Watch: Neil Cavuto Gets the Vapors on News Trump is Taking Hydroxychloroquine

The Evening Campaign Update

I laughed out loud while watching President Donald Trump inform the news media in a very offhand manner today that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine – in conjunction with azithromycin and zinc – for “a week and a half” during a press availability at the White House today. You could literally feel the reporters in the room gasp in unison and almost go out of their minds at the notion that the President of the United States is using this safe, effective, cheap and plentiful drug as a prophylaxis against the Wuhan virus. He just tossed it out there like he was ordering dinner – it was a truly glorious moment.

Here’s a clip:

No corrupt journalist on any network went crazier, though, than drama queen Neil Cavuto, who happened to be on the air when the President was toying with the White House press corps like my cat Max toys with lizards every day. After warning his viewers in a shaky voice reminiscent of Christine Blasey Ford’s mimicking of a teenage valley girl during her smear of Brett Kavanaugh that the drug “will kill you” if you have certain underlying conditions, Cavuto then went on to interview several people. One of them – Fox medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, correctly informed him and his viewers that the drug can be “lifesaving” for certain patients who do not have those underlying conditions.

Watch Cavuto’s face fall and then try to cut her off as she delivers the news he most certainly did not want to hear:

This is crap that belongs on CNN, but it airs on Fox News every day at 3:00 CT. Maddening.

That is all.

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Shelly Smith

FOX has become akin to a British tabloid. Cavuto’s acting like a girl with the vapors is just more tabloid journalism. Not news. Look at Fox paying Marie Harf, why? Why give her a voice?
Cavuto gets laughed at, that is what Fox is about these days. Its a joke, rather than serious.


I had posted on a different update that i it would be hilarious if he trolled the press on this. Guess God was lustening to me that day. Even Brit Hume lost it when President Trumps announced this.

Chris Chrisman

That’s leadership by example. Look at the stock market soar!


I thought Cavuto was one of the “good guys” in media. When did he become Shemp Smith or Juan Wiesel Williams?

Haven’t watch but a very few FOX News shows (Justice and sometimes Tucker) in a long time as I am now watching ‘believable’ shows like “Hogan’s Heroes”. Just like with cable ‘news’, I know how the HH episode ends, but at least the good side wins on “Hogan’s Heroes”.


THAT is about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while… A REAL doctor popped his balloon and he was just about to cry, lucky for the break… phew….

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