Tuesday News Roundup: As Red States Reopen, Blue States Continue to Suffer

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Bolstered by the fact that his state just experienced its lowest numbers since April 3 in terms of new COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths despite expanded testing, Texas Governor Greg Abbott continued to expand one of the nation’s most successful reopening plans on Monday. Abbott’s Phase II will allow bars, bowling alleys, wine tasting rooms and other entertainment venues to reopen at 25% capacity this Friday, and allows restaurants, salons and other already-opened businesses to expand to 50% capacity on that day.

Here are other details of Abbott’s Phase II, as reported by the Dallas Morning News:

– Effective immediately, daycare centers can reopen, as can massage businesses, tattoo parlors and piercing studios, so long as there is at least 6 feet of social distancing between operating work stations.

– On Friday, restaurants can increase their capacity to 50%. Bars and several entertainment venues, including bowling alleys, bingo halls, skating rinks, rodeos and aquariums,, can reopen at 25% capacity.

– On May 29, zoos can reopen at 25% capacity.

– On May 31, youth camps can reopen. So can professional sports venues – including basketball, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, football, and car racing – so long as there are no in-person spectators.

In contrast to the fright tactics pushed by the corrupt news media on behalf of the Democrat Party, Texas has seen no surge whatsoever in Wuhan Virus cases during the course of its reopening, and continues to have by far the lowest rate of death per capita among the nation’s large states. Abbott did choose to delay the Phase II implementation for the El Paso and Amarillo areas, but that was due to isolated outbreaks of the virus among the employees in two meatpacking plants.

Meanwhile, as reopenings in red states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas and others continued to run along smoothly, here is a sampling of what Democrat governors and mayors were inflicting on the people in the blue states:

–  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said his city’s beaches would remain closed through the end of May, and threatened to have his police literally pull people “right out of the water” if they are caught swimming in the ocean;

Toadish Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker told reporters that he has amended his own lockdown order to now include fines of $25,000 and imprisonment for any business owner who dares to defy his authority;

Cartman: Respect My Authority (With images) | Video games for kids ...

In Michigan, Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer, who has been under tremendous pressure to lift her jackboot off the necks of her citizens, relented a bit by announcing a modest reopening of some businesses in the state’s upper peninsula and far northern region. But Herr Gretchen will keep the rest of the state – and the vast preponderance of her population – under a strict and utterly failed lockdown policy through at least May 28;

In Oregon, Alinskyite Governor Kate Brown found herself on the losing end of a lawsuit challenging her own insane lockdown early in the day, as a state district judge ruled that businesses can reopen because, you know, the Constitution and stuff. However, by day’s end, the reliable leftist brutes on the state’s supreme court had reversed that decision, reinstating Brown’s counterproductive policy while the case goes through the appeals process;

In New Jersey, goofy Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy found himself in a bit of a conundrum as local law enforcement officers are beginning to tire of enforcing his mindless edicts. When a gym operator in Bellmawr announced he was going to reopen on Monday, several hundred supporters showed up to support him. Police arriving on the scene surveyed the crowd, informed them they were all in violation of the Governor’s order, and then, smiling, told them to “have a good day.” Murphy responded as bullies always do, threatening the owners that they would “have a different experience” should they try to open again on Tuesday;

Despite California’s having one of the lowest rates of infections and deaths per capita among the large population states, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, in an interview designed to show how his city is not in total lockdown, made clear his city would remain in its current lockdown condition until well into the summer before he would even begin studying ways to allow businesses to reopen.

The United States is a divided country, and we are going to come out of this Wuhan Virus episode in a situation in which the red states will be miles ahead of the blue states economically and in terms of the individual freedoms of the citizens. You can be certain that thugs like Eric Garcetti and Bill de Blasio and  Gretchen Whitmer are going to continue exercising any authority they can get away with against their citizens even after the virus has run its course.

We must keep in mind that no leftist is going to voluntarily surrender power once they have obtained it. That will only be done if the U.S. Department of Justice and the courts move to force them to relent.

Make no mistake about it: The Democrat thugs themselves understand the long-term economic ramifications of whey they are currently doing, which is why they and Nancy Pelosi are in such a frenzy now to force congress to bail the states out. Many blue states were already teetering on the brink of insolvency before the viral gift from China arrived at our shores, and now their fate is pretty much sealed.

But states like Texas, Florida and many others that have a constitutional requirement to balance their budgets are not in any similar situation. Thus, a congressional bailout would in fact be a situation in which red states that have properly managed themselves would be forced to bail out blue states that have been badly mismanaged by Democrats for decades.

It’s a soft civil war, folks. Let’s pray it doesn’t expand into a hard one.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Expect this to coincidentally happen more and more in Dem controlled states. All these communists know is how to steal and cheat. Speak up or lose the fight… Its a war.



So Obozo won’t come back to the White House for a portrait unveiling while Trump is in office. LOL… Talk about a petty little toad bozo is…


Wouldn’t it be great if Don Jr ran and won the White House 2024!?!? Then Obozo wouldn’t be going back for a further 8 yrs to have his ugly mug revealed. By then he’ll be thoroughly shamed and sitting in a jail somewhere… hopefully Obozo who!?!?


I know Jimmy said he was taking some time off, but where is Phineas?


More tyrannical b.s. Even Abbott, this wonderful paragon of conservative virtue, is claiming “The Government” has authority to mandate all these limitations. Let’s stop playing Howie Mandel, as Bill Maher has suggested: https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2020/05/17/bill-maher-live-life-coronavirus-quarantine-fear-germophobe-howie-mandel/ – flu is a fact of life, this is not a medical crisis, no government has the delegated authority to make these mandates or enforce these idiotic restrictions. Let’s all grow up, and let’s start bringing charges against these tyrants. They’ve made our country into a make-believe leper colony and I’ve had enough. Sadly, Trump has not yet soundly rejected this bogus narrative.


and….. the AG Barr is carefully keeping an eye on these miscarriages and over reach of these communists to ensure everyone stays within the Constitution. /s off


In so many areas President Trump has a delicate balancing act because we are such a divided country. This division has been an ongoing effort by the left since at least LBJ’s “Great Society” in the mid sixties.

The purple and blue states are in quite the conundrum. Virtually none of them have an election this year where their radical governors and mayors are up for reelection this year, so where will voter retribution happen? Do they punish all the Democratic Representatives and the several Senators who happen to be up in their states, along with whatever state legislative and local elections are up this year? Or do they punish Trump and the few GOP congress people and Senators who are voting against and refusing to pass Nancy Klink’s numerous Red State bailout bills/schemes of the long-time fiscally mismanaged Blue States?

Trump narrowly won three (PA, MI, and WI) blue/purple states that gave him the victory over Walking Eagle in 2016. In the near disastrous 2018 midterm elections, WI’s very good GOP Governor, Scott Walker, lost a very close race, MI elected the GS stooge Whitmer and PA kept Wolf. All three of these key swing states are doing their best to lead the way to national economic collapse for the sole purpose of defeating President Trump – the welfare of their citizens be damned.

The other deep Blue States are COLLUDING with the three purple swings states to: 1) give them cover, and 2) to try to ensure that they stay in the BLUE fold so that Trump can’t flip a possible Purple state Red like a Virginia, or Illinois, or Nevada. Until the effects of CV-19, Trump, with his great economy, had the very real chance to flip five to perhaps ten Purple states: ME, NH, VA, IL, MN, CO, NM, NV, and maybe OR, and/or WA.

Now all bets are off, and the political temperament in those Democratically controlled swing Purple states are more unpredictable than ever. Do they decide to cast off the shackles of the now very evident Democrat Dictatorships and dump the “moderate” Klink toadies (and some other old warhorse lefty members) of the Democratic House, their Senate cohorts, and whoever Democrats are up in their legislative and local elections, or do they double down on stupid and keep Klink in charge of the impeachment express. Clearly something has to give…

Trump could well lose the election against whoever the Democrats finally name (it will not be Gaffe O. Joe) as his challenger. If the ultimate nominee fills several of the following requirements: Be competent enough to actually debate and engage in a functional campaign against Trump; have enough name recognition to draw a following; and – this is the biggest challenge – unite the party like BJ Clinton and ‘the One’ was able to do, he/she could beat Trump.

The Democrats also are trying to thread a very fine needle while they are desperately searching for someone who can keep their fractured party from totally disintegrating. The Democratic August anointment ceremony, the strength of the economic rebound, and how hard the national, state (some of which are frankly pathetic), and local Republican Party operatives work in support of Trump will determine who wins the presidency. The caliber of candidates the GOP recruits to challenge the Democratic candidates at every level is the key to victory; you can’t beat somebody with a nobody. For example, judging by the way the Virginia State GOP essentially conspired to lose their legislature to the Democrats last year I have real concerns. Unfortunately there are still a lot of “Never-Trumpers” in the RNC whose Chairwoman seems like a good leader, but she is Mitt Romney’s niece, so we’ll see how the support for Trump goes.

Donald John Trump won in 2016 by the sheer strength of his message and personality against a hideous opponent with not a lot of help from the GOP infrastructure. Will Trump’s rallies and his now known accomplishments carry the day? Who knows? If he somehow loses, I will blame the lackluster national and local Republican Party ‘support’, the COLLUSION of the Democratic Governors and Mayors to tank their and the nation’s economy, the fecklessness/stupidity (it is no longer mere ignorance) of the average Democratic voter, the laziness/apathy of the average Republican voter, and MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD.


I don’t think treason is a political issue. Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg were not elected to anything, so when they were caught, the prosecutors didn’t just wring their hands and say, “they weren’t voted in, so we can’t vote ’em out.” Similarly, whether red, blue or purple, voting out miscreants is not the appropriate or only remedy for these levels of malfeasance. Treason and perjury should be alleged, handcuffs applied, and juries convened. Punish criminals whether elected or not, and let future tyrants be warned.


nailed it….


The civil war will stay soft as long as Republicans can maintain control of the senate and the WH. Pelosi can write all the fat bills she wants. If Dems win in November and gain further control over congress, they will certainly move to bail out everyone and everything. We are already spending too much money with these stimulus bills. It will jump to insane levels of spending. We will not be able to grow our way out of that much debt, and inflation will become a kitchen table term again.

And if the virus surges again, and additional shutdowns are mandated, then I could see things heating up. More stimulus, more bailouts. It has to end somewhere.


Your life and liberty are on the line here. If people don’t vote these communists OUT of all government positions you will lose your liberty, as is being done now, and the Republic. It really is that serious.

Make no mistake, the communists WANT to burn the country down. The goal form them is total control with a hammer as they do in EVERY country they control and have controlled. yes its coming to America.

Tick Tock

Do not call them Communist because they are not and it demonstrates your apparent ignorance of that fact. They are human scum and Totalitarian Thugs. But calling them Communists is not smart and will not help to win over people in the middle.


They are marxist ideological stooges. Marxism is half a step away from true communists, educate yourself and read a book on what these two ideologies are all about. They are the same. Most people don’t know what Marxism stands for as they have never done any reading about it. They have more of an idea of what Communism is all about, they remember and see often just how these countries are managed, like Cuba, Russia, China, etc…

By soft labeling them it is you who is doing a disservice to the American people. Stop trying to sugar coat an evil ideology, people are smart enough to be able to understand whats being said. If they don’t understand then you get the opportunity to explain it to them. simple

martin l scott

Agree totally.

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