The Democrat/Media-Induced CoronaPanic has Killed Thousands

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

While browing the Internet today, I came across a very telling chart. It is based on official government data, and was complied by Take a look:

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • The white areas have seen zero cases of the Wuhan Virus;
  • The red areas – major cities in the northeast and midwest – have seen as many cases as the yellow areas, which are basically the metro areas surrounding those big cities;
  • The green and white areas – about 98% of the U.S. landmass – have seen roughly the same number of Wuhan Virus cases as the yellow areas and the red areas.

Now, also realize that, as we reported early this week, fully 52% of all deaths from the virus have occurred among nursing home and long-term care facility patients. Taken together with the reality painted by the map above, this means that, based on catastrophically-wrong statistical models and faulty guidance from Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx and the pinheads at the CDC, we shut down the U.S. economy and threw 40 million people out of work over what was in fact a nursing home problem concentrated in just 2% of the U.S. land mass. And taking this wrong-headed, shut-everything-down approach instead of focusing on the long-term care facilities in which the problem was actually concentrated resulted in tens of thousands of needless deaths to our elderly community.

The truth of this is simply inescapable.

Never in American history have we taken similar action in response to any disease. Didn’t do it for the Spanish Flu, didn’t do it for SARS, didn’t do it for H1N1, or for polio or smallpox or tuberculosis or any other communicable disease that has come to our shores.

In its Sunday edition today, the ghouls who run the New York Times dedicated their section A to listing the names of the almost 100,000 Americans whose deaths have been attributed to the Wuhan Virus under the CDC’s wildly exaggerated counting guidelines. Oddly, though, the New York Times did not give the same memorial treatment to the roughly 100,000 Americans who the CDC says had died from pneumonia and the seasonal flu from last October through the end of April.

Think about why that is the case – the answer is obvious. There is no political leverage targeting President Donald Trump to be gained from focusing on pneumonia and common flu deaths. Only COVID-19 gets that treatment.

One favorite liberal talking point throughout this crisis has been to say “boy, things sure would have been different if Obama was president,” and that is certainly true. Because if Obama were president, the Democrats/media axis of propaganda would not have engaged in the frenzied effort during February and early March to create a national panic about this viral gift from China as a tactic to damage him.

No question about that, and without that national panic, Dr. Fauci would have likely never gotten his national platform from which to create so much confusion and additional panic, which led directly to the whole “flatten the curve” strategy involving what became almost a national lockdown. Without that national panic created by the Democrats and media, we might have saved tens of thousands of elderly lives that have instead been lost.

Never forget what these people did to our country in the crass pursuit of partisan political power.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Trump gave Fauci and Birx a national platform and played along with this insane narrative. Maybe they kept Surgeon General Adams out of sight because he would have called “BULLS**T” on this crock on about day #1. AND WE’RE STILL WRECKING THE ECONOMY. If someone doesn’t go on trial for this, we’ll know we’ve been played. I remain totally disgusted. The emperor has no clothes and we keep on pretending. Sad.

Sharon Campbell

Just WOW! That map says everything. I read last night that 5,800 elderly died in elder care in New York as a result of Cuomo putting COVID19 positive patients in those facilities. Very sad.


Trump says he will never again shut the country down, and I don’t blame him for doing so in this case because every prominent “expert” in the CDC and the media said it was the thing that had to be done…yada, yada, yada. The reality was, he had no choice as every death (regardless of cause) would have been attributed to Trump and no president could have withstood that media driven onslaught.

Isn’t it amazing how we can’t even get a truly accurate count on who gets counted as a CV-19 death? The ghouls who ran this sham are using so many different criteria to count deaths. If someone was dying of terminal cancer, but was thought (thought, often not even confirmed) to have been infected, it was listed as a CV-19 death. When hospitals have been incentivized to call a death, any death, a CV-19 death, gee, do you think we will get an inflated death toll? I know if ‘the One’ had been president, the exact opposite would be the case and he would be a hero for “saving” all of us. Again, yada, yada, yada. Hell, he would have given himself the Medal of Freedom.

The real tragedy in all this is that few people will ever trust anything anyone says about any new event – CV-20 anyone? This leaves us dangerously vulnerable to a real No-Schiff Emergency; look how many people disregard hurricane warnings since virtually every one gets dramatized as the “storm of the century” – then when a Katrina hits, buses get flooded, and everyone is trapped…

The Rahm Emmanuel model of not letting any “crisis” go to waste will backfire on the Dems in this case because it is becoming more and more apparent to any clear thinking (keep the pot and liquor stores open to impede clear thinking) person that this “crisis” was amped up for at least two main reasons: Hurt the economy (Maher said we need a depression to get rid of Trump) to hurt Trump – the people be dammed, and to give the Dems an opportunity for a major power grab – a test case to see how much the people will tolerate. There are many other secondary reasons like being able to keep Biden sequestered (but he still can’t be kept totally quiet) and whitewash the whole fixing of the Democratic nomination ‘process’.

If ever there is another national shutdown, every government worker, and media person should have their pay cut by the same percentage that such a shutdown causes to the unemployment numbers. In this case, if there is 20% unemployment, then every government worker gets a 20% pay cut so they can “Feel the Pain”. After all, We’re All In This Together”. Aren’t we?

Another alternative would be to do another government shutdown of “ALL NON Essential workers” just like the private sector’s “non essential” workers and business. Schools, closed, no need for the Department of Education; Pollution greatly reduced, no need for the EPA; Fuel usage much less, no need for the Department of Energy; CDC screwed up royally and doesn’t have a “vaccine” in advance (after all, they are supposed to be the brilliant unassailable wizards who are supposed to be in charge of protecting Americans from diseases), no need for the CDC. Let the state’s medical “experts” deal with it, since they are usurping unconstitutional power, from “CDC Guidance”. Hell, we could probably permanently disestablish a dozen or more useless federal and state government agencies since CV-19 has proven we can ‘live’ without them for months if not years as some have suggested.


Thank you Gregg. Consider this an upvote.

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