Joe Biden is Losing his Social Filter

The Evening Campaign Update

The nation’s Declining Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee is losing his social filter. – Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden got himself into hot water today when his elder-abusing handlers pushed him out in front of TV cameras yet again. In his interview with radio host Charlamagne tha God, Biden at one point blurted out “You got more questions but I’ll tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.


Twitter naturally went crazy for a few hours as an array of outraged black tweeters condemned Biden’s remarks while the Biden apologist army waited for approved campaign talking points. #BidenIsARacist was one of several hashtags that were trending. They finally got those talking points late in the afternoon when Biden lamely allowed that “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.”

In Biden-speak, the term “wise guy” is apparently code for “raging racist.”

This is just another example of Biden progressively losing his social filter, a very common manifestation of an elderly person suffering from some form of dementia. The man is just blurting out his real thoughts he’s held for decades but previously had the sense to suppress in polite society.

Frankly, in this instance he just blurted out the real thought that every liberal Democrat politician in America and pretty much their entire voter base has held for half a century now. These people really do believe they have some sort of right to the votes of Black Americans, and treat any African American who doesn’t vote for them as non-humans. And it isn’t just the white liberals who think like this: The members of the congressional Black Caucus feel the same way, and let people know about it on a regular basis. This is no secret, and so it’s really kind of funny to see all the outrage take place whenever someone like Biden slips up and blurts it out in public.

This is far from the first time Biden himself has done this. During the 2008 campaign he famously referred to Barack Obama as “the American dream…a clean and articulate black man.” During an earlier campaign he joked that you couldn’t “find a 7/11” that wasn’t run by someone from India. Over his 47-year political career, Biden has been famous not only for his inappropriate touching and sniffing of females of all ages, but also for telling off-color jokes and wise cracks targeting women and minorities. This is a guy who originally elected to the senate from Delaware in 1972 as the anti-busing candidate with the support of the mob and the Teamster’s Union.

This is who Joe Biden is, folks. Today’s outburst wasn’t some one-off “wise guy” crack, it was just Biden being Biden. Get used to it.

That is all.

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Walking Eagle has gotten so good at it that she could do it in her sleep, wake up the next day and say “NEXT!”.


“…Biden has been famous not only for his inappropriate touching and sniffing of females of all ages, but also for telling off-color jokes and wise cracks targeting women and minorities.”

And Trump is the clueless, gauche, uncouth, ill-mannered clod who is an embarrassment to the republic?

Take some time to look up Charlamagne tha God, a real stellar radio host and personality…

If I didn’t know better, I would think the GOP and possibly the Trump campaign team are foisting this guy on the Democrats in a brilliant strategic move. I mean, who in their right mind would be setting up this clinker to be embarrassed on a near daily basis? True, the DNC needed this cypher to Schiff-can Sanders once Mini-Mike failed so spectacularly, and he/they seceded in that effort, but since the Commie, hasn’t surrendered his delegates as a good little lemming Democrat should – remember the Commie is an “Independent” – he is still a “viable” contender. I’m really surprised he hasn’t had another “heart attack”.

Since the Commie is waiting in the wings, so to speak, Gaffe O. Joe’s elder abusing “handlers” have to keep him upright and semi conscious until at least the August Convention, but how exactly does that work? If Biden is ultimately nominated in August in Milwaukee, what happens then? How does he limp through the convention and then withdraw “fix” anything among the party faithful? Does his “viable” VP pick automatically ascend to the top spot? Um, that should/would only work AFTER Biden became president.

The present dynamic/conundrum will still exist in September, in other words, the Dem pep rally is of no significance. The Bernie Bros are going to be just as pissed before or after the convention – first that Biden took it away from their guy in March and especially so after a Walking Eagle swoops (waddles) in from nowhere and gets the nod AFTER Milwaukee. The only way Bernie’s bros are going to be mollified to any degree is if he became the VP nominee, and that won’t happen because that would defeat the whole purpose of rigging the primary process to screw Bernie – Again – in the first place.

It also won’t work because Biden, and the DNC, has already promised the VP slot to a racially motivated quota hire to try to bolster their vote grabbing pandering effort. Also anyone, who joins the Biden ticket as VP can kiss their future in politics goodbye forever; no one will ever vote for a the losing VP candidate in the future. Palin saw any aspirations for her national career ruined.

The MSM (D) have speculated from time to time that Trump might try to delay the election because of the ‘Plandemic’ etc. If you ask me, it might well be the DEMs who want the election delayed to next year and have a do-over for the whole nomination process sans the geezers.

It won’t work, the election is going to be held on Nov 3, using the regular voting process. The Dems made this soiled bed all on their own – and now they will have to sleep in it. They sought and got their Mondale of 1984, to avoid a McGovern of 1972, but at least Mondale had some sense, appeal, and viability- Joe, not so much.

Regarding ‘tragedies’ and Arkancides like what happened to the DNC server leaker to Wikileaks: Seth Rich: It reminds me of the movie “Striptease” where corrupt congressman Dilbeck (AKA Dildo) had troublesome people die untimely deaths and be dumped into the Lake Okeechobee swamps. His staff eventually said: Dave, we can’t keep filling up the morgue, sooner or later people are going to get wise and figure out who is doing the “accidents”. The same goes for the DNC and the Clinton Clan. Walking Eagle can’t Arkancide everyone, can she?

J josephm

Of course,Trump could attenuate his tone. But, I think that’s the appeal to many in this age of political phoniness.

Biden has shown his true colors over many years, everyone in Delaware knew that he was a massive bullshitter. His son, Hunter, has this drug problem and dad gets him a direct commission as a Navy JAG officer, he subsequently melts the test cup.
Hunter goes to Ukraine and China and gets the grease as a proxy for his father.

My complaint is that these improprieties are looked upon differently based on party affiliation.

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