Hydroxychloroquine: A Texas Family Doc Debunks Democrat/Media HCQ Myths

Guest Piece by Dr. A.B. Spence, MD

Subject: Hydroxychloroquine and the curious case of it becoming dangerous

I’m a retired (on October 1, 2019) Family Practitioner with 40 years of experience on what is now called the front lines of medical practice. I never considered myself a warrior or hero during the flu seasons, including the H1N1 epidemic, but I’m fine and dandy with those terms being used to describe my colleagues and all the other medical staff and personnel that are confronting this awful Chinese virus daily since it was unleashed on our shores a few months ago.

At age 70 and with what I suppose is a comorbidity of rheumatoid arthritis and taking the miracle drug Humira, an immunosuppressant, if I were still in practice at this time I would unquestionably be taking Hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic measure. There is anecdotal evidence that it can help resist or prevent the spread of Covid 19, and in many cases it has been shown to successfully treat Covid patients. It’s also one of the safest prescribed medications a person can take.

At least it was prior to President Trump expressing hope a couple of months ago that it could be helpful in treating Covid 19. Then it became a dangerous drug, poisonous, that would kill a lot of people with cardiac arrhythmias or whatever. And as proof the media told us about an old fella that died after guzzling an industrial fish tank cleaner that contained chloroquine as an ingredient. Somewhere Darwin simply smiled knowingly on that report.

As I researched hydroxychloroquine in the early days of the pandemic, I couldn’t find one documented case of a person dying from a cardiac arrhythmia. And this covered over 60 years of the drug being used as a treatment of and prophylaxis against malaria, both short term and long term usage. All of you reading this know of the millions of dosages given to certain people with autoimmune diseases that successfully take HCQ with no untoward reactions.

The word “anecdotal”, as it applied to Hydroxychloroquine, took on a different meaning also. In this case it is used in a demeaning manner as it wasn’t “science.” It hasn’t been proven to be effective without a shadow of doubt. No double blind or whatever studies have been done with HCQ to prove it’s 100% effective in dealing with Chinese virus. And on and on.

I can assure you that the medical profession has prescribed drugs and therapies forever based on anecdotal evidence that suggest off label treatments may be helpful for certain diseases. Most or possibly all with greater risk versus benefit profiles than HCQ and Corona Virus.

And if you think about it, the country’s entire response to the Chinese virus, the lockdowns, the masks, the gloves, the fear of contaminated surfaces, the social distancing, the closing of “nonessential” businesses, the disastrous school closings, the destruction of our best ever economy, the slaughter of thousands of our most frail senior citizens in nursing homes by certain Democrat governors (I’m looking at you Cuomo and Murphy) have been and continue to be based on anecdotal evidence of how the virus spreads, who is most at risk, how to treat it, etc. In these instances it’s referred to as “science.”

Every time I hear a leftist power hungry governor, mayor, judge, representative, senator, or medical bureaucrat say they’re going to “follow the science” to keep ruining our economy I want to vomit.

With that I I’ll stop. Feeling a bit nauseous.

A. B. Spence, M.D.



That is all.

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Nabi Rasch

This guy is a physician, not a scientist. Apparently there’s a lot of ‘anecdotal’ evidence that goes in either direction, from the helter skelter small samples and imperfect ‘studies’ we’ve seen to date. The negatives don’t seem to be reported on our conservative web sites. That’s why we need the huge full scale blind, random studies now underway with hydrochloroquine and other drugs–to determine whatever the efficacy, best doses, possible negative effects, conducted according to legitimate standardized scientific procedures. Hard to find a valid reason to object to the well proven logic of this regimen.


I wouldn’t hold up the ‘scientist’ to high if I were you. The greatest amount of fraud by ‘scientists’ is in the medical research field. Two thirds of all papers submitted contain gross miscalculations, outright fraud and very poor methodologies. There have been several studies outlying this very problem in academia. All very easy to find. google it.

I would trust the growing body of doctors dealing with patients daily than some lab rat any day of the weak. When you ‘esteem’ these so called scientists to highly, you get exactly the kind of ‘expert’ like Fauci, Birx, in every field of study. Pedestal scientists that like to strut their credentials and never really produce anything.

There is so little negatives about the usage of HCQ because it has a very long and safe history. Any of the ‘negative’ stories thrown up by the left fail entirely on examination. Notice when the left reports a negative story about HCQ they never give the persons name, or location. They don’t give any information whereby someone can verify the story. Odd… Or when it can be verified, it turns out the person had serious underlying medical conditions which they likely died from.

Doctors, without ‘scientists’ like Fauci interfering, should be allowed to use HCQ or any other drug, off label, they think is in their patients best interest. So your double blind studies and dosage experiments will have to wait while real doctors save their patients lives.


Results of the latest study are in..
Reports “44% less likely to die”. The Fake News has blood on its hands!


The media and the rest of the left continue to demonize HCQ as some thing that will kill you if you take it. The prescribing literature indicates that it might cause cardiac arrhythmia (gasp) in patients that are already diagnosed with a prolonged QT interval but as Dr Spence has stated not one documented death from that complication. If there were a cheap, safe with a long record of use drug that might be effective against the Chinese coronavirus, we would have less reason to fear the virus. It is that fear that the left using against us to prolong our misery, the shutdown. Politicians have forbidden its use other than a last resort when it may be too late to prevent death. They cite ‘studies’ that illustrate just that fact. (VA) Other studies conveniently leave out other drugs and supplements that may have a synergistic effect. (Azithromycin, zinc). Then there are the true hypocrites (Klobuchar, Cuomo) who have been the beneficiaries of treatment with form of HCQ but continue to say the ‘science’ doesn’t support its use. People who believe it is dangerous don’t have to take it but don’t forbid it’s use when a doctor and patient decide they want to use it.


Everyday it becomes more and more apparent to all but the most dim bulbs and hopelessly brainwashed leftist radicals that virtually every bit of “expert” ‘information’ being vomited buy the CDC, the WHO (who listens to the WHO anymore?) and the MSM (D) is all Bull Schiff. While it is great that so many people are beginning to revolt (so far peacefully, unlike the ANTIFA crowd) against the Blue Dictatorships, it is very tragic that so many good honest hard working ordinary people are being persecuted and that so many real “front line” professionals are being banned and mocked by being denied their 1 A rights and are being disregarded by the “experts”.

President Trump needs to stop all this abuse that is being primarily leveled against his base: church goers, small business owners and their employees, and the productive public in general.

Every bad tendency, impulse, and doctrine by the leftist politicians has been completely and dramatically exposed for all to see.

Further exposure to the pain these Marxists and their GESTAPO/STASI wannabe enforcers (AKA certain Police Departments and Courts) is becoming more and more counterproductive and it needs to be COMPLETELY and IMMEDATELY HALTED by a Presidential Executive Order.

This whole CV-19 episode has had the equivalent of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing on our economy and has in no way produced a positive result in any measurable way. The nuclear bombings ultimately forced the totalitarian, dictatorial Japanese government to surrender. They ultimately and inarguably saved millions of lives. The president needs to nuke the totalitarian, dictatorial, Blue state governments in order to save thousands (at least) of lives from being lost and millions of other’s lives from being irreparably damaged.

Several states and countries have ‘anecdotally’ PROVEN that this CHINA VIRUS is nowhere near as deadly as the “experts” have, and continue to predict, a near “End Time” catastrophe if someone is allowed to cut hair…

Enough of this self inflicted national INSANITY and actual national suicide and economic destruction.

End it NOW! Mr. President. Treat the CV-19 “hot spots” for what they are – economic DISASTERS and ISOLATE THE STATES AND CITIES who insist upon perpetuating this phony “crisis” as a FEMA disaster area. Declare Marshall Law in these territories and get the county’s economy and rule of law moving in the right direction. Your reelection and America’s survival depends upon your bold action to force the end of this contrived “crisis” by the end of May.


Great response, thank you.

People have a far greater respect for doctors who are true professionals and tell people the truth. Its not to difficult to tell when a professional relates bad news to their client. Its wrapped in concern, for the best they can offer. A nonprofessional merely ridicules and demands obedience wrapped in arrogance.

Thank you again good sir…


Great piece. Thanks for sharing.

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