail, so get the politicians and other crooks in government to poopoo it. Simple reasons to discourage its use.
If the kung flu death rates were anywhere near accurate, the death rates would show a vastly lower rate. Already proven that the folks who are signing off on the death certificates are fudging the numbers per the instructions from the CDC. Can’t have a big epidemic without big numbers, now can we? Gotta keep the panic and fear going. As the truth comes out, the folks who cried “wolf” will be rendered useless(like they already are) and not trustworthy for medical info.
Right on, with the takes on the founding of the new leftist church of coronapanic. The same models used to predict the kung flu effects and the globalwarming effects. Just change the names and push them to the public as actual science. Again. Sure is gettin’ tiresome. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figger it out. Its all about the power and money to line the pockets of the favored elitists.
Cure for all this nonsense. Torches, pitchforks and lots of rope and lamposts. The alternative is just to make fun of them and watch their heads explode, removing the need for rope and lamposts.
P.S. Fort Worth or some large city in FL sounds just great for the RNC convention. Have it somewhere it’ll be appreciated. No rewards for bad behavior. Don’t even negotiate with the demonazi of NC.
Just sayin’.


We should ALWAYS be wary of any government funded “scientist” or “study” or “model” who get their grants (paid to) to come up with a desired outcome with the accompanying “consensus” of the whole “scientific community”. It also helps when “The Man” (as the left used to ALWAYS denigrate and rail against) now censors and mocks any contrarian view by non governmental or non academic funded “studies”.

Many, if not most, thinking Americans now know that 90+% of the propagandists in the MSM (D) are certified liars. Now “proven science” needs to be proven to be false science – especially agenda driven bought and paid for “science” – to the masses who still want to believe the views of the “experts”.

As with everything in politics and life in general: FOLLOW THE MONEY!


I take offense to being called a blue state here in NC. Doofus Cooper only got to occupy the governor seat because of the democrat vote manufacturing in Durham at 11pm on election night where they “found” enough votes to put him over the Republican. It is correct that Doofus does not rely on any data or science that is not handed to them by their Soros handlers…he has totally he has totally usurped the state constitution by ruling by executive order without consulting the state cabinet as required. All this “data and science” he is supposedly using is coming from some black hole he is not revealing.

I for one would like the Republicans to try to relocate over to SC just to rub it in Doofus’ face. If only the Spartanburg area could handle that size of event they could be as close to the border as possible.

jack johnson

The reason Biden wore a mask is because his campaign duct taped his mouth shut.


I have another thought on the Biden mask. Every time senile Joe opens his mouth he inserts his foot , ankle and shin. So… His wife probably put duct tape over his mouth so he can’t speak and still allow him to sniff and fondle… I mean wave to people.. If he needs to respond to questions a staffer in the back speaks into a microphone and a small speaker in the mask pushes that message out. So if the message coming out of dementia Joes mask is more normal and actually makes some sense then you’ll know I’m right.


Thoughts about moving the GOP convention:

Mayor Cooper (D) of Nashville, the brother of Nashville’s Rep. Cooper (D) TN, is proposing and could likely get a 32% property tax increase with a 5% increase in the city’s budget. This is a 2 to 1 voting Blue city that was already deep in the Red BEFORE the shutdown and was under threat of a state takeover unless the city got its financial house in order. “Music City” Nashville was statistically the hardest hit economically per capita city from the CV-19 shutdown which Mayor Stooper is very very VERY slowly opening up; he is the de Bozo of TN.

Anyways, there is an movement starting to urge Governor Lee to call the president to bring the GOP convention to the Music City in August for a couple of reasons: Give a boost to the city’s devastated entertainment industry, and to piss off the mayor. There are well over a million people in the immediate area in Middle Tennessee which is comparable to Charlotte, NC, and while it is much smaller than the Dallas – Fort Worth area it is relatively closely surrounded by areas that are much more politically purple than the Texas alternative. While both Texas and Tennessee are deep red states, Nashville’s proximity to the swing states of VA, NC, PA, IL, WI, MI, MN and OH make more sense and as much geographic sense as Charlotte, NC. The only difference is NC is a swing state, but ‘the One’ and the DNC held their convention there in 2012 and lost the state to the Muttster after winning NC against Ace McLame in 2008.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are some several reasons for masks in this time of managed panic:

-Act of submission: they order, you do; conditioning for obedience.
-Consistent with Shariah Law – Islamic women and Islamic militant men wear them already.
-Gives normalcy to ANTIFA and other domestic terrorists
-Separates people from each other
-Prevents smiling and open communication
-Keeps people from eating in public (except the ones with a ridiculous hole?)
-Is a harbinger of implanted 060606 chips, like the one Gates is pushing
-Is a reminder that you are a serf, nothing more and nothing better; you are your mask.

I suspect the evil Governor Northam is (today) going to cover his butt and allow Church services to re-open (he has no Constitutional right to shut us down) and everyone has to wear this symbol of obedience; everyone will have to wear them in stores IF THEY WANT TO BUY OR SELL.

Karen can kiss my wrinkly old ass.

Jimmy MacAfee

Paul McCartney said it best, particularly in the Communist State Michigan (which has a self-appointed regent with a cuck for a husband; he’s Billy Bibbit, who apparently married Nurse Ratched.)

“Band On The Run”

“Stuck inside these four walls
Sent inside forever
Never seeing no one nice again,
Like you, mama
You, mama…

If I ever get out of here
Thought of giving it all away
To a registered charity.
All I need is a pint a day
If I ever get out of here
(if we ever get out of here)

Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash
As we fell into the sun
And the first one said to the second one there,
“I hope you’re having fun.”

Band on the run, band on the run
And the jailer man,
And sailor Sam
Were searching everyone
For the band on the run, band on the run.
For the band on the run, band on the run.

Well, the undertaker drew a heavy sigh
Seeing no one else had come
And a bell was ringing in the village square
For the rabbits on the run.

Band on the run, band on the run
And the jailer man,
And sailor Sam
Were searching everyone
For the band on the run, band on the run.

Yeah, the band on the run
The band on the run
Band on the run
Band on the run

Well, the night was falling
As the desert world began to settle down
In the town they’re searching for us everywhere
But we never will be found

Band on the run, band on the run
And the county judge, who held a grudge
Will search for ever more.
For the band on the run
Band on the run
Band on the run
Band on the run”

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