Sunday News Roundup: Abrams Eclipse, Trump Fires IG and Crowded ‘Closed’ Beaches

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

Today’s Washington Post contains a fawning, frankly disgusting profile of Georgia gubernatorial looooooser Stacy Abrams, in an obvious attempt to boost her chances of becoming Quid Pro China Joe’s eventual running mate. This is the photo the Post chose to use with the profile:



It looks like she’s a one-woman solar eclipse.

Honestly, this ongoing media/Democrat effort to turn the quite un-accomplished Abrams into some sort of national super-woman is just bizarre. She’s never accomplished anything more than winning an election in an overwhelmingly Democrat district to be a state representative. Yet, she has become a sort of cult hero whose supporters appear to honestly believe she is the best the national Democrat Party has to offer.

You could never make this stuff up.

By tha ordah of Govnah Ralph KKK Blackface Coonman Northam of tha Commonwealth of Vahginyah, tha Vahginyah Beach Oceanfront was ahficially closed yestahday. This heah is what it looked lahk:

Warm weather draws crowds to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on Saturday, May 16, 2020. Seen from the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.

See any masks being worn there? No, not the KKK masks that Northam likes to wear – I’m talking about medical masks. See any social distancing going on? These are Americans, and they have had enough of Northam’s abuse based on Anthony Fauci’s nonsensical advisories.

Speaking of Americans, this was the scene in Orange County, CA on Saturday:

Additional California freedom rallies took place Saturday in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cool.

Meanwhile, this happened yesterday in Oregon:

Ms. Graham has been fined $14,000 by the Alinskyite radical, Gov. Kate Brown. Graham has filed an appeal, which she will ultimately win, but in the meantime, Gov. Brown and her jackbooted thugs can and probably will make her life a living hell.

Your Democrat Party at work.

In Michigan, the hairdressers continue to fight back against the edicts of Herr Gretchen:

Question: Why do Democrats hate hairdressers? It’s a national epidemic. Weird.

The ghouls at Bloomberg politics fantasize about President Trump testing positive for the Wuhan Virus:


It’s 1937 in Berlin…oh wait, no, it’s 2020 in Swampscott…

Tim Graham at has a great writeup on the corrupt news media’s continuing freakout over CBS’s Catherine Herridge and her habit of – gasp! – objectively reporting actual news. Here’s an excerpt:

An anonymous Democrat echoed the liberal media boilerplate:

“The problem we had with the Russia stuff and FISA stuff from day one was that people are getting two sets of news depending on what you watch,” one Democratic hill staffer said. “Some Dems were willing to live with that if it was limited to Fox News. But at CBS you are giving it the imprimatur of neutrality and that of a serious news organization.

Tani admits “Herridge has been careful to never cross the line into overt advocacy,” and quotes CBS officials praising her work. But it’s not hard to imagine that Herridge is finding herself to be the new version of Sharyl Attkisson, where many stories are sidelined to the internet because they’re too upsetting for liberals to grant the “imprimatur of neutrality.” It’s already happening:


As I pointed out yesterday, Herridge is obviously headed down the same path as previous great CBS reporters Sharyl Atkisson and Lara Logan, both of whom were booted off the network for their own distressing habit of upsetting anonymous Democrat staffers and their Democrat toady reporters for daring to objectively report real news. Herridge’s days at CBS are obviously numbered.

He made the same prediction in 2016. How’d that work out for him?

Good piece at The Daily Wire detailing the fact that it took 3 full weeks for Michigan’s congressional flake Justin Amash to figure out that he would have no chance to win if he became the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee this go-round. Man, I could have told him that in about 3 seconds.

Finally, President Trump fired yet another corrupt inspector general yesterday, and the Democrats and their media toadies are freaking out about it. Here’s an excerpt from a Washington Times report:

President Trump on Friday announced he is firing the State Department’s inspector general — the latest of several people tasked with conducting oversight on various government agencies to be pushed out by Mr. Trump in recent weeks.

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mr. Trump said he no longer had the “fullest confidence” in Inspector General Steve Linick, who has been in the position since 2013.

Amb. Stephen J. Akard, who was previously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as head of the State Department’s Office of Foreign Missions, is set to take Mr. Linick’s place.

Mr. Trump last month also removed former acting Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine from his post. Mr. Fine had also been tapped to lead a committee charged with overseeing trillions of dollars in federal coronavirus rescue spending.



That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Doc. McCarthy

“Honestly, this ongoing media/Democrat effort to turn the quite un-accomplished Abrams into some sort of national super-woman is just bizarre. You could never make this stuff up.”

This is just a repeat of Obama ascendancy. He had nothing. Community organizer, made senator, made president. It’s not important – the Democrat presidents, now, are just Manchurian candidates. Valerie Plume and the Deep State were running the show.

Sir Cumference

Every piece of Obumbler appointed slime that was in the administration when Trump took over should have been fired the very first day.

Jimmy MacAfee

You folks have a nice day – be gone for a couple of weeks. Expeditionary, so to speak. Hunting season isn’t all that far off.


I really wish that who ever wrote this article would not associate a Southern Accent with the moron that is Northam. Northam polices are from Northern Virginia. They don’t have Southern Accents. It’s the other 103 counties of Virginia that are more likely to have accents and they actually have the common sense to not to follow this jacka**.

It is not cool to associate the Southern Accent with ignorance. You insult a lot of different kinds of Southerners of many walks of life that way.

Jimmy MacAfee

I have to agree, but I’m not offended.

My original Ohio accent is mostly gone; it’s Virginia now. There are dozens of dialects across Virginia, some a twang, some a drawl; some Elizabethan, some derived from Scottish; some highland, some coastal; some French-influenced, some German. AltaVista is called “Ahltavista” by some, “Altaveesta” by others. Some say “shrimp,” some say “scrimps.” Some say “chiddren,” some say “chilluns,” some say “children.” My dialect varies, too. Hard not to mirror.

I couldn’t understand my gradeschool teacher’s thick accent when I moved here, and they didn’t teach phonetics. I pretty much gave up a coupla years. Some of my schoolmates would say “din’t” for didn’t, “diddy” for daddy, “hoose” for house, “oat” for out, “aboat” for about. My parents, from PA, said “warsh” for wash, George “Warshington” for Washington. New Jersey is (mostly) the origin of “aks” for ask – (some of that is also racial.)

I’ve had girlfriends (and a wife) with a lot of different accents, and all of them were highly intelligent. I did (and still do) have prejudices, though: certain inflections do make people sound dumb. People who always say “uh” between words, repeatedly, like Barack Beelzebama – who doesn’t sound as intelligent as some people seem to think he is. IQ of 110, tops. Just a little above average, maybe.

I know people who look and talk like Mr. Haney, too. And Mr. Drucker. And Mr. Ziffel. And Jed Clampett. And Granny. But I also know a few Mrs. Drysdales, too – usually don’t like them much. Some have taken my name when I’m sometimes called “Jim” and they give it an extra syllable and it becomes “Jeum.”

I wasn’t offended by Dave’s wordsmithing, but I understand the sensitivity. Yankees come down here from NY or Left Coasters from Cal or Washington state and treat us as if we’re stupid and illiterate. (They usually end up getting ripped off by people who know how to deal with them.)


Ha ha ha! Why did Abrams release a picture of Kim Jong Un in silhouette, wearing high heels? Seriously though…it looks sinister (which she is). But any fool (well…almost any fool) would know better than to release a pic of herself playing Darth Vader! Plus…the entire effect is to accentuate her prodigious bulk! Do even Democrats actually want this Florida Evans lookalike and known election fraudster jeopardizing the NIL chance they have!? Too awesome! Democrats…you can’t make it up…


Dems are awesome… and apparently they can make this stuff up…

In fact they seem to be very good at making crazy look sane. They definitely are in a league of their own…

Jimmy MacAfee

Soon after the 2019 plot was exposed, I emailed the Whitehouse about another vision, and told them to keep their food testers on high alert. They held back in this part of the plot until much later, when a food taster became suddenly and gravely ill. The President was OK, but I passed that message along, too – early in 2019. (I don’t post that on Daily Update.)

Some of you folks don’t think that the threat we face is coordinated enough to make a string of attempts to remove President Trump (and VP Pence) and to install Nancy Piglosi, the Pig Queen of Baltimore. Mafioso tactics.

Just as Seth Rich was murdered by Mexican cartel members, who were told to gravely wound Rich in order not to create a murder scene investigation. This is how these people operate.

Jimmy MacAfee

There is no link to January 13, when I first warned about the threat to the President; like other things I’ve written at other places, maybe it was scrubbed? I emailed the Whitehouse at the same time (actually a little before) I posted these warnings – twice. This was around the time Piglosi was attempting to fly to Brussels, to be sworn in as the new President.

When someone commented on my comment, I explained it a little more, but still rather obliquely:

“There is a danger to his health and safety as a result of the hysteria from the Left. The bunker I refer to is the gargantuan underground bunker that was being worked on during the Obimbo administration, under the Whitehouse”

I had a vision of the Whitehouse in an explosion and in flames. That was it, but I’ve learned not to ignore those visions; I am not a psychic, and I got this through the Holy Spirit, no one else.

Q threatened me after that, saying that the CIA (of which I have never associated in any way) “could not protect” me, and that personal measures would not ensure my safety. (Was this a warning, or was this a threat?) I always expect my life to be shortened at any time, and I am not in the employ of anyone but Jesus.

Jimmy MacAfee

“…the enemies of the Constitution are going to go to the ultimate extreme to stop DJT, mostly because a sack of wind is about to blow out her last candle. Nearing a crescendo. Time to Declass FISA, which is as corrupt as they come, and remove some of the top players. Sometimes, a bunker mentality is needed; sometimes, a real bunker is required. Anybody listening?”

January 17, 2019:

“BUSTED: Georgia Man Arrested For Plotting Rocket Attack Against Trump White House”

“BREAKING: Georgia man suspected of plotting attack against White House for TOMORROW arrested by FBI. Man had “hand-drawn diagram of ground floor of the West Wing”

If anyone thinks this latest threat by Bloomberg, more completely articulated by others, is just a joke, think again. This is an extension of the January 2019 plot.

Jimmy MacAfee

Meanwhile, the CCP “leadership” (you know, the smallest of the small, with the littlest weenies, having short-man syndrome and no real talent, intellect nor humanity?) are attacking President Trump like the HuffPo:

“Trump is like a giant baby on the brink of a meltdown as he faces tremendous pressure due to massive failures that caused such a high death toll,” Shen Yi, an expert from Fudan University, told the Global Times. “It’s like someone who wants to show his guts when he passes by a cemetery in midnight. He needs to shout to give himself the courage,” he said.”

Now, you might expect this from private citizens, but in China, this represents the Party line. Nothing else gets printed but the Party line. Therefore, it is official. The insults between President Trump and Kim were funny, and a form of negotiating. This is not. This shows the stupidity of the Chinese Communist Party, which suddenly realizes that they’ve inadvertently started WWIII with the pandemic they shipped all around the world, while denying that it could be spread by humans.

Maoists always were low IQ.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, do you have posts from that time, January 13-14 2019? Where there is talk about the use of a bunker for the President?

Jimmy MacAfee

The Bloomberg self-pleasuring article, where they play with themselves while fantasizing about President Trump getting the CCP virus? Others have had their hands down their own pants, too, adding Pence to the self-stim, where he and Trump would have to stand down and Piglosi the Ignorant would become President as a matter of succession.

Remember January 14-21, a period of time when Donna Brazile fantasized similarly, as a man was heading to Washington to use an anti-tank missile against the Whitehouse, while Piglosi was readying her trip to Brussels on Air Force One, turned into a functional SCIF by none other than Adam Schiff? Ready to be sworn in when Pence and the President were removed violently?

Chris Wray pretends that he stopped the man, who was recently convicted, but they had no choice, since the Whitehouse was warned on the 13-14th by a long winded poster here, and two separate posts were made about “using the Whitehouse bunker,” because it wasn’t safe to work from the Oval Office at the time. No one remembers that, perhaps, but me and the dozens of people I told at the time (try to contact trace THAT, you m-effers!)

What Bloomberg’s self-abuse fantasy is about is the intent to infect the President. As there are multiple variations of the virus, some less lethal, some more – the more lethal version being spread in large population centers, like DC and NYC (infected by your own rats, eh?) – it’s likely that hydroxychloroquine is keeping some in Washington safe.

By the way, Nancy Piglosi doesn’t want to convene in DC because of the lethality of the local version of the CCP virus. If there are 33 variants already, it tends to indicate (but doesn’t prove) that there was more than one virus spread by the 5 million or so travelers from Wuhan around the world.

keep fantasizing, Nancy! Makes the ice cream so much sweeter! But does cold kill the virus, and are your stockpiles safe? Might want to keep them in the freezer, and not take the risk! You old bat, you.

Jimmy MacAfee

Date: January 18, 2019. Donna always was a little bit slow, even for a stupid buffalo.

comment image%3fresize%3d500%252C453%26ssl%3d1&exph=453&expw=500&q=donna+brazile+tweet&simid=608052358153636172&selectedIndex=1

Jimmy MacAfee

January 2019.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, is that a picture of Va. Beach May 16, 2020?

Jimmy MacAfee

Ah, I went to the paper – thanks! Yes, it was May 16, 2020. Looks packed! Chain~Flex Feature~homepage-top-chain~po1~~1~yes-art~curated~curatedpage

Article title:

“The beach at the oceanfront was closed. But the crowds were large.”

Northam didn’t re-close the beaches; they had been closed for everything but exercise and fishing previously; it wasn’t a new act of tyranny, but an open act by the People against governmental tyranny. I suspect that there will be far more days when everybody just ignores the moron.

He will likely come unglued on Monday during his address.

Jumper Bones

All of her weight on two tiny heels. Must be standing on a cement floor; anything else would have puncture-depression holes in it.


Any crowd funding for this woman? I’ve got my wallet ready….

Jimmy MacAfee

It’s hard to watch the woman whose child was questioned, without wanting to see those questioning the child to have their head stomped into the pavement.

LORD Jesus, take these tyrants from this planet, from our midst, from our sight and out of our lives! Please give us patience and strength, endurance and calmness, because the temptations to react violently are almost too onerous to bear. Give us a spirit of peace, and remove those who torment us. I pray this in YOUR Holy Name, Jesus/Yeshua,

Jimmy MacAfee

Ralph Northam is apparently medically incompetent: he cannot show ONE CASE where a person caught the virus outside! Not one! People at the beach are safer than in their hotel rooms or at home.

People have better, stronger immune systems by virtue of one little – (free) – vitamin: Vitamin D, made by exposure to the sun, even without any kind of supplement. He should have his medical license stripped, his undergraduate degree from VMI removed, and be retroactively drummed out of that hallowed school.

Northam must have graduated from medical school in the day when no one believed vitamins had any relevance, and their nutritional training could be put on the back of a box of Crackerjax.


Stacy “the Tank” Abrams does look like a solar eclipse, but she is more like a lunar eclipse; lunar, as is lunatic.

This is the bar, the standard, the left is trying to set for the presidency? When you think about it, that, in and of itself, is just gross. I have for decades thought the left just wanted an electable “figurehead” who can be manipulated to do their bidding, but Biden and Abrams? How big a (BAD) joke can the Dems be? Laurel and Hardy would be a more appropriate ticket, and much smarter, for at least they had talent.

I hope Jeff Bezos von WAPO continues to use his personal blog to do exactly what it is doing as it will continue to have less creditability than “The Onion” or MAD Magazine to anyone with a brain.


“It looks like she’s a one-woman solar eclipse.” It’s only Sunday but this has to be the best line of the week.

Jimmy MacAfee

I laughed a belly laugh at Dave’s eclipse comment.

She reminds me of someone who, if she lived on my street, would wear pink stretch clothes and curse her skinny little man out in the street.


I really do not see how the country survives this progressive onslaught without a civil war.


Civil war isn’t necessary although the marxists would love for one to break out. What does need to happen tho is obvious, vote and encourage others as well, as if your life depends on it… because it does.

The commies are going all out on this one. They are going to throw every lie, cheating scheme and seditious move they know of at this Nov vote. Primary out the RINOs and vote more Freedom Caucus people in, time to make it known that results and accountability matters… Say bye bye Lindsey, Romney and others. The Republicans SQUANDERED the House and Senate when they had control, send a note to Mitch that he’d better not let that happen again, better yet primary him out and demand a Freedom Caucus member as leader..

Civil war isn’t necessary… But like Jimmy stated, be ready for it should it happen. You cannot play nice with narxist commies, time to take the gloves off.


I do not think the next election will make a difference, if President Trump wins, the left will come after all those who are not on the Plantation. If President Trump loses then the Left will come after all those who are not on the Plantation. Never in ,my wildest imagination did I think the Democrats friends and family would hate me and anyone who is not of like mind. I hoped it would have calmed down, but the Democrats and their allies in Academia, MSM, etc are truly of anyone who dare to question their superiority.
Stay alert, you won’t get hurt

Jimmy MacAfee

The trend toward tyranny has taken a long time, accelerated by the mis-named Patriot Act, and had – up until that time – moved incrementally. Since then, it has moved at “warp speed.”

What President Trump hopes to do with the virus is coded “warp speed.” As long as people like Bill (060606) Gates are allowed to control the narrative, the loss of Freedom will continue to occur at that pace. The agenda is clear, and Trump has worked to block them, and to allow them to expose themselves.

We have only temporarily lost our Freedom, and this at warp speed; many of us, who complied with initial Freedom-limiting dictates will never do so again. Freedom: lost, but not abandoned. We will not submit, we will not bend nor will we bow.

Next time they tell us to close down, we will not obey those who consider themselves our masters. They can go eff themselves sideways.

Jimmy MacAfee

It is hard to imagine how we end up with a civil society. Other than the fact that the Left has so over-reached, is so despised – even by Liberals now – that there is going to be a lot of very angry people voting against the party which wants everybody to stay inside and die in misery and depression.

The anger must be turned upon them, the Left. Don’t start shooting, not now, but at the point where elections are stolen, remain locked and loaded, and apply a generous dose of poison ivy to your trigger finger.


2020 elections – truly a make or break year.


Stacey Abrams has one great advantage over all the rest of the political whores: She has the Black Panthers backing her. They were present with AR15’s strapped on for various photo-ops around Atlanta. They would be a huge asset to all the guilt ridden Progs.

TexanForever Thompson

Soros owns the voting machines (literally), so the fix is definately in. Too bad the Gestopo didn’t do their job fully when, as a teenager, Soros was turning in fellow Jews who had changed their names to avoid the Nazi death camps. Old fashioned paper ballots are still best, provided they are monitored. Thank almighty God for Trump.

Jimmy MacAfee

Virginia is mostly using paper ballots, SCYTL (Soros) rigged the 2012 election, where Mittens won the votes cast, and Barack Beelzebama won by votes counted. Everyone knew this, but the RINOS were glad, because they could count on people voting Republican and keeping them in the fat while they did nothing to end Odumbocare. Nada.

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