New Data Points Devastate Democrat Coronapanic Arguments

The Evening Campaign Update

The Coronapanic is dying away, whether Democrats want it to or not. There’s really nothing they can do to stop it at this point – Americans have had enough of the fear porn.

You can see it happening all over America: On the crowded beaches of Virginia, Florida and Texas; in increasingly busy shopping centers, restaurants and hair salons; in the rising demands by preachers, priests and rabbis for restoration of 1st amendment religious freedoms; in the neighborhood block parties being conducted in communities around the nation; at the freedom rallies in dozens of state capitals.

Most Americans were willing to go along with the initial stay-at-home strategy to “flatten the curve,” but, as the shutdowns have been extended, the devastating real-world impacts to their friends, neighbors and their own economic futures have become clear. At the same time, the lack of any real underlying science or data supporting the increasingly authoritarian edicts coming from Democrat officials has grown glaringly obvious. Now, millions of Americans have had enough. Their numbers grow with every passing day.

As reported by CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla on Twitter today, J.P. Morgan analysts have now conclusively demonstrated that the Democrat emperors have no clothes, as repellent as that may sound. In what Quintanilla calls a “devastating” study, JPM analysts released a study that shows that fears of rising Wuhan Viris infections as states and countries reopen their economies are failing to be borne out. In fact, the exact opposite is happening: the rates of infections and hospitalizations are actually dropping as businesses reopen and people go back to work.

In a subsequent tweet, Quintanilla notes that the same phenomenon is taking place in other countries that JPM’s analysts studied:


This data rips to shreds Democrat/media arguments that their governors, mayors and other local officials are issuing their anti-constitutional edicts based on anything resembling “science.”

Another piece of data circulating today demonstrates very clearly that, based on catastrophically flawed statistical models and the bad advice of medical “experts,” we shut the U.S. economy down over what was at its heart a nursing home problem.

Syndicated columnist Phil Kerpen (@Kerpen on Twitter) has been doing fantastic research into the published government data to try to figure out what the real numbers and percentages are related to deaths in nursing homes and long-term care centers (LTCs). What he has found is stunning.

According to Kerpen’s findings, nursing homes and LTCs account for fully 52% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 thus far. The chart below shows the percentages for the largest population states:


Michigan, with about a third of Texas’s population, has seen more nursing home/LTC deaths than the entire number of deaths in Texas. Think about that.

Now, combine all of this with the recent finding that fully 2/3rds of the deaths in New York occurred among people who had been staying shut-in for weeks, and there is no longer any argument for the efficacy of stay-at-home orders. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want to make decisions based on data and science, you have to lift stay-at-home orders all over the country.

Thus, the latest in the long line of Democrat scams has collapsed.

The Coronapanic is over, and there is nothing the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies can do about it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The only ways to make sure this fraudulent quarantining of the healthy NEVER happens again is to sue, via class action lawsuits, the individual dictators (and not the city and state governments because you are in effect suing yourselves without punishing the guilty officials) who continue the draconian lockdown. This should also include the individuals in the modern day Gestapo – get the names of the individual “police” officers who are “enforcing” the unconstitutional edicts – and file claims for false arrest etc.. The other way is to vote out everyone who has been a dictator and who was responsible for the planned and coordinated economic pain of their citizens. If any of these dictators survive their next election, it is the citizen’s own fault and they deserve whatever hardship comes their way in the future.

This Plandemic is no longer an emergency and EVERY governor and mayor has had the time to call their legislature and city council to a special session to actually make the lockdown at least somewhat “constitutional” by having the force of actual passed laws from a representative body. No law, (should) means no enforcement of dictatorial edicts.

Mayors and governors should only have the power to “declare ” broad sweeping emergencies for a very short time – like 48 hours before they have to call for a special legislative or council session in order to get a legitimate law past to support their “emergency” action(s). That way, the lawmakers are then on record as to how they affected the lives of their constituents and they also will have to face the repercussions of their actions.

Notice how very few legislative bodies are troubled by the unilateral actions of the governors and mayors? By the unsupported (by a law) dictatorial actions of the chief executives, the legislative branch is effectively shielded from the political fallout. Apparently the governors and mayors (few, if any are up for reelection this year) feel immune from the voter’s wrath. That may be true in most cases when a politician’s policies merely irritate the electorate on occasion, but start effecting broad based policies that directly cost people mucho money and/or their livelihoods and the memories do not fade and the revolt at the ballot box will happen.

I have always felt that until Trump, the Republicans don’t really win elections, the Democrats lose elections by their arrogant in your face policies.


Jimmy Carter’s outright incompetence caused the 1980 Reagan landslide

NJ Governor Florio ramming through the largest state tax increase in history at the time, and unconstitutional gun control laws (1990-1993)

BJ Clinton’s nominal ‘wife’, Walking Eagle trying to ram through “Hillarycare” cost the Dems both houses of congress for the first time in over forty years (1994)

Obamacare costing the Dems the House and their filibuster proof senate (2010)

Walking Eagle losing in the upset of the century in 2016 to an unproven, but an anyone other than her option.

2020 will see if a real and now proven alternative to the left’s long-term strategy and doctrine will be VOTED FOR instead of just a vote for the lessor of two evils. Most conservatives felt forced to, but many did not, vote for the likes of Ace McLame, and Mutt McRomney in opposition to the much worse Marxist Ideologue. They did so with little passion or reason other than to try to not get ‘the One’ as president. How refreshing it is to finally have SOMEONE TO VOTE FOR!

The question is will we VOTE ROR TRUMP in great enough number to save the republic as founded?

Sue B

Went to my doctor’s office today, I have not seen him since all of this craziness started. He is bought in completely on the panic – and I discovered today is also not a fan of our President. The conversation started with me asking him if the mask I have been ordered to wear was necessary, I also mentioned that only the old and sick are at risk . The conversation became heated. He went so far as to bring up information on a current “young and healthy” patient to bolster his argument which was deflated the minute I asked if this 61 yo had diabetes. “It’s controlled – but that does not matter.” He tried to use his white coat to deflect my arguments and that’s when I knew I was right. He didn’t end our visit – he abruptly walked out making a snide comment to the ladies in the office that heard the yelling – and by their shift in attitudes towards me – they heard what we were saying. I walked out of there chilled to the bone. I’m only keeping this guy long enough to continue our conversation again in another 2 mos. after even more damning information manages to seep into the mainstream. I understand now that he is exactly the person I need to avoid considering all of this “mandatory vaccination” talk starting to surface. The pandemic has blown up spectacularly, as we all have more or less been hoping it would. We can all see the monsters. I just hope it’s enough to finally kill the beasts.


I’d agree with Gregg on this too… Plus how can you trust this guy after this. You won’t have the confidence that he’ll give you the best treatment needed. imo


Sue B,

I would get a new doctor TODAY! In my 60 years, I have found that there is no benefit to speaking to die-in-the-wool Marxists as your Dr. appears to be – you won’t change their minds no matter what facts you present. You are not going to convince him by another visit; so why pay him again? If he is so unprofessional as to raise his voice when he is working FOR YOU and then walks out on your appointment, you may have grounds to at least file a complaint.

If he was ‘professional’ he would have shut up and finished your exam, geez, talk about not knowing how to take the temperature of the room.

We have millions of doctors and lawyers and just by law of averages, a certain percentage are going to be bad and/or frauds: Look at Flynn’s first “lawyers”; look at Fauci for examples of bad or agenda driven “professionals”. Doctors are not GOD, even though many seem to think they can play GOD with us surfs.

Better to shut down his revenue stream and do a soft boycott; I wouldn’t go to him for an aspirin or even emergency first aid – he is a hack in a white coat.


Unfortunately here in Chicago, 98% of people are walking outside, going to stores, and driving with masks on.


“Thus, the latest in the long line of Democrat scams has collapsed.”

Whats frightening is the scammers will not be held to any account. And… given the opportunity, they will do it all over again. Starting with the predicted worsening second wave.

We here in canukistan will keep the scamdemic alive and warm for you folks. We simply won’t let a little data get in the way of authoritarianism.

Ken MIller

The governor is prolonging the shutdown cause his family is making beaucoup money off the virius or so it has bee reported. MSM is not going to report this


To which state/governor are you referring Ken?

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